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  1. What the?????????
  2. Maybe Short term ownership
  3. Pointing Labs
  4. Nuetering
  5. Question for those of you that have done stud service
  6. Teaching an old dog a new trick - no jumping on the couch
  7. New puppy with health issues
  8. Seizure Disorder ??
  9. Nick & Nora together again
  10. Nick & Nora are together again
  11. Importing a Lab from England
  12. retrieving household items
  13. Any opinions on Purina OM
  14. Adult lab adjusting to puppy
  15. For those who have loved and lost.....
  16. Which one would you pick..?
  17. Naming your dog for the AKC - Any pointers?
  18. I'm Looking for a reputable English Lab Breeder in Northern California
  19. Help, my dog has ticks!
  20. Support The Labrador Rescue Trust!
  21. Filler for KONGS
  22. 4 month old lab teething bad.
  23. Will my lab get used to my routine?
  24. How to...
  25. Reputable breeders located near Omaha, Nebraska
  26. I designed a Labrador shirt for The Labrador Rescue Trust
  27. We are looking for a good breeder
  28. Looking for an English Labrador breeder around North Carolina...
  29. Moving....
  30. DIY Labrador Slow Feeder
  31. Does your Lab ..Smile at times or does it have a Stone Face..?
  32. Question about a second dog
  33. PLEASE HELP!!!
  34. Exercise in the Winter
  35. Libby was bitten today :(
  36. First season
  37. Dog & Cat Food Recall (02/05/14)
  38. Super Bowl (Puppy Love)
  39. Barking
  40. Having trouble identifying a Lab
  41. Thoughts on heart worms and treatment???
  42. A few of my dogs
  43. Is Sabbath Growing To Fast
  44. Petition
  45. Puppy Tooth Broken Question?
  46. Sleep
  47. Southern California Lab Breeder Question + Referrals
  48. smell-o-vision
  49. What does your lab NOT like to eat?
  50. 5 year old yellow lab loosing pigment around nose and eyes
  51. color question
  52. An Update on our Yellow Lab, Daisy
  53. Copper Lab
  54. Thoughts on Dog Number Two?
  55. Loves to ride.
  56. Houston Area Reputable Breeders?
  57. Have you seen my snowball
  58. Sabbath in the Snow
  59. Red fox labs
  60. Christmas Presents+6 month old lab= epic fail
  61. Sabbath is getting BIG
  62. considering getting a second dog
  63. What does she look like "english" or "american"
  64. New Lab - 1 year old rescue
  65. 6 month old lab is 70lbs
  66. Is my Lab pure bred?
  67. Ni River/Brookland Lines?
  68. Pink nose
  69. Any advice on Laurel Fork Labradors in VA?
  70. My Lab and Cold Weather Question
  71. Introducing adult lab to adult cat
  72. puppy vs cats
  73. Bringing Home My Lab
  74. New pup not eating well
  75. Dog Food Recall (Canadian Product): True Raw Choice Treats
  76. Shelby update and pics
  77. New lab and small dogs
  78. Pheoble update 5 months
  79. Lab broke tooth in half
  80. Chewing Problem
  81. Can you tell me if my lab looks full blooded?
  82. Neat Labrador Art I had made :-)
  83. Kongs
  84. Help! 4 Year Old Intact Male Lab!
  85. What do you give your dogs to keep them busy??
  86. The Dreaded "E" Collar
  87. What do webbed feet look like?
  88. Just stopped by to say hi and ask a question
  89. Bed chewer
  90. Food Recall: Bailey's Choice Dog Treats
  91. Does my pup look 100% lab?
  92. How often do your dogs "complain"
  93. Hera Gets Car Sick, Any Advice?
  94. Aggression towards other dogs on lead.
  95. Should I keep My lab?
  96. Looking for obedience and training books
  97. Opinions on mast cell tumors and vaccinations
  98. Please help me help my Lab
  99. my 6 month lab is humping.....
  100. Help with on again off again growling
  101. My 7 weeks lab puppy is not eating properly. Please help.
  102. My lab suddenly won't eat her food, any ideas?
  103. Meet Obi
  104. Avery would really appreciate a vote!
  105. New Lab Owner...Need suggestions.
  106. Hi New Lab owner and need help ASAP
  107. Phantom pregnancy yes but can dogs have phantom seasons?
  108. kind of excited
  109. Another computer portrait of Duke and Freckles
  110. Looking for a breeder who breeds for Search and Rescue
  111. Heat Stroke
  112. Clacking noise
  113. 9 month old puppy biting
  114. Birthday girl today
  115. Exercise Pen Redesign for permanent home?
  116. Playing too hard?
  117. Dog socks question.
  118. sibling awareness?
  119. Pictures
  120. what does this mean exactly
  121. Harness Question...
  122. Justlabradors
  123. Trying to Decide...
  124. Mardi chased a cat today!
  125. Lunch from hell....
  126. Is SophiesMomma still on the forum?
  127. Yellow Lab surrogate mommy....
  128. Pillow Pup
  129. Hey Petguide. I have some questions
  130. Anyone have any idea?
  131. Anal glands... (Not mine!!!)
  132. Our Sweet Remi
  133. My big Poppy
  134. Please help me as soon as possible
  135. Todd got jumped!
  136. Diesel Dawg....You still here?
  137. Impromptu water bowl
  138. How long is a long walk?
  139. The Spinny
  140. Fencing problem... Looking for suggestions!
  141. I left getting Erns acupuncture too long.
  142. Puppy pics
  143. Snort...this was news to me!
  144. An unhappy first birthday
  145. Those of you who have the puppy pics link....
  146. Cool video
  147. I have a 111 days labrador puppy
  148. Olive update
  149. How to clean dirt out of a dogs coat
  150. Does your dog ever get confused when you move stuff?
  151. Amount you feed your full grown dog
  152. One happy dog
  153. Massive lab
  154. Peyton makes it all better...
  155. I think Tess is cold.
  156. For anyone interested: I paid a visit to owners of today
  157. Lab shedding, need electric broom.
  158. The Odd Couple
  159. Diesel puked this morning... question...
  160. Bird training for "older" lab!
  161. Kathy - Jack's Mom
  162. Puppy question
  163. I'm FREE again!
  164. Health certification
  165. Wet the bed while asleep?
  166. Potty sign in crate?
  167. Nose work classes
  168. Help with stinky dogs... what do you do?
  169. Can't get her to eat her food.
  170. Food for a puppy question
  171. Lab ate a blanket!
  172. The face(s) that I love
  173. Babysitting Duty
  174. Lab/pitbull mix prefers gross pond to pool
  175. Water Off A Ducks Back
  176. Male lab acting "strangely"....
  177. Processed chicken from China
  178. Cell Phone Recommendations, Please
  179. Does your dog snore?
  180. So proud of my pups !
  181. One year ago
  182. How often do you bathe you Labs?
  183. Emilu was attacked by 4 dogs!
  184. My 11th Birthday Party - Jasper
  185. Any advice welcome! My dog is getting aggressive with other dogs!
  186. Low sodium food
  187. Lab Beer anyone ?
  188. What would you do opinions.
  189. Zuke’s Grain Free Gift Pack Giveaway
  190. Housebreaking Question
  191. What a good dog!
  192. Well, crap...
  193. Pet names!
  194. Odd noises from my black lab
  195. Toby
  196. Puppy joints as they grow
  197. Stop biting
  198. Yahoo
  199. What the hell is this Pet
  200. Looking for a name for my new puppy male chocolat lab
  201. English lab breeders NJ/NY/PA/CT needed
  202. My little vampire
  203. One year ago today
  204. Todd experienced his first crazy family Redskins game.
  205. My dog only prefers labs
  206. T bar country Lab pup -opinion
  207. Update on the new addition
  208. Diesel HATES greek yogurt!!
  209. Doing what she loves most
  210. Smiley pooped…
  211. Oh the joys of...
  212. Heading to the park?
  213. Leslie with her momma
  214. They're almost too big for their tub
  215. "Woe is me..What a world..."
  216. Kathy - Jack's Mom
  217. How submissive and attached is your dog?
  218. We have peepers
  219. The "embarrassing dog voice" thread
  220. Do you have an embarrassing dog voice?
  221. How much did your lab weigh at 5 months?
  222. Score!
  223. Evil Door Stop Part II
  224. Does your lab do this too?
  225. Walking the dogs today was horrible.
  226. really laika?!
  227. He's here! Welcome, Ruger!
  228. What is your Lab's best and worst commands?
  229. you know you're a Lab owner when ...
  230. Heartworm Drug Resistance Study
  231. One of Raven
  232. Diesel Pics & Videos - Go Get Wet!
  233. retractable leashes
  234. What would you do?
  235. Say hello to Ruger!
  236. Dozer scared the heck out of me this weekend. :(
  237. What treats do you buy / give?
  238. HT Photo Bomb (pic heavy/ducks/guns/happy dogs)
  239. It's not often I can get a pic of Seamus where he doesn't look beaten.....
  240. Brand New Puppy-Forgot What it Was Like!
  241. My Boy!!
  242. Tammy!!
  243. Cheap entertainment
  244. Tony is doing crate time
  245. 1 week mug shots are up
  246. Brand new pup questions
  247. Ice cubes!
  248. Impaled herself on a branch
  249. Can't help it...another vid :)
  250. The Secret Life of Dogs