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  1. Bucky's Photo Shoot (6 pics)
  2. Retrieving from a dog's point of view
  3. Living in an apartment with a lab?
  4. Parker's Vet Visit
  5. New pics of Belle
  6. Another foster question...
  7. New foster, Willow, is a fast...
  8. Breeders I need help!
  9. bentleys day at the dam! (4 pics)
  10. Another myth busted!! (2 pics)
  11. Wow what a day
  12. Didja Ever Wonder What it Looks Like to Them?
  13. Hilton Head Island results
  14. Zack Update!!!
  15. Toby's appointment with the oncologist
  16. What is the deal with "Designer" prejudice?
  17. Ok ! Labrador free to good home !
  18. Kaden & Rocko could use your votes
  19. Chris/Kassabella
  20. Good Thoughts For Zack
  21. Still no answers...(long, pics included)
  22. Fraya is in her foster home....
  23. Car Harness
  24. Caleb's wish for his two footed brother...
  25. Recall on Phenobarb
  26. Guide dog loses sight
  27. Toys
  28. Will I never learn ?
  29. Kim, how is Sam????
  30. Labby/Raian and other horsey folks
  31. 9/11 sar dog given full police memorial!!
  32. Sisko, what big white teeth you have!
  33. Scout's assessment with Vet Behaviorist
  34. Scout08 posted pic's on facebook
  35. Photo Shoot
  36. Great Story From Cincy
  37. Is Duke adapting to the country home. Two photos
  38. Yes she does sleep
  39. Just how smart are dogs really?
  40. Taylor and Penny
  41. Pig ear recall
  42. Kaytris....
  43. 30 Chocolate Lab Puppies
  44. I stood by your bed lastnight
  45. Bentley was attacked by a Pomeranian!!
  46. How you trim your dogs nails? HELP!
  47. Happy ending/New Beginning!
  48. Height Question
  49. Sam update
  50. She is getting another chance... Help still needed
  51. What do you think of NILIF as a training method?
  52. Judy is nine today
  54. Too fat!
  56. I give up
  57. Connie
  58. Problem two male labs-Kinda long. New Guy here
  59. Lovely sunny day pose
  60. Psst Connie! (AngusFangus)
  61. Humor for you, not me!!!
  62. Buns in the oven.....
  63. Need Good Thoughts...PLEASE!!
  64. When it rains it pours....
  65. Biting history & euthanasia
  66. limping.
  67. I am done with Erns poop eating party trick.
  68. Happy Birthday Forrest!!
  69. Growing up fast....
  70. Cheese Smell
  71. Scout attacked me and 10 week puppy Belle
  72. 14 Months and the Light Went On
  73. Pics from around the house today
  74. The experts warn never to have 2 intact males cuz all they'll do is fight
  75. Nellie
  76. So many opportunities to practice "Leave It" on our walk!
  77. The Siblings Love the Snow
  78. Sad morning:(
  79. Female's Humping
  80. Autumn graduated last night!
  81. Duke does not like the wood floors
  82. Anybody have a shy dog...
  83. Time for a Backpack
  84. Do Labs pant when they are happy?
  85. Ernie isn't a good earthquake alarm.
  86. Class is cancelled....
  87. Introducing my next foster...
  88. Shanny says......
  89. Undescended Testes...Cryptorchidism...
  90. Fanny and Deracoxib
  91. Yard question for those with dogs and kids
  92. Met an ex-con Lab at the dog park.
  93. Temporary Foster for Yellow Lab
  94. Poor Poor Tankie
  95. My handsome youngster !
  96. My handsome senior
  97. Heat question
  98. Toby update
  99. Dogs poisoned in our area
  100. four labs no more
  101. Kona is peeing the bed - opinions?
  102. Shiny coats?
  103. Martingale Collar?
  104. Thank goodness for rescue people
  105. Shoulder surgery for Ranger
  106. PA / MD / VA people
  107. My little girl's first word!
  108. Mystic Mutts of Revelry 2011 in Fairhope, AL
  109. Can I get my lab AKC certified?
  110. Yellow labs get adopted fastest?
  111. Not a Happy Cappy
  112. Sock
  113. Has Anyone had Professional Portraits Made?
  114. Our therapy team
  115. Rough playing with 20 month old lab and 9 week
  116. Anyone have an extra $40,000- $60,000 and a bare wall that needs a picture?
  117. NLR - Vestibular Syndrome
  118. New Puppy!
  119. Hooray!!! Puppy Milestone! :)
  120. guess what i had to make!
  121. I dint chews on it Mama! (pics)
  122. Emilu and Baxter size comparison (pics)
  123. Dogs n Cats (pics)
  124. Breeders, what do you think about this ...
  125. Blog post: Angus' adoption story
  126. R.I,P Beautiful woody. Run free now
  127. Kiss/punch
  128. DNA Tests for Angus and Simon
  129. Fanny and the vet
  130. damn lump
  131. The Bean is 6 today!
  132. Behavior Question
  133. Groundhog might be right after all...
  134. What is This Rumor I Hear About Veronica!?
  135. Adventures with Peanut Butter (pics)
  136. Dog eats cannabis
  137. Beginner obed class -- <3
  138. At what age do Labs slow down?
  139. Appropriate or not?
  140. I'm a bad Mama.
  141. Tank now from then!
  142. I'm beginning to think Coco is a lab/chicken mix.......
  143. Blown ACL
  144. New family member
  145. dogs playing in the snow 2/23/11
  146. Not going to evoke any tears today.
  147. The results are in....
  148. University of Minnesota CCL study
  149. Question about "boys peeing"
  150. Autumn's First Time in Snow
  151. We have a tilter...!
  152. Just Walk Away!
  153. Even with a fenced in yard.....
  154. When do you reduce amount of food ?
  155. Is it possible? Do they know? Do they relate as we do?
  156. Patio "potty patch"
  157. broken tail?
  158. Group behavior question
  159. The Cycle Begins Again
  160. Forrest's biopsy results are in...
  161. More Bow, Libby, & Willy
  162. Those of you with older dogs
  163. Abbey and Coco will be having "guests" soon
  164. I have Bow for five whole days! WooHoo!
  165. kennels?
  166. Games of the Labradork
  167. The four day foster
  168. Done: No email, no forums, no computer, no phones
  169. He can't resist the forbidden
  170. clostridium perfringens enterotoxin
  171. Happy 8th Birthday Rush!!!!
  172. i knew they were guardian angels!
  173. Dogs in the yard 2/19/11
  174. Lexi's Annual Checkup...
  175. Happy 12th birthday Shanny
  176. Jasper's yearly check up today !
  177. Woody
  178. Ed, thinking of you and your family...
  179. I am starting to see Emilu aging
  180. Cinder's Portrait
  181. labradoodles?
  182. Where Is That Handsome Labradoodle Duck Dawg From Texas.
  183. and so it begins ...
  184. Need vacuum cleaner advice
  185. The Big Scary Monster
  186. Puppy shots
  187. A pound of shrimp last week, a pound of butter yesterday
  188. Friends 14 year old lab had puppies
  189. Bitch in heat in class?
  190. translate "adoption agency for puppies"
  191. YAY!!!!!!
  192. Limited # of pics in a post question
  193. Woody at the vets
  194. Lisa!!
  195. The trials of my Indy Boy...
  196. Bath tub fun?
  197. Newman - My last day with him
  198. Happy 15th Birthday sweet Emma
  199. woody is at the vets all day today
  200. Diesel's progress (training)
  201. Question about mix
  202. dont no if i did the right thing
  203. Fear Stage?
  204. Westminster results aren't up yet, but I heard...
  205. Black Lab In Westiminster Tonight !
  206. More chewing !
  207. Lab Puppies
  208. Our vacationing little visitor....
  209. ALL DONE and ALL CLEAR!!
  210. MUD MUD and more MUD
  211. My Most Special Valentine!
  212. sweet potato or pumpkin????
  213. Chewwy - A Leo from Westminster
  214. NLR -- Another dog in the house (but not permanently)
  215. Ernie wasn't as innocent as he looked.
  216. Tucker has super low energy for a pup
  217. Last chemo treatment and check up tomorrow--good thoughts would be nice
  218. no why labs are so popular
  219. New blog post: For all you poo-eaters...
  220. Happy 10th Birthday, Bella!
  221. Chiro? Physio? Massage? Not sure who to bring Rocky to...
  222. A Tankie Photo Overload :)
  224. Alpha Roll
  225. Diesel turned 1 year old today!!!
  226. Good news for Tankie
  227. Six years on the 9th I said goodbye to Kass.
  228. The neighbor's cat came to visit...
  229. The house will be quieter tonight
  230. Insurance?
  231. How does your dog let you know it's bedtime?
  232. Puppy swallowed half of a rubber ball!
  233. zoezoe... LOVE your siggy pic!!
  234. Milo 'grooms' me
  235. He is still missing...
  236. For sale: 9.75 year old yellow male
  237. For LadyCubFan - a poll
  238. I'm bored.....
  239. Too Old for a Puppy?
  240. Diesel & I just had a major scare
  241. To all the lady JL Labs
  242. tank ma have a knee problem or hip
  243. lab attacks a child owners stupidity or dogs fault
  244. Buddy is giving me a complex
  245. My birthday KIDS!
  246. Veterninary Services
  247. Happy 4th Birthday Rookie, Bono, Friday and Rhumba!!!!!
  248. Happy 7th birthday Seamus!!!
  249. how to encourage my lab to sleep in her bed
  250. Speaking of Barking Labs...