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  1. A little bitey face in the a.m. (pics)
  2. hairy mess!!! help
  3. Sophie 2 dog toys 0
  4. Mom and CJ out today
  5. How Good is Their Memory
  6. The definition of cute:
  7. Sleepy Shanny
  8. Wembley Did a Good Thing!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ernie ( and Kassa who is at the bridge ). Both ten today.
  10. Does anyone remember the 5-chompers pink pig toy?
  11. Out of the mouths of babes.....
  12. Andrex puppy Fenton spoof
  13. millie
  14. Sophie has new brothers and sisters!
  15. I've lost it !
  16. Rusty Loves His Mommy
  17. New Parler Pix -- the buddy I'm thankful for
  18. giving your dog pills/capsules
  19. Teddie and her sucky ball
  20. All 4 2012 JustLabradors Calendars Now Available
  21. Happy Thanksgiving
  22. It was 1 month yesterday ...............
  23. Do labs really like the water?
  24. A Sad Story...
  25. Simon has a bump on his neck!
  26. Simon! You are in so mucy trouble!
  27. The Princess
  28. Bentley showing off his new collar
  29. Zack's 2nd Birthday! (Pics)
  30. A Thanksgiving Message
  31. Fenton the lab in London goes viral
  32. Couldn't Wait for Christmas I see..
  33. A possible allergy to Saba's saliva...?
  34. Whata Sweet Old Fella
  35. Skye has apparently determined...
  36. How do I find Rescues in my area?
  37. Shhhh...I don't want to jinx it...
  38. Moka the pig greets me...(video)
  39. FREE 5 lb bag of Fromm on Black Friday!!
  40. how to stop biting
  41. Pool domestics continue.
  42. Nappy time and Puppy Bitey Face
  43. silent heat???
  44. My new slippers :)
  45. Buddy was a chew toy
  46. Wembley's First Puppy Destruction
  47. UGH! Super Scary!
  48. You have a what???
  49. A fall hike...
  50. WHAT is it with this breed and socks?!
  51. 12 more days!!
  52. I didn't buy that for you you idiot! (pics)
  53. Therapy Dog Certification?
  54. I Scared Chief Last Night
  55. Lab on a treadmill
  56. DH is interested in duck hunting with the dogs...any pointers?
  57. Flynn is in the dog house
  58. Did that scare you Mae?
  59. Chicken jerky treats linked to mystery illnesses, deaths in dogs
  60. I need tips on letting my dog off the lead...
  61. Training Complete
  62. Hayshaker Two Thymes A Charm
  63. Cost comparison on Rimadyl
  64. Cold Tail
  65. Skye Update
  66. 22 signs that your dog might be in trouble from bloat
  67. Rusty Will Retrieve ANYTHING! (little graphic)
  68. Lab owners in San Diego CA..
  69. Clancey is 14 1/2 years young !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  70. First time for a "hanger".
  71. She's Awful Clingy?
  72. Gifts that benefit lab rescues?
  73. Introducing......
  74. Heartwarming Story
  75. Still a Puppy?
  76. Buddy's Last "Dance"
  77. Anyone Familiar With Kodak Easy Share Cameras and Software?
  78. Catching Pork Rinds
  79. Happy 4th Birthday, Sedona
  80. How do I put a photo in my posts?
  81. Name help for a Yellow male...
  82. Just Our Luck :/
  83. Anyone Have Any Ideas?
  84. Aila - I think she has been possessed!
  85. Happy First Birthday Emmett!!!
  86. Last week's excursion ( re BAAAAD Dogs)
  87. Zoom And Groom
  88. Laughing Memories!
  89. agression?
  90. Lucy - Random Gemini
  91. Chester...7 months!
  92. Naughty, naughty!
  93. Peek-a-boo!!
  94. Just Wanted to say Thanks...
  95. Bean's Birthday Today
  96. Lab Treats!
  97. Fiona's "real" name :)
  98. My Indy boy is gone.
  99. That brown dog? Have no idea who belongs to him
  100. Christmas Ideas?
  101. Just need to vent....
  102. As Time Goes By
  103. How to stop a dog's tail wagging you to death !
  104. Does anyone else have a morning Lab?
  105. Possible Aggression or Just Stress?
  106. Wonderful End to a Not So Great Beginning
  107. Awesome New Beds
  108. Parker's creativity: I've GOT to get this on vid
  109. Cat vs Lab---and the Winner is?
  110. It has been a very rough night & day...
  111. Update on Cocoa
  112. someone is in trouble!
  113. Litter Visits?
  114. Happy News at Hayshaker Labradors
  115. Can I get some good thoughts and prayers?
  116. There's a wall there Bentley!
  117. very naughty 7 yr old!!
  118. Off Switch?
  119. Easing the dreaded separation anxiety..
  120. NLR - His name is Skittles, his teeth are razors
  121. Break the Chain Program
  122. Hamilton caught a mouse
  123. The boys - the video of the photos
  124. FINALLY!!
  125. Keegan, Thunder Shirt and car ride today
  126. 4am wake up calls and othet daylight savings effects
  127. I zoom groomed & bathed the boys (pics)
  128. Amber crossed the bridge last night.
  129. So much for thinkin'
  130. Lab stalactites
  131. In this dog park, I am the sun!
  132. Dura Doggie- dog toys
  133. A little after dinner bitey face with Teddie and Raven
  134. Nine day old pups
  135. Good thoughts for Amber please
  136. Remembering Shadow.
  137. good news!
  138. The video of Tank.....
  139. Mata and 3 lizards.... (puppy xray)
  140. Pretty Sure This is An Abuse Case :/
  141. Nothing like a canine scalp massage
  142. vet appointment in the morning
  143. Need Advice and good thoughts for Dexter
  144. Good Day.........Bad Day
  145. Duke turns 10 today 11/11/11
  146. Rusty is Heads and Shoulders Above Remi!
  147. a thank you to the forum (NLR)
  148. chewing on leg
  149. picking kate up tuesday
  150. good thoughts for Buddy, please
  151. Happy birthday Madison (Vincent from LOST)
  152. Yellowmom (Chester's mom)
  153. Keegan
  154. Family picture (literally)
  155. Who, me? I wasn't actually sleeping ...
  156. Jed & Elsa - Double Trouble!!
  157. Just when I think Erns is past his antics.
  158. Which is your pup ? Intelligent or a little bit on the dim side ?
  159. Up-Date
  160. The little Labby who cried wolf
  161. One Week Old pups
  162. Poor Pitiful Bauer
  163. Kate
  164. Belles Mom
  165. Anyone with a Dyson Animal?
  166. Photos Jed & Elsa
  167. Autumn's First Time Off-Leash and Swim in the Bay
  168. Laci's 1st snow day
  169. BAAAAD dogs
  170. How Long Can She go Without Eating?
  171. Ya wanna get really ticked off????
  172. fun and games
  173. hey hey..wassup
  174. My smart, funny girl....
  175. Ah bhit mah tahung at the dog park
  176. A New Picture of Midnight
  177. The Epic Battle for the Toy with Quinn and Raven
  178. The end of a toy era, and now I'm desperate.
  179. Mabel is an RN :)
  180. Parish council are discussing banning dogs from the playing field again tonight.
  181. Gary
  182. Snapped these of Caleb yesterday...
  183. Introducing......... (pics)
  184. Uh-oh, Daddy's gonna be mad!
  185. Just picked a tick off Kate!
  186. Leashed Fetch?
  187. Share some of your favourite Lab stories.
  188. Dog Parking
  189. No Crate Just Closet
  190. It's hard to get them all at the same time but here goes.....
  191. In the woods
  192. Libby's Birthday Fun
  193. Chris.....the couch pic
  194. Teaching Tank another trick :)
  195. Four day old pups
  196. Hey Gulfcoast!
  197. Beware! Just wanted to pass this along.
  198. The dogs today 11/6/11
  199. a Raven headshot
  200. Eden's Home! :)
  201. A Letter from a Shelter Manager in North Carolina
  202. A New Pic of Tal and Barney :)
  203. Barking = Bad? and Introduction Tips
  204. Weird, weird, weird!!!
  205. Yes, we are still alive and kickin!
  206. Mfftt I prffttt pufum dowf?
  207. Stupid Frontline
  208. Has any one heard from Guy lately?
  209. Dogs can't whistle
  210. Bloody discharge
  211. Happy 10th Birthday to my sweet Libby girl!
  212. Considering fostering a Collie...
  213. Dan!
  214. Seamus is 9 years old today
  215. My old man taught the yougin' something VERY important yesterday...
  216. Puppy Food VS Adult Food
  217. Dog Safety Concern
  218. One last tale of Wesley for the week...
  219. Godspeed Belle Oct 25 1998 to Nov 4 2011
  220. Diesel & Maggie.... love at first sight! (pics)
  221. More Loyd pics and my uncles new puppy
  222. Birthday present question
  223. Another Note to self
  224. Update on Erns.
  225. Day One
  226. Cockers and Misha... I just donīt get it
  227. Diesel's care while I'm at work finally figured out!!
  228. Karen, how goes the whelping?
  229. no stories today...
  230. Kassabella
  231. Dogs In Canada Magazine
  232. We'll have puppies tonight!
  233. Sweet Dreams, Bruno
  234. Questions about "commercial" dog foods...which would you recommend?
  235. Questions about "good manners class"...
  236. Need some good thoughts
  237. More Wesley stories....
  238. What a week in New England -- Puppy Pics!
  239. Anyone had a dog coughing. I am worried about Erns.
  240. Erns isn't well.
  241. Mom, there are mice here!
  242. NLR - looking for Irish Setter
  243. Jake crossed the Bridge
  244. A tired dog... is a good dog....
  245. Remington not happy as the "middle child".
  246. Emmy's First Summer
  247. HELP!!!!!!!
  248. Questions about Spaying her
  249. More of Wes...
  250. I have a chewer!! I need HELP!!