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  1. *poof
  2. Humpy McHumpstein
  3. Calling the JL Professional Shoppers...
  4. My dogs crack me up
  5. I am so mad at Jake
  6. Eating Everything outside
  7. OK heres the picture of Tater and his great Escape from the kitchen
  8. HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY BAILEY (picture heavy)
  9. Dani - Ezyme Cleaner: Hydrogen Peroxide Questions
  10. ? for Laura re: whelping
  11. My bookends
  12. First picture
  13. Happy Birthday Remy!
  14. Well I guess it could have been worse...they could have eaten it
  15. The puppy names
  16. Ernies night away.
  17. My twelve year old love lump
  18. We've Got Puppies
  19. Love in the Park
  20. latest pictures of the Mess Pot and Zoe
  21. A cute Simon story
  22. Labby Cam is rolling
  23. Is it a full moon?? Duncan's my hero!!(a bit long)
  24. lab eye colors....(2 pics)
  25. Sunset Swim (Lots of Pics)
  26. Cleaning Teeth (NLR)
  27. Attention all collar shoppers - Halloween collars on sale @ PetSmart
  28. Nothing better than Kids and labs together.
  29. Do you think it's better for a dog to grow up with your kids?
  30. You know you're a dog owner...
  31. Debra, How's Mellow?
  32. Mellow is 8 weeks today
  33. I need new food recommendations...switching from ProPlan SS&S
  34. Dakota made a new human friend!
  35. GUS and Woodrow
  36. Goopy eyes?
  37. Another "What would you do" scenario....
  38. How heavy is your dog?
  39. Uh Libby
  40. Pet Ramps
  41. Eye boogers o.O
  43. Woofus???
  44. Mom, can't you hear the bells?
  45. 1 Year today that we lost sweet Dusty
  46. Lab energy overload
  47. HE DID IT!
  48. Dear Libby
  49. The monster teddy
  50. Gift Idea??
  51. 5 day Kennel stay survived by...
  52. Laura/Labby - any update?
  53. ...more amazing
  54. Leave it to Jake...
  55. Staying in contact with your breeder?
  56. Picture Frame for my Trainer (1 PIC)
  57. Baking soda for the itchies
  58. Thank you Lori and Sally! (Molly Pic ! )
  59. Paws bleeding
  60. Would love help with a name, Australian theme.
  61. Playing Hookey!
  62. Tatum
  63. Major help with dominance issues
  64. Labbycam Poll
  65. Patricia McConnell readers/fans!!
  66. Teddie meets a cicada
  67. So does this dog look like she's going to whelp anytime soon?
  68. Is this how it's going to be all winter :)
  69. CoCo too rough with other dogs...
  70. Is running with another dog too much for her?
  71. Henrysmom - Felicia - Red toy - I think I have one for you (Picture)
  72. I'm now at MySpace
  73. Opinions on Lepto Vaccine
  74. Paw chewing
  75. I feel like we took ten steps backwards..
  76. hardwood floor and labs
  77. Yesterday at the pond (pics)
  78. Question on gestation...
  79. Re: Safety Collars-- Update- What do you all think?
  80. So she loves me as long as there are no tennis balls...
  81. Need Gift Advice!
  82. Me & My Tankie are SO So Sorrrrrrrry
  83. Welcome, WILLOW!! (new foster) older shelter pic added
  84. Video of some really smart animals!!
  85. anyone have a microfiber sofa
  86. Amazing Golden retriever dancing to Grease!!!
  87. Denver metro people
  88. Vaginal bleeding and discharge in a spayed dog?
  89. She sure can be a dork!
  90. First photos of Maui
  91. Poor Mellow....
  92. WWYD? Growling behavior at DH and kids x-post
  93. UPDATE on Duncan's Dewclaw
  94. Lab diet joke!!!
  95. Bob and the lawnmower
  96. *poof
  97. Happy Gotcha Day Cissy (lots of pics)
  98. Luke, why the long face? (pic)
  99. Ontario lab breeder
  100. Repost of a couple of Reba pics
  101. This Is Not How It's Done
  102. Ahem! Miss Libby! Attention please!
  103. Unregistered lab, need puppy
  104. How often should you bathe your dog?
  105. Taters day at the park..... Wasnt fun for me
  106. WHy do I have to have the smart dog.....
  107. Perdicament
  108. Amount of Pooping
  109. Lexie just wanted to say good morning!
  110. By popular demand, Simon Leaping Pics!
  111. Question for breeders, or those in the know
  112. TEXAS TANK ?
  113. *poof
  114. ? for those with 2 or more Labs
  115. We may have a problem-Sam bit someone
  116. Ice Cubes
  117. Anyone want a little black monster?
  118. We are all on a diet
  119. Neuter question
  120. No puppies
  121. How long/often is socialization necessary?
  122. Does anybody's lab has to have...
  123. One Year Ago...
  124. ENDER! Have you
  125. Doggy Dip Day (4 pics) Ender meets Toby
  126. FINALLY reading Marley and Me
  127. NO DIG!
  128. help help help...why is she not eating????
  129. another dog after a loss?
  130. Flynn is mad at me
  131. The WORST swim ever...amusing for you (not me lol) (UPDATE W/ ?)
  132. Safety Collar...what do we think?
  133. That was much harder than I expected
  134. Dreaming
  135. poor woodrow
  136. Baking Soda Bath?
  137. Now we know why Jack was a stray!
  138. Happy 3rd Birthday Zoe!! (Lots of pics)
  139. Happy Gotcha Day Simon! (August 21)
  140. Been giving this a lot of thought; we are going to retire Zoe from therapy work
  141. Drippy nose?
  142. *tapping foot* I'm waiting...
  143. Libby sleeping last night
  144. Now this is funny
  145. There is a message posted in Libby's whelping box!!!!!
  146. Photos of Lilly in honor of her Gotcha day
  147. Happy Gotcha Day Lilly!!!
  148. Friends remarked last night that Zeb seems to be settling down!
  149. Strange how the pigment
  150. HELP!!!!!!I got a question!
  151. Lab fest Western Pa.
  152. Alice and matilda
  153. Sammi's best vacation!(pic's)
  154. My two kids!
  155. Darlas new brother Bob
  156. Donít yell at me:
  157. You know your dog your dog is....
  158. Mr. Chicken Strikes Again
  159. New Addition!! Lots of pictures
  160. Need some medical advice
  161. Rattlesnake Vaccine
  162. What size kong do you use for your adult labs?
  163. 2 interesting things @ weekly LabFest today: black w/choc. color; heat exhaust'n
  164. Who was looking for that red oval tripod toy thingy?
  165. Brushing/Grooming
  166. HGTV Dog Specials!
  167. My little furbaby
  168. Heartworm in older labs-advice needed
  169. Mellow is settling in..
  170. Well we just got back from the vet.
  171. my heart just skipped a beat, found another lump on Zoe
  172. OH MAGGIE!
  173. Apparently Frankie is a porker (NO pic)
  174. Subtle...and Not so Subtle...(pics)
  175. They Love their Grammie
  176. First day of Obedience training for Bali!
  177. Neighborhood Dogs (Two Stories)
  178. Happy Belated Fifth Birthday to Reba
  179. Molly says: "yummmm poptarts!!!"
  180. Zeb and my housekeeper
  181. Play dates, pictures, and blogs
  182. Multiple dogs and collars....
  183. *poof
  184. Do your labs have a secret stash?
  185. Introducing...
  186. trouble finding a lab pup
  187. I don't think shes a real lab!
  188. We have dirty blanket syndrome, do you??
  189. A dog and a sock...
  190. No "Good boy!" for Flynn...
  191. do your labs groom each other?
  192. I think something is wrong with Molly...
  193. I Think Ruger Is Going To Die.... (pic)
  194. Only Two More Weeks
  195. Carter is way too smart, he has figured out the Kong Time
  196. Jumpin' Judy
  197. Today is very sad for me THANK YOU
  198. Transport this weekend- only 2 legs left!!!
  199. Free to Good Home...No, wait, I'll Pay You!
  200. Lab's Memory
  201. Miss Laid Back
  202. Happy 1st Birthday Jersey!!
  203. An uncrated dog at night......
  204. The "razor teeth" are going......
  205. SKUNK part two
  206. Fergus (pics)
  207. Help please. Will pork bones harm Erns
  208. SKUNK
  209. I'm still upset HAPPY UPDATE AT TOP!!!
  210. Oh no...poop on the guest bed!!! UPDATE
  211. field lab vs bench lab
  212. First day of doggie day care tommorrow!!!
  213. Kongs
  214. Stressing over sending Lexi to the kennel. Am I normal??
  215. Horses or Dogs!
  216. Ender Fri morning update
  217. Toby at 8 1/2 months old.
  218. NFL fans
  219. New Pic
  220. update on muzzled lab
  221. Hoss playing like a horse
  222. Did I ever post this pic of the boys?
  223. Dog beds...
  224. Some pix of Puff & the Nature Preserve where we walk every AM
  225. love my lab's whiskers
  226. Moby just ate a bag of chocolate chips...
  227. Angus has a pink thing on his nose...
  228. Calling all collar links! UPDATE
  229. vet completes surgery while clinic burns
  230. Shark In The Water!!! (pic)
  231. Sandie - Texas Tank
  232. Could this be a hint?
  233. This never happens
  234. Magnum and Ruger (pic)
  235. Adopter in VA looking for a lab - also posted in Rescue Sec
  236. spaying questions
  237. Foreign object in the cage ;)
  238. Sharon (WigWag)
  239. Tater is to smart for his own good....God help me (long)
  240. soft tissue wound
  241. Chipmunks
  242. The rabbit and the turtle
  243. Miss Daisy's first class...
  244. Ernie loves my friend Maureeen 2 pics
  245. Katie is a retriever!
  246. Angus Birthday (3 PICS)
  247. Rally Trial (1 PIC)
  248. Tucker's new pals....what a menagerie lol
  249. Mo's having eye surgery
  250. Cross Post: Corn on the cob