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  1. Is demo. mange painfull or uncomfortbale for a dog?
  2. Shelter dogs I walked last night
  3. Things to do!!
  4. New Finn (Gilligan) pics
  6. Not sure where to post this but........
  7. Damn cat is in my spot!
  8. Huh? What pizza box?
  9. new pic of my new puppy!
  10. Updates to Chance's page...
  11. The day I gave Ernie away.. bit long (pic)
  12. no poop all day?
  13. What I did today...
  14. spoiled rotten or not?
  15. You will love this!
  16. Dog Parks
  17. Luke's mom has gone too far this time
  18. Please help- anyone in Las Vegas
  19. I am worried about Tal
  20. George won't stop itching and chewing!!! Help!!
  21. Lab / brittany
  22. My Parents came to let Oakley out
  23. Gunny on trampoline and a few misc pics
  24. Thumper had fun today
  25. Uh oh, Sammy's eye
  26. Kennel Cough Vaccine?
  27. Christmas Cards Are Arriving!!
  28. "Are these your socks?"
  29. Boomer update
  30. Poor Daisy, she never gets a break....
  31. just got new book..."The Dog Ate It"
  32. nm
  33. "Wanna come over and cuddle?"
  34. Mary Sunshine & Kiana *UPDATED!*
  35. Is it time to skip the midday meal?
  36. He did it again!
  37. Do you leave your dog with a bone?
  38. A Luke Update
  39. We were attacked last night!
  40. *poof*
  41. At my wit's end!
  42. Snicks here....a secret box came yesterday!!!
  43. Christmas photo shoot (pic intense)
  44. How to Slow Down Eating -- I Need Ideas, Please!
  45. Excessive nail biting. What do you do?
  46. BryanJ Any news on Davis yet
  47. Bailey Dawg's first night
  48. Secret Santa to Texas & Rebel
  49. Maggie got her Sally tag :)
  50. Copper has OCD....
  51. how to re-train recall at dog park??
  52. sunbeam
  53. Busted!!!!!
  54. Jury Duty
  55. Pups and kids, what a combination, huh?
  56. Any updates on Mr. Tankie???
  57. Some pics of Mambo and Ernie.
  58. why? a post from charlie
  59. Isn't this gal Dani just the greatest?
  60. Message for LarryTheLab
  61. Dang, labs are soooo smart..pic intense :)
  62. Strange Aggression
  63. Calling any Tampa FL area Labs .....
  64. Holiday Season
  65. NLR - Dog book & movie
  66. Tater is trying his hardest....
  67. Vestibular Disease - not in a lab
  68. Labs on furniture?
  69. Advice requested.
  70. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - just when I thought things were GREAT
  71. My fridge thief is now
  72. Moose gave me quite the shiner this weekend - anyone else get these?
  73. modgirlreporter
  74. I think we're going to need a case of Bitter Apple....
  75. AKC names
  76. I dont know what to do :(
  77. Is Gigi too fat?
  78. Do your labs sing with you?
  79. The Christmas tree
  80. Patellar luxation in both legs.
  81. Cute Puppy Christmas Poem
  82. Dog classes
  83. WE DID IT!!!!! (first leg of RN)
  84. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOBY! (Tobytrix)
  85. Caleb was sooo good at Cherrybrook yesterday...
  86. CoCo's Day at the Park and New Friend (lotsa pics!)
  87. CoCo's Pet Peave (pics!)
  88. well i was awaken by....
  89. Advice needed URGENT
  90. Today is the day! - Update 2 (last one, honest!)
  91. Gunk in eyes
  92. a dog with a fever what do you do?
  93. Hey All...Long Time No Type....Da Lexie Update
  94. Boomer is real sick
  95. They like the wierdest things
  96. Home for the Holidays
  97. Puppies, Puppies,Puppies
  98. Dakota and the Christmas tree.... (pictures)
  99. Helper decorating tree & Shadow's angel. (2 pics)
  101. Questions for "serious" trainers and handlers
  103. What did you *almost* name your dog?
  104. No plug is safe....(meet Mady)
  105. I got Dakotas picture from Petco..
  106. Alas...Zoe Growled at the Beach...Thoughts?
  107. Indi at10 months old
  108. Tal growled yesterday
  109. We found a new off-leash area!
  110. Chance update 11/26/06
  111. Some peeves labs have about their owners
  112. Calling Susan or Jeffrey...I need my Aidan fix!!!
  113. Has Shanny been on the computer again?
  114. My boss was on I took my dog to work with me!
  115. Does your neighborhood have this problem? (venting)
  116. Guess what we woke up to...Pics
  117. Hey Cappy ... It was my turn today...
  118. SHE DID IT!
  119. Christmas Trees: The Puppy Question
  120. dry skin
  121. It's Snowing!! (Updated with New Pics!!)
  122. The tryptophan haze
  123. Male or Female?
  124. Just saying hello
  125. I'm so happy! Doggies are home! (and so are we)
  126. How The Heck Did A Labradoodle Get In My House???????
  127. How do you teach a Labrador to swim?
  128. Ranger and I just got in trouble (and got scolded)
  129. are they happy?
  130. Flynn: SO bad!
  131. Puppies, puppies ... puppies everywhere!
  132. Check out my new Sally tag! (pics)
  133. Running around (pictures)
  134. LabFest today -- 9 dogs; weather sunny with temps in the 60s
  135. Christmas Tree? oh no
  136. Lucy Cricket and "cousin" McGuire
  137. This might be of interest for folks in the Pacific Northwest
  138. EVO warning
  139. Shhhhhhh, don't say anything. Christmas present photo inside
  140. **Update 11/26 1st Post** Can a Dog's Legs "Fall Asleep"?
  141. The quiet here is deafening..
  142. Hey Cappy, can I whisper something to you?
  143. devastating decision
  145. CJ's kind of sick today **Update and Question
  146. christmas tree
  147. Shanny taking her book to the mailbox
  148. Pics from this week.....
  149. dry skin/shedding
  150. This Made me smile
  151. Michigan Christmas Lab Fest???????????????????????????????
  152. Tankie Can Bark - If you have the time and bandwith.......
  153. Bella in a photo shoot and update on the girls
  154. Osteochondrosis on the left shoulder
  155. Ernie is Five today.
  156. Who is/anyone going to the E. Lansing shows next weekend?
  157. I need a Jack Ryan fix...
  158. Speaking of Shanny...great Children's Book
  159. "Order a new frisbee... STAT!!!"
  160. We are family
  161. I had one of those moments
  162. New experiences day!
  163. Hair question...
  164. Happy 11th Birthday sweet Stevie
  165. Why I just love my Shanny Monster
  166. Chances Adventures...
  167. I got to go to the dog beach today !!!
  168. Mocha .... resting
  169. All Paws ....
  170. Jack's vet visit updatee
  171. Carol and Grammie just showed me what they want for Xmas
  172. NY Times: New cancer drugs benefit dogs and humans
  173. T-Day Guest In Shelter
  174. I just wanted to show you all Tuck's first outing today!
  175. Happy First Birthday, Toby! (photo intense)
  176. Um, Shanny.......
  177. Here I am, pretty stealthy huh?
  178. Not Eating
  179. Decisions! Decisions! What is a girl to do! says Zoe Mae.....
  180. Are labs good for a first time dog owner?
  181. Nupro
  182. The Mess Pot Strikes Again!
  183. Eating poop!!!!
  184. Mr. Playboy Lab Is BACK.............
  185. Tan Points Chocolate Labs
  186. Photo Intense! I Finally got to go to the Park!
  187. Dew Claws Or No?
  188. Being In Season
  189. Before/after weight loss pic
  190. Dakota likes her veggies!
  191. Thanksgiving...
  192. Double Bang
  193. Thanksgiving Guest --Pic Added
  194. Thanksgiving Headshots Of Tankie - Enjoy!
  195. How long should I wait
  196. Narrow Chest?
  197. NLR - Signature pictures
  198. Lab & Child Bonding.
  199. Bad Blood
  200. Today, I am thankful that...
  201. Greenies
  202. Collar Review
  203. Do You Think I am Overreacting?
  204. TRANSPORT HELP NEEDED: 5 Labs from OH - PA or NY URGENT!!
  205. Zoe's New Tricks (a Mom's Brag, yet nothing to brag about)
  206. Soup Bones
  207. Another New Experience
  208. Chance's Page
  209. NINE dogs in a them or no?
  210. Giblets?
  211. Sleepy pooches
  212. Secret Santa Help
  213. Attacked by a Beagle!
  214. Lola with some of her Thankful things (pic)
  215. Tatum is...
  216. Went to see Seamus Leader Dog pups today (pic intensive)
  217. Thankful for...
  218. Respect the working Dog
  219. An Armadillo Christmas
  220. Nervous for my puppy.
  221. Another letter to Mrs. Trump
  222. Christmas Compromise: Letter to Mrs. Trump
  223. How many of you gals could do this?
  224. Im so mad at Dakota!!!!!!!
  225. Shelly likes BoBo too
  226. HELP, please. Sam had a seizure last night..........
  227. Sammie wiith BoBo
  228. I got our Sally Harrell tag yesterday
  229. Brigetta made it through her first training class!
  230. Question about Frankie's hot spot
  231. Another Chance update....
  232. Tucker earned another title
  233. It's confirmed!
  234. Good/Bad Day-By Ruffy (graphic Stitch photo)
  235. Bunny was teaching me a lesson today
  236. Look who's sleeping-(but not through the night..) 5pics
  237. Need Help with Puppy Playing and getting control
  238. Zoom Groom= Happy Birds
  239. What would your Lab be thankful for?
  240. Tal's AKC Name
  241. At what age......
  242. here are new pics of new pound puppy adopted today
  243. Bubba at the beach
  244. Apples
  245. A few photos
  246. Teddie and Seamus today
  247. Aren't dads just fun?!
  248. Help, good boy turned bad
  249. The boys' adventures today (random blah blah blah)
  250. My two dumb dumbs in the kitchen, I'm sure almost up to no goodnicks