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  1. Does not travel well!
  2. Wipe out
  3. Our trip to the PetsMart.
  4. Results from Willow's allergy testing
  5. Moka was attacked....again.
  6. Still in need of help no replies on Health Forum
  7. Ducks, fear me! I am Lab!
  8. Don't need no caffine after this. No sirree.
  9. I *think* this might end up as Dan's puppy
  10. After this morning's walk, this is what they do:
  11. Look what I got!!
  12. Pups at 4 weeks
  13. It's my best boy's 8th Birthday!
  14. Ernie and my mother...for mothers day.
  15. Antler chews and Chronic wasting disease
  16. Chuck just pee'd on my mom's rug
  17. Happy Mother's Day to all the Lab Moms
  18. My softie isn't quite so soft....
  19. More Nikki pics!
  20. New pics and video 5/7/11
  21. Zack turns 12 tomorrow, Celebration TIme!!!
  22. Hey Zoesmom ...
  23. Pups out on the deck 5/6/11
  24. This video doesn't feature a lab, but's it's so funny.
  25. Have you, or anyone you know, used a Thundershirt?
  26. Fanny doing well
  27. Woot!
  28. A sleeping puppy, is a good puppy.
  29. A rhetorical question
  30. Me & the girls.
  31. Dozer loves "his" bench
  32. Dog poems
  33. Lab Proof Car Seat Cover?
  34. Another Tankers ?
  35. Food Quantity Question
  36. Bauer goes to the vet . . .
  37. Please Indulge Me For a Moment
  38. So excited I just can't hide it!
  39. Nikki
  40. Do your dogs like cats?
  41. For those of you with other dogs, esp. small ones....
  42. marking indoors after neutering
  43. Love my Neater Feeder! Anyone else have one!?
  45. My house is like an animal infirmary! Ugh!
  46. Tankers went to vet
  47. tank and Bentley would like to introduce....
  48. Proud to be a Labramom!!
  49. Line Breeding?
  50. Buddy's Vet Visit
  51. This is what happens when I don't get the food to them quick enough
  52. Why do....
  53. We FINALLY have our dog park!!
  54. Good dog
  55. Best frisbee?
  56. Pet Armour plus
  57. How often do your fur kids....
  58. Well, the birds should be happy....
  59. Did a good deed today :)
  60. Bleeding ear... OMG
  61. Pictures of Duke and Paisley as promised! (PICS)
  62. Pups today 5/2/11
  63. What happens after your dog breaks wind?
  64. The girls enjoying the ocean. (2 pics)
  65. Royal hounds
  66. Please remember us in Northern Alabama
  67. Newfies vs. Labs
  68. Chocolate lab owners
  69. If you find a rabies tag?
  70. Springtime rolling on back?
  71. Contemplating his navel !
  72. Will Duke ever lift his leg to pee?
  73. New HD study looking for DNA samples
  74. Dyson grooming tool Yeah? No???
  75. Becoming vocal
  76. Mae's been aggressive
  77. And the winner is.....
  78. Rubbernose
  79. ripping wallpaper
  80. A Bunch of yellow lovelies this morning discussing the toyal wedding !
  81. So I found some differences b/w males and females already!
  82. Chew That Thing Already, Would You?...
  83. Why did they do this?
  84. 9 week old pup question
  85. Paddy listens to his momma (pic)
  86. A year ago today, we let Yeller go.
  87. Puppy Pool
  88. Bodie has swollen ear - worried and need advice
  89. Question about bitey face
  90. Names?!?!?
  91. Mitzi's nose lump (update)
  92. Anyone else's puppy do this?
  93. Modelling the new deck
  94. Lucy and Mugen update.
  95. Happy Birthday Harvey! (and Seth!) Pic heavy
  96. Dylan has the ball ! Murphy ( with ball OCD ) does a mouth retrieve.
  97. Duke turned one on Friday
  98. There is still time to help CMLRN and possibly win a MACBOOK!
  99. The life of a Lab can be stressful
  100. third times the charm
  101. Laura, how about
  102. Happy relaxing
  103. Graduation
  104. dead spots in grass
  105. Is this doggy sharing?
  106. I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem?
  107. New Gracie Pictures
  108. Buddy Wants to Know...
  109. Tracker close your legs
  110. I know I feed Tank to much
  111. Why a lab?
  112. Easter egg hunt??
  113. Pennsylvania Lab Fest 2011
  114. Does your dog beg for human food?
  115. I am so ticked at Bentley!!
  116. Which lab would you like to meet?
  117. today's vet visit
  118. Anesthesia can be hard on an older dog
  119. Poof! And there is nobody home
  120. Help a Good Cause
  121. I got to play with a black lab puppy!
  122. Happy Easter!
  123. Best Friends Now
  124. People need to stop trying to train my dog!
  125. Question regarding handler for show ring
  126. Just got back from the vet
  127. The Drill
  128. Tricks??
  129. Looking for a Labrador Print (pic)
  130. I'm a Little Sleepy
  131. Tomorrow is...
  132. I have two countersurfers
  133. Guess what I found out about Mae!!!!!!
  134. What grass should I plant to survive my lab?
  135. Heart Dog(s)???
  136. Magnum is Gone. God Speed Sweet Girl.
  137. Harness- GOOD- No Harness- Bad Puppy
  138. Here's Emma! (Lots of Pics!!!)
  139. Look What The UPS Man Brought Me Yesterday!
  140. Harleigh at Agility.
  141. Titan's 10th Birthday
  142. My Saba bear
  143. What it looks like outside!
  144. Marshal
  145. Cappy's Vet Exam
  146. Tonight I get to...
  147. Abby had her annual physical.
  148. Evening walk update with pictures and video
  149. Info on physical growth stages?
  150. Gracie did it again......
  151. Took CJ camping for the 1st time
  152. Caleb is too smart...
  153. Meet Paisley!
  154. Itīs good to have some little helpers
  155. CMLRN Fundraiser Auction!
  156. Pups 4/18/11
  157. Mitzi
  158. the littlest houseguest
  159. Why You Always Need a Camera on Hand with a Labrador
  160. Aspen thinks she is big stuff!
  161. Newman's Dad and family are moving forward
  162. Good thoughts for my yellow boy please
  163. Shedding
  164. Where does your lab sleep?
  165. Mick was our Wonder Dog, Caleb is...
  166. Male dominance issues
  167. Very angry at people!!!!!!
  168. My wonder dogs!
  169. My spring bulbs are popping up all over the place
  170. Bella pics
  171. Dog cold or allergy??
  172. Tankie - Sully & Orson and the Kitchen Remodel
  173. Sweet Gracie
  174. Happy Gotcha Day, Diesel !!
  175. Bean's Busy Day
  176. Yellow Lab to be euthanized in OH...can anyone help?
  177. How we found Chuck
  178. Happy 4th Birthday Guthrie!!
  179. New puppy pics
  180. Behavior issues with Fitzy
  181. I guess he told me what he thought
  182. Live trap needed for Durham Region Ontario
  183. Emilu is hurt - Baxters fault!
  184. happy birthday to wesley....
  185. Oakley turns 5!
  186. Tracker and Bentley do not like the lawnmower.
  187. dog bone ice cube tray
  188. We're back!
  189. The best thing about Grandpuppies...
  190. Letter to God
  191. Cougar has a nose for bugs
  192. Quinn! Quinn! Where are you?
  193. Considering Adopting and Have Questions
  194. Molly found a home!
  195. Woo Hoo!! Xray is all clear!!
  196. How much exercise?
  197. A couple pics of Quinn and pups
  198. Wednesday morning SNOOZE
  199. Labs are proof...
  200. The latest on Fanny
  201. Ginger tease
  202. So it wasn't the foil tray !
  203. Georgie: Luke wants to know
  204. How do your dogs lay down?
  205. Video proof for the skeptics !!GRAPHIC!!
  206. tank doing some training
  207. Sandie, How about some Tankie pics
  208. Tank is such a goofball!
  209. Found a pretty new walk
  210. When you realize you have a senior dog in your house...
  211. She *Does* Retrieve (3 vid clips)
  212. Completely Disgusted...
  213. Barking for no reason?
  214. Moka's not fat anymore!!!
  215. Java and her *baby*
  216. My swimming boy !
  217. Male vs. female
  218. Could really use some advice/support
  219. Any issues with "Rollover Deluxe Pork Bone"?
  220. Princess woke up crying very loud
  221. I have some really, really, really, really exciting news, JL family!!!
  222. Benefit of the dog park
  223. Updates on Lucy
  224. Labrador security
  225. How low can adult labs hold it?
  226. First swim of the year
  227. Happy 1st Birthday, Willow!
  228. Bacon scented bubbles :) ? :(
  229. My Rockstar
  230. TSA puppy boot camp
  231. Ella's Lead collar came (pictures)
  232. Thiis is about Flynn, his epiplepsy, his meds... ANGRY!
  233. Dog PowerBar
  234. Cute puppy story #1
  235. What to do when you find a lost dog?
  236. Fanny's driving us crazy
  237. Baxter! You ate my breakfast!
  238. If anyone is up, Quinn's in labor
  239. Good thoughts for Dylan please.
  240. Here She Is!!!
  241. New Members with Puppies...remember...
  242. Labradork: Fetch rules 7 and 8
  243. Please help me to upload pictures...I cannot figure it out!!
  244. Just a test to see if I can upload a picture
  245. Marshal 2000 - 2011
  246. *choke*
  247. She is such a baby! (1 pic)
  248. Puppy Toys/Treats
  249. If you could spare a few good thoughts for Willow....
  250. Dorkiest lab pics?