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  1. going grey!!!!
  2. need help finding the ultimate geeky collar!
  3. My puppy is back!
  4. Hey guys! I made it to 9 years old!
  5. Jack- all Lab?
  6. uplifting story about a guide dog on foxnews(9-11)
  7. Today's lazy sit !
  8. Please send good thoughts for my Indy boy today...
  9. Rhys and Ruby taught Nola how to swim (and a few pics)
  10. My boy is all kinds of confused...
  11. The boys just had a fight
  12. Ray Goes Back to Reality
  13. Why BJ why?
  14. An Ellery Queen Mystery: The Case of the Disappearing Towel
  15. Phone number
  16. I think Bentley is a mix
  17. Bon-Bon's 7th Birthday (video)
  18. Seamus (pic)
  19. Nail cutting day
  20. Stupid..stupid dog owner rant.
  21. Princess is in heaven
  22. Since I didn't get a win pic for Raven......
  23. lab vs. goldfish: video evidence
  24. "Rainbow Bridge" website question
  25. Maddox survives Irene and the big move
  26. New to forum
  27. Update on Tessa (sorry long)
  28. Yay Quinn!!!
  29. Assistance dog needs expensive help himself
  30. Dog Mourns Casket
  31. Crate Training Problem
  32. Prayer request Please
  33. Good News
  34. Paw Pad Healing Time?
  35. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: The Disappearance of Hope
  36. Happy 6th Birthday Saba!!!!
  37. Houston, We May Have A Problem
  38. my baby girl.............
  39. New puppy this fall...question about car travel
  40. They really are like children
  41. When will he stop growing?!?!?
  42. When I was your age...
  43. I just rescued a chocolate Lab puppy... literally
  44. IDIOTS
  45. Who's the puppy?
  46. Puppy Biting
  47. I need some help
  48. Need ideas for a tough squeaky ball toy!
  49. some dog pics from today
  50. He's suave.
  51. Home sick
  52. Last night I looked for Wife's Asian cookbooks
  53. Elizabethan Collar alternative?
  54. Can Cold Water Clean Dishes?
  55. Jack went AWOL... then came back.
  56. Meet Dixie
  57. Fitzy needs your good thoughts--again
  58. first aid for pets
  59. Spikes mom
  60. I need ----
  61. NLR - i think i saved a life tonight
  62. On the boat ...
  63. I think I get it now.
  64. Buddy's great adventure
  65. Our latest house guest
  66. Autumn's birthday
  67. Parker vid -- Head tilt extraordinare
  68. Poop analysis question
  69. Chester had surgery yesterday!
  70. OMG! Kodi is actually
  71. Help my LAB pigmented!
  72. Can you ever love another Lab as much after you have lost a very special one????
  73. Hot day in Oregon!
  74. I found some pictures I forgot about...
  75. Seamus took me in for a nap
  76. Stay Classy Virginia Beach!
  77. Our win picture for the Brace class in BC
  78. Bark for Life Dog Wash - Limerick PA
  79. Help us on a name for a new Lab...
  80. Little Ms Turd Maker and her sweet smile return!
  81. We have a verdict on Nellie's illness
  83. A pile of puppies!!!
  84. Java and Moka-Cape Cod 2011
  85. How are your dogs during a storm?
  86. Parker and Peg versus The Horsefly
  87. Walking isn't fun anymore!
  88. I think I need to change food... questions
  89. Dog parks in Kitchener Waterloo area?
  90. When do puppies lose puppy coat?
  91. Sad story, anyone in this area?
  92. BIG brag on Bentley
  93. Hi I am Sam (Pics)
  94. I'm not sure if I told you, but....
  95. Squirrel!
  96. What is that on your mouth Avery??
  97. Our morning by the seaside !
  98. I reckon that they'll always be landlubbers
  99. Best type of exercise
  100. So glad I have the young ones around
  101. Bentley and Radar (pics)
  102. Michigan Members
  103. Guess the guys are finally tired
  104. Remy is a wuss:
  105. A Hero and his lab
  106. A couple of hours in Bedgebury Pinetum
  107. Ms Noli Cannoli is sick...
  108. Titus boatride pics and a question..
  109. Happy Birthday!
  110. Mud flinging =embarrassing!!!
  111. Only at JL ...
  112. Did I miss it ? How did Labby do at the shows ?
  113. Double Trouble:
  114. Very Concerned please respond asap
  115. I can't believe he did it...
  116. Enrolling Bentley in Obedince classes
  117. Oh gross Dio!
  118. Kodi is in heat!!
  119. Dozer is at the emerge clinic!
  120. Seeking advice
  121. Oiy....
  122. What does it mean?
  123. At the coast
  124. Very Personal Question ... Camera in the Bedroom
  125. Hey Grampa ...
  126. Question about fleas
  127. His pillow
  128. Mom just washed all our beds
  129. ur advice please
  130. Life is good when you have...
  131. Something is worng with Tank!
  132. Just a Little Brag
  133. Strange phobia? NLR
  134. Meet Murphy
  135. New dog owner going camping
  136. It was great while it lasted (a little long)
  137. Too much exercise?
  138. Kind of sad....
  139. More Reba Birthday Pics
  140. l Reba was 10 Tuesday
  141. Five Month Fetch A Beer
  142. B-day Party with 4 Great Grand kids
  143. Bentley has me laughing so hard!
  144. Wasn't my Jasper a handsome pup
  145. True love
  146. Noli Cannoli's first puppy class tonight!
  147. Parker @ Class (commentary only, sorry, no pix)
  148. NLR: Dog found dead
  149. MMRRPH!!
  150. Land Mines
  151. The judges were impressed
  152. Is my friend crazy? Training?
  153. Java and the little person
  154. Ray's Lazy Summer at the Beach
  155. Does anyone NOT trim their dog's claws (nor have someone else do it)?
  156. Halloween brainstorming... costume ideas
  157. glucosamine chondroitin for Young Dogs
  158. Erns poop party trick.
  159. Dog Nappers
  160. My 2 boys :)
  161. My Libby Lou is growin up so fast!
  162. Just back from the vet's and glad we have insurance
  163. Do you have a poop eater???
  164. I Am Shocked By the Dawg's Food Rating (IAM's)
  165. Parker says "CHEEZE!"
  166. Help...Infected Anal Glands? Bum bleeding.
  167. Homemade toy ideas?
  168. food allergy? etc follow up call from Vet
  169. Fanny is now jumping over obstacles!
  170. Updated my siggy !
  171. Prayers and good thoughts for Jack please
  172. FB Haters?
  173. Violating Child Labor Laws
  174. Considering a Foster
  175. Flea/Tick Prevention
  176. Good leave it treats
  177. Puppy's First Bath
  178. Bentley at my uncles
  179. KEEGAN
  180. Chores First, Then You Can Play
  181. new pic
  182. Sorry Titus and I have been gone for a bit...
  183. Duke & Paisley go swimming in the river! (Pics)
  185. Heading to the coast...
  186. Adding a second lab to the family....
  187. Jack's edgy new look...
  188. Garden pics this afternoon
  189. Maddox has been home for a month now (with pics!)
  190. Thought You Folks Would Like This Story
  191. The lifespan of this stuffie was about 5 minutes
  192. Chester's first day at the beach...
  193. Dan? Can we have an update on Parker please?
  194. eating habits
  195. Bentley and the water bottle
  196. advice 7 month black lab male
  197. 9 month yellow male needs home in Pittsburgh
  198. Need advice PLEASE
  200. How much did your labrador weight at 5 months?
  201. Happy Birthday Moka!!! You're 2!!
  202. You forget how quick they grow.
  203. Class last night: Parker didn't go!!! =(
  204. How can I resist these eyes (pic)
  205. Labs can make your day(pics)
  206. Gosh... I've been thinking about this a lot lately
  207. Parker starts obed class
  208. The correct behavior of puppy aggression
  209. Christmas tree and puppies? Looks like a disaster.... ??
  210. Storms over us yesterday
  211. My funny and embarrassing dogs.
  212. Behavior change with another dog in the house?
  213. Seeing more "maturity" in Bentley
  214. Send Avery good thoughts....
  215. I may be pulling a lab today
  216. My baby girl...
  217. Sweet Gin is 14 Years Old Today!
  218. My mom drugged my dogs...
  219. We're home!
  220. Anyone have room to foster one more dog?
  221. Lost loved one
  222. How to Brighten up a Puppy Pool Party
  223. What name do you wish you would have used for your Male Chocolate Lab?
  224. Chester at 16 weeks
  225. Is fostering hard on your dog?
  226. Do dog shows have a code of conduct?
  227. How many dogs do you have?
  228. Cake and Ice Cream and Presents, Oh Boy!
  229. Full House!
  231. Baxter SO doesn't tolerate steroids!
  232. We are back from the vet.
  233. It Smells Kinda Good
  234. Outside dogs?
  235. Tips on Dog-Dog Behavior - New Foster
  236. HK has burned paw pads, probably from the fresh blacktop on one of the trails we walk
  237. Newly adopted, nipples and all!
  238. Harvey got stung by wasps today (twice)
  239. Destroying toys (pics)
  240. The fallen tree
  241. Ugh.
  242. Have to give my Gunny up and I'm not sure how to go about it.
  243. Where did my rolly polly puppy go
  244. ????hip and joint suppliants????
  245. The three amigos.
  246. mouth
  247. Jazz Pics/update/more questions
  248. My foster boy and doggie dandruff...
  249. Some dog pics from today
  250. Inconclusive checkup today, waiting to hear from the vet later