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  1. I am glad I didn't want to sit down. (2 pics)
  2. Breeding questions
  3. Is there such a thing as bargaining?
  4. Tankie Turns The Tables on the Youngster
  5. Lazy Remy (pic)
  6. Sudden change in behavior
  7. Checking in on Abby...
  8. And where am I supposed to sleep
  9. Lazy Day
  10. Fingernails on the Blackboard
  11. First day of this miadventure behind us...
  12. Resources for breeder selection in UP Mi and Wi
  13. Ah jeez, Diesel!
  14. Dew Claws
  15. Feedback on two breeders?
  16. Abby's getting her lump out tomorrow morning
  17. We are starting classes again!
  18. Jeepers Creepers...
  19. My Indy Boy...
  20. Remy Had an Exciting Weekend: Part II
  21. Remy Had an Exciting Weekend: Part I
  22. The Weather Outside if Frightful?
  23. Snowed in
  24. Ellie Mae Bling-Bling
  25. Veronica... where is the weekly Emma story...?
  26. My boy turns 9 today!
  27. Sedona says what about me -
  28. Walking and not going potty - only pottys in her spot after we get back
  29. A silent dreamer in the forest this afternoon ..
  30. The Art of Lounging
  31. The Whole Gang
  32. Epic Hat FAIL (pics)
  33. The great Christmas Hunter
  34. covers for couch
  35. Keegan says....
  36. She knows something is going on...
  37. Laika
  38. Time to wake up! (pics)
  39. B-day Party # 12
  40. My Rastafarian Does *not* do hats. ; )
  41. Sam says....
  42. I'll Bet No One Has a Hat Like This
  43. Buck says
  44. Prayers for Lola please...
  45. Dog Park Visit #2
  46. Buddy says....
  47. I just got my lips plumped for free...
  48. *sneak... sneak sneak sneak...*
  49. Henery says...
  50. Hershey Kisses is 4 years old today, and she says ...
  51. Cappy Turned Twelve Today
  52. Gracie wants in on the hat action...
  53. Caleb says hats are for amatures...
  54. Rocky does Hats too ;)
  55. Samm says...
  56. Jake says.....
  57. Mitzi loves her Duke
  58. Training lab with bird launcher!
  59. Do dogs sneeze to show signs of affections?
  60. Let's Hear it for Carol & Rusty.
  61. Autumn's Spay Day
  62. I think I need to relax!!
  63. puppy antics
  64. Just saw the most horrifying story about black labs on the news
  65. Registered name suggestions (not for me!)
  66. First Puppy Class
  67. Does your dog have a method of kong treat removal?
  68. While we were at the vet...
  69. Daisy spent the day at Camp Hershey
  70. At what age can my lab puppy jump off of the bed?
  71. Ever Have a "Space Cadet" Experience With a Walmart Clerk?
  72. Goldie got adopted!
  73. Snowy Thursday and the dogs are inside for a bit
  74. Natural Balance Rose Parade Float
  75. Dukesmom vs Duke, Duke won
  76. The Abzilla has a lump on her elbow.
  77. Flaky skin and odor
  78. Lab Rescue Needs Your Votes to Win Grant!
  79. I just bought memory foam dog beds for the boys
  80. Oh no! Good thoughts/prayers for Diesel please!!
  81. Good Thoughts and Prayers please
  82. Just signed up for our first DockDog event of 2011 in Biloxi MS
  83. Judy is a Saint
  84. My Dog (Wave) The TV Star
  85. I've Decided to Take up Cookie Baking
  86. ..... I miss you....
  87. I just need a break! (and so does the big guy!)
  88. Good Experience at Dog Park
  89. Cappy: This is how I measure a good 3 day weekend.
  90. Ummm... Sheamie? Time for a diet, old boy
  91. 4 days left, and I haven't figured out a gift yet.
  92. difference in lab's fur...
  93. Happy Birthday Ellie Mae Dogg!
  94. Woody has hurt his hind leg
  95. Invisible tether?
  96. Parker's Odd Behavior
  97. Cat and dog fighting like cats and dogs - help!
  98. Bella at 5 1/2 months enjoying the snow
  99. CHIC?
  100. Lab fur
  101. Most expensive thing your dog has chewed on??
  102. Happy 4th Birthday, Jeb
  103. Sully Loves her brother Orson soooooooooo much
  104. Some cute pics
  105. Bitey face!
  106. Boo-boo baby (pic)
  107. Help please, is my yellow lab puppy a pure bred?
  108. It's tough being Raven
  109. A couple of snow pictures - Sully & Orson
  110. Sometimes ya just wonder how this crap happens
  111. The Wisdom of Age
  112. Think I found a breeder..
  113. Jazzy's surgery is today
  114. A little concerned here too.
  115. My special boys! The Grand-doggies
  116. the death of Carl the Cardinal.
  117. I hate it when winter does this
  118. I know the folks on JL will understand!
  119. Another poor dog not allowed on the couch (pic)
  120. A little concerned about the dogs today
  121. What a Ham!
  122. Give Me a "Z"!! Give Me an "O".... some pics
  123. Hey Zoesmom ...
  124. Hey guys - need help with intact 6 month old male (Baxter!)
  125. Pics of the boys (pic heavy)
  126. Pealing Nails
  127. This is how we do NY Day
  128. A Very Special New Year's Day
  129. Underneath that sweet demeanor?
  130. Sedona and Keegan
  131. Weekly Emma Story, Part 5
  132. Bite Inhibition....
  133. Caleb says...
  134. Hello! Followup on my lab, Roxy, who has cancer.
  135. Speaking of Christmas Presents
  136. Meet the pups...
  137. Good Way to End the Year
  138. For people who say dog's don't have feelings! (2 pics)
  139. Who said I don't fit?
  140. why did I lose my excitement of owning a new lab?
  141. Odd poop question
  142. Snow day!
  143. About the tail
  144. Joelly....
  145. So now and then they get real bones stuffed with beef
  146. A Zig-Zag Double Blind
  147. My Christmas present ...
  148. I wish our lab cuddled with us more......
  149. "Raven did you de-stuff that fish?"
  150. Any vacuum suggestion..
  151. Fitzy is all clear for now!
  152. What a Difference a Year Makes
  153. Autumn's First Swim
  154. Good thoughts /prayers appreciated for Jazzy
  155. Taking Parker For A Walk
  156. How Many Dremel Users Here?
  157. Video: ‘Ruff times: Helping dogs and owners stay together
  158. Naughty dog...tsk tsk ;) (2 pics)
  159. Dew claw help please?
  160. My Christmas present from Ken (Jim, take a look)...
  161. The third "J"
  162. Introducing the new babies...
  163. Driving Ms. Daisy
  164. I have been well played by Mrs Claus.....
  165. small lump on Chamois - good thoughts appreciated
  166. Fitzy has a check up on Wed.
  167. Just had a weird aggressive episode with Saba...
  168. Happy (very belated!) 1st Birthday Duke! -pic.
  169. Baxter Pics
  170. First posts
  171. A sad day - please send good thoughts
  172. Jen-how is Grace?
  173. It's official; we are his!
  174. My poor Nellie
  175. A few Lola pic's...
  176. Happy Birthday Gracie!!
  177. Protecting your dog
  178. Looking for some Florida labrador advice...
  179. Marlie dog's favourite activity
  180. Remi's Turn For an Ice Hunt
  181. Dog Park or No Dog Park...That is the question!!!
  182. LMAO @ Diesel!
  183. Christmas is over Judy.
  184. New vehicle ..
  185. Hypersalivating because it's cold outside???
  186. Someone wants to visit his grandparents' more often...
  187. Multi-Brown Chocolate Lab? Is it still a purebred?
  188. Rusty's First Retrieve in Ice
  189. My Layla is smart
  190. Some pics of Saba's Christmas - lots of pics
  191. Rocky ate nearly an entire bottle of Glucosimine
  192. Happy Christmas to All, and to All...
  193. We lost Taffy (9-26-98 to 12-26-10)
  194. Weekly Emma Story, Part 4
  195. Jeanne/RangerMom
  196. Zoe's Christmas Part III (Finale...the edibles and a pose)
  197. Zoe's Christmas Part IIb (a few more gifts)
  198. Zoe's Christmas Part II (the gifts)
  199. Zoe's Christmas Part I (opening gifts)
  200. Merry Christmas!
  201. Christmas Nylabones
  202. Diesel's 1st Christmas! (video)
  203. My friend Rose and the kids Part 2
  204. My friend Rose and the kids
  205. Discussion on the Christmas Puppy/Dog/Cat/living animal
  206. Rusty's First Christmas
  207. Merry Christmas
  208. Training videos for field work
  209. Sedona and Keegan say Merry Christmas from snowy Alabama
  210. Shadow's gift
  211. Christmas Eve in the buckbrush slough
  212. Chocolate Eater
  213. My Suit of Armour is on, and I don't give a *&^% what you throw at me
  214. We have a guest for Christmas
  215. Poor Moose
  216. Roxy & Diesel's Incognito Xmas
  217. I think something's wrong with tuck
  218. My lab and my 1 year old girl
  219. Merry Christmas
  220. Manger
  221. Hey Gulfcoast
  222. An update and more advice needed please
  223. Jobe and his arthritis ...
  225. Sad news - Help please
  226. "Oh Labra-Night"
  227. Bailey the Black Lab's Website.
  228. Christmas pics...
  229. This was A-MAAAAAAAAZING!
  230. Some of the dogs in the snow today 12/22/10
  231. Merry Christmas JL! From Angus and Simon
  232. Flynn at vet - house feels empty!
  233. Question about fresh deer antlers
  234. Is This Collar Too Girly?
  235. Not a creature was stirring...well maybe a Rhys
  236. Hey Gulfcoast
  237. A quick update on Saba about his TLPO surgery
  238. So tragic and sad...
  239. Holy crap-17 puppies!!
  240. 55lb anchor secured by a leash...
  241. ok I must be losing it
  242. Christmas in Heaven - For Those Who Have Lossed a Loved One This Year
  243. It's Tristan's 12th birthday today!
  244. Aspen and My conversation last night
  245. Anyone know a good source for antlers? (the chewing kind, not the wearing kind)
  246. My highest respect for those that work in shelters and rescue
  247. why does my female...
  248. I Hate to Admit This
  249. I am going labra-nuts.....
  250. Horror story of the week