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  1. Cosistency and Routine....
  2. A Proud Mommy Moment!!!!
  3. Davy Crockett had his coon skin hat
  4. Surfer Babe
  5. Sadie scared the crap out of us tonight!!
  6. Does this mean that I'm getting old and feable.......
  7. can anyone suggest a website
  8. DOG ABUSE UPDATE 6:30 PM Sat.
  9. pushy girl black lab free to good home
  10. My wonderful jack-o-lantern
  11. Seat Belt System - RAVE REVIEW!
  12. A poignant opening day of duck season
  13. adopting a 8 year old or not
  14. Recent posts about animal cruelty
  15. Life is good (one pic)
  16. Dad took some video of me today!
  17. Lots of playing this am! With Pics..:)
  18. Decorative Squash Poisonous? Help!!!
  19. Boone isn't feeling well
  20. Waiting for number 3
  21. Buddy - medical update
  22. Help!! George is sick and I don't know what to do!!
  23. Trooper loves the JL Magazine
  24. Tal's Best Walk Yet
  25. Labby Scrabble anyone?
  27. A new addition to JL's medical community....
  28. PM messages...
  29. Copper is either really wants food or feels better.
  30. I should know better...
  31. Animal Abuse I just called the police!!
  32. oodles of doodles
  33. I hate on-call vets!!!!!! Copper update
  34. - anyone ever buy something thru them?
  35. some Aidan pics
  36. A run in the park...(2 pics)
  37. Poll about our Secret Santa Gift Exchange
  38. I wish I could bottle her energy...
  39. someone's getting a Sally tag and some Lori collars
  40. Hey, Tanya!
  41. Seamus earns his 2nd leg-Waiting to hear from Dani**UPDATE**
  42. Psssst Sharon (WigWag)...
  43. Emma this morning (video)
  44. It's 36 degrees...he's still swimming
  45. ??? about buying a new puppy
  46. Look at this face...
  47. Another silly question PLUS PICTURES!!
  48. Disgusting people UPDATED 11-08-06
  49. Totally spoiled
  50. Rascal and his new sister madiline (Pics inside)
  51. Happy Gotcha Day, Toby!!!
  52. Seamus: My heart dog is four years old (lots of pics)
  53. DANI, if you haven't left yet
  54. Tuck's doing great
  55. Rascal learned how to....
  56. Bearded lab?
  57. What can I give Benson for pain?
  58. A Thought about Labs
  59. Could Simon be any cuter????
  60. All night out of her crate...
  61. Look How Big I'm Getting!
  63. B'day party at our house tomorrow...
  64. More idiots
  65. Pi's first snow
  66. The nuts are coming out of the woodwork
  67. Labs in Ohio being put down tomorrow along with 20 others
  69. Buddy's unscheduled trip back to vet
  71. Oh dear... a tilter
  72. Costco has bolster beds again
  73. This confused me!
  74. I Brought My Dog To Work Today
  75. Meet my Jack
  76. Does your yellow labs have a different color on their ears?
  77. Owen Videos...
  78. Where's Tallie? (Frankie's 4 legged Mommy)
  79. Just one more day!
  80. I put him to sleep.........
  82. Emma is famous!!!
  83. And the Winners are..........(CMLRN Auction Results!)
  84. Do they ever grow into their lips??
  85. Catera from KY.
  86. Poor Zebbie........
  88. Angus acts like a dog who never gets out of the house...
  89. Tankie Update
  90. YAY! He's finally got it!
  91. Really BIG News, Finally!!!
  92. THANK YOU DAWN & BEAR(pics)
  93. My baby is 1 years old!
  94. HENERY'S HOME!!! :)
  96. There's a new sheriff in town...(halloween pics)
  97. UTI Problem
  98. Oh no - poor Nemo!
  99. registered online now what
  100. Please, Lord....give me strength...
  101. Just Occured to me abouit Tal
  102. Rascal's got a new sissy
  103. INTRODUCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tuck!!! I am in love PICTURES
  104. HENERY!!
  105. Should I laugh or ignore the question?
  106. Gabby and Maverick this am (pics)
  107. Bear is limping :(
  108. Aidan's Halloween and job interview
  109. Alert to all JL labs
  110. Amazing story - good good boy!
  111. Judy got bit by a squirrel
  112. weird question - pooper scoopers
  113. my worries were for naught
  114. Help Please - hair loss on tail and butt
  115. Please NEED help in Michigan, Ohio & NY
  116. Felicia, how is Henry?
  117. More news about Teddie and Paige
  118. I need some help!!!!
  119. I am sitting here this evening
  120. Keep name or change it
  121. remember last week I wondered if it was buddy's food causing his allergies
  122. Gentle leader
  123. Portrait of Duke and Freckles
  124. Happy 2nd Birthday Theo! (few pics)
  125. Bandanas
  126. I am just heart broken. I don't think I can do this again(update2)
  127. Anyone have a weimeraner? vs.. Lab UPDATE*********************
  128. Happy Birthday to my special girls, Maxi & Laura
  129. One More Halloween Question
  130. Walking on Leash
  131. How did your labby do with all the trick or treaters ringing the doorbell?
  132. ginger and her cat friend!
  133. Today is Maggies First Bday (lots of pics)
  134. Sammy...
  135. Nothing like this
  136. Halloween costumes - let's see them!!!
  137. Speaking of Sally tags...
  138. Need suggestions - gift for vet office
  139. Walking at night
  140. Happy Halloween...
  141. Ike wanted to go to work with Mom
  142. A Good Dog I Know....
  143. zoezoe...
  144. Thank you Miss Brigetta!
  145. Am I a strong, confident pack leader?
  146. Help!! 7y/o male lab in Tn. needs a new home!
  147. Carve your own virtual pumpkin
  148. A girls' morning- Zoe and me
  149. Update on Copper!
  150. hitchcock
  151. please please send good thoughtsq
  152. Tatum's mom (hey Dani!)
  153. Happy Halloween!
  154. What would you do?
  155. UPDATED Question for all my fellow JL labbies
  156. self recognition
  157. Collar addicts look what Emma got today!!!!!
  158. Bad to the Bone
  159. Teddie & Paige update
  160. do your pup's have a best friend?
  161. Rowan's first walk!
  162. How far do you walk your dog??
  163. Curious about Tal's coat
  164. Joy in its Purest Form
  165. this is going to be hard to explain
  166. How in the world do you keep (updated with pictures--last post)
  167. Zeb update/ talked to the kennel
  168. Eye Problem - KCS
  169. Teddie's been gone for a couple of days
  170. Obedience Photo Shoot
  171. more pics of Dakota and Oreo
  172. these 2 are crazy
  173. Pinata and DJ Woofus! (more pics from the party)
  174. Just 1 Pic from the Halloween Party
  175. New Home for Maddi
  176. RAW meals (2 pictures)
  177. Question for Remington's family for future
  178. Too Cute..
  179. Clint and his bandana
  180. Wigeon! Yahoooo!
  181. And then there was one.........
  182. How Long Did It Hang?
  183. How tall are your labs?
  184. Tater my little excape artist
  185. My little dietician
  186. Sadie's 1st hunting trip.
  187. Coming out of the RAW closet (update with bone info)
  188. New Home
  189. Scotty's UKC Sub-Novice Video
  190. Agility
  191. Fixated
  192. Sadie at the vet...(update)
  193. When Brigetta sees a squirrel...(pics)
  194. Going out of town
  195. Wesley **floogle-marfel** settle....
  196. Check out Duke with his "cigar"
  197. Putertutor
  198. Flush Pheasants and Point Duck? WTF
  199. Henery will be home tonight!!! (Update Wed 1pm)
  200. Update on my non-lab rescue (Cinderella Story), pics included
  201. STLRR's Teddie - photo shoot - she's 9 days old tonight.
  202. Tank Cannot Handle Rimadyl - Now What?
  203. thoughts and prayers for Copper please (second update monday night)
  204. Spoiled ROTTEN...literally...
  205. Rider's hunting trip...
  206. nm
  207. Partners is Crime
  208. My Itty Bitty Brag. Very itty bitty
  209. Our new puppy.....
  210. He stinks!
  211. Luke and Taylor do the Wave (pics)
  212. AH Zoey
  213. Pulling On Leash
  214. New fence is up
  215. Photo intense football practice!!
  216. Now THAT's a Doggy Door! (1 Pic)
  217. Whipped cream treat (1 pic)
  218. Fergus FINALLY off leash!!
  219. hahaha...Jakie and dental hygiene!!
  220. Two out of four isn't too bad, right?
  221. *gag cough cough* need advice on gas problems *cough*
  222. Oh the places they lay (pics)
  223. Aidan's FIRST marrow bone Added pics
  224. Happy Birthday Manteo, Siblings, and Friends(long)
  225. Dakota Update and thanks for all the well wishes....
  226. Fall foliage and pretty dogs... is there anything more photogenic?
  227. shedding
  228. Someone forgot to tell Emma and Aidan...
  229. 2 birthdays to celebrate today (pics. included)
  231. Just wanted to share my sketch
  232. Pics of Tal
  233. Payton's first hunt outing -pics
  234. Tal and halloween
  235. Mollyrock, your watercolor of cookie dreams...
  236. I just have to tell you about one of our vets
  237. Sammi scared the beejeez's out of me today!
  238. Kid jumped on cat
  239. A Sign of an Improving Mess Pot
  240. charlie
  241. Zoom groom
  242. World Series Pictures
  243. Barkin Bash
  244. Just one more week
  245. fun dog web sites
  246. I miss Henry and Felicia!
  247. Flynnie: What a goog! (pic)
  248. Mellow had fun in the rain...
  249. Dani & Felicia
  250. waiting