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  1. Would like other opinions please
  2. Introducing a puppy to to adult labs
  3. Cost of training
  4. Introducing... Henery's new baby brother!!
  5. Judy would not obey
  6. Double coat?
  7. Lizzie likes hubby better than me!!
  8. Black stuff all over the house
  9. choking
  10. acl tear in older dog--very unhappy!!
  11. Pool pics throughout the years
  12. I won't smile no matter what you say or do
  13. I thought this was Connor's Toy
  14. Good to know
  15. Bichons bring out the worst
  16. Easy Walk Harness - how to use?
  17. Woofus (Requesting from Participants)
  18. Prong Vs Choke collar
  19. Teenage Years
  20. Karina, how's Abbzilla?
  21. Jessie got me into trouble again
  22. What do titer tests cost in your neck of the woods?
  23. kitty takedown! (more video)
  24. Question about For-Bid
  25. Okay, I bought a prong..!!!*******UPDATE****!!!!!!
  26. How do you tire your pup out?
  27. Just a little note on collars
  28. Manteo and her best pal
  29. One oreo
  30. The duvet cover and the poo vomit morning.
  31. do labs shed?
  32. new mommy
  33. Leash walking & nose on the ground
  34. Happy Gotcha Day, Maggie! (Long, but with pics)
  35. Black Lab Lovers Rug Alert
  36. I almost forgot!!! Skippys B-day!!!
  37. "Rebellious stage"
  38. There's just something about him...
  39. Vet didnt say...
  40. HAHAHHAHA anyone want a leaping labrador?
  41. Whats with the rolling
  42. Flynn this evening
  43. Toby snapped his bolt today.....
  44. Waving "hi" from San Diego
  45. Bones from the meat dept. - is this the right one? (pic)
  46. Ender's Mom....
  47. A little more Quinn
  48. Henery, today you turn THREE!! (LOTS of pictures!!)
  49. 4 months old and still tilting... (6 pics)
  50. Opening day of "pool" season!
  51. Another food question....
  52. toys
  53. Chocolates... does their coat darken with age?
  54. Blowing Coat Question ...
  55. Darby Impressions...
  56. Homer's first hot spot
  57. Got the 2006 pool picture
  58. Mitzi andJudy's mom
  59. Different Temperaments
  60. Mollyrock . . . Who is That Beautiful Black
  61. I take it all back
  62. Just back from the vet
  63. yet another horribel animal cruelty case
  64. good thoughts for boone
  65. How's our Boomer girl today?
  66. RIP Mr. Chipmunk
  67. Overweight or beefy??
  68. Custom tags revisited....
  69. Sylke Is My Hero-Don't Ever Think Labs Aren't Good Watch Dogs!!!
  70. Would you be offended
  71. Look me in the eye......
  72. Puppy K and a BIG THANK YOU TO JL members!!! (Long)
  73. house training issues resurfacing?
  74. What A Shot!!! (pic)
  75. Luke turns up the cuteness factor (pics)
  76. A teeny weeny brag
  77. Hang-dog here... I goofed up
  78. Birthday biscuits are baked!!
  79. Lookie what I just ordered for Henry!!
  80. Update on the boys tonight
  81. Question for right now
  82. I decided to go with...
  83. How Big Will They Be ?
  84. If you want a young black lab, contact me.
  85. There She Blows -- ??
  86. Zoe wants to show her collar, too!
  87. Drooling
  88. Updates
  89. Basketball As A Toy
  90. Cute Lab statue costumes
  91. Reverse Sneezing - A Question
  92. Ruger Is On Meds.. Lots Of Meds...
  93. Doggy Packpack
  95. Connie - how is Simon today?
  96. Temple Grandin's Animals in Translation - genetics and behaviour
  97. What do you do if your dog gets attacked???
  98. First season
  99. Teddy and her baby girls.....
  100. Remembering good times with Archie
  101. A little more chocolate at my house...
  102. What would you require of a pet sitter?
  103. When I got home from work (long)
  104. Lab Book sugestions
  105. Question, for those with pools
  106. Today you are 3! (zillions of pics)
  107. Oh man... I think I'm a goner.
  108. Lily (pictures)
  109. Official weight check at vet.....
  110. michigan/detroit area peeps
  111. Mutt Mops ARRIVED! (PICS)
  112. Old Navy Summer Collars (pics)
  113. I think I understand now...
  114. Taylor - the helpful digger
  115. Clothes on Dogs (please vote)
  116. Chocalate and yellow lab ?
  117. Sneezing & Runny Nose
  118. Dog First Aid Kit for Camping?
  119. Quick question on puppy walking
  120. My black lab is turning chocolate!
  121. Just a cute photo
  122. Do you tip when boarding your dog?
  123. the "twins" are at it again
  124. find the puppy face
  125. Color of there coats???
  126. Friends hoping for a lab rescue puppy - Update & ??
  127. Bunch 'a beggars (pic)
  128. LET! ME! GOOOOO!!!!!!
  129. Bear turned 6 months
  130. Doggie Seatbelt Question Please??????
  131. G-Damned Inconsiderate DOLT!!!!!!!
  132. advice for Dog-Mom's Day
  133. Frankie didn't we tell you to leave the hose alone?
  134. Benadryl Dosage???
  135. Drying Your Lab
  136. I will start of by knocking on wood
  137. Those of you familiar with jolly balls...
  138. Count down started
  139. Question Re: Rough Elbows/Pads
  140. Umm, this should be an interesting poop
  141. I haven't posted in awhile, but here are some pics of Lucky
  142. MOVED: Woofus does Manhattan (Beach that is) picture intensive
  143. How's Boomer today?
  144. Spay question
  145. Destructo Strikes!
  146. Only 5 Labs at LabFest Saurday
  147. Ruger Get's FIRST Place!!!
  148. Dogs won't get in the pool??
  149. I do think he's gonna start talkin' to me
  150. Labs As Inside Dogs
  151. CAMPING QUESTION--this may sounds really stupid but.....
  152. Question Re: more than one dog
  153. Does your dog(s) beg for raw
  154. Kitten update with Lab pics too - introducing.......
  155. Paddy sure has taken to his rug...
  156. Another cute puppy pic!
  157. Rescue folks, how do you catch them?
  158. Cesar's Way
  159. these two crack me up
  160. Boxer vs. Lab
  161. Someone left me a big poop pile in the den
  162. No sir, I don't like it
  163. Thank you so much for your well wishes with Archie
  164. I'd like to report Taffys Mom and Dad!
  165. not a lab but needs help
  166. Lab gentleness with the elderly
  167. Pics of Kodi & Mocha(lots)
  168. Could this beautiful puppy be...
  169. DeStuffing a Kong
  170. Couple of Candid Pics from Our Day
  171. Please Let Me In The Water
  172. Which Way Did He Go?
  173. Pet Therapy This Weekend
  174. Come Quik!!!!!!!
  175. Dandy Lion strikes again
  176. *sigh* Sammy's eye has started...
  177. MomtoDaisyandWiki
  178. What an octopus Shea was!
  179. how much should allergy shots cost????
  180. Shadow eats cigarette butts & drinks coffee !!!
  181. Mopey Cooper
  182. Manteo's New Friend
  183. Eating Dandy Lions in Yard??
  184. The sock eater (molly brag)
  185. NEED HELP - Sam ate a wild mushroom
  186. PPPPP UUUUUU!!! My dogs farts Stank!
  187. My labs
  188. My 3 labs
  189. Lawsuit accuses Pa. veterinarians of faking dog's death
  190. Just felt like posting some pics of my boys..
  191. happy belated birthday rock!
  192. Beautiful "Farewell" song for our furry friends
  193. New Yellow Baby
  194. What a Brat!
  195. Big, nasty, swollen tick!!!
  196. 4 month pictures
  197. Um, is Ivory Soap Poisonous?
  198. t-h-r-o-w t-h-e b-a-l-l
  199. Bones Would Rain From the Sky: Deepening Our Relationships with Dogs
  200. Sleeping Beauties--Add Yours
  201. Stolen Dog Poll
  202. Raised Feeding Bowls
  203. Ruger -- The Product of.....
  204. I can't believe the ears on my dogs LOL
  205. Chocolate Puppy Breath...
  206. this weekend in the L.A. area!!!!
  207. Someone Stole My Neighbors' Labs!
  208. Lab + firepit?
  209. food/allergy/red paw question
  210. Archie's crossed the Bridge
  211. There are times that I can see
  212. Can you say "Awwwwww"
  213. Tried to get a nice motion picture
  214. Traveling with Dogs
  215. Rabbit or Labrador
  216. Seamus and Paddy: lovely headshot
  217. Dihaerra
  218. Meet Tanner...
  219. Fencing in yards?
  220. xlx_chelsea_xlx
  221. My Bobbie is now a lady
  222. Cute butts--add yours :)
  223. OK...I know I sound like a broken record
  224. Lily and the water
  225. Lets play ball
  226. Champ has gone
  227. Bubba's biopsy results
  228. Hey! Theo! C'mere a sec, bud!
  229. How you know you're driving too fast
  230. Question for the Board
  231. Rescue/Foster People Please Please Help me
  232. The streak ends......
  233. Saxon pics
  234. BoatDog: The Whole Crew Together
  235. Lucy needs a Luau outfit....
  236. When Paddy's boys were little (pic)
  237. Saxon crossed the bridge
  238. I just found out....
  239. Frontline
  240. Lucy always finds the best spot to relax(pic)
  241. First Thunderstorm!
  243. "Poor Pitiful Me" Pictures -- Add Yours
  244. So I have all the pee spots in my yard
  245. Question about feeding greenbeans
  246. Any further word on Nutro?
  247. Alice and Teddy
  248. Even I don't know what to think about this...(help)
  249. Aaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!
  250. Something's wrong with Saxon...UPDATE