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  1. Boonesmom, your siggy pic
  2. career advice
  3. the day after.....
  4. Meet my Sammy- heres lots of pics!!
  5. Happy Birthday Baby Boy!
  6. Ever retrieve a fish????
  7. Labradork: Class Act
  8. Crockett's Lake Visit - sorry so many pics!
  9. Hi New Member Here!
  10. Any last minute suggestions......
  11. Dumb question about females in heat
  12. Order! Order! This meeting of the collarholics is now in session
  13. Dakota and the river!
  15. Tank's Hospital Visit Update
  16. One Angry Labrador
  17. Ok Im trying not to get excited (Update)
  18. Molly says "look what Auntie Linda and Hawaii Zoe sent!!" (2 not so good pics..)
  19. This will cool you off
  20. Troopersmom
  21. First Time boardin
  22. Dog class last night
  23. Canine Camper
  24. Is this even possible?
  25. Denali's brothers and sisters? Lots of pics!
  26. Amazing! Zeb has become a counter surfer at 2 1/2 years!
  27. Don't know where they walked, but both the hubby and Zeb are.....
  28. Piper pic from this weekend....
  29. Rylie
  31. People that don't understand their dogs signals (venting)
  32. Bloodsucker!!
  33. Just wanted to let you know....
  34. Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons?
  35. So Affectionate !!!! Pool pic also
  36. It's been 3 years now....
  37. Question about Basic Obebience Class
  38. do you remember?
  39. I found a tick... (Poetry Contest!)
  40. Look at what I found today...
  41. labradors & diabetes (long)
  42. Was just thinking that my Mess Pot was maturing when......
  43. Shes asking for more food.
  44. PLEASE look at these pics and help!!!
  45. My Wigeon girl
  46. How great is.....
  47. Freedom, modeling his new Sally tag
  48. potty accidents
  49. yippi - he still needs mommy... sometimes :-)
  50. Calling all Collar Crazy People!
  51. A no-treat training class... opinons?
  52. couple questions
  53. Dog in Heat + Neutered Male = A Question
  54. Small Brag....
  55. High Cholesterol?
  56. For the golf enthusiasts...
  57. The water bowl experiment
  58. Just HAD to share
  59. Pics of 2-week old litter (and mama too!)
  60. Rabies Shot Question
  61. homecoming
  62. Well It Is Back To Texas A&M For The Texas Tank Tomorrow
  63. Odd?
  64. ?? About Sally's tags
  65. Long nail update
  66. Knuckle bones?
  67. Back to the vet! **UPDATE**
  68. Leather Lead Question
  69. Giving "Paw" or "Shake Hands"
  70. Cesar's Way?
  71. help with seperation anxiety
  72. I'm so proud, we graduated!
  73. Ellis is 15 - Birthday photos
  74. dog boobies
  75. Presenting......
  76. Sally Tag website down?
  77. Zoe Was Attacked...Twice
  78. A Dog's Day by the Pool...
  79. Happy Birthday Maddie!!!
  80. Help! EXTREMELY WORRIED! (UPDATE VII This morning) & Thank you all
  81. Clippy things for dog tags?
  82. Two Years: A Failed Foster Mom Short Story
  83. My new Gardener!!
  84. Should I take her to the dog park?
  85. Angus and Simon Portrait (1 PIC)
  86. Saw our breeder yesterday...
  87. I can't explain this. Can you explain this?
  88. Those darn tails.
  89. Labby - How are your labs coping?
  90. Take a minute to meet our newest addition
  91. Ellie is growing up too quickly!
  92. My Big Fun Day, by Henery! (lotsa pics!)
  93. Tucker's gonna have a surprise
  94. Does your dog steal and hide things???
  95. Izzy? Miss Molly update?
  96. More about Rally yesterday
  97. Aw, Flynn... ya big faker!
  98. Introducing Bones - Bodie's new pal
  99. Am buying new furniture and I need lab friendly????????????
  100. I have no clue what to do (kinda lab related)
  101. Moby is feeling better! (7 pics)
  102. The Kielbasa Kid
  103. Lexie went to the ocean! (Pictures)-8/8/06 a few more pictures of mom & litter
  104. Nutro
  105. Meet Tal - My new furbaby :)
  106. Miss Moo Getting Used to Her Whelping Box
  107. I found this on sale today
  108. I'm so blue ....
  109. Rally Results from Today
  110. A tired lab is ....
  111. Stevie earns her first Rally leg at 10 1/2
  112. She's so funny sometimes (even if she has a pinhead)
  113. A good day in Rally
  114. FLY!
  115. Neat photo - Clint's tags
  116. Happy Birthday Cuffy
  117. Shhhhh we have a secret.....
  118. Link to Labby's Bench v Field site? Search didn't work
  119. Lucy and Cricket lounging in the is a glorious day!
  120. Seamus & Flynn: Such good big brothers (pic)
  121. New Boys to meet....
  122. We're back from our camping trip! (pics)
  123. Here's a guy who loves his bones
  124. I think I can do it now
  125. Thanks Labby
  126. Help Me Decide...
  127. I have a New breed of dog.....
  128. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY JACK RYAN! (Long & lots of Pics)
  129. Did I Break A Mirror?
  130. Is riding on the floor safe? (in a car)
  131. (Long vent) I went on a dog walk with a lady in my area tonight...
  132. Smiley! (or "the tongue")
  133. Hi Everyone! Look at me!
  134. Granola???
  135. My Girl is 8 months old today
  136. Angus!
  137. Just some fun pics to share with you guys (lots of them)
  138. Miss Molly Moo Picture 8/4/06 - UPDATED Best Pic Yet!!
  140. What a gift!!! My DH gave me a
  141. Hey Lindsay - Tag It - It is really nice! Updated with Pics
  142. RALLY HELP! I just had a horrible Rally vision...
  143. JLMod?
  144. Pencil head today
  145. I think I misread my Gun Bears
  146. She took his bed space!
  147. Baby Boomer (photo intense)
  148. Seizures?
  149. Abandoned Dog, Part II
  150. fun in the car with molly (4 pics)
  151. Puppy Alert...
  152. Going camping this weekend!
  153. Labby Laura!!!
  154. It's Finally Growing!!
  155. car sickness....
  156. Where is Prince?
  157. Bath Time! (Lots of pics!!)
  158. Animal Left in Vehicle at New Jersey Beach 8-3-06
  159. Is there a speed swim competition for Labs?
  160. My baby is 4 tomorrow..
  161. Thought I had I Light Bulb Moment
  162. Can You Spare Some Good Wishes/Prayers
  163. Who has checks with Labs on them?
  164. Ruger
  165. I wish I could get him sooooo bad
  166. it's so funny how posts change
  167. Lab vs. Boston Terrier (pic)
  168. Buddy loses weight?
  169. Lab attacked by otter???
  170. The eyes have it!
  171. RELAX Hoss, just relax! Chill!!
  172. Silly boy (pic)
  173. Rally or Agility
  174. So proud!!
  175. Happy Birthday Mr. Angus! (Photo-intense)
  176. Crockett's New Collar - this post was deleted had a ?
  177. Security Update
  178. New Picture of Zack & Belle
  179. Molly's in the PetMed contest too.
  180. Molly was at the vet today.
  181. Something is wrong with Sambuca!:( UPDATE 10:00 a.m....*12:00 UPDATE*
  182. Dog Park Etiquette? Long post pls help!
  183. Izzy's puppy poll
  184. Lucy took off on me this evening...chasing turkeys...arrggh
  185. Today I signed Simon up for...
  186. Entered the boys in pet meds contest...please vote :)
  187. The crate is here!!!
  188. Boonesmom
  189. My Post got deleted
  190. Connie!
  191. Happy Birthday tomorrow, Angus!!!
  192. **sigh** abandoned dogs
  193. Moby has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  194. Apology
  195. Thanks Daniel
  196. Sam has paranoia....
  197. IND/OHIO peeps: THANKS!! Our Foster is ON THE WAY, to BRIGHTEN up our sad days!!
  198. Pool questions and pics of Emma swimming
  199. Help.....Is she in heat? (UPDATED)
  200. Look what Emma ate! (PICS)
  201. Bad Barney! Off! Barney, OFF! LEAVE IT!
  202. Sharon/Wigwag
  203. From 3 to 2...
  204. cute pic of Lucy and her little sister Cricket
  205. Collar shy?
  206. Tater is joining me online
  207. Oh Dani....
  208. looking for some ideas (crates)
  209. Nervious and sad
  210. My baby is growing up.....
  211. New Dog Park (Many Pics)
  212. First trip to Petco...
  213. Ellie at 10 Weeks and Pooped
  214. Crate messes - HELP!
  215. so sad...
  216. That's what I call determination and faith!!
  217. 6 months ago today - I lost my wonderful Yukon
  218. My baby's losing her "baby face"....
  219. Lab videos!! My dog "Tank"
  220. Dock Jumping Photos...
  221. MOVED: JL Secret Pal-Taking Requests (7/31 Update)
  222. MOVED: JL Secret Pals... have been assigned and notified.... let the fun begin
  223. Sniffing Stopped
  224. In the News: Chinese County Slaughter 50K Dogs
  225. Jo-CoCo'sMom
  226. Abused Dog
  227. Story of a lab, the vet told me
  228. Recipe
  229. My breeders new litter! UPDATE 4-week pics!
  230. Tucker went to the vet...and what a surprise
  231. FANS ***update****
  232. no please NO
  233. I swear if its not one its the other.
  234. Opinions on Chubbiness please!!
  235. Keeping Busy on a hot day
  236. Koa has managed to...
  237. lab rescue in NY
  238. Long nails
  239. bloat question
  240. Tater Falling Asleep last ngiht
  241. Another prong question
  242. Hiding The Evidence
  243. Moby is ok!!!
  244. commence whining in 10...9...8...
  245. Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  246. just Malka...malking
  247. 6 months today!
  248. Why snorkling and retrievers don't mix! (sorry, no pics!)
  249. Breeder Help
  250. rescued mix (NLR) pics [update]