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  1. Well, Ginger is headed to her "fur"ever
  2. Snow and Balls ...
  3. Would you pay extra for....
  4. In memory of Kassa.
  6. Happy Birthday Ruger!
  7. First Snowfall
  8. OMG-I can't believe she ATE it!! All 6 FEET of it!!!
  9. What do you make of this?
  10. Handsome Henery, Is That You?
  11. I think it must be time to put Mira down
  12. Wetting problems after being spayed
  13. All you Jolly Ball owners!!
  14. Metal bell
  15. Suggestions - Advice needed ... Serious Matter.
  16. Lazy Day (Pics)
  17. Our Snowy Afternoon
  18. Another DockDogs event this weekend....two cool things will happen!
  19. NLR - Now that's cold! NYC terrier mugged
  20. Katie's win pic from Glen Rose......
  21. Toby is out of surgery
  22. Orson's Big Four Legged Friends
  23. THe gang in the snow today
  24. NLR - When vets make mistakes, pets pay the price
  25. Weekly Photography Challenge
  26. Teen kidnaps puppy to save it from euthanasia
  27. Oh Boy ... Need Advice, FAST
  28. Huck's first recheck
  29. Zoom Groom and new Dyson
  30. Dozer's Workout
  31. Fun in the snow (pics)
  32. 30 minutes...
  35. Less Expensive "Big Beds"???
  36. Question - Duck/potatoe dog food
  37. And March is our second highest snowfall month?
  38. We Got Ticks Already
  39. Heard Back from the Rescue Group
  40. Help what is this?
  41. RI Rhode Island Rabies Control Board Meets 2/22 at 9:30
  42. My birthday girl!!
  43. Peyton Mannings SNL Skit
  44. Happy 6th birthday Seamus
  45. Peyton Mannings SNL Skit
  46. Happy 3rd Birthday Rookie, Bono, Rhumba and Friday!!!
  47. WE're back from Washington, NC...finally thawed out...and have lots and lots of pics!
  48. Week #5 Photo Contest Winners....
  49. Psssst! Justine's website is up and running! Get your bandannas today!!!
  50. Jake and Daisy Pics today
  51. Hey Jim,
  52. Photos for CKC registration (PEN) - Help Needed (Cross Post)
  53. A couple of things.....
  54. 1 in 5 prefers pet to partner for Valentine’s Day
  55. Back from the Vet.
  56. Stiff & Sore
  58. My big, beautiful Java
  59. BETTER Baby Moka pictures...where did my puppy go???
  60. A proud moment... :)
  61. here's a new excuse
  62. Magnum Models for Iron Chef (photos)
  63. A few shots of Daisy
  64. Doggie's Bday routine
  65. Egad, some serious funky breath!!!
  67. Oh Sharon (meandclint)
  68. We need more good thoughts..
  69. Poop Procedure
  70. It's official!
  71. The art of relaxation
  72. Muddy Trying To Get Around in the Snow
  73. Help! Another marrow bone question
  74. Cappy's Surgery
  75. Toby's Pumped About the Super Bowl
  76. We're back
  77. Sisko, 10 wks. old tomorrow
  78. Loading pic's
  79. Lola and Gracie pic"s
  80. So you think Lexi likes Miss Ginger???
  81. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  82. So it seems Lexi has...
  83. Swallowed it! Thoughts please
  84. The girls in big snow (pics)
  85. treats
  86. Guess who.....
  87. My little helper
  88. Jake and Quinn 2-6-10
  89. Jasper went for his yearly checkup
  90. snowpictures
  91. 3 musketeers!!
  92. Blizzard pics
  93. Good breeder for top quality chocolates
  94. Little Ms. Muffet
  95. JEFFERSON CITY; MISSOURI Rabies Law--Action Alert!
  96. WEST VIRGINIA Rabies Law -- Action Alert
  97. when it rains...
  98. please Vote for our best photos of the week.
  99. What was he thinking
  100. More special routines for Scamp :)
  101. Multi-dog homes - do yours do this?
  102. Happy Birthday Gryphon...
  103. Another Lab about to be homeless because...
  104. Obed class -- well, I've been asked to take on a special assignment....
  105. Ollie-ber out of sorts wifout Henery. :( (lotsa pics)
  106. Looking for your input
  107. Aren't They Handsome?
  108. Henery update! :)
  109. Eddie and his walks
  110. Office Chair Trick
  111. What do you think?
  112. Net a guy with two cockers in the DP
  113. Wyatt and Elias eating peanut butter with pictures
  114. Dry skin, dandruff
  115. Anyone in NC want to see dock diving this weekend?
  116. Good thoughts for Henery, please?
  117. No to Paddy
  118. When mom's away, the pups will play. (4 pics)
  119. Dermatologist today: I think we have had a breakthrough!
  121. I took the Stink Pot to work with me today...
  122. question?
  123. Random shots of the girls at play..
  124. Sully..
  125. But on a fun note..
  126. Another seizure...
  127. Not certain... might cave
  128. Another Clancey Update...............
  129. BAD! Idaho, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota Bad!
  130. My "little" puppy - 9 months old this week
  131. Watch Toby Grow
  132. A little gassy
  133. Westminster Dog Show
  134. Shy puppy
  135. Look What I Got From Orvis Yesterday
  136. Hi new here!
  137. Honey update
  138. found a lump on Toby
  139. Puppy Questions
  140. Ginger chasing her tail!!!
  141. How much Pepcid?
  142. Why dojn't we make the "Who Are You" thread a sticky
  143. How could people just dump puppies?
  144. NLR -- NYT article on Debarking. Not sure *how* I feel about this one....
  145. Today's Red and Rover comic could be Red and Duke
  146. My dog has a big, hard head
  147. Meekah at 16 weeks
  148. Where has the time gone, Sammi turns 4!!
  149. I have puppy fever!!
  150. Questons?????
  151. NLR ... "Breeders"
  152. well, hell must be frozen over and the pigs must be flying!
  153. Chocolate labs - more problems?
  154. kaznalf??
  155. The Word Gets Around Fast
  156. TPLO procedure
  157. Heard Back from a Rescue group!!
  158. Ten
  159. help?
  160. Rawhide or not??
  161. Molly's belly and nipples
  162. Join us for the photo contest, Week 5!!
  163. Shee did it!!!
  164. NLR My best girl is 10 today
  165. Folk Dancing with Labs
  166. Urban scuffles: dog poop in trash cans
  167. So normally, when I am home I don't get counter surfing !
  168. Gee girls are we comfortable?
  169. more questions...
  170. More Baby Moka pics!!
  171. New Java pics!!
  172. *NEW* Baby Moka pics!!
  173. Laika's birthday (01-02-2005/2010)
  174. Toby
  175. Leg cramps?
  176. Trip says, "Having a little brother is fun!!"
  177. Can Anyone in CA help?
  178. Gunky Ears
  179. Do you let your dog(s) poop or pee or walk on other people's lawns?
  180. Are "classic" KONG toys ok for lab puppies?
  181. Kingston ON Doggy Daycare??
  182. Kolby's First Day Home
  183. Orson's Best Friend Otis Came to Visit - 5 pics
  184. Sweet pic
  185. Happy 12th Birthday Riley Boy
  186. One of Murphy's puppies turned 12 yesterday
  187. lab mixed with what????
  188. My three boyz. :) (lotsa pics!)
  189. Dog Park Shennigans II
  190. Dog Park Shennanigans
  191. I feel the need to save this boy
  192. Our new furkid
  193. We have a LOT of snow!
  194. NLR We have 3 cats?
  195. Bedtime
  196. Midnight's New Cat Tree - NLR
  197. Some New Tal and Barney Pics
  198. Sally's sick and I'm starting to get a little worried......
  199. Judy's Marrow Bone Stance
  200. Alfies depressed!
  201. Duke was 3 months yesterday!
  202. Labrador RAP
  203. KateFOURjays !!
  204. 13 weeks tommorow :)
  205. Happy Birthday Bruce
  206. Canine Learning Experience, Allentown PA...
  207. Seamus pics (2): Two types of snow
  208. Mira has to sit when she eats
  209. Homer is 4 today
  210. My sweet black Goob!
  211. Henery is ready to brave the -11C weather...
  212. The New Bitey Face Champion in Our House
  213. Abbey, Kolby and Lila (pics)
  214. Well, this isn't going to work! LOL
  215. Diesel says hi!
  216. Jenica and Diesel in the snow/ice
  217. HDLRC (So. Calif) Health Clinic (ACVO, HEART, VACCINES)
  218. Gina (Javasmom)
  219. VACCINE SEMINAR Drs. W. Jean Dodds & Ronald Schultz
  220. "Pink not Black"
  221. Molly is 7 years old today. (pics)
  222. Huck's Home
  223. Question about colors
  224. Seamus today
  225. Marrow Bone Comas
  226. Attitude Problem from Lexi
  227. So, I get a puppy inquiry, "I really like Labs, but their energy level scares me."
  228. Jakey says.....
  229. Sally and Spud are going to meet celebrities!!!!
  230. Who are you???
  231. How well do you read lab body language
  232. Blocking off part of the house (suggestions needed!)
  233. puppy update
  234. Huck Goes for Surgery today
  235. NLR..My little Kramer
  236. One of the "Twilight" pups becomes a Therapy Dog
  237. Question on coat color/greying for the experts (Laura???)
  238. Revelation
  239. What do you think she's mixed with?!?
  240. I think our lab doesn't like us.. Seriously
  241. tonka question, continued...
  242. Possible Keegan
  243. Drug question
  244. Ruger impersonates Professor Dumbledore (photo)
  245. question...
  246. From LOL dogs (NLR)
  247. One reason I am glad I am not a breeder....
  248. Happy Birthday Barney!
  249. Problems with stairs..
  250. Abracadabra