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  1. Boarding question
  2. Maxi at the dog park this morning (pics)
  3. Very sad lab story I heard while camping that still makes me mad
  4. Frontline and Water
  5. dog feet ?
  6. The pups being cute
  7. Future agility dog?
  8. I Think I've Learned Something Today
  9. Sally Tags are here shoot outtakes and 2 good shots...
  10. Oh, I forgot to tell you about the big excitement at the vet's...
  11. Problem in Taterville.....
  12. It's Sam's GOTCHA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Cute couple of pictures
  14. Not the way to start a day
  15. Ruger tHe TuRtLe hUnTeR
  16. Last Night was kinda rough
  17. I think I'm going to have to change my siggy...
  18. Could She Be Perfect?
  19. Hot Spot ??
  20. Video of Dakota yesterday on the mountain.
  21. Tal and the vacuum cleaner
  22. Neighbor Across the Street
  23. I am so stupid
  24. Elimination Question - how often?
  25. New photos - pups day 5
  26. Must share photos of my SP gifts!
  27. Just when you think you've seen it all
  28. Tal's frist day alone..
  29. The Great California Poop Battle of 2006 is ON
  30. GREAT!!!! camping weekend with the dogs
  31. Abby and Molly go swimming/running (pics!)
  32. Can I brag just for a sec?? Mellow...
  33. Mocha went camping too
  34. Bones would rain from the sky
  35. Photos of Sami's Off Leash Romp Today (4 pix)
  36. Lexie's Favorite Outdoor Toy
  37. Reba's First Road Trip
  38. They hog the bed so bad!
  39. We've taken in a four-year-old lab and original owners won't stop visiting
  40. Judy caught a opossum today
  41. Question on biting
  42. First Day Away
  43. What to poop on?
  44. 11 mo old littermates - exact opposites? (a little worried)
  45. Somebody tell me I'm being paranoid, please :(
  46. Collar site
  47. Buddy and I Racked Up Today
  48. Dearest Zoe (Hawaii)
  49. Please Help- Anyone in Long Island, NY
  50. Pics of my little troublemaker
  51. New videos. They're starting to look like dogs
  52. Dukes first dock jumping competition
  53. CoCo's Camping Adventure!
  55. Alice
  56. new dog next door
  57. Coat Color
  58. Back to School Tomorrow!
  59. Tal is smarter than I am..
  60. Great News and a shout out for labby christmas pictures
  61. Labradoodle?????
  62. Zoe's Wine LOL
  63. Lil' Piggies!
  64. She's been sleeping all night!
  65. On Woofus
  66. I'm safe in here Mom!!
  67. Buddy loves his new floor!!
  68. More pics of Indi, these ones stacked
  69. Scared of Web Cam
  70. Indi at 7 months old (2 pictures)
  71. Spotted purebred silver-factored Chocolate Labrador
  72. Very good day!!!
  73. Well here's some more pics...
  74. Happy Labor Day, from Trooper
  75. Daddy's gloves and hat
  76. My Buddy's going to be in the Newspaper!
  77. 2 pics of Henery from today
  78. Running while sleeping.
  79. Dogs day afternoon...Tucker and Molly (pics)
  80. I've Noticed......
  81. We warned Him!!!
  82. New videos of the kids
  83. Diarrhea-HELP!!
  84. Some Guard Dog!
  85. Emma's morning dip
  86. Ellie'sLaborDayPhotoat3and1/2months
  87. Tal and my cat (Midnight)
  88. Oh Henery!!
  89. Will we make good owners?
  90. Happy Birthday Dan! - and Melissa's Ava (lots of pics)
  91. Has your Lab changed colors?
  92. This Sooner than expected!
  93. Bacon Boy!
  94. Did you all see that the Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin died?
  95. Thinking of owning
  96. Just Too Sweet
  97. pics of Dakota
  98. My weekend in the field...
  99. Tal's Personality I coming thru
  100. I freak out too easy now :( UPDATE
  101. Update on Buddy (w/4 pics)
  102. 4 More days!!
  103. Question about, well, poop
  104. Baaa Cinnamon new favorite food.
  105. Wiscdan Where is your dog sleeping?
  106. Rawhides
  107. Eating when outside
  108. Maggie update w/ pictures
  109. Disaster
  110. Lots of updates (lots of pix)
  111. Labrador Life Line Auction
  112. I started a new Paddy indulgence
  113. I can't stand stupid people
  114. I got the pouty face today
  115. Sad Ruger
  116. take him or leave him??? HELP
  117. Rally Show n Go Today!!!! OMG!
  118. diva's walk =)
  119. Trash Dog
  120. I took one of Maggies wraps off. Should I re wrap it?!
  121. Ruger (picture)
  122. Chocolate Lab Eyes
  123. group hug moment
  124. David & Goliath: Battle of the Canines (4 pics)
  125. Wireless Dog Fences
  126. ginger ate a milk i make her throw up??? HELP!
  127. Pups from last night
  128. Tal woke up hyper and wanting to chew! Suggestions on chewing stoppage
  129. Nightly crating
  130. Scotty and Monty
  131. Claude........
  132. Grey Kitty Came Home Today
  133. A nice compliment about Simon
  134. Is it okay to give Maggie her pill now?
  135. Do yours twitch when they are asleep?
  136. Cost of Purebreds
  137. Gannon and I are friends again!
  138. Ruger Really Bit Me Today!!!
  139. Tal's First Full Day..can't believe it!
  140. Gigi's vet visit today
  141. And shes gone...
  142. Sweet face Bodie (one pic)
  143. Sam practicing to be a dock dog (one pic)
  144. Couch Question????
  145. Well, It's official.....
  146. I have Ubie's cousin! (updated with pic)
  147. Funny Face
  148. Nap Time..
  149. Introductions
  150. Tomorrow...
  151. Excerpt from NYTimes article on the rise of "animal law" & pet lawyers
  152. nm
  153. The smell of meat cooking..
  154. I am a bad daddy...
  155. Hot Forehead?
  157. Okay okay more photos and a few stories
  158. Day one of new food and Maggie.
  159. Nylabone Question And the first night a little long
  160. HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY TEXAS! (5 pics)
  161. Such a Mournful Sound...
  162. Did I do the right thing?
  163. More coming home pics for Tal
  164. Little Tal is home! Very Pic Intense..
  165. Beau's House guest is here!! (Pics)
  166. Aw, shoot, I'm so tired of this : -(
  167. Favorite place to kiss your lab Poll
  168. Buddy, You're So Funny - Reason 572 to Have Labs
  169. looking for advice, very frustrated
  170. Share 'n' Share Alike - Reason 492 to Have Labs
  172. Meet "Charlie"
  173. Jenn! We rescued Tatum's MOM!!!!!!
  174. New dog park in Portland, Ore
  175. Anybody else need a photo spread of puppy pix?
  176. DebraV
  177. we are back from the vet. Poor baby cant walk now... Update new picture
  178. Need Help!! Were can I get a soft crate and travelling with dogs. Any advice????
  179. Labby's 1 week old pix are up!
  180. Too much I tell you... WAY TOO MUCH.
  181. Happy 6th Birthday Ranger (pic intense)
  182. Question about Flooring
  183. Picture of Lab Dad's grand old Red
  184. August 32nd ?
  185. not a lab but his friend
  186. just Malka photos
  187. It's raining - and they're BORED!
  188. My silly boy Mugs
  189. Labrador Life Line's Labor of Love Auction Starts TODAY!
  190. any suggestions
  191. She won't pee, I'm glad we are going to the vet this morning.
  192. How fast they learn
  193. Scooting
  194. hombre
  195. Five years ago today
  196. The Labrador Christmas Express
  197. Good news at the vet
  198. My Mommy thinks I'm beautiful......
  199. Oohhh...less than 24 hours now!
  200. Post your lab and his/her BFF, the evil Kat.
  201. Post your lazy sits here!
  202. Payton: dreaming of the bunnies that got away
  203. A plea from Taffy - Please take the "zebra dog?"
  204. and the good part of the day! I was so proud of Dakota!
  205. Maggie cut her big pad on her foot (pic)
  206. Dog Hug Instructions. Attention All DOGS!!!
  207. Lab Puppies Coat Rack
  208. I'm an idiot-the continuing saga
  209. Dilemma (long) Update
  210. Great Entertainment
  211. anal gland issues
  212. Why is this wrong?!?! Crazy Dog you are busted!!
  213. woohoo! Sally Harrell tags for Cricket and Lucy are on there way!
  214. Jazzy hates to have her picture taken. 5 pictures
  215. LAURA!!!!!! Here's Mocha ...
  216. Swimming Sessions
  217. Bleeding Pads
  218. Any Suggestions for teaching “Down!” ?
  219. Nice McFlappers, Frankie
  220. I was asked to post some puppy pictures of Dakota (SORRY LOTS OF PICTURES +2)
  221. Question about Lab Coats as they Age
  222. What training treats do you give your dog?
  223. OH... MY... You HAVE to see this... (UPDATE)
  224. The Neighbors must think I'm weird
  225. Article in NY Times about Cesar Millan
  226. Never "asks" to be let outside
  227. Cool Reading Program Starting w/Our Obed Classes
  228. Maui loves rocks
  229. Only 48 More Hours!
  230. Haley's Ears Look Funny...Help!
  231. Does your dog like corn....soybeans....?
  232. The puppies are here!
  234. All that worrying over...
  235. DAWN!!!!!
  236. It is just like having to human kids....the way they wrestle.....(pics included)
  237. I was beginning to think it would never happen
  238. When do labs stop growing?
  239. Bring Your Lab to Work Day
  240. on the bed
  241. bad black dog
  242. Why I don't get anything done and my house is a mess
  243. Teddie says she's not getting enough attention
  244. She ate my phone!
  245. Off to the Vet yet again (UPDATED!!)
  246. Yippeeee ... it's in the sixties again!
  247. The pillow fettish
  248. Jasmine Dream Update with Pics
  249. Does 2 Labs = Double Trouble ? (Up dated)
  250. I very much dislike the office people at my vet.