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  1. He's Got George, HE'S GOT IT!!!!!
  2. Bored at work. (pics)
  3. Happy 3rd Birthday, Abbey!
  4. Just saw this commercial.........
  5. Went Campin this past weekend..(Pics)
  6. Water Retrieving! (pics)
  7. Please help! (new owner)
  8. product endorsement
  9. Dum Question about the Forum—old vs New
  10. Worst day ever-Fitzgerald's lump is most likely cancerous
  11. DId I Do Something Wrong
  12. Catching Flies
  13. Not even sure how to categorize this...
  14. So.. Yeller is diabetic
  15. Where has Tankie & Orson been???
  16. And the winner of Duke's jumping contest is.....
  17. Slim update!!
  18. The Dynamic Duo of Delhi...Parker and Linus....and Friends
  19. Stay Tuned....
  20. 5 friends at the beach ( 1 pic)
  21. Back from the beach (pics)
  22. The boyz this weekend! :) (4 pics)
  23. Oh yeah, the match was today...
  24. Adding a 3rd Lab... am I F***ing Crazy? :)
  25. Duke's (almost) 6 months pics!
  26. I e-mailed my usual vets @ K-State's CVM asking their advice re: Puff &spleen removal
  27. Our first Dock Dogs adventure!
  28. Nice Thing About a Feeder in Your Backyard
  29. I know I ask this every time but.....
  30. Anyone have a dog on deramaxx?
  31. Happy Birthday Harvey!!
  32. Xrays on Ernies hips have showed arthritis
  33. Morrison
  34. UGh Wet Dog
  35. Really, Hoss, you should NOT
  36. Ryley puking up his meals - advice? (also, seizure last night)
  37. Guess who I got to snuggle toady? (NLR)
  38. Rusty's First Training Session in the Deep Water Technical Pond
  39. Hello again! Very frustrated -- need some help.
  40. The Four Amigos And Water (pics)
  41. Happy(Belated)Birthday Bailey!
  42. Another chocolate puppy:madgrin:
  43. Playing the odds -- decisons, decisons, decisions on removing Puff's spleen
  44. Finally some sun shine!!!
  45. Barney's Annual Checkup Today
  46. Eating grass...a lot
  47. Dan/Dweck
  48. When you're being chased,
  49. Fitzgerald has a lump
  50. Well I have My Pics in PB How Do I Get Them On Here
  51. Lola and Gracie..
  52. Libby's bags are packed!
  53. Quick finder nail clippers
  54. Update on Puff
  55. Kennel outside instead of crate in summer? Opinions Please!
  56. Oh the smell
  57. Too Much Time On My Hands
  58. Shelter
  59. Poor Puff -- she's at the vet hospital getting tested.
  60. Question for Cinderbay! NLR
  61. You'll need stamina to look through these photos
  62. Ron just left, Harry leaves at 5
  63. Towels!
  64. Sorry for the Pap overload..
  65. Black Golden Retrievers?
  66. What's your Lab vehicle ?
  67. How about a JL First Aid sub-forum?
  68. Cute-
  69. Emma brought me a present...
  70. Getting another dog
  71. The Birthday Boy!
  72. what pretty pants those are Rhumba...
  73. Double Trouble...
  74. Carol & Rusty
  75. I think we'll be getting wet...
  76. Rusty @ Four Months Old
  77. Supplement questions
  78. The kids on a nice spring morning
  79. Adventure Mowing This Afternoon
  80. The origins of dog sledding
  81. Dozer's Gal Pal [NLR]
  82. Looking for a Puppy
  83. Toby The Horse
  84. Postman got a partner today
  85. Any One From Florida???
  86. Tasha's jacuzzi --NLR
  87. Murphy on Easter
  88. so gross!
  89. Do your dogs lick each other A LOT?
  90. Update on Buddy!!!
  91. Sisko's pool party
  92. Having fun at camp over Easter.
  93. Silly dogs!
  94. Teaching pup to do flight of stairs...
  95. My almost 13-year old has started chewing!
  96. Terrible Twos?
  97. We've Come A LONG Way!
  98. How far will Duke jump? A Contest for JL'ers
  99. I am the world's worse dog mom!
  100. My old lady
  101. Brushing your dog - is there somewhere they won't let you brush?
  102. Love is Unselfish Sharing
  103. "Rocheby" labs
  104. Question for those of you who "swim with dogs"
  105. Java-3 weeks post-op
  106. Jake and Quinn doing their water retrieves today
  107. Baby Moka's not broken anymore(but she's still fat and crazy!!
  108. Our little Trouble is home..
  109. He's here!!!! New Addition :)
  110. there a list of kennel names somewhere?!
  111. Night visitor?
  112. Strange Facial Reactions
  113. UK members - I need advice on holidaying in the UK with your dog.
  114. Caught!
  115. Run Free Riley
  116. Crap..Ranger on the injured disabled list.
  117. Emma Is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
  118. "Apartment Dogs"
  119. More lake pics
  120. Breeders in or around Arizona
  121. Need help - Ryley (my foster) barking ALOT while I am gone...
  122. ticks - finally found something natural that works!!!!!!
  123. Britain's got talent strikes again with another talented pup !
  124. labrador dreams
  125. Puff avoids confrontation
  126. The Furkids! (pics)
  127. Abbey and Kolby snuggle (pic)
  128. new york breeders
  129. what would you pay for....
  130. Requesting safe flower ideas for the yard
  131. Name Help please?
  132. Always something...the Griswald's get ready for vacation.
  133. Out of the mouths of Babes...
  134. What a difference!
  135. Purebred yellow lab?
  136. Jasper is NOT happy with me !
  137. Fanny under the blankets..........
  138. Go Ahead Rusty, You can do it!
  139. Bella Today - pic
  140. Fanny has enjoyed Eddie's restriction
  141. Eddie's ACL injury
  142. What do you use to make your dog vomit?
  143. Since Eddie was crated
  144. My search for a yellow Lab decal
  145. Gin has Kennel Cough!
  146. I can't wait to see my regular vet
  147. Speaking of balls and other toys...
  148. Tissue alert! Bday Msg to Wesley **sniff** **snif**
  149. Are Labs being Bred Larger?
  150. Happy First Birthday (4.16) to Charlotte!
  151. Just a couple of pics of Katie and her kids......
  152. Possible New Addition!
  153. Sisko and his big "bro" (Part 2)
  154. Sisko and his big "bro" (Part 1)
  155. Another Birthday--Titan
  156. Misha and her ball
  157. Chance the swimmer pup
  158. Dog class -- Poor Brody!!
  159. 4/15/10 Slim Jim Update...
  160. Is there room in here for more balloons, streamers and birthday cake?????
  161. Any news on Abbey Justine ?
  162. Yeller has spondylosis? (sp?)
  163. So proud of my girl..
  164. Body "snurfing" - labs in snow
  165. Pups 4/15/10
  166. I See You! (1 pic)
  167. Happy Birthday Teton!
  168. Some may say coincidence, I don't. Long story but interesting.
  169. Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu. Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu...
  170. Dogs banned from 72 parks in Nottingham England !
  171. Fun in the garden!
  172. Fun in the sun! (Pics galore)
  173. Labrador (and other breeds) health survey
  174. Daisy and Lola have a new brudder!
  175. Trimming nails
  176. 'Dozi' by name, but not by nature
  177. Head control collars
  178. No more TOTW for Caleb...
  179. What is it that makes a dogs foot flip over so they wind up walking on the top of
  180. UH OH...I didn't think of this...
  181. Puppies outside 4/14/10 (I can't believe they go home in 10 days!)
  182. I need birthday singers!!
  183. Over excitement lead to aggression?
  184. The ultimate "Leave IT" test
  185. Love of the Water
  186. Cute video of 2 Labs playing in the snow!
  187. NLR - Even at the game, when ya gotta go, ya ...
  188. Heading to OBX Sat. 4 people..5 labs. (1 pic)
  189. Wasn't me mom, I promise . . . (pics, actually proof)
  190. This boy is going to break my heart someday......
  191. Good thoughts for Abbey, please? She's not doing well :(
  192. Check out this wannabe BYB in introductions.
  193. Has anyone seen Gutherie lately?
  194. Introducing Gunther!
  195. So...which canned food is your dog's favorite?
  196. So Dylan met a lamb through the sheep fence this evening !
  197. I am gross
  198. Anyone know any new games?
  199. Happy Birthday to Laura (CJ's Mom!)
  200. Canned food/dry food question
  201. Ashleigh, how is Nala settling in?
  202. URGENT--Defeat CA Rabies Bill AB 2689
  203. Orson Sleeping Under The Sprinkler
  204. Interceptor
  205. Sammy the charmer
  206. The Kids
  207. Moouuuseee!! Labs are terrible hunters NLR
  208. Our Sunday (4 pics)
  209. Teaching a dog when to back down from others?
  210. Big Brag on Duke
  211. Ollie POOPED!!!!! :D :D
  212. HK is a good dog
  213. Maybe it is Sinking In?
  214. just a few more...
  215. a few new lola and gracie pics
  216. Oh Abby, Poor Abby
  217. Labs REVOLT!
  218. TRR and the quest for the spring
  219. Did your labs get darker as they got older?
  220. Good day at the hunt test for Abby & Kate
  221. neutering @ 4?
  222. Why Their Jolly Ball Looks Like They Fight Over It (short video)
  223. My goober boyz. :) (3 pics)
  224. Youthful exuberance
  225. Pups on the deck 4/10/10
  226. Good poopy thoughts for Ollie please? (long post about poop)
  227. Boy was I ticked off at Boo!!!
  228. When did you/would you recommend getting a second lab?
  229. Puppy Kennel
  230. Hey, check out the site for my favorite pet supply store (Amy's, too)...
  231. Solid poop this morning!...
  232. Look out world.......
  233. My 3 little pigs.......
  234. KEEGAN
  235. Can you guess what it is? (pics)
  236. Update on Flynn's crime of yesterday
  237. New addition
  238. Will I ever find?
  239. Family portrait
  240. What a face!
  241. Can this dog get much dafter?
  242. animal safe lawn fertilizer
  243. Sorry - searching through my photo album and I found this !
  244. 4/9/10 Slim upate....
  245. Dogs peeing on shrubs - is there a product for this?
  246. Does your lab enjoy wallowing/rolling on a dead carcass?
  247. No class for Caleb this afternoon...
  248. Abby's Fun at the lake
  249. Negative!
  250. "HEY RUSTY...I gots me some long legs, too!!