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  1. Abracadabra
  2. If you sit on the floor...
  3. The girls today.
  4. Medication Question
  5. Getting accepted at the dog park
  6. How long does it take...
  7. Jake and Daisy together again
  8. siggy picture outtake
  9. Back from Louisville event....a few pics
  10. Princess on Deramaxx
  11. Sisko, the crazy puppy
  12. Beautiful Black Lab in Sulphur Springs TX Needs a Home
  13. Argh! Where is he finding them??
  14. Comfy Boys
  15. Ginger this morning
  16. Want to Shed a Tear With Me?
  17. Ruger came home yesterday.
  18. Spud all dressed up and looking gooooood!
  19. I'm going to get all sappy now...
  20. Some fun in the snow (pics)
  21. Highlights From Cappy & Remi's 2009/2010 Season
  22. Toby's First Snow and Watch Him Grow
  23. Shedding Season has now officially started
  24. Eight years ago a black fur ball changed my life.
  25. Appt with dermatologist: What would you do?
  26. Daisy working her bananas...(4 pics)
  27. Lazy Daisy (3 pictures)
  28. Can a dog sprain thier wag wag?
  29. Remington Models for the GQ Cover (photo)
  30. In tears......
  31. Happy 2nd Birthday Bauer (Lots of pics)
  32. Two Photos of Duke and Freckles at the dog park
  33. Accident free last night!
  34. Aw C'mon Remi ... Don't be a Spoil Sport!
  35. Crate Games
  36. LexisMom, Is Ginger there?
  37. On our hike this morning (1 pic)
  38. My boys!
  39. Theo injured a dew claw
  40. Strange man visitor last night
  41. anti shedding shampoo or tricks
  42. Question about Vitamin E
  43. Bruno, the rescue dog
  44. I'd like you to meet...
  45. Pro Plan Coupon
  46. Ollie is watching tv again.
  47. My boyz today!
  48. Rescue pee'd twice last night in house
  49. Nice walk
  50. Opinions requested
  51. Introducing...
  52. Arctic Tundra???
  53. Unusual Last Day of the Season For Remi
  54. I got a visit for Tankie and Orson today
  55. Dewclaw broken HELP
  56. Ruger Update
  57. The boyz looove their MiniWheats!!
  58. Our Valentine bandannas made by Justine
  59. My bestest guy
  60. 5 pics
  61. AKC validates silver labs??
  62. Light bulb thanks to Bob!
  63. Abbey is home and sleepy!
  64. Things to do with your lab
  65. Ginger arrives....
  66. Me and Jakey today
  67. when to/when not to induce
  68. OK ! I confess
  69. Update on dog napping story (story takes a twist)
  70. Apples turns 2 today!
  71. Please say a prayer for Ruger!
  72. I think I just adopted another dog!
  73. Giving Peroxide to induce vomitting
  74. SU poisoned Skippy!!!!
  75. test picture
  76. Lab wins NOC! Article and video. You will love!
  77. Abby and her kids
  78. Jacks learning how to take a picture
  79. Top Labrador List
  80. What Happens?
  81. Mystery Solved: Who Ate The 2 Tubes of Turkey
  82. Jake and Daisy
  83. Jake and Quinn napping after dinner
  84. Suggestion on Wages
  85. Libby and Jake
  86. Grandfather and grandson
  87. pickpocket caught red-handed
  88. Need your thoughts please.....
  89. Bruno has a hangover
  90. Malignant Melanoma
  91. Tina is a suitcase
  92. New Lab-Owner
  93. The tooth is coming out! :(
  94. How to I add a photo on here?
  95. Clancey update?
  96. Pics of Daisy Today
  97. Hershey Kisses has Canine Depression
  98. What is your vision of the perfect looking Lab?
  99. Dylan and Pip are occupying the settee
  100. Does anyone have the book "Lawless Labs"?
  101. Random pics of the boyz.
  102. Poor Ruger..... (photos)
  103. They love each other..they really do
  104. Pics of our Lab
  105. Crap. Just what I need!
  106. Remington & Magnum Today (photo)
  107. What heartworm preventative do you use?
  108. apples to apples
  109. Eddies training session
  110. Anyone in or around Louisville? Want to see some dock diving?
  111. Caleb is so good I can't believe it...
  112. Toby the Tiger
  113. Poor Jake and Daisy
  114. How long will it take to stop bleeding?
  115. NLR: 10 Dobermans stolen from rescue in TN
  116. Labby - puppies coming?
  117. Poor Jazzy
  118. Happiness is Fetching Ducks for Daddy
  119. NJ Bill will help to save animals from antifreeze poisoning.
  120. The mystery of the missing kibble!
  121. Coyotes...eep!
  122. My sympathies go out to all of you
  123. nocturnal counter-surfing - grr!
  124. Eddie's walk
  125. how could i have forgotten
  126. So excited about my little 'rally' dog!
  127. A Bat in the House
  128. Guess what! Mixed breeds in obedience...
  129. wondering how concerned i should be...
  130. Javasmom RE Moka
  131. Reggie is home..
  132. Only a few days remaining
  133. Fanny at the DP
  134. Sunday Breakfast
  135. Meet Ginger...
  136. I'm giving the meds
  137. Kolby the Ninja
  138. Clancey Incident (long)
  139. You know you love your dog when....
  140. Prayers for Me Please
  141. Moses at 3 months
  142. Guilty?? Tank or Orson or both???
  143. Labrador shocks owner by bringing home deadly snake (Amazing pic)
  144. Fostering! It looks like...
  145. Agility class today: Monkeys Gone Wild
  146. Introducing II............Toby (Tobleron)
  147. Wrinkly features
  148. Today would have been Boomer's birthday
  149. Dog Tags
  150. Introducing..................
  151. Happy Birthday Mazie!!!!
  153. Gracie's ear is red
  154. Let's talk supplements
  155. well, the puppies are gone
  156. What's Wrong With Linus
  157. Crates for CRV
  158. attended my first dog show today..
  159. A few lab Pics
  160. Help ...fighting.
  161. Average House Training Age
  162. How do your Labs respond when they want something?
  163. Labs amaze me...
  164. Thank God Hubby Noticed......
  165. Thank heavens!! the snow is FINALLY melting!
  166. Quinn napping with Jake
  167. What do you get when the snow melts?
  168. puppy vids!!!!
  169. How do your labs respond to a scolding?
  170. Stange Question
  171. AKC Takes A NEW Stance On Mixed Breed Dogs
  172. Hey Dad ... Much Better, Thanks
  173. Saturday mourning
  174. NLR: What would you ILP this dog as?
  175. morning puppy report
  176. Dog Dilemma
  177. A couple really bad weeks- co-workers pup's
  178. The Orson Diet
  179. Abby is 4 years old today. ( 2 pics)
  180. She's so quiet...
  181. Our Goobiest is Two Today
  182. Emilu update - I think it's the collar!
  183. Does anyone feed Blue?
  184. Ollie pics today
  185. A little Daisy and Lola (several pics)
  186. I'm Old, Cut Me a Little Slack, Huh?
  187. todays romp in the new yard...
  188. How do you breeders do it!!!!!!!
  189. Why There Is Never Enought Room In My King Size Bed
  190. Lola and Gracie bitey face
  191. Ollie says...
  192. Puppy Sleeping Question
  193. Merrick Beef Treats Recall for Salmonella:
  194. Cat poop eating
  195. What to do??
  196. OMG!!! Look what I found outside my door....
  197. has anyone ever noticed
  198. Pet's Ten Commandments
  199. Just Remi and Daddy
  200. I don't know how she did it......
  201. thanks
  202. Angus went back to school last night
  203. Pup With Allergies - Need Help!
  204. Stick eating is going to give me a nervous breakdown.
  205. Well, that was a little too exciting.
  206. mama please buy us big coach...
  207. Why is Barley's poop white?
  208. I'm going to kill Simba
  209. Emma -The invisible lab.
  210. Jed's an uncle.
  211. Excitement Barking
  212. Getting cozy...
  213. Where is the red peace of rope !?
  214. Kids and Dog photo
  215. Payton- the Opportunitist (pics)
  216. shed hair
  217. Lab coats
  218. Miko, the gardner
  219. Need Help Figuring Out My Pup
  220. NOT good Nala's Kidneys are failing fast
  221. Why does she stink so!!!???
  222. I love my puppy!
  223. Huck is scheduled for surgery
  224. Possible companion?
  225. My Butter's first time on sand (video)
  226. Mr. Snuggles
  227. Girl's Day
  228. Jolly Ball sizes
  229. HK and Louie at the DP today - pics
  230. The smell of fri-toes is overwhelming...
  231. My younguns today...
  232. Ruger's Big Red Bow (pic)
  233. Rescue gone bad
  234. Laura, is Molly pregnant?
  235. Awwwwwwww... Life is good!
  236. Hello new here, Lab ate alot of bed stuffing
  237. medicine at night
  238. Jack and Tina updates
  239. Boys in their music videos ;)
  240. Aaaa! Mario Lopez is doing Westminster...
  241. A couple of pictures of Jake
  242. Online pet meds
  243. Zoe is getting another chance, not at the Dog Park
  244. Going to try fostering!!!
  245. Might be the end of the Husky at the DP Story
  246. Just a cute pic of Barley on his Kuranda bed
  247. So my question is: What if...
  248. Poor Wyatt
  249. Anybody observe anything similar?
  250. *New* Moka pics & Update