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  1. Anyone have a Lab with Periodontal Disease? (Cross-Post from Health Section)
  2. How's Toby today?
  3. What do I do for the runs????
  4. Mom lost our toy!
  5. Bladder problems?
  6. Luke falls asleep on his back (pics)
  7. I just posted the 1st photos
  8. Syndey ate....
  9. Has anyone seen this before?
  10. Susan or Jeffrey....I NEED MY AIDAN FIX!!!!
  11. Who ya gonna call?
  12. Do you think Judy is spoiled?
  13. this is what I am thinking- opinions please (red paws)
  14. Why does he always seem to be laughing at me? (pics)
  15. Tal's Training
  16. Things change fast in rescue
  17. Happy birthday to Charlie and Madam! :-)
  18. If you want to open a paypal account...go here
  19. Is this possible?
  20. Gage needs your help! A CMLRN auction!
  21. Sky's 2nd Birthday Party
  22. Oct 20th Sky was born 2 yrs ago - Happy Birthday Sky!
  23. Why not Train Him??
  24. Molly says: "help they're cutting me off!!"
  25. A girlfriend for Baron (Bubs) - South Florida
  26. Is this what your talking about......
  27. Michigan peeps
  28. when is the lab it's adult size?
  29. Mounting
  30. Bo and Wyatt update
  31. Did you all hear about Lucy the lab in Texas???
  32. not a dogpark rant but...
  33. anyones dogs allergies acting up
  34. Mary Ann picture
  35. Treats
  36. Update on Rascal...
  37. Gilligan and Thurston pics
  38. My neice's school report. (long)
  39. How was Aiden's First Night?
  40. WHy Didn't I think of This sooner???`
  41. Pumpkin Picking
  42. Dawn - Bodie
  43. Dark Tongue
  44. Finally got some Tydus Pics!
  45. Xylitol and Dogs...TOXIC
  46. Mistake with Tal's Crate
  47. HELP: Springfield, IL area ??
  48. Does he/she like your tongue?
  49. Chewing on feet
  50. Serious Stair Phobia????????????????
  51. Aidan is Home! (Pics Included)
  52. Aidan is Home! (Pics Included)
  53. Rally Trial this weekend - wish us luck!
  54. OK! I'll bet you've never had this happen...
  55. Where is Aidan?
  56. Mischasmom!
  57. What do your labs paws smell like????
  58. Question about new bed...
  59. Help is Dakota to skinny?(pictures)
  60. Weebels???
  61. Hanging on for dear life (1 pic)
  62. When a Girl Gets in Big Trouble.........
  63. Did Aidan take off yet?
  64. Dog shampoo
  65. I must be getting stronger!
  66. Tater helps with the laundry last night
  67. Aidan's flight has been delayed until 2:15
  68. Do you give your dogs heartworm preventative year round? (Poll)
  69. Preparing for Aidan!
  70. Paddy teaches Seamus water retrieves (3 pics)
  71. vet waiting room vent
  72. Still looking....
  73. Lucy had a vet appointment this morning
  74. Paddy's First Retrieve
  75. Gonna be quiet here today
  77. Paddy's 10th Birthday: His Story (very long post)
  78. ACK! Bodie growled at me .....
  79. Elias and his marrow bone
  80. Jeffrey's Nightmare
  81. So funny...
  82. Why I have my doggies (very long)
  83. The Couch!
  84. Soup Bones
  85. What a YUCKY moment!
  86. COLRC specialty
  87. I know this subject is controversial, but..
  88. All JL members are invited
  89. Aidan's flight info
  90. Lab stolen from front yard - please help!!
  91. Ahh doggie daycare.....Cinnamon is to pooped
  92. Are dogs color blind?
  93. Wondering If Rogie Has Relatives on the Board
  94. Beneful? Anyone feeding this?
  95. Purebred Lab??????
  96. Teak: Aren't you afraid of melting?
  97. long car drive tomorrow- tips needed!
  98. This diet is trying for both of us
  99. Barking While Im Away? (Need suggestions! dont want to muzzle!) New Update =)
  100. "The Original Dog Whisperer"
  101. Just dropped off John Grogan...
  102. FINAL bonding example...............
  103. Kinda icky anal gland questions.
  104. What size collar do you normally order from 3 Dirty Dawgz?
  105. Can you spot CoCo?
  106. Tater (Sam) re: breeding
  107. Fall has arrived in So. California and the dogs are so happy!
  108. How many of your dogs
  109. Shadows and my dog...
  110. Heel Puppy Heel
  111. Help Me Decide On Picture
  112. Soup Bones?
  113. Can you help us save these girls?
  114. Had a question about dominance.
  115. So Depressed
  116. Scared on walks?
  117. Starving dog yeah right (pics)
  118. Apparently Its My Birthday, I am 1 today...
  119. 6 am walk Raider saw his first buck
  120. How could people allow a dog to get this fat. Beagle, not a Lab
  121. What is it? updated.
  122. Can your dog tell time?
  123. Cocoa's going to Toledo...
  124. The beastmaster (1 pic)
  125. Me and Tuck lastnight
  126. Frankie got out of the fence this morning!
  127. Dork, watch dog, or just vicious?
  128. Crazy Kaycie (Vids)
  129. What do sanitary napkins, condoms and Skippy have in common?
  130. Rice, Tx Stolen Dogs
  131. Looks can be deceiving... (pics)
  132. Vicious labs!!! (picture proof!..add yours!!)
  133. Luke from Georgia
  134. Labernese
  135. Sweet Story - Tissue Alert (very long)
  136. I hate you!
  137. Hey Linda1! On blinking at the flash...
  138. don and libby
  139. "Molly's" new chair (pics)
  140. Quick update on Henery!
  141. Where is the best place to get Labrador
  142. Dremel-ing nails??
  143. Just received a picture of Lucy (Lovey)
  144. Aidan says he's used to luxury
  145. hamming it up (editied to show the clown)
  146. Magnum & Ruger Today
  147. Marley's health update!
  148. Teddie and Aidan playing
  149. anyone need an easy walk harness?
  150. Introducing: Aidan!
  151. Bodie gnawing on back feet (UPDATE after vet appt)
  152. Some Beach (Sunrise) Shots I Came Across
  153. Tongue Question
  154. Excercise in winter
  155. By request, photographic evidence of the bath burglar.
  156. The Bath Burglar Struck again last night...
  157. Loose Skin
  158. People keep saying my lab is fat
  159. Dog Day (LOTS of pics!)
  160. Post Your Destructo-Dog Pictures Here!
  161. Wonder how Raine is doing?
  162. If I ever get another lab....
  163. Quick update on Bunny
  164. Never thought I'd ever give them a bully stick....(pic)
  165. A couple of breeder questions.....
  166. Rowan..... the running back....
  167. I don't know where i'm going!
  168. New pictures of Owen and Cocoa...
  169. Did someone say frog dog??!!!
  170. frog dog!
  171. Yesterday Was Awful
  172. need some help..
  173. Nathan
  174. Laura
  175. Re: Are we odd??
  176. Excersize Cold Weather and Kennel Caugh
  177. Scared of thunderstorms....
  178. Labs dressing up
  179. Casey today
  180. The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction...
  181. Argggg....the poo...
  182. The treat on the nose trick
  183. WigWag ....your website
  184. Taters Fight against Cancer....The Walk
  185. Gus looking good
  186. Thanks
  187. Health Concerns during Our First Night Together
  188. It is hard, but....
  189. And yet another example of some serious bonding going on..........
  190. Thinking about not going to dog parks anymore
  191. Duke finally did it...
  192. Abby graduated!
  193. Questions for you responsible breeders....
  194. Uncle Clint
  195. For the yellow fans..........
  196. Warning - lots of pics and extreme cuteness
  197. Really missing Henery...
  198. Weekend pictures (apollo, 4 wk puppy, and my jock)
  199. Stinky Gas!
  200. Dog Food
  201. Sandy (zoezoe)
  202. Deramaxx question???
  203. I am back....
  204. Uh oh. I know a black dog who...
  205. Do they know?
  206. Screensaver is done!!Link to download
  207. They just took off.
  208. Whatcha doin on that side of the fence? (3 pics)
  209. Hey Trickster ...
  210. Update on Scotty (limping in right rear leg)
  211. my dogs death
  212. Collaraholics-closing sale
  213. Lola on her walks, question ???
  214. Im back
  215. a thank you
  216. Not a Lab owner..but seriously!
  217. Sam and SU (more bonding info)
  218. Meet Casey
  219. Ducks and Labs Love Houston's Weather
  220. Tricks
  221. Quick Question, Curly Tail?
  222. The Joys of Rainfall ...
  223. Speaking of Frankie's head...
  224. RIP Horatio (not a dog)
  225. Frankie's Grams - look at that tail!
  226. A variety of new (slightly old) pics & a video of CoCo!
  227. No bake dog biscuits
  228. Question about Shedding
  229. Fill in the Blank - I find it odd that my dog... -----------
  230. Gilly and Thurston's flight info
  231. I feel bad for my mom's lab...
  232. Rawhide bones
  233. Lab doormat from target
  234. Diger dog at it again!!!!!
  235. What does your dog's
  236. Small brag!
  237. Molly's new collar
  238. Cheese Filled Hotdogs as training treats :/
  239. Anyone know a dog friendly B&B in Cape May, NJ???
  240. We are back and... :)
  241. Proud of Sadie
  242. After Molly's walk tonight (pic)
  243. underground fence or wooden fence???
  244. Someting Bittersweet About Tal
  245. Sandie, how is Frodo since the TPLO surgery?
  246. Ruger was a real butthead (pic)
  247. I NEED A NAME!!
  248. Magnum's Great Weekend (pic)
  249. Ruffy & the Cat Cafe
  250. Dominance?