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  1. Did you ever sit at the computer..
  2. I had to bite my tongue
  3. FYI - Free Poison Control Hotline
  4. Which one is the pet?
  5. Can I have a cookie?
  6. Update on Simon
  7. THANKS, LARRY!!!!!
  8. Proper fit of harness...
  9. Bug Fixes
  10. The kids got their Christmas nylabones today
  11. Hey Secret Santa --- Beau says THANK YOU
  12. Thank you Secret Santa Rogie! (Pic intensive)
  13. Jumping
  14. I miss Tal..
  15. My Beautiful Reba
  16. Lablimo - the presents are open
  17. Larry, Doyle and Katherine! Our goodies are here!
  18. Ever heard of this?
  19. ss for max and moe
  20. Neighbour has a new Chocolate Lab puppy
  21. The Morning Perimeter Search (pics)
  22. Tags I promised for Bailey & Tater
  23. My Mom finially sent my secret santa pals gift!
  24. Sundance!!!!!! My Secret Santa!
  26. Just Remembering my old man Jake
  27. This comic totally had me laughing out loud today
  28. Tater got a new bed
  29. Tater and Cody playing Lots this weekend (lots of pics)
  30. CindersMyGirl
  31. Do they go through a "fear" period around age 1??
  32. Hey whats under there??
  33. Christmas pictures (lots of pictures)
  34. Elias says "Merry Christmas"
  35. Mambos secret santa look here
  36. Need help with counter surfing!
  37. Is there a differance between Male and Female Dogs as pets??
  39. Pottying Inside!
  40. Well Rosco has become just a Wonderful Dog!
  41. Good thoughts needed (NLR)
  42. Ivy and Raleigh - Attempted Xmas Pics
  43. first yellow lab...
  44. Sydney, Spike and Santa
  45. Lab host
  46. Secret Santa arrived at our home ... pics
  47. Washing a Lab
  48. Couple of vids..
  49. Staaanky Boomer!!
  50. The dogs wearing their new hunting collars on our walk ... pics
  51. HAY, REBA!!!!!!!!!!
  52. My Mom is crazy (Long)
  53. UPDATE:)Horrible day here, poison control then the vet.
  54. dog flu?
  55. Linda (raian), Magnum, Ruger: THANK YOU SECRET SANTA!
  56. Does this sound ok?
  57. Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!
  58. Dog Relaxation CD
  59. Why is it when they dig a hole
  60. Ahh! Finally some Country Comfort
  61. I was so ready to shoot my hubby last night.
  62. I think I have a head tilter! (pic)
  63. MISSING LABRADORS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!!! (Please help get the word out!)
  64. Lovey (now Lucy) picture
  65. Oh no! Two on injured reserve list!
  66. Why are you so sad, little man?
  67. When to have vet check lumps?
  68. My daddy,and the dogs (a video)
  69. Oh my how cute is the webpage lab in the webaddress!
  71. I may not be able to keep my girl
  72. Nothing like a round of bitey face!! (3 pics)
  73. Portosystemic liver shunt symtpoms
  74. All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...
  75. Got our New Puppy!!
  76. Tal is starting to love his crate I guess!
  77. sally's new music video
  78. Some pics from this morning.....
  80. Father and daughter - standing photos like Teddie
  81. Update on neighbors puppies
  82. Photoessay - A day at the park - Photo Intense
  83. Boone
  84. 11 Labs (a record) at our weekly Topeka LabFest + factors in its success
  86. begging for burgers, Bailey style (4 pics)
  87. Godspeed Tanner
  88. suggestions on another companion for my Lab....but a toy sized dog.
  89. Frosty dogs (pics)
  90. anyone ever heard of..
  91. Need Advice
  92. Mocha Today - Warts, Tumors and All
  93. Mambo is sick
  94. A Crazy Little Thing Called Luke (video)
  95. Jasper In Surgery (UPDATED - again)
  96. One is for fun, twice is very nice, but three ...
  97. Look what was at our house today! The kids are in love!
  98. Cute t-shirts! (A lighter note)
  99. New picture of Teddie standing
  100. Linda1---Jazzy---Jake----Secret Santa!!
  101. What, is today like National Adore Wesley Day??
  102. Question about activity
  103. Unappreciated helpers
  104. Simon: Scary diagnosis. Portosystemic liver shunts
  105. Visitors in the bathroom
  106. the most effective fund raising for rescue?
  108. Thank you Molly, Lucy and Cricket - Crockett's Secret Santa - Updated with Video
  109. Clarence's Secret Santa package!!
  110. Our Secret Santa pictures
  111. Thank you Crockett! (pics)
  112. Mercedes and her people problem
  113. How to find a good obedience class/ob. class worth it?
  114. Want to join my pity party?
  115. Those with males..This is embarrasing to ask
  116. Trip to Petco
  117. Trouble with the site
  118. Dutch and Zena pose as Santas (pic)
  119. Quality of Life- When it's "Time"
  120. Reba's Secret Santa Gift Just Arrived - Pic Added
  121. Kinda Bummed!!
  122. Encounters with the Christmas tree (pics)
  123. Another collar for all you collar lovers out there
  124. LiloBellaJazmine
  125. Abby, Jack, and Chloe
  127. Took Rascal in today for last shots and he weighs.....
  128. Secret Santa to Abby, Jack, & Chloe!
  129. this may sound crazy
  130. New weight for Tal
  131. Looky at Tuck's new colar from
  132. I got irritated at another parent at the vet today
  133. Simon is home from the vet (UPDATE)
  134. I had to take Tal to the vet today.
  135. Cool Dog Tags - check these out!
  136. Last day for bargain collars (pics)
  137. Notice anything on Rascal's collar?(pic inside)
  138. What is it with Labs
  139. Nose question
  140. Does this look familiar Amy?
  141. Took Rascal on his first "offical" walk....
  142. Remi's Hunt this morning .... No Cappy again :>(
  143. Where are the lab videos?
  144. Tundra lifted his leg to pee on the Christmas tree and...
  145. Amazing Dog Video
  146. Need opinion on a Lab breeder
  147. Got a husband who is getting frustrated with the dog....
  148. Thank-you SS Sunshines Finn (pics)
  149. Oops I did it again!
  150. Aidan's Secret Santa Arrived!!! (pics)
  151. Can vaccines give a dog D?
  152. Thank you Secret Santa!
  153. Life as Rider...(a pictoral story)...
  154. No frisbee in the house! (pics)
  155. Sally's Training Video....LOL
  156. seriously thinking about putting this as our Christmas Card
  157. UPDATE on Simon's Chocolate Incident
  158. Update on Simon (AngusFangus)
  159. Oh boy!
  160. Going crazy after my Labs neuter
  161. I can't seem to find the link for Chance...
  162. Introducing . . . Oakley the . . .
  163. Why are my yellow dogs black?!?!?!? Warning - "dirty pics"
  164. "When up on the roof there arose such a clatter"
  165. What to avoid in a labs diet??
  167. Seamus: Our philosophical conversation
  168. sally's litter mate needs a home!
  169. Tucks urinalysis
  170. Rescuer Plea: I want to save the life of this lab!!
  171. Mentally Stimulating Toys
  172. Daycare Call
  173. I just committed the cardinal sin of dog walking
  174. Is my dog vain?
  175. Male vs Female (dogs that is)
  176. Luke - short tricks video
  177. ho ho ho, tugg and skye...
  178. What do you guys think of this idea for a gift for daycare...
  179. Name ideas - your help is needed
  180. few new pics of Sally....she's growing!
  181. Doggie daycare
  182. Gold string on tree....ornamnet missing.
  183. Jolly Molly.........Beau's Pete Secret Santa
  184. Yes!! me again! Pictures though this time! *Tuck wants to retreive*
  185. Pumpkin dog treats?
  186. Petsmart website picture
  187. Forum Update
  188. We're home from the vet
  189. A rare Tucker pic
  190. Christmas Pic of Chatham (reposted)
  191. Which are more affectionate?
  192. Brigetta's sleep over (pics)
  193. Man he's starting to grow! LOTS of Ty pics!
  194. Santa rescue........
  195. It is final!!!!!
  196. Guess what Sammie is thinking?
  197. Gannon
  198. How do I get rid of these FLEAS
  199. Ruger In The Grass (pic)
  200. Fun things to do with my dogs
  201. Oh, What A Pretty Girl She Is! (pic)
  202. Eggs
  203. But I don't have fleas!?
  204. Traveling with your labbys
  205. update on Tuck`
  206. Where did my good Mambo go?
  207. Chewing his tail - help
  208. Christmas Bandana
  209. Frankie loves his Michael
  210. Lazy dogs (1 pic)
  211. Hi everyone!
  212. My New Ride...
  213. Update On The Tankie
  214. Thanks to Abbeysmom Secret Santa!!!
  215. Toby!!!! (Tobytrix)
  216. Need advice on hip xrays please!
  217. We just had our club Christmas party!
  218. Fudge and Nutmeg
  219. First Walk Around the Block Today
  220. Grooming
  221. A New Playmate for Sydney (Maybe)
  222. Hey Seamus!! (laura's seamus)
  223. Mom let me open my SS package tonight (picture intense)
  224. Yay!!!!!!! I'm on at home now!!!
  226. Dakotas story of pictures.
  227. OH NO! Red Urine??? what did she eat? HELPPPPPPPPPPPP
  228. Keep away from Flynn tonight
  229. not only are there silver labs...
  230. Thank You Joann Boonesmom, my secret santa!
  231. Anyone need help with Christmas cards? LOL
  232. Aly says...
  233. Wirehaired Labrador???
  234. behavoir advice needed - UPDATED AT TOP
  235. I think our package came......
  236. Laura
  237. A tough day at work
  238. I got a questions about colors
  240. Nikita's secret santa
  241. Alpha Rollover?
  242. Heather-Glen English Setters
  243. Question
  244. Rivermist Kennels
  245. Joys of wet weather
  246. Tried to video "rollover"
  247. Martingale collar
  248. MERRY CHRISTMAS! from Donna and Tucker (pics)
  249. almost thawed!
  250. Our little guard dog! Wow... fireman mommy whats that?