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  1. vectra 3d
  2. Pics of Rush's knee
  3. Kate must have radar ears!
  4. Merry Christmas blunder...
  5. I did a very, very bad thing today!
  6. Poor Fitzy can't catch a break--torn toenail
  7. Aww, Gunner
  8. Hogan update
  9. Tal and Barney in the Snow Today
  10. What size food/water bowls?
  11. Considering Another Lab
  12. Parker on the "Wall o' Brags"
  13. Mum..she is in my crate with my stick.
  14. something new for x-mas
  15. Ha! They're NOT the same size!!!
  16. Merry Christmas from Moka & Java!!
  17. SHE'S HOME, SHE'S HOME!!!!!!
  18. Three weeks after the new pup, and I now have a new grown up puppy
  19. Lily status
  20. Jasper had a sneezing session last night !
  21. Another Christmas tree bites the dust.
  22. Rush Update!
  23. My failed Christmas photo
  24. I always chuckle when the "experts" say you shouldn't have two males.....
  25. Look Into My Eye ... Kiss Me!
  26. Forrest
  27. Mmmmm! Asian pears!
  28. No shame!
  29. So proud of my pups !
  30. The old Farts
  31. Seamus
  32. Tomorrow is the big day.
  33. Emiu and Baxter say "Merry Christmas"! (pics)
  34. Good thoughts needed for my Lily..
  35. Help me please?
  36. jayson saw sanrta today!
  37. Rusty's New Milestone
  38. Jake
  39. Shanny sleeping with a toy
  40. Raven
  41. Quinn
  42. Beware of the savage guard dog
  43. 5 minutes tops!
  44. Bentley you are so stubborn!!
  45. they just crack me up...
  46. How to get Cocoa to not jump on people....
  47. Vet made me laugh.
  48. Are they trying to tell me something ?
  49. It's a bird, it's a plane..nope it's a flying lab!
  50. I got one of all three!
  51. How many Labbradors are in USA?
  52. It's that time of year again...
  53. Puppy food,grain? No grain? How much? How long?
  54. Rhumba Roo's first trip in the new Suba-Roo
  55. I am so proud of Kate. A little brag.
  56. Vetericyn? Zack cut his foot
  57. Free bottle of Deramaxx...
  58. Merry Christmas from Buddy, Bella & Bruno
  59. My Shanny Monster today
  60. Simon!
  61. Neat story regarding Rescue conversion.
  62. Do your dogs snore?
  63. Goofball!
  64. GREAT! I've got a counter surfer!
  65. And Finally
  66. More pics
  67. New Pics of The Furkids
  68. Baxter is finally feeling better
  69. PaRtY!1!1!
  70. Alberta Breeder
  71. Somebody's Having a 2nd Birthday
  72. UH Oh.....
  73. I said I was done Christmas shopping for the dogs...but...
  74. what kind?
  75. Sophie's 8 months today!
  76. Southern California - Seeking references for breeders.
  77. Help with Lab who was terrified by something he smelled outside...
  78. Happy Birthday to Blaise!
  79. When/If to cut down foot intake?
  80. Rush's surgery is postponed...
  81. What a Handsome Boy!
  82. The epitome of a bad idea...
  83. can you guess Nina's parents?
  84. Surprises keep on coming
  85. Does your lab/s cuddle with you?
  86. Bruno
  87. The reason we have a gate around our tree
  88. Update on Big Buddy...
  89. Dog treat recipees
  90. Kayla is home!!
  91. Fanny surprises me again!
  92. Keegan is 2 today
  93. Java and Moka meet Santa!
  94. Grain Free VS Grain
  95. A Warning about Crating your Dog
  96. Wanna See Rusty's Woody?
  97. Wireless Fencing
  98. VANGIE has joined our family
  99. What do your dogs watch on TV?
  100. Tucker got a Christmas miracle...
  101. Rusty's Been Busy
  102. Cartoon....but so true....
  103. Some JL prayers would be appreciated...
  104. Merry Christmas! PIC
  105. Maddox loves Santa!
  106. Just a quick questions.
  107. I think Gryph is writing his list ...
  108. What the hell...
  109. Merry Early Christmas from Duke & Paisley! (pic)
  110. Treats,when is too much?
  111. Any news on Fanny?
  112. I will NEVER understand people and this is exactly why...poor dog.
  113. Duke visited Santa at Tractor Supply
  114. Baxter's Home!!
  115. I just got back from the Vet's office
  116. Just had to share...
  117. The first week in a puppy´s new life
  118. Other Lab Forums
  119. Big boy!!
  120. Put the crate away.
  121. socializing an older pup
  122. Labrador rescues kittens
  123. Doggie Pizza? Need Recipes!
  124. Would appreciate good thoughts for Kayla
  125. Need good thoughts for Baxter tomorrow
  126. If anyone can help Tucker....
  127. Cargil recalls dig food - aflatoxin
  128. Rush and her hips
  129. Fanny's time is near......
  130. Seeing Laura's HERD video I wondered
  131. Hit a TINY Snag...
  132. Celebrating a very special 1/2 Birthday today!
  133. Question on colour of chocolate Labs coats.
  134. Are you comfortable? (pics)
  135. College History Paper...
  136. Merry Christmas from the herd and me
  137. Morning excitement!!!
  138. Asleep with his toys secure
  139. first vet visit
  140. This is cute/Dogs saying Grace video
  141. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: Fuzzy Blue Treats
  142. Koivu has bronchitis
  143. Happy 4th Birthday, Fitzgerald!
  144. One more for today
  145. Introducing Hogan!
  146. The yard sentry
  147. New Siggy Picture
  148. This is why people shouldn't let me near their puppies...
  149. Nap time! (pics)
  150. Malone likes to slide! (video)
  151. NLR: Meet Vermont!
  152. New Lab Puppy for Christmas
  153. growth on inside of lower eye lid
  154. Yay, another puppy tooth!!
  155. Some new Charlie photos...including one Derp photo.
  156. Ready for Christmas!
  157. He's Home!
  158. Maes family
  159. More Mitzi pictures
  160. Mitzi is 12 today
  161. stella chillin by the xmas tree
  162. Supervisor Erns and apprentice Tessa working (pics)
  163. Help with nail trimming, please...
  164. Spread the word...
  165. Bella pics from this morning
  166. Question about urination
  167. I bought the puppies toys for Christmas
  168. Nap time at our house
  169. Dog Tags
  170. its official
  171. took stella out to the back yard for the first time
  172. Happy Birthday, Buddy
  173. Bailey
  174. Some new pics from today
  175. love my exhausted baby.
  176. She's my Brownie!
  177. Christmas - Gone to the dogs!! What's your tradition?
  178. NYT - Canine Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome =(
  179. Fostering?
  180. Happy Birthday Remy!
  181. Tomorrow is going to be 5 years without Abbey
  182. Dog shoots owner on duck hunt?
  183. So Nervous (Skye's Spay)
  184. Chocolate Lab with Silver Factor?
  185. It's official.... she is part of the family!!
  186. Retreiving problems
  187. Fanny's habits are changing
  188. Even if You've Seen This Before
  189. Question for those that crate their dogs . . . .
  190. Today I found out why there are no strawberries growing on the plants.
  191. Question for breeders about hips...
  192. Pictures of Baxter (First Foster Dog)
  193. What the hell is in Dermax?
  194. Skye (New Pictures)
  195. shaving the coat
  196. TSO<3
  197. Yellow lab saves kittens
  198. season o suppers
  199. Some photos(its official Tank is my meth lab)
  200. Seamus this afternoon
  201. What in the WORLD got into my dog?!
  202. A few more snow pics
  203. They are almost 1 month old!
  204. Snow pics
  205. Baby's First Snow!
  206. Keegan loves this swimming thing!
  207. My swimming and non-swimming labs
  208. Nikkiluvsu15
  209. I'm a bad Mama
  210. Proud Daddy Moment!!!
  211. Where does your dog sleep?
  212. For Jasper's birthday this year
  213. Having an older dog sadness.
  214. laser fun.
  215. Uh-oh... Seamus is "off"
  216. Any advice for a first time foster?
  217. Lab mixed with what?
  218. Vocal Dog
  219. Getting closer
  220. Picture of Hayshaker Two Thymes A Charm-Louise in the ring.
  221. DURABLE toys????
  222. 1st heat---my baby is growing up!
  223. For Nikkiluvsu15 - question
  224. Going from two to three...
  225. Bentley killed Santa
  226. Shameless Santa photos here!
  227. I am so proud of Kate.
  228. "Normal" activities and duck season (pic heavy)
  229. *poink!* *poink!* Parker has sprouted devil horns
  230. Elsa & Jed
  231. Spreading the word
  232. Help...? I kicked Monster in the jaw this morning. :(
  233. Wyatt and Echo Update
  234. Tessa is feeling right at home these days.
  235. Amazing Sleeping Possitions
  236. New lens equals...
  237. Kinda gross question about vomit
  238. 1st Three Weeks of This Season For Rusty
  239. Happy Birthday Jayson....
  240. Who do you want to meet?
  241. here are some pics of stella starting off xmas
  242. A rare pic pic of Emilu and Baxter
  243. howling in his sleep?
  244. One more Thanksgiving Pic...
  245. He's Almost Too Pretty To Be a Duck Fetcher
  246. Bear vs Rottie (videos & pics)
  247. just THROW it already!
  248. At LAST! The words MEAN something!
  249. My Poor Sweet Bailey
  250. Happy ThanksGiving! pics