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  1. What are the issues for orphan puppies?
  2. They are just too smart sometimes, funny story
  3. Update On The Tankie
  4. MISS BOOMER update needed
  5. Just hangin' on the couch in the hotel
  6. Hows Molly???
  7. Results are in from Guelph
  8. Katie!! BAD DOG!!
  9. Sandie? How's Tank this morning?
  10. Ernies poop eating is driving me nuts.
  11. Gracie's family BAILED!
  12. "Labradoodles" and "Goldendoodles" - thoughts anyone?
  13. Breeder Kennel Rescue Update...
  14. Ogies is gone (Great Dane w/pics)
  15. Ender & WigWag
  16. Now THAT'S my Simon!
  17. Jakie and his daily car ride!!
  18. Happy Birthday Lukie
  19. Aqua Therapy!!
  20. How concerned should we be ?
  21. Something Is Wrong With My Tankie
  22. I've created a staring monster
  23. Tucker and the baby bunny (pics)
  24. She WON'T lay down!!! (update...looking good!)
  25. Multi-dog Owners.. If you couldn't see, could you tell
  26. Sad News
  27. Y'all take care
  28. Obedience class...VENT!!!!
  29. Taffy's smarter than us both!
  30. My poor girl :(
  31. thinking about getting a 2nd dog, need advice
  32. pet meds
  33. Do labs swallow extra saliva like we do
  34. Seamus and Teddie today
  35. Woo-hoo!!!
  36. Pretty sure he's a lab...
  37. Blue kong??
  38. Moving with please!
  39. Jackson is sick
  40. Guess Who?
  41. Brand New Here - is my family ready for a dog?
  42. mitziandjudysmom.....picture ?
  43. Bad Owner bad bad owner
  44. Posting Please, need help
  45. 2 questions here need help!
  46. breed 'papers'
  47. Magazine Question for Lab Owners
  48. Start of aggression?
  49. NLR - For those BYBreeders who think "Just one litter!"
  50. At what age did you start leaving your dog home all day?
  51. Dakota: "I wont be in trouble will I"
  52. So how long can they hold it??
  53. How's Boomer, Laura?
  54. Love these pics of my boys on the beach!!
  55. Update on Maggie
  56. Molly's off to the vet for her spay surgery...(update!)
  57. Breeders in Canada (British Columbia to be specific)?
  58. What a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG day!
  59. OT: The cat's new bed
  60. Why would you ever declaw a dog????
  61. I Was Pi$$ed at Buddy This Afternoon
  62. Still Blowing Coat -- Is it Possible?
  63. Henery's dreaming...! :)
  64. Oh I'm soooo embarassed...
  65. My 7 dogs and the doggie door
  66. Lindsay (Ender's Mom)
  67. Oil in Food.....
  68. Article: Lawn Burn Caused by Dog Urine
  69. At what age do you neuter?
  70. Michigan/Indiana/Ohio/Illinois Folks!
  71. Ah crap
  72. Does this really happen?
  73. Snicks here...I learned to jump off the dock! (pics)
  74. Introducing Bali! (puppy pics)
  75. How do you pick a pup?
  76. Flying dogs
  77. Abby in B&W and Sepia (2 pics)
  78. Molly says: send help...i'm being smothered!!
  79. Where did my Puppy go ?
  80. A morning at the beach with Zoe...
  81. Gracie weekend play(pics)
  82. Obeidence Class
  83. Counter Surfing Novice
  84. Alice...
  85. Still Planning
  86. Question for CGC Evaluators
  87. This was so depressing (neighbors)
  88. Back from vacation and wanted to share some pictures
  89. Mocha: Life's a Beach!
  90. They can be very cute and well behaved.....
  91. We Saw Wiki & Daisy on the Beach Today (Sorry, Karen's got a Few Pics, not me)
  92. Trapper and Katie have a new pool
  93. Abby and Molly at the beach (pics)
  94. Jules & More of Life's Little Pleasures
  95. Worse then having kids!!
  96. LOC in Cambridge Ontario-
  97. Storm & Dixie (Stevie pups)
  98. Poor Libby has cold tail after this outing
  99. Am I Allergic to Her
  100. Bears first swim (lots of pics)
  101. The Langley Show
  102. Hey, Remember Jules?
  103. Has anyone seen Shanny?
  104. So Proud of Abby! (Some pics)
  105. The further adventures of Labradork and 'Dorable
  106. Fingers crossed
  107. Lab with pet peeves
  108. CGC Disaster
  109. Labradork: De ja vue all over again
  110. A far cry from Connie's "show 'n go": Seamus and Flynn
  111. Indi at the beach (lots of pics)
  112. Angus & Me at Show n Go (6 pics)
  113. Must brag about my boy
  114. Difference in shedding because of coat color?
  115. Connie!! How was the Show'n'Go??
  117. Boston Terriers
  118. Gee, wonder why its warm in here
  119. Henery says, "Two days of swimming sure is tiring!"
  120. Jack Has a New Nickname!...(pics)
  121. Boomer pics from today
  122. Play Day with Happy and Joy (lots & lots of pics)
  123. She swims!!!
  124. Who wants to see where Zoes Mom lives?
  125. water toys
  126. UPDATE: I think they are corns. Any suggestions? HELP! Foot problem
  127. A long time gone...
  128. Thanks(Purple Stuff)!!!
  129. Play Style
  130. Something is wrong w/ Zoey ADVICE please UPDATE
  131. Tankie's Mom Is A BAD BAD MOMMIE! Happy Birthday Tank
  132. Other pics from today...not all labs...lots of pics
  133. Pictures of my Riley boy from today...
  134. Apollo died
  135. swimming problems
  136. Shadow's First Long Water Retrieve-YAY!!! Pics
  137. The most beautiful dogs!!!
  138. Clem is dying
  139. 9 weeks old already
  140. Its Already Started
  141. New Bowl arrived (notice I said bowl not ball(s) after my last post lol EDITED
  142. Site Down (2 pm EST 4 pm EST)
  143. Photo opinions please
  144. MOVED: test
  145. Testing! Testing! (photo intensive)
  146. The Three Amigos '03-'06
  147. Small brag... :)
  148. Back from the vet (or: Sam, the $1 million dog)
  149. Teddie at the lake (photo intensive)
  150. Seamus & Teddie at the lake
  151. Seamus at the lake (photo intensive)
  152. At last.. (updated pic)
  153. Seamus says "woe is me"
  154. At Last...(pic)
  155. 11:00 PM and he wants to.........
  156. Show n Go this weekend
  157. I've Created a Monster!
  158. Down side of doggie door. Yech! Gross!
  159. Buddy and His Kong
  160. Happy 1st Anniversary Lexi!!!
  161. Best Positions in Bed (cute)
  162. My foster for the weekend...
  163. Los Tres Amigos
  164. The Budman
  165. Herr Ruger
  166. Is Ruffy A Lab?
  167. HRH Princess Magnum
  168. Abby today (1 pic)
  169. Zoe's Perfect Beach Day (lots of pics)
  170. Momma & Puppies Found
  171. Speaking of PooP!
  172. What do you wash your dogs balls with????
  173. Another Boomer post (to Laura)
  174. How do you add pictures to the photo gallery?
  175. So do you think she thinks she's cute?
  176. The Mother Lode of Kongs
  177. Speaking about Collars...(3 fabric pics)
  178. Wanna see some bubbles? (pic)
  179. If they could talk ...
  180. Anyone own a Noz-To-Noz Soft Sided Crate
  181. Bad Habits
  182. oops forgot to let Brodie out of his crate
  183. Run free little Lizzie (Update-poison!)
  184. Cow chasing and duck fetching..what a night!
  185. Introducing.....
  186. Molly ran away (it's ok she came back though)
  187. Enough is enough
  188. Losing patience....
  189. Woofus photos
  190. Emilu was viscious!
  191. Not that it's a problem but
  192. YAY!!!
  193. Just finished Marley and Me
  194. No more TV Nap Time (pictures)
  195. Is this weird behavior or is it normal?
  196. Chalk one up for the boys!
  197. Happy Birthday Sammy!!!
  198. *HELP NEEDED* Please Read
  199. Tucker and the baby bird (pictures)
  200. Nance...
  201. Sam broke an upper canine (added pics)
  202. Cute comic
  203. Deneen
  204. Fox tails for dinner...
  205. Benadryl...which kind? for how long?
  206. How many toys . . .
  207. Gunny and #2
  208. Wish us luck too...
  209. What breed of dog would you NEVER own?
  210. pure bred
  211. Cinnamon's Tag Hook
  212. Advice needed on fostering
  213. I once was so lost
  214. Wish us Luck
  215. Our first night of Ruff Dogs...
  216. Laura
  217. sue(snicksmom)
  218. thanks Zoe for my sweet new collar!
  219. Sarcoptic mange question
  220. The XVth Day - Lab History
  221. Almost time
  222. Cali has some blood
  223. Katies in NOT too smart
  224. Tag-It... solution for those collaraholics out there?
  225. Lizzie update #2
  226. alligator detecter
  227. Well she did it...AGAIN!
  228. strained/torn tendon in wrist
  229. Epi Flynn: Like dealing with a mentally disturbed child
  230. My sleepyheads
  231. I created a monster
  232. JL featured at Dogster
  233. Pet therapy last night
  234. Bobcat in neighborhood!!
  235. ginger (3 pics)
  236. Wading Pool adventures (video)
  237. Crate Training Drawbacks
  238. HELP.. PLEASE.. *update*
  239. Laura, Hows
  240. Look what I found
  241. Help - Advice for semi long car travel?
  242. Recommend a Breeder?
  243. Magnum and Ruger
  244. Woofus Update. : )
  245. Moving backward...
  246. Hey Chocolatecovered Lab!
  247. Is it bedtime yet? (1 pic)
  248. Evolve Maintenance Food
  249. Coupons for 40 lbs FREE Diamond
  250. Wish us luck...we start tonight!