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  1. Obsessive barking
  2. spay today
  3. ears again
  4. Gunny's littermates came over Saturday (MANY PICS)
  5. Melissa and Ruby
  6. dogs who need to gain weight???
  7. Psycho run
  8. I'm wondering if Tal got a bit overstimulated today
  9. Comment
  10. Party Dog
  11. New Poster Long Time Lurker - Thanks
  12. Cherry Eye, do you think he has it??? Warning - This is long
  13. PLAYDATE!!!!
  14. Saved a dog from getting ran over and found out we got a Petco!!
  15. Thunderstorm
  16. Editorial Comments please-update 1
  17. Puppy owner dilemna - should he stay or should he go?
  18. questions about obedience classes
  19. Where does the white patch come from??
  20. just hit 30 pounds!
  21. Paddy: Still a tolerant old boy (pic)
  22. The kids made the move to the pen today
  23. Favourite Pictures of Summer 2006
  24. Puppy album updated (especially for those that don't like cats!)
  25. Bella and the empty dog food bag (pics)
  26. My Hero
  27. Judy's PA Labfest Report
  28. Lake Placid with my lab....Any suggestions?
  29. Only in the movies
  30. Dogs who sleep in bed with you.
  31. hair standing
  32. Molly's side of the story...
  33. What type of underground fence works for you?
  34. All by myself!!!
  35. Where do you get your Pet Meds? Updated for your info!
  36. This cracks me up!
  37. My LabFest Pictures! Lots of them!
  38. I woke Tal up from his nap today...
  39. The biggest dog from today....
  40. More LabFest Pics
  41. One more thing to say, then I'm gonna shut up and read some posts
  42. Who's dog is this?
  43. Rescue peeps!!
  44. How often does your lab get sick?
  45. The story of Beau and Tucker
  46. Obedience school grad
  47. Growling tummy
  48. LabFest today...more pikchores
  49. Buddy's Newspaper Article!
  50. Linda 1, Thank you so much
  51. A Dog Year by Jon Katz
  52. Where to shop?
  53. Jake has a food hang over
  54. Bandanas???
  55. Bandana and bone
  56. Today has been kinda special
  57. Magazine on Labs.
  58. Pictures from todays lab fest (9)
  60. Laura/Labby puppies siggy
  62. Dakota went crazy with the snow falling.
  63. A Happy Ending!!
  64. Molly blew it...(update reply #4)
  65. Look at this picture.......
  66. Pink Camo Collars for the Rough and Tumble Female Dog
  67. How Ranger relieves stress (Yeah like he has any)
  68. Griffin - Vomiting and Diarrhea...what home remedies do you use?
  69. Do You think This would be ok?
  70. Yet another rescue update...
  71. Old dogs rule!!!
  72. Fun night!
  73. Restricted Calorie Food
  74. New Pics of Tal
  75. Bailey would have been 8 yesterday.
  76. Well just aren't I the genius
  77. 15 years ago today I got Ellis - update
  78. Tal's Vet Visit, Part II
  79. What a sweetheart...
  80. Angus and his crate - anyone have one do this?
  81. nm
  82. Do you ever watch what you say
  83. winter apparel?
  84. Need Help to Counter Supposed Breeding Benefits
  85. How do you celebrate your Labs Birthdays?
  86. Why is it when your...
  87. The light bulb has just turned on!!!!!!! I am so proud TY to FallRiver
  88. What a meanie I am!
  89. Olly Dog collar alert!
  90. Kittens!!!
  91. How can I teach her the command Go get Karon...important she learn
  92. Transport help needed 09/23 - Chillicothe, MO to Greenfield, NH
  93. Birthday card
  94. Tal's Vet Visit
  95. Registered name.... we finally picked one.....
  96. Rowan's first snowfall......
  97. Bear on Just Labs Magazine
  98. Saw our first city Raccon on our walk this morning
  99. One Word Description of Your Lab
  100. Rosie O'Donnell's cure for diaper rash
  101. TheThree Amigos
  102. Question about Crazy Collars
  103. This is very sad !!!
  104. Eagle Pack has some new formulas
  105. Anyone else have a drive by licker?
  106. How many of you lab lovers...
  107. I have puppy fever =(
  108. Any recommendations on an airplane crate?
  109. How to buy a 3DirtyDawgz collar?
  110. Remington not good
  111. In your OP
  112. Mel's Note Cards
  113. WHY would she do this? WHY WHY WHY???
  114. Labrador Life Line Auction--going, going, gone!
  115. Foster and Smith-Customer Service
  116. Someone stole Libby's puppies!!
  117. He could be in a Windex commercial
  118. Mom went crazy!!! UPDATE!!
  119. Want to know if there is a JL member by you?
  120. She had FOUR puppies!
  121. Peeing in house @ 7 months
  122. Jasper and Jell Just chillin'
  123. I must be PMS-ing because I just got emotional over a song - Lab Related
  124. Happy Gotcha Day Jack you silly old pirate
  125. Time Flies!!..... I'm almost 1 year old!
  126. Some Goods Thoughts For Tankie Please If You Would - Updated Friday
  127. ROFL. . My fearless protector
  128. Oh Bucky, you sensitive lab!
  129. This may sound silly but...
  130. Tal's impromptu play date
  131. Rules for the Dog
  132. my goofy boy Chase (pics)
  133. Barking
  134. (2 pic) "Hog" Dog & The great Quail hunter
  135. How do you teach a dog to shut the door?
  136. Someone smells mama
  137. Hi Sheila howz Beau doing?
  138. What colour collar for a Chocolate lab
  139. An official CKC name for Bailey
  140. Daneen's post about training got me thinking about what your Lab's best
  141. Help!! Henery got stung by a bee!! Benadryl dose??
  142. Murray and Essy's debut this weekend
  143. Dog in a tree!
  144. Conversations with Molly (video)
  145. Wet the bed?
  146. Have you ever seen or felt the presence of a dog that has passed away?
  147. Just came from the vet. Bad news... ;-(
  148. A tired Kathryn means....
  149. Confession of a busy lab owner
  150. Bummer
  151. Anyone at work
  152. 3 week pictures are up
  153. urgent puppy question
  154. For all the collar Fans and Look Union Jack!
  155. Bed wetter?
  156. Payton would like to audition for CSI
  157. Can I help too
  158. Food
  159. A rescue update...
  160. Name Game
  161. I couldnt find Taters leash at 4a.m. this morning... SOrry kind of long
  162. Want to Read something funny about tater?..
  163. Billie is 2 today
  164. Bad Breath?
  165. Strange question...
  166. Locations
  167. Why is she so scared?????
  168. Gotcha Day
  169. Is there a difference in coats on fixed dogs and non-fixded dogs. Thoughts?
  170. getting fixed :-)
  171. Some new Tatum pics
  172. When is the best time to add a dog?
  173. COSTCO's new Kirkland Dog Food for Seniors
  174. Somebody had a really big day...(1 PIC)
  175. What's that in the water?! (1 PIC)
  176. Need some Help
  177. Troopersmom (Laura)
  178. Incessant Barking!
  179. Registered Names
  180. The Mean Man
  181. ideas on what could be wrong with my girl?
  182. My cutie Wigeon
  183. Duncan's life before us...
  184. food thief
  185. A Lab who goes to day care...
  186. Off to the vet
  187. ?'s on swimming, english vs. american, & ear issues
  188. Hmmm, I think I will be posting a lot about Duncan's "odd" behaviors! (Pic)
  189. What to do for "Hot Spots"??
  190. Dang......Duncan is in BIG trouble!!
  191. Few pics - "A girl and her dog"
  192. Treats
  193. Interesting thing happened today
  194. A few more puppy pics
  195. Someone ate my shoe.
  196. I can't believe it
  197. Bad News...
  198. Advanced Obedience Class last night.......
  199. Gage, Daisy and the Wailers...
  200. Size matters?
  201. McKenzie's first night at school
  202. If your dog could talk what kind of voice would he have........
  203. Has your lab perfected "the look?"
  204. Crazy collars...
  205. Not good
  206. Another litter of puppies...
  207. Red Bump Just Below Duke's Nose
  208. Crate question
  209. Buck at doggy day care
  210. Part two. I know I did the right thing taking Ernie
  211. such an interesting moment....
  212. Update on Jessies dew claw
  213. Buddy & siggy pic!
  214. Marley and me
  215. Do you ever leave your Lab in a vehicle?
  216. Question about the first vet visit
  217. We are new give us pointers
  218. It could have been worse
  219. smile at the camera
  220. Any suggestions for making home made DIY seat covers out of bath towels?
  221. **pic** Wes and his Bandana
  222. Slight advances? in Puff's socialization
  223. Another DVD/VCR player story
  224. Need some advice on some things....
  225. Thank you Lexie!
  226. Run Free Champ (NLR)
  228. A year with Ernie. What have I done???? part 1.(long)
  229. New Puppy
  230. finally a picture
  231. My puppies and their new blankets!
  232. socializing
  233. Puppies are so helpful
  234. New at this
  235. What happens when you don't play ball the sequel! (new vid)
  236. My New Puppy
  237. Leeza out of the box
  238. The adventures of Ginger
  239. Gotta' Love a Frozen Kong
  240. children in dog park
  241. Update on Taters 4 am barking
  242. what happens if you don't play ball with abby? (video)
  243. I feel so bad - Moose had ear infections and I didn't know it
  244. "Hey, what's going on out there?"
  245. housebraking 18mo lab mix
  246. "Presents"
  247. New pics! *Warning graphic intense!!*
  248. Making the bed
  249. Awesome new doggie store!
  250. Slap