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  1. Inconclusive checkup today, waiting to hear from the vet later
  2. Diesel got adopted!
  3. Swimming...Kind Of
  4. Question(s): Torn? Pad
  5. Good thoughts for Fitzy tomorrow would be much appreciated
  6. Reincarnation
  7. Dylan's not as stoopid as I thought
  8. Lord Whata Difference a Year Makes!
  9. A visit to the vet for George and Roxie
  10. Swimming fun with Baloo, Monster and Rude! (pics)
  11. Thought This Was Interesting
  12. Is this the calm before the storm?
  13. Scaredy-Lab!
  14. Happy Birthday Dinozzo
  15. Rhys and Ruby have made preparations...
  16. Clean Up Your Toys!
  17. How greedy/clever/resourcefull is your Labrador ?
  18. Silly Dog
  19. Strange behavior is 7 year old affectionate chocolate
  20. Pool Day :)
  21. Poor ole Indy boy...
  22. This then is truth....
  23. A Quiet Lab Isn't Necessarily A Good Lab
  24. Off mosquito repellant
  25. Zoe's Beach Friends (Part IV)...Eleele!!!
  26. BEWARE! Blue Algae
  27. Zoe beach friends (Part III)
  28. Zoe's beach friends (Part II)
  29. Zoe's Friends at the Beach (lots of pics) Part I
  30. Fun and cute slogans for sponsored walk dog 'medals'
  31. What Parker did while we were on vacation...
  32. Need help selecting doggy door
  33. Sophie and Skylar
  34. How to cure dogs ears?
  35. How should I interduce Bent to my friends dogs?
  36. Texas Tank Checking In
  37. Rescued a puppy today
  38. Need some help please
  39. odd smell.
  40. Cj's mom
  41. Update on Cody boy.. Been a while..
  42. Honestly, Do You Think There Is Something Wrong With Ray?
  43. Kate learning to ride in the canoe. (3 pics)
  44. Could she be a mix?
  45. Scared to death
  46. Popcorn
  47. Thinking in print here (about Flynn)
  48. Canned pumpkin vs. enzymes etc.
  49. Our newest foster project
  50. a little bragging
  51. Heart broken
  52. Oakley's bump
  53. Emmett passes his CGC Test
  54. Well it would appear that I am NOT the only one counting down!
  55. Judy, my helper
  56. It is just too cute!
  57. My New Favorite Toy!
  58. Bentley had the bestest day ever today!
  59. Interesting Pet Insurance Article:
  60. Tank is so weird
  61. Gently, gently, gently...
  62. Pushes me with her head
  63. Have a ? concerning her weight
  64. More pics of Mabel (jen124) and her chocolate babies!!
  65. 8 Days!
  66. Well at least they're calling it like it is...
  67. Not mentioning any names here, but...
  68. 8 months ago today!
  69. Ever try to take a pic of a 11 week old pup and his 4 year old skin brother??
  70. Mabel's (jen124) chocolate BABIES!!!
  71. Puzzling puncture wound
  72. Your opinion on exercise & heat please
  73. quick question?
  74. 3 generations ( 1 pic)
  75. New addition
  76. Happy Gotcha Day, Samm!
  77. We have puppies!
  78. At what age does the 'teenage' phase start?
  79. Spike's Mom!
  80. Mallie and the shower
  81. What is NLR?
  82. Looking For a Metal Vault for Ashes
  83. Woofus has snailed into Hampton, Virginia
  84. Few questions
  85. NLR: Meet Dina
  86. 3 Pics from this weekend
  87. Best way to switch dog food to another brand for a puppy?
  88. Virginia Breeders and Other Questions
  89. If you board your dog....
  90. I am convinced that Duke thinks the deer are cows, Another country tale.
  91. A "leave-it" success story
  92. What a good dog!
  93. NLR - Sensitive question for breeders, rescues, or anyone else with an opinion
  94. New house, New life, New update
  95. Duke and Paisley thank their momma for their pool! (pics)
  96. Duke enjoys sun bathing, even in this heat
  97. Woofus in Hampton Roads
  98. Broken tooth... and other stuff :)
  99. Opinions on Breeder?
  100. How do I tell if he's happy?
  101. Sophie's first road trip!
  102. People will do anything these days
  103. 8 year old rescue - by owner
  104. Cheat grass and Foxtail warning
  105. How is Titus?
  106. Tank brag
  107. VOte for Bentley!
  108. Does anyone have room for some puppies?
  109. How is your dog in the heat?
  110. Flea Meds
  111. I'm laughing my butt off!
  112. Some good vet news for a change
  113. Titus is sick...
  114. Little buddy not feeling well. NLR
  115. Breeders in Vermont
  116. Right age to Spay????
  117. LAZY 12 week old. What a disappointment
  118. Giving Kate more freedom.
  119. Chester at 3 months
  120. The correct age to nueter?
  121. Need opinions on spay fees...
  122. Question: Where Are Your Dogs When You Eat Dinner?
  123. CHARGE!!!! (pix)
  124. Who is in your family?
  125. River Rat!
  126. Funny how your assumptions are often wrong
  127. Cannot resist the urge to share pics of
  128. Grain -free food recommendations
  129. psssst...nicole!
  130. Bowling Green, Ky
  131. The jury is in!
  132. Baloo has earned a new nickname. :D
  133. My Gentle Giant (2 pics)
  134. Looking for a Puppy in Oregon??????
  135. Lab Puppy
  136. What does your Lab do that brightens your mood & melts your heart?
  137. Jay's 1st Day Adventures
  139. Feeling very sorry for myself :(
  140. My Roo
  141. Just to make myself feel better....
  142. Is it FURminator brush good?
  143. Absolutely love this
  144. Shaving a Lab???
  145. Who needs Water....
  146. Neighbor's friend doesn't like me.
  147. Designer dogs-interesting article
  148. Why Laika again ..
  149. New Pictures of Roxy
  150. Ok BREEDERS! Spill your beans!! :)
  151. Nikki Update!
  152. Jay ... I Have Three Questions For You;
  153. Camping trip
  154. Water Bowl or Swimming Pool???
  155. Titus went swimming this weekend (pics)
  156. afraid of stairs!
  157. Maddox is a 'fraidy cat.
  158. hearing impared
  159. Happy Birthday Baxter!!!!
  160. A pretty good weekend in Obedience!
  161. The light was perfect for this photo od Duke
  162. Happy 1st birthday Raven!!!
  163. Crazy-wild-child Sophie
  164. 1st scared moment with Roxy
  165. Labrador Dictionary
  166. I think the boys would tolerate a new sister however...
  167. here's Maddox!
  168. Very confused.
  169. Baxter in Distress - Video
  170. Marley Seems to be Adjusting (Video)
  171. I think someone dumped this beautiful girl
  172. Do you suppose they recognize their own breed??
  173. How to solve big brother jealousy?
  174. Have a New Question?
  175. What a crappy way to start the day
  176. Titus' vet visit..
  177. First Time Walkies
  178. Need some help please
  179. The Labrador World Can Be Small
  180. HersheyK's Dad ...
  181. Thundershirt review
  182. Caleb's Birthday Pictures...
  183. SO proud of the tankster!
  184. Dog Pool
  185. In Calif and looking for a breeder.
  186. Check this out... CT peeps!
  187. A message for His Lordship...
  188. Any word from Laura/Labby
  189. Yuck X 2
  190. DONE: I will avoid anything from Korea.
  191. frozen kong
  192. my lab ate a bunch of dill pickle sunflower seeds, is it bad for him?
  193. Advantix users!
  194. Will SOMEONE please come play in the pool with me????
  195. corn cob warning
  196. Accidently gave Baxter a Vicoden
  197. baring barking and more barking... bad habit from camp??
  198. Think we'll be keeping the lawn mowed short this summer....
  199. Boat Dog
  200. Caleb's silly moments...
  201. Laura, Tracey, and the pups?
  202. My Last Two Pictures Of Tankie
  203. Alberta puppy mill
  204. This cracks me up
  205. Duke has earned a new nickname
  206. Vet also needs emergency care note
  207. Paisley says "I'm growing!" (pics)
  208. Paisley says "I'm growing!" (pics)
  209. Spikes mom
  210. Titus is a muddy
  211. Need prayers now please?
  213. Good with children?
  214. He Ain't Hebby, He's My Brudder
  215. Tessa pics.
  216. Rocco...Coon Hound or Chocolate Lab?
  217. Hello! It's been a long time, just thought I'd check in!
  218. How to transition two brothers to be apart..
  219. Pictures from around the house
  220. EMERGENCY: Need a couple of Labs pulled in Lowell, IN
  221. Just Labs - July Issue
  222. Teen
  223. Tessa is a Lab snob.
  224. new family member
  225. Bean's First Vacation
  226. 1 Year of Puppy Love
  227. Maybe lifting the mood here a little -- 2 Parker vids in the baby pool
  228. My uncle has a black lab now :)
  229. Puppy Kindergarten-take 2....
  230. Will Chuck remember me?
  231. More Titus Pics..are you tired of them
  232. My first thunderstorm with Jack!
  233. how much should a 7month old yellow male weigh?
  234. Vet Visit
  235. My Tankie is Gone
  236. My Dork
  237. Walking your lab.. what do you use? Collor, halti..etc?
  238. help aggressive lab
  239. New Furniture
  240. Libbys first day at day care.....
  241. Success with Photobucket
  242. Skunk!
  243. Tankie - Just So You Know
  244. 6yo Lab starting to Mark indoors! Help!
  245. This dog is such a doofus!
  246. Long lasting chews
  247. Titus SWAM today!!
  248. Bicycling with Labrador?
  249. Cade's trip to the vet
  250. flea and tick collars?