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  1. Thnak You Sectret Santa - lab addict
  2. a lab that needs to be adopted! need your help
  3. Merry Christmas From The Setter Boys!
  4. Abby and Molly open presents (videos)
  5. Santa!! (5pics)
  6. Generations 3 and 4
  7. Of all of their presents ...
  8. anyone know of New England lab rescues?
  9. Christmas morning hike..another pic intense post
  10. Happy Birthday Lucy! She is 4 today! Thanks Henery and Felicia for...
  11. What Would Christmas Morning Be Without.......
  12. THANK YOU Deb, Emma and Mellow(our secret santa!! Best Christmas Ever!
  13. What a start of Christmas eve... (A true story)
  14. Christmas grooming....
  15. Santa came twice this morning
  16. Before the day gets started, and things get hectic,
  17. POPPY MITCHELL - Secret Santa
  18. Drying off from the lake
  19. Merry Christmas! (pictures)
  20. We got our white Christmas after all! Maggie and Dakota got to play with Joe..
  21. I just got the best Xmas present (Blackie's feeling better)
  22. We have the BEST secret pal - photo INTENSE!
  23. It's Time
  24. Bleeding Nail...HELP!!
  25. Jackie Oh has something to say....
  26. UGH! SO ANGRY! (Just venting I guess)
  27. Christmas Therapy Visits
  28. Vid Clips from the Lake yesterday
  29. Not a creature was stirring....
  30. Merry Christmas
  31. Merry Christmas
  32. Seamus napping before the festivities begin
  33. Gandy Wishes You Merry Christmas! (pic)
  34. Teddie says "All I want for Christmas is.........
  35. Christmas Eve morning adventures (Got the pictures now)
  36. Until Flynn came to live with us...
  37. Abby's limping is a bit better.
  38. Tristan is 8 this year!
  39. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!
  40. Dogs dying in Baltimore
  41. I hope a lesson was learned here!
  42. Fanny joined our family today 4 years ago.....(long)(pics)
  43. Advice needed...
  44. Riley has been a bad boy...I need help.
  45. Yesterday at the park
  46. trip to the Lake - pic intense :)
  47. Stuffed Froggie question
  48. Santa's Little helper!
  49. Sleeping Buddies
  50. Is your lab a "crotch sniffer", too?
  51. Question on Dog Food.
  52. Some new Puebla pics
  53. lifting leg
  54. Happy Holidays
  55. Thank you Secret Santa
  56. She is laying on the couch feeling sorry for herself
  57. Was sitting at the computer.. pics
  58. The Big Snow Storm
  59. Christmas is for stuffing!
  60. Poor Stevie
  61. Jasmine Dream Needs Some Good Thoughts -- PICTURES!!
  62. So. Calif folks - have any of you ever been to this park in Chino?
  63. Good Lord, My Neighbor's New Puppy
  64. Paddy got a duck! Eat your heart out Cappy_TX! (pic)
  65. Abby is limping!!
  66. Oh good show, Flynn!
  67. Family shot
  68. Oh no, I have one on the injured-disabled list
  69. Taylor Cleans up her Toys (video #3 - final)
  70. A Dallas Maverick hunted with us today!
  71. Luke & Taylor: Time to Eat! (video)
  72. Some Things I learned This Week
  73. That's a wrap then
  74. Rosco does not seem to like that Flavor!
  75. Cheap Beds
  76. My little Granddaughter and Ben
  77. Yay! ZsaZsa is ready for "Street debut"!!
  78. E-cards by Jacquie Lawson
  79. fburke
  80. Zoe Sings the Blues (cross posting in O/E it took me so long!)
  81. Ok I am Panicking big time!! :( (UPDATE)
  82. Mia is HOME!!
  83. Do you think I got too big of a bed...
  84. A special rescue story for Christmas (Long)
  85. Oh Indi you are too cute
  86. Thank you, Secret Santa (Buckyball)!!!
  87. Very strange sleeping positions!
  88. Zoe's Too Funny (no pics; sorry)
  89. New dog beds for everyone! Ho Ho Ho!
  90. Remi and Ria battled it out today!
  91. CalisMom -- Thank you
  92. Feeding Schedule
  93. Seamus & Flynn a while ago (pics)
  94. another update on Brooklyn plus pics
  95. Sometimes we learn to really appreciate the differences in our different Labs
  96. I took Tal to the vet afterall
  97. Skippy & Emilu open presents! Bully for Bully sticks!! (pics)
  98. A Tribute to an Old Friend
  99. Question about coming home from the vet
  100. To my Secret Santa
  101. WOO HOO! Simon passed the test!
  102. Those of you who have potty trained or been in obedience training with your labs
  103. knee high missing....gave peroxide
  104. Another Break-in (wink wink)
  105. Somebody adopt Murphy..he's gorgeous
  106. My gosh...what is up with the licking????
  107. For Sale or Trade: 1 year old granfdaughter!
  108. Dakota and the Jeep
  109. A very odd thing happened last night........
  110. Connection Errors
  111. I'm SOOOO proud of Rascal....
  113. Thank you, Secret Santa! Mattgusmum
  114. The saga continues
  115. Mia
  116. A good wake-up call about leashes and getting out of cars...
  117. Golden Retriever rescue info please
  118. worried about shady
  119. Sharon (WigWag)
  120. Thanks Rowan (Our Secret Santa)!!
  121. Bunny has some nerve...
  122. Leaving the Girls on Christmas Day:(
  123. new beach video
  124. Going to class tonight with Simon
  125. Hey Cappy!
  126. What would I do without him????
  127. Whata super nice thing for someone to do for Cappy and me!
  128. charlies limping again
  129. Another pic of Mugs with Drool!
  130. Question about aspirin ...
  131. I think she's fitting in
  132. Cappy returns to his favorite thing ...
  133. Chaos!!!
  134. Has anyone else ever ruined a Christmas surprise?
  135. Millies 1st Video
  136. Sam is a very bad boy
  137. From little puppy to my big boy (PIC Intense)
  138. The Accident with cookies! (X Posted)
  139. Amanda how's Mambo?
  140. Scub's at the vets UPDATE 7pm
  141. Update on Brooklyn
  142. Just got a call from someone who has a Teddie litter sister
  143. Zen Puppy
  144. Taylor Cleans up her Toys (video #2)
  145. Christmas Poem About Christmas Puppies!
  146. Chewing Crates
  147. to my secret santa
  148. Halloween pics...yes Halloween
  149. My furbabies....(PICS)
  150. My house was broken into
  151. New pics of the WY Boyz
  152. Christmas Morning Poem for the doggies
  153. Santa was here...Look ZukinGriffins Mom- Picture Intense....
  154. Mambo is at the vet right now
  155. WOW, I had no idea this was possible!
  156. HELP, please! **update** Curiouser and curiouser
  157. Linda1, Jake & Jazzy
  158. Meet Ozwald Poindexter "Ozzie" (Great Dane) PICS
  159. Dogs Welcome
  160. Sitting down putting my socks on
  161. Meet My New Baby - Pickles
  162. Moose & Sky's Christmas card outtakes and final
  163. The boys' new bedroom
  164. Making a dog bed
  165. Not Eating
  166. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  167. Even after 8 years, how smart she is...
  168. I just want to say thank you
  169. Crating (cross post)
  170. "Thank you Secret Santa!"
  171. "I'm getting drunk tonight!!!" (some pictures)
  172. Abby says OUCH!!! :(
  173. A TX Winter Storm Sunset
  174. can my dog drink milk?
  175. Bug Fixes
  177. Crate cleaning surprise *sigh*
  178. Thank you Secret Santa (Chris and Bruce aka Blondedog)!! lotsa pics
  179. For CJs Mom
  180. SIMON UPDATE!!!!!!!!!
  181. Thank you Secret Santa!
  182. To Rogie's Secret Santa
  183. Does your dog have a taste for music ?
  184. Card exchange
  185. the girls found a patch o sunshine to rest after their hike today (photo)
  186. X-mas gifts from non-dog owners ...
  187. New Olympic sport - Synchronized ball play
  188. Where did the puppy go?!
  189. Serious Question/ Training Tuck
  190. If it ain't broke, don't fix it?
  191. Where does your lab sleep?
  192. Cappy and Remi's Xmas gift to each of you JL members.
  193. Mocha and Smeagol with Santa
  194. We did it!!!
  195. My Penitent Pooch
  196. Nick is a hoot! Does your Lab.....
  197. Thank you secret santa!
  198. Look what my smary pants puppy found out
  199. Now and then (pics)
  200. I guess I spoke too soon..:(
  201. Mommy moped the floor------ weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  202. Sammi's a "coastie"
  203. Angus and Simon wish you a Merry Christmas! (CARD PIC)
  204. WOO HOO!!! Thanks Secret Santa dakkerdog!!!
  205. Secret Santa Gifts Arrived...THANK YOU SUE (Lablover) -LOTS OF PICS
  206. Sorry, Dad. I ripped your screen out again.
  207. Agilitymom - Skippy and Emilu - Presents!!!!!
  208. Eddie and JJ.........
  209. Adolescent Behavior
  210. News to brighten the spirit
  211. Just horrible
  212. Molly ate some dark chocolate m & m's
  213. Finally! Here's pics!
  214. somebody say something to make me feel better....
  215. Pictures of Indi (picture heavy)
  216. Excuse the rant!!!
  217. Poll re: boarding
  218. Thank You, Secret Santa
  219. Tuck New Christmas present came today!!!
  220. e.colicious! (or, I Am Exhausted This Morning)
  221. Have any of you heard about this?
  222. Howling Doggy - Good Doggy
  223. Someone keeps leaving our gates open - I'm lucky I have such good dogs!
  224. Lookie what I got!
  225. UPDATE~~WHAT IS THIS on my baby???
  226. Raw eggs really do make a difference!
  227. Christmas card exchange display on my jelly cupboard
  228. Took some pictures outside today
  229. Possible Pregnant Puppy(YES...puppy) rant.....(UPDATE)
  230. Santa Santa Santa
  231. This was a relief
  232. Connie - Any news on Simon??
  233. Santa came (pics)
  234. Information Please.
  235. What a way to start the day! Advice Needed! (Poop eating related thread)
  236. Canine Histiocytosis
  237. The Yahoo Boys caught being yahoos, photo evidence presented
  238. Bones
  239. the Finnigan Fund.....(long)
  240. buy me presents.. (pic)
  241. She's about to go airborn!
  242. Emma: Frosty pic's from this morning.
  244. CHANCE Update (x-posted)
  245. This made me feel good!
  246. Deadline for Secret Pal's.....
  247. Logan learning to hunt...
  248. grr...frustrated
  249. Thank you Shelley & Bettis - Secret Santa pics inside!!!!!!
  250. Amidst all the chaos there is some good news!!!