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  1. Bailey's last shots today :)
  2. Nellie initiated play
  3. Fun in the pool (pic intense)
  4. MOVED: help my dog wants to roam
  6. Phew, the toy box is ready!!
  7. Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Collar
  8. holistic food
  9. Dog Fishing band new pic of Lya the Itchy
  10. Someone's in a snarky mood!!! (for Dutch fans)
  11. Mercedez Vet visit Update
  12. Alpha challenge?
  13. Ooops! (Sorry, A bit long, I got carried away)
  14. Advice needed on a touchy subject. Disliking my lab.
  15. Mercedez 4 years today!!!
  16. help my dog wants to roam
  17. Can I bore you all to death?
  18. help my dog wants to roam
  19. Happy 2nd Birthday Yogi!!!
  20. ethics question...rescue
  21. Happy Birthday Duncan!!
  22. muzzels on labs
  23. Thinking Axl is one upping me!
  24. 7.5 months and 45lbs... yet built like a tank (pics in Photo Album)
  25. Shy guy
  26. Emma turns 10 years today!
  27. lack of barking
  28. has anyone come across
  29. Trooper's Friend Comes back
  30. GGLRC 2006 Specialty Show in October - Bay Area Get Together
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  32. What's Missing From this Picture?
  33. re-intro. from central Arkansas
  34. My new favoriate Picture!
  35. Do you think they need some exercise? (3 pics)
  36. Shutterfly Qs & help needed for pix of Puff
  37. Almost all the puppies arrived already...:D:D
  38. Greatful for crate training!!
  39. Appointment at Doggy Daycare on Thursday!
  40. Diarhea...Thurs AM update-worried mama
  41. New addition...helpful advice
  42. Pup ate soap! HELP
  43. Who's been drinking out of the pond??
  44. Shih Tzu's and Labs
  45. For those of you who don't know 'us'
  46. Today is Puff's birthday
  47. Storm & Dixie were here for a bit
  48. I just thought this was too cute not to post
  49. Please help- wasp stings
  50. Dog nails....question
  51. Sad Birthday for Mercedez!
  52. Pack Order Question
  53. Max at the vet....
  54. Its been a month today
  55. What do you think he's trying to tell me? (video)
  56. Very very sad...made me cry :(
  57. Ash from the fire here, question about the dogs.
  58. I need a little advice (long)
  59. Resting after class last night (pic)
  60. This obviously does NOT apply to Labradors.
  61. There's that damn squirrel again!
  62. 68 lbs Six months..............
  63. Eyeing up the chips
  64. there is a video on Yahoo home page right now, black lab and patience
  66. Scariest Moment of My Life!!
  67. Aly update Tuesday AM - UPDATE WEDNESDAY PM
  68. Teak and I were attacked :-( ....
  69. Beau at the from last night!
  70. So theres 2 chew bones on the floor.....
  71. Happy Birthday Leo!!
  72. Phoenix Area Peeps, Gilbert opened a dog park with a pond
  73. Jake gets his Sally Harrell tag! (photos included)
  74. OMG, Henery has the WORST farts tonight!!! EEECCCHHH!!!
  75. Mustache? (pic)
  76. Alpha/Omega Question
  77. Ender at 7.5 months
  78. "walking the dog"
  79. Izzy - How are Miss Moo & the pups?
  80. Another toy search
  81. The Little Old Lady ... Oh, those Eyes!
  82. I guess he wants to sleep in
  83. I think Boomer is sick! Help? UPDATE
  84. Jesse and Vienna's vaccation - lots of pics and a VIDEO
  85. crate training
  86. Who knocked over the water bucket?
  87. NEED HELP! Two dogs, too jealous!
  88. Check out this unusual Lab mix
  89. A chance meeting in the park
  90. Samson of Arabia
  91. What's wrong with all the dog bed I buy you guys????? (pic)
  92. Chase taking care of Morgan
  93. *poof
  94. True love- Emma and her girl
  95. Leg pain??
  96. This dead bamboo tastes good!!
  97. Microchips
  98. We're back from the match.
  99. Pet Vac- anyone have one?
  100. I just can't believe how grown up Lola has become/ small brag!
  101. I need some help! (x posted from O & E)
  102. Maxine's Sally Tags are here.
  103. Molly wanted to be like a kelrobin lab (3 pics)
  104. Wesley the Pixie Good Luck Charm
  105. Ha ha Frankie, now I have the ball!
  106. Come on, throw the ball Mom!!
  107. Bitey Face advice
  108. My poor baby Abby :(
  109. Why do other dogs growl at him? (even other labbies)
  110. Name help & Darcie update
  111. Paddy: Puppy or oldster, puppy or oldster???
  112. Angus' Birthday Celebration Today
  113. Visited the puppies yesterday!!! Warning - long!!
  114. Sydney @ the Dog Park (3 pics)
  115. Ack!
  116. Ernie catches a fish.
  117. 2006 list of dog food from Whole Dog Journal
  118. When You Leave Your Home w/o Your Dog
  119. Help!! I have a breathing question
  120. Jumping-off-the-dock Fun
  121. Pics from Rescues Transport today!!..
  122. Look we got new collars!!! (2 pics)
  123. Swimming Labs (very pic intense)
  124. Jenn (momma to j and a) how is Aly
  125. Look what I found today...
  126. "LEAVE IT".. has worked.. (finally...) photos..
  127. Trickster ***a few pics of Mugs***
  128. Oh Bother CGC set backs
  129. Still hyper with people!!
  130. This is so cool, have you ever seen one of these?
  131. New aggression behavoir??? How to stop it?
  132. Bark in the Park yesterday
  133. Dumb Idea
  134. Maxine's claim to fame...........
  135. Max news.....
  136. Bolting from car
  137. Labradork: Things that go bump in the night
  138. OOPS!
  139. We are having another one..
  140. Safety warning - paper shredders.....
  141. Bad Breath
  142. Has anyone seen one of these lately?
  143. buddy is home and he is not a happy camper
  144. PennHIP vs. OFA?
  145. Lexie Says No to Fast Food
  146. Simon's First Agility Class
  147. Even my BIL has gotten the puppy love spirit!!
  148. Niagara DogFest! (1 pic)
  149. Sparky and Toby...
  150. Guess who got his Sally Tag?(2 more pics)
  151. Anyone Heard of a 130 pound
  152. What dosage do you give your dogs
  153. How To Speak Dog
  154. Walk off that excess weight
  155. I don't think Bailey is missing buddy
  156. Max is deffinately the dominant one
  157. A few questions about Max....please help
  158. Max is not eating
  159. Peeling dog lip?
  160. Sad thing happened today to someone I know
  161. A couple new pictures of my dogs...
  162. ranger is going to puppy training at petsmart
  163. BAD dog Maggie!
  164. Fun with the boys this weekend!
  165. Taylor is showing off again (lots-o-pics)
  166. Paddy: It's so hot these days that...
  167. Gage...
  168. Car do I get Jersey to like it??!!!
  169. buddy is out of surgery (update at top)
  170. What About Yogurt???
  171. Waiting for his girl
  172. found and old picture of Raider
  173. The year of the dog
  174. Now Shanny, I need you to be on your best behavior
  175. My puppy is a pointer?
  176. Anyone heard of Shed Ender? *Photo Added*
  177. Don't know what to make of this....
  178. Heressssssssssss Max!!
  179. Parvo outbreak in Nova Scotia
  180. Teething
  181. For everyone who's curious about what was lodged in Buck...
  182. Dry skin
  183. Dryer Sheets
  184. Our weekend plans
  185. question about spaying
  186. Insight - Pack Theory??
  187. We have found a live-in dog sitter!!
  188. Althea update 08.11.06 - UPDATE 2PM
  189. Puppies are coming as we speak
  190. Allergen Reducer
  191. I'm Worried
  192. I need help with my 4 yr old and my puppy! Please!
  194. Leaving the dogs for 2 weeks
  195. 1 1/2 more weeks!!!
  196. Has anyone ever heard of Woodland Labradors?
  197. There's a possum on our porch!!
  198. Moozles - Anyone try them?
  199. Pssttt....Max will be here tomorrow afternoon
  200. dog anxiety
  201. It works, Cesar Milan's Collar
  202. OMG..............AXL DID IT AGAIN>........
  203. So what kind of dremel bit do you use to trim nails?
  204. HELP with posting pics
  205. Tasha Says, . . .
  206. Anyone find an odd colour strand of fur?
  207. Need tips/help bottle feeding very young pup - Update-w/photo
  208. New website for toys, collars and other fun things
  209. Dog Park domination
  210. nm
  211. Lexie models Tag-it - dog tag holders
  212. It should be against the law
  213. Sam's Yams Big Boyz Sweet Potato Dog Chewz
  214. help! shadow trying to make herself sick?
  215. Great Parable
  216. Why do I have the urge
  217. New puppy and older dog
  218. Jenn - Momma to J and A
  219. Good Thoughts, Well Wishes and whatevers...
  220. a girls' morning
  221. Jazzy has a broken heart
  222. I am so angry
  223. Not quite ready for sleeping sans crate
  224. shadow showing you how she swims
  225. AXL IS IN HUGE TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  226. HELP!!! Forrest swallowed a squeaky toy!!
  227. Cross post from C/S please read if you were at the Canfield show
  228. You know it is hot in Canada when.........2 pics
  229. Trapper does NOT have HD!
  230. Shedding....Way to much hair
  231. Pet Insurance
  232. Weekend Rescue Transport..NEEDS HELP!!!! PLEASE
  233. Only 31 more sleeps ......
  234. Happy 1/2 Gotcha Day, Larry! (5 Photos)
  235. RABBITS!!!
  236. And the dumb arse award for the day goes to....
  237. IN DIRE NEED OF ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  238. Do you leave water when your gone?
  239. New Invention: The Hematoma Stopper
  240. Prayers please and positive thoughts
  241. Water Bowl Experiment: Conclusion
  242. Happy Gotcha Day to Trooper (yesterday)
  243. Outdoor Beds - what do you have?
  244. Hematoma...Not another one! :(
  245. Duke in the Bluebonnets (2 photos)
  246. 6 month old black
  247. SOOOOOOOO much better.........
  248. Crazy Dakota!!!!!!
  249. boarding at Mountain Run Kennel?
  250. Growing Up!!