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  1. Hi Everyone, I've just joined you chat site.
  2. "Breading" Fever
  3. Really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really looking forward to Fri
  4. Off to work we go ...
  5. Dogs are amazing creatures
  6. Tankie & Orson - the differnce in their sizes
  7. If you want to smile
  8. How is Angus this morning?
  9. Ron and Harry this morning
  10. We lost little Hermione
  11. A BIG Rant
  12. Mama's makin me wear this stupid hat
  13. Please help.... trouble with adopted dog
  14. It's kind of hard to type with...
  15. I am worried about Angus
  16. Java update...thenews is worse
  17. This Gal Remind You of Anyone Here?
  18. One day old pictures
  19. Made Kate's spay appointment.
  20. The Boys got into a fight :(
  21. Quinn sleeping
  22. Cade is 7 months old today
  23. Why do pups chase their tails?
  24. A few pictures
  25. Murphsmom!!!!
  26. Payton, the "search and rescue" dog...tee hee (Pics)
  28. The 3 puppies and their "littermates"
  29. Tip Toeing...what to do
  30. Black Goob! (4 pics)
  31. Snow Couch
  32. Molly has a watery eye, should I be concerned?
  33. Here he is...
  34. She had 3
  35. Nice job, Clarence
  36. Rusty And Fate
  37. If anyone's awake, Molly's in labor
  38. Erns asked for more at a B.B.Q.
  39. Whole lotta updates!
  40. Sadie and her PB jar
  41. Remington
  42. 4 More of Zoe, if I may... (pics)
  43. Support My Pal Valentine (My Mom's Book celebrating the life of her Chocolate Lab)
  44. Atta Boy, Rusty!
  45. Zoe (pic)
  46. NLR - 52 Pit Bulls Rescued From Apparent Puppy Mill
  47. Really GOOD news about Baby Moka and really BAD news about Java!!
  48. Belles Mom ... My Office
  49. Our Boy Buddy!!!
  50. Anyone do Freestyle or
  51. Labrador Life Line Auction!
  52. Gentle Leader
  53. Awesome Dog Video
  54. Would You Mind Looking at an Incision For me?
  55. Hey Labby! How's Molly settling in?
  56. Holy coat blowing batman!!
  57. My dog won't stop peeing while we're home
  58. afraid of stairs.. any advice?
  59. From fun in the snow to stitches (Pics)
  61. Sisko loves his big brother
  62. Ooh just a little teaser..
  63. They still love the snow. (pics)
  64. House Explodes - Greta the Black Lab Survives
  65. I Was Wrong About Orson's Weight
  66. Day Two Training Session
  67. For pups with allergy problems
  68. Thought That This Was Pretty Clever
  69. NLR - Scientists pinpoint origins of little dogs
  70. Prayers for a friends dog
  71. Question - missed a heartworm pill
  72. And Cade's big brother "Teton"
  73. Here is a pic of my newest addition Her name is "Cade"
  74. few pics from warm, sunny Orlando!
  75. Lola' first night at puppy kindergarten
  76. Had to have THE talk with Ruger today...
  77. source for large bag of wheat, corn, soy free dog biscuits
  78. Mom ... this black thing keeps touching me!
  79. The Start of a New Duck Dawg
  80. Teddie
  81. missey update
  82. Scars and hair re-growth?
  83. Tankie Did A "Wheels UP"
  84. The Lab with the medal for locating roadside bombs
  85. Jim - How is CAPPY doing today?
  86. now this is a greeting i like
  87. Diving Ducks Are Rare Here
  88. collar
  89. With all that went on this weekend, I forgot to share PUPPIES!
  90. lola and gracie pic's
  91. How to upload pictures (from Photobucket)
  92. please help
  93. Jake comforts Molly
  94. Why does she occasionally go crazy??
  95. Irritating encounter the other day...
  96. A memory of Mira from vet
  97. Friend with overweight dog: What to do?
  98. Puppy Food
  99. Guess who's 18 months old today??
  100. Oh please...can someone help this dog?
  101. How many tags do your dogs have?
  102. Poor Kolby :(
  103. OMG That was the most disgusting!
  104. Advice and a Hug?
  105. Gah ! I've lost the plot !
  106. Another Bloat Survivor Story
  107. Parker's Check Up
  108. Wish us luck...
  109. My LAB eats EVERYTHING!
  110. Rhysie Update
  111. snoring.
  112. Duke Practicing for DockDogs (3 photos)
  113. Wesley's vet report: Good news all 'round
  114. Elias is having surgery this morning
  115. Agility Video Maddie's DOCNA Weekend-Cross Post
  116. Can you watch these 3 videos and tell me what you think about Barley's cough?
  117. 7 month old with lymes
  118. Looking for show lab breeder in SF Bay Area
  119. Abby swimming at the lake
  120. We're getting ready for puppies
  121. I think Abbey was a bunny in a past life!
  122. Remember I said Jed had become an uncle?
  123. Nance, how is Seamus?
  124. Never Trust a Ninja-Doodle
  125. update on Toby
  126. Has anyone read "The Art of Racing in the Rain?"
  127. Sisko goes to the lake
  128. Four Days On Previcox and Tankie is Doing Well
  129. he is still alive
  130. Spring in here
  131. lab on skype
  132. Close call on this morning's walk in the nature preserve
  133. Happy Birthday Rush!!!!
  134. Jack Update
  135. Need license plate suggestions
  136. I Knew Some CRAZY Blondes in My Day
  137. Mira is at the bridge
  138. Eating poop all of a sudden with food change?
  139. 365 Days Ago
  140. Checking In..
  141. Seamus this afternoon :)
  142. Wyatt, all grown up
  143. Orson Today - All grown up......physically that is :)
  144. Tankie Today
  145. It's the little things, right?
  146. Ruger Has A Problem (photo)
  147. Jen (Canyon Labradors)
  148. Poor Seamus :(
  149. History Repeats Itself
  150. Molly puppy belly movement
  151. Question for Laura(labby)
  152. Accident - Carol Spilled Something All Over Rusty!
  153. Off to the vet today
  154. Behavior at the vets office
  155. Vet visit last night
  156. Happy 11th birthday Shanny
  157. Bittersweet 14th birthday for my Mira
  158. Headed for warm weather dock diving this weekend. Orlando, here we come!!!!
  159. Adopt or not??
  160. Posting pics of Mira for Norma
  161. Just got home from the vet's and I am frightened
  162. Tips for getting Kolby to heel?
  163. Pictures from today!
  164. My faithful companion
  165. Heat Help... please!!
  166. Anyone Taking PREVICOX???
  167. Jealousy
  169. Windows
  170. Meet Bella, my new foster puppy!!
  171. Talk about Deja Vu !
  172. Jim - Saw this and thought of you !
  173. Canine Blood Drive- shortage of blood in the area
  174. Advice
  175. LOL I just pushed the keyboard in to use the desk and....
  176. Happy 4th Birthday, Clarence!
  177. Sally gives mom a piece of her mind (pic)
  178. Rudolph the red nosed...
  179. Rush will be having a birthday this Saturday
  180. frustrated!
  181. Saffy Has a New Cousin Pup!
  182. naughty tricks
  183. Remy says "YAY for Snow!" and "Ooops"
  184. Question about Westminster judging
  185. Check out this pooper scooper!
  186. Wes -- update
  187. Newest client..
  188. The Birthday Pics
  189. Two Items of News
  190. Lab at Westminster----Wooo!
  191. Woot for Lab at Westminster!
  192. Dog wrestling
  193. Bessie -- NLR
  194. Waking up at 2:00 AM!
  196. This YouTube Lab video is a hoot
  197. This probably belongs in Senior Dogs, but it'll get more traffic here....
  198. Need help/sugguestions for problem with Frankie
  199. Apples
  200. Westminster: Need tips for attending
  201. Rusty's Formal Training Begins
  202. Charleston was cold, but a lot of fun! (pics included)
  203. I guess Moka's leg is feeling ALOT better!!
  204. oh the whinning
  205. Happy 14th Birthday Emma
  206. ok you can change that
  207. Doesn't seem right to me...just looking for some opinions...
  208. Toby and Snow
  209. Long time no see Sammy! (picture time!)
  210. An abused Lab sun bathing. 3 pics.
  211. We Almost Named Him "Bear"
  212. oh Bella the Boxer is here again...
  213. Happy 9th Birthday, Bella!
  214. Buddy, You Are A Handsome Devil
  215. Video and Pic of our RAE title run
  216. New Titles Brag
  217. i may do a bad thing
  218. Sisko at 11 weeks
  219. But mama when can i have the cupcake
  220. laryngeal paralysis - anyone have any experience with it?
  221. Oh Sedona!!!
  222. My Snow Bunnies !!! (photos0
  223. My Valentine, from Ollie. :)
  224. poop funny
  225. I'll Bet You Didn't Know This About Me
  226. bentley in over 4' snow
  227. dandruff
  228. Bella...our visitor today..
  229. My Monster today...Sully
  230. Today
  231. Three Out of Four People
  232. Buddy Playing in the Snow
  233. Happy Valentine's Day
  234. Allergy???
  235. Took HK to the river for a swim this morning
  236. Who Needs an Alarm Clock!
  237. I'm Embarassed to Admit This
  238. Temptation
  239. Whee!!!! We did it!!!!!!
  240. Toby is 10 Weeks Old Today
  241. Video- Love Fest
  242. An Adventuresome Day
  243. The kids
  244. Puppy Mitzi
  245. More snow in GA
  246. Connie any update
  248. Ok ... Pay Attention 'Lil Fella
  249. Rough paw pads
  250. How's Moka today?