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  1. Lab IQ
  2. Melissa Shyan Norwalt
  3. harvey and a drinking straw
  4. Sisko at 11 months
  5. Another early birthday present!
  6. Ruby update!
  7. I think we dodged a bullet on this one....
  8. pumpkin carving stencil
  9. Ok, ok ...Just Once More! (Inclds Bird Pics)
  10. Pet Corrector - works for us!
  11. Good thoughts for Blaise please?
  13. Any guesses how far Duke will jump this weekend? New Contest.
  14. Duck Hunting Dawgs Halloween Pumpkin
  15. Halloween three years ago:
  16. Nightly activity
  17. Hair Growth
  18. Wordy Wednesday: A Dog By Any Other Name…
  19. Remember Last Year She was Balloon Dog? (some pics)
  20. ONe...two...three...
  21. Has anyone taken an extended driving vacation with your dogs, and if so...
  22. Shameless plug for a friend's project
  23. Okay, now that I have a dog who actually chews Nylabones
  25. My brave labradors
  26. sulphur burping
  27. It's cancer again
  28. Homer is happy his Misha is back with him
  29. Salty and His Buddy Bailey
  30. She swims!!!
  31. Ladies and Gentelmen Your Attention Please
  32. Good thoughts needed for Fitzgerald
  33. Happy Halloween Outakes!
  34. Dog Food Question
  35. Lab body language
  36. The kids today
  37. Understanding language
  38. White hairs on a black Lab
  39. Happy gotcha day, Dixie!!
  40. No more, Please....I really can't take anymore!!
  41. Bad things happen in 3's...
  42. We're home.
  43. Any ideas on how to carry a 80lb girl who doesn't hang on?
  44. Last 24 hours! Can you please vote again?
  45. Halloween Costume
  46. Holloween costume Photo Reprise from 2004
  47. Thoughts and prayers for Ruby today
  48. Happy Birthday Orson & Sully
  49. Duke had a Phenominal Dockdog competition (for him)
  50. any one know of any holidays in the UK where allowed to take dogs?
  51. Whatcha Been Doing For the Past 20 Years?
  52. Aila is 1 Yr Old
  53. Baxter pics from today
  54. swimming yesterday
  55. Dissapointed in people
  56. Cone-headed Diesel attacked, Mom to the rescue!!!
  57. Elbow question
  58. What a Difference Between March and October
  59. My Lab is not drinking plain water
  60. Brings out the pig in our pups !
  61. JL Holiday Greeting Card Exchange
  62. First weekend together
  63. Hershey Kisses had to defend herself, sad for poor Sammy.
  64. Good thoughts for Willow, please!
  65. Lost Lab Peoria Illinois airport
  66. Diesel & the Cone of Shame
  67. Just Labradors Calendars are READY!!!
  68. Happy heavenly birthday, Paddy!
  69. Misha is coming back home today!
  70. So what's for dinner ?
  71. please vote for Ryan and Buddy
  72. Name Question
  73. couch potatoes
  74. Birfdays are great!
  75. Oh for pete sake!!
  76. I can't say no! (pics included)
  77. The Bumper ( not finished yet)
  78. She is just too stinkin' cute!
  79. Diesel gets neutered tomorrow... little worried...
  80. Not Feeling very wwell
  81. Ontario Winter - Doggy Attire?
  82. Is this normal? Is she testing me?
  83. What are my options?
  84. The 2011 DockDog season for Duke begins this weekend
  85. Wes had an ~~off~~ day yesterday....
  86. We now have a Therapy Dog!
  87. Bad Mommy...
  88. neuter question
  89. Surveying his kingdom
  90. The Perfect Snarf!!!!
  91. Zack's First Birthday Coming Up
  92. Off leash and inconsiderate owners
  93. Its hard to imagine, just 8 days ago
  94. Don't Ya Just Hate It?
  95. And who's your daddy, little girl?
  96. Good Boy Newton, Bad Boy Daddy
  97. Jim, Cappy update?...
  98. Rushpuppy ...
  99. A Disposable Razor?? Seriously????
  100. Now that the crisis is over, introducing Duke's new puppy
  101. excitment!!!
  102. Duke Update, an irritation in his trachea
  103. Happy 6mos Birthday Newton *pic heavy*
  104. Cold Tail Article
  105. Compulsive Licking = pain/discomfort?
  106. Caleb surprised me this morning...
  107. Beautiful fall day
  108. Salty's growing Up
  109. I am not a dog!
  110. The conversation continues between Shanny and Raven
  111. Had to take Duke to the Emergency Vet at 3:30 this morning
  112. Neighbor dog digging under fence, reply!
  113. The official pet food tnm cleaner !
  114. Today was (my) puppy day!
  115. Ellie Mae versus pheasant
  116. Close call this morning
  117. Smaller Lab
  118. Found these on my camera
  119. OMG I never thought it would be so hard!
  120. Sully Loves Her Brother Orson
  121. Everyone wanting to pat and touch my Kimber
  122. Tune-up Before Season Opens
  123. Extra Cesar Millan Ticket for Toronto... anyone want to go?
  124. Advice, Please
  125. Oh Jasper !
  126. It has been months since he tried this
  127. Yellow Lab vs. Bird Dog
  128. Did you ever know that you're my hero?
  129. Vet Visit
  130. Hey Garth, didn't want you to worry....
  131. Abbey Rose's 2nd birthday!
  132. Moses' First Birthday
  133. Gulfcoast.
  134. Kate ( 1 pic)
  135. The Meds? Change in Diet? New Shampoo?
  136. Fence Question
  137. Raven sporting her "big girl" collar
  138. Seasonal allergies anyone?
  139. Anyone remember when we all created Lab magazine covers?
  140. RIP Burd #4
  141. Name help?
  142. So who Dock Jumps with their lab here?
  143. Do you ever get the Chewbacca?
  144. My little boy is growing up!
  145. Baxter Tales
  146. I really miss this face
  147. We really need to try to do this again.
  148. Abby and the toothbrush
  149. Abby in Manitoba ( 1 pic)
  150. good news from the vet
  151. Contest: What was she doing?
  152. She's too smart for my own good
  154. An oldie but a goodie...
  155. Problem Raven?
  156. Growling, what do you make of it?
  157. OoooOOooo...Remy got all protective of Mama!
  158. Electric fence???
  159. Indy and Jobe's vet visit, oh boy...
  160. Coco turned 2 today
  161. Add another Granddoggie to the pack!
  162. The simple things in life just make my day!!!!
  163. NLR - Pessimistic dogs have greater separation anxiety
  164. This is how Libby helps clean the shed!
  165. Rusty's $219.37 Inconclusive.
  166. best buds
  167. our new family member
  168. Neutering Post-Op care
  169. A couple of vids of our fun on the beach
  170. How I spent Thanksgiving Sunday - by Helo and Abby
  171. Congratulations Kenny Girot and CH HRCH Kerrybrook's Vince MH
  172. Quinn and her little sister Raven 10/11/10
  173. Um okay! Could use some advice!
  174. Good Bye Cincinnati Reds
  175. Walking insanity
  176. Good Boy Concho!
  177. A fall evening !
  178. A couple pictures
  179. What a big nose you have Bruno!
  180. Are you comfy Sam?
  181. Made a phone call to poison control this morning.....
  182. Chance to meet Cesar Milan
  183. Raven drinking
  184. Tomorrow
  185. Blue Buffalo recall
  186. A boy and his dog
  187. Calendar out takes ( I forgot to take the date off too !
  188. Prayers for Morgan's mom please!
  189. Puppy Makes Three
  190. Wesley writes, looking for advice for the lovelorn....
  191. Is this a pure yellow lab?
  192. I thought I bought a yellow lab. What do you think?
  193. I'm in need of advice...
  194. The good, bad, and ugly of Rhys' visit to the vet
  195. Dylan does his first voluntary swim
  196. Frustrated with recent behavior
  197. I am pleased to announce that Ollie...
  199. Shanny and Raven having a conversation
  200. Hershey Kisses is all healed - At least she thinks so.
  201. Need Some JL Rusty Help, Please
  202. City Boy in the Country
  203. Acupuncture
  204. Diesel's getting his first Lepto shot
  205. I'm glad I cut Caleb's food back...
  206. Hershey Kisses is injured - need advice
  207. A memorial for Hunter
  208. PB ESP
  209. I did it...I did it!!!!
  210. Help! Got problems with my new lab...
  211. Happy 1st Birthday Ernie
  212. PA breeder in trouble -- 101 Labs to evaluate and possibly place
  213. Jasmine RIce insead of white rice for bland diet?
  214. Our Lil Girl
  215. Ugh. The limping is back.
  216. Another Breeder question (Missouri/Kansas/Oklahoma area)
  217. Guess Who Got Weighed Today?
  218. My Kolby
  219. whelp watch
  220. New lab from Wyoming, MN Rescue
  221. Gin has Kennel Cough
  222. Is 4 months too young?
  223. Just in time for Christmas
  224. The phase of poop eating....
  225. Guide dog dragged along train platform in Canada
  226. Good thoughts for Kodi please?
  227. Had a little bit of a rough weekend...
  228. What Makes Three Little Whistles?
  229. Chat lingo
  230. Tankie - Orson - Sully (4 Pics from this morning)
  231. Outtakes from Saturday's photoshoot.
  232. Looking for a Lab breeder in Binghamton, New York
  233. Color of a lab in relation to intelligence.
  234. LMAO
  235. Parker Making Progress Maybe?
  236. Crossing Cdn/US border - food
  237. Does anybody have a crate like this one?
  238. One of Each
  239. Orson & Sully - What a difference in body mass!
  240. oh Buddy ...
  241. Omg! Do you not...
  242. For-Bid anyone?????
  243. Reflections on neutering
  244. Police shoot lab
  245. Ear Cleaning?
  246. Lobster anyone?
  247. Message from Remy to those caught in the storm...
  248. Happy Birthday Buck!!!
  249. Sisko, the canine Q-tip
  250. Flynn's eye ( 2 pics)