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  1. Simba - VERY LONG
  2. Toby Found the Creek
  3. Anyone seen wet suits or coats dogs can swim in.
  4. Murphy gets his birds
  5. Sammi checking out the weather!
  6. Removing crate
  7. lol Teddie
  8. A thorn between two roses
  9. Jakey checking out the puppies
  10. Sara, we need a Chief & Cash update please.
  11. Sh Ch Winning family ties.
  12. Questions for those of you with therapy dogs
  13. A rose between two thorns!
  14. Univ of Penn Clinical Trials for arthritis
  15. Baby bitey face 3/21/10
  16. KEEGAN
  17. This is the 2nd Day of Spring?
  18. Why I can't wait for green grass (pics)
  19. Baloo at practice today (short vid)
  20. Have You Seen This?
  21. Onion Grass?
  22. Like father, like daughter (Sally/Badger pics)
  23. New genetic findings on place of origin of dogs -- NYTimes article
  24. found a new place to play (pics). First day of Spring adventure!
  25. Harry giving his best Jabba the Hutt imitation
  26. Saba had a spa treatment
  27. Ollie maimed the couch...
  28. Surprise at the Dog Park for HK and Dad
  29. Jake, Quinn, Teddie and Molly 3/20/10
  30. Harry and Ron 3/20/10
  31. Tal and Barney's Snow Adventure, Part II
  32. Tal and Barney's Romp in the Snow (Pics)
  33. I'm having a Rusty jones here
  34. Our first AKC agility title!!
  35. What to use for ticks and fleas?
  36. My boys
  37. A Dog Story
  38. UPDATE: New puppy came home last night...
  39. Only wanting to eat from hands?
  41. Surgery :(
  42. Dixie's Mom or anybody in South Carolina
  43. just for giggles
  44. Simon is officially entered in Open
  45. We've been waiting for it for so long! (pics)
  46. shiny black labs
  47. Is there hope for us?
  48. Puppy vids from today 3/18/10
  49. New England Sporting Dog Show in Fitchburg MA??
  50. Help please- Jumping hurt someone
  51. Simba - Seizures
  52. Now THIS is how to play in the snow!...
  53. Crate size
  54. Seat/Bench covers for car??
  55. doggie door
  56. I think I should stop spitting treats
  57. Flea and Tick Warning
  58. HKs uneventful vet visit.
  59. Hey Laura!
  60. New puppy came home last night...
  61. Totally Dissed by my boy
  62. Someone went swimming last night! (pics)
  63. Dexter had cold ears last night...
  64. Java's first surgery is scheduled.
  65. Happy Third Birthday to my St. Patty's Baby!!! :D
  67. Meekah's latest pix
  68. Toby Has a Favorite Ball, Too!!
  69. How Does Your Dog Think?
  70. Furminator
  71. Who has the cutest, most benevolent puppies?
  72. Flynn says: (pic)
  73. Chicken Free Dog Food!!!
  74. Happy 13th Jasper me old fella :)
  75. Dozer's Favourite Ball (pics)
  76. A few spring pics :)
  77. Harveys Home!
  78. Oh Kolby! (pic)
  79. Sleepy yellow goob. :)
  80. Ruger Models Poolside (photo)
  81. Question about Epilepsy - Lower Exercise requirements?
  82. NLR - NDR - Just outright upsetting
  83. A question for breeders
  84. Question for breeders
  87. Labby - where is that post on breeding?
  88. Lily videos!!! (: (links)
  89. Three Goobs and .............Well, Three More Goobs
  90. My little peanut
  91. Finn - 10 months
  92. Our First Walk
  93. Who Says Doodles Can't be Taught to Point?
  94. Pup vid 3/15/10
  95. Multiple dogs, toy ideas?
  96. You'll enjoy this if you haven't already seein it
  97. Kennelled for the first time...
  98. Fwisbees? What are Fwisbees?
  99. Introducing Milly's cousin Poncho
  100. Another Dozer Pic
  101. Mud Bud II
  102. My sweet sweet sweet Lily girl!!
  103. Milly this morning (1 pic)
  104. A Dogs Purpose (from a 6-year-old)
  105. A gun dog won Crufts 2010
  106. Elbow Dysplacia
  107. How quickly they go from ....
  109. Boo Boo question
  110. Sisko and his pals
  111. Chester at 12 Weeks
  112. Hey all you crated Labrapals.....I graduated!
  113. KEEGAN
  114. Boys Update: Behaviorist and Vet
  115. The girls enjoying the last of the snow.....
  116. NFL Rookie Gets N TX Tryout
  117. Full Grown?
  118. A few pics of the pups a day shy of 2 weeks old
  119. Love is Sharing
  120. need some creative ideas....I'm tapped out.....
  121. Good Hearing
  122. Backyard Fun
  123. Fun with Jolly Balls vids
  124. adjusting to life..
  125. Is It True?
  126. Cappy Back Home From Vet
  127. * sigh *.....................*sigh*
  128. Belleville, IL Dog Show Peta Attack?
  129. Sleeping through the night in crate?
  130. What is considered too much exercise?
  131. 14 Reasons
  132. Dixie "shaving" Mya
  133. Home Sweet Home
  135. What is the best toy to leave in crate for puppy's first night?
  136. Hey Remi ... Look At Me Fetching Like a Big Dawg
  137. Molly the goob (pic)
  138. Dog Show - Basic Questions
  139. new pic's
  140. A breakthrough...
  141. Ooo, She's Got Sexy Toes (photo)
  142. Want to see something really interesting? (Cute puppy pictures enclosed)
  143. Hershey Kisses requests signatures on petition
  144. Talk about sickening. Another lab give away.
  145. Lump after Spaying
  146. Death on the Agility Field
  147. The Definition of Content
  148. Insurance Update-Hit a brick wall
  149. Is there any so beautiful as
  150. Okay, 2 things....
  151. Good Thoughts for Star and her boy
  152. Justine!
  153. Hey Orson!! Henery here...
  154. Hey Wemi!
  155. Pool is Open, my 3 dogs have all died today....
  156. Age and weight?
  157. New puppy- whining in crate
  158. My first love & current love
  159. My goons!
  162. Play date with Ernie
  163. Ruby at the nursing home
  164. Orson Pictures - Pre Broken Nail :)
  165. Introducing our new addition to the family....
  166. Breeders in the UK
  167. Labs vs. Goldens?
  169. Wondering if Chester is a full Labrador or mix
  170. And Java too!!!
  171. Moka *may* be one of the goofiest looking labs I have ever seen!!
  172. New Baby Moka pics-she has lost her mind!!!
  173. my angel is gone
  174. Lump on Sammy's leg
  175. LOL The next time someone mentions how small Caleb is and mentions...
  176. In a dog's world,
  177. Orson Looking Pretty Darn Pit-e-Ful after Nail Removal
  178. more drama
  179. One is shopping
  180. Wes on Friday @ our local elem school
  181. Pet memorial
  182. Judy is Eight today
  183. Fuzzy Wuzzy Headed For the Vet's
  184. Update on the lumps/bumps
  185. Thinking of Cinder today.
  186. Ugh. Some people annoy me.
  187. Do any of you NOT have a cone?
  188. My favorite Cinder pics from today..
  189. Angus removed three of his staples :(
  190. Getting Sick of Seeing Him Yet?
  191. Help Wanted - Orson Broke a Nail
  192. Angus Getting Better
  193. alternative to Elizabethan cone collar
  194. puppy vid
  195. 13 years ago Sunday, Kaylie moved out of the pound
  196. Badger's finally beginning to show some weight loss!!
  197. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: Hope
  198. Carol said ...
  199. A question about dog fighting
  200. People who don't understand
  201. Bruno and Duke
  202. A Few Pics of Stoli....
  203. A couple of the kids ..
  204. A cry for help from Lola!
  205. Here Rusty...I'm Looking For you
  206. See What Happens in the Off-Season?
  207. Felicia, did you know...
  208. Baloo and Peanut today. :)
  209. Those who give antlers as chewies...
  210. Huck's Post Surgery X-Rays
  211. They know which treat is theirs! Smart doggies!
  212. Our final days..
  213. My New Breed of Labrador (photo)
  214. Stoli is coming home from the vet...
  215. Detroit (And Surrounding Area) Peeps
  216. Ruger crossed the bridge.
  217. Java's surgery update-NEW plan (long)
  219. AKC Canine Partners program
  220. My BEST yellow boy. :) (3 pics)
  221. The boys' fight: The Perfect Storm (piecing things together)
  222. Watch Toby Grow II
  223. Today's update: A little more clarity
  224. E-mail to my Vet
  225. The cone of shame
  226. Pet Insurance claim-DENIED.
  227. Puppies day 4
  229. Laura - Molly's babies
  230. Little Charlotte all grown up (pictures)
  231. Grrrrrrrrrrrr - I just can't WIN!
  232. No doubt that they change daily
  233. Do your dogs pick sides when the humans fight?
  234. Keeping the boys separated
  235. Kongs...
  236. Chewing Sitcks...please help!
  237. Remember Me?
  238. I saved Puff's life this morning (VERY L--O--N--G post)
  239. which is worse
  240. I'm a good boy
  241. lumps and bumps
  242. Angus Update Wednesday
  243. I feel really dunb
  244. Morning Drama
  245. Angus update tonight
  246. In total shock
  247. Snow in Georgia Today (pics)
  248. I've got two smiling boys
  249. Buddy's Therapy Training Continues
  250. Ok, so we know (most) of you let the dogs sleep in your bed...