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  1. Two Yellow Puppies Died
  2. Just wondering if anyone has a myspace
  3. "Is it my birthday?" (picture intense)
  4. Some recent and random pics of Bandit
  5. Sandie, how's our Tankie?
  6. leaving puppy and hubby for a week.....what will I find on Friday?????
  7. can you tell your dogs apart in the dark?
  8. I don't like to clip nails.
  9. Does your dog offended when called by wrong name?
  10. Lookit how young my sweetheart was!! (lots of pics I found of Abby)
  11. Look what I found!
  12. I hate doing this to him.
  13. A cute photo of Clint from today
  14. Jimmy-Silo (Scouts pup)
  15. Leaving SU and youngest daughter in charge...
  16. Abby says....
  17. Oakley and her friend the JRT
  18. Angus is popular (moreso than me)
  19. Update On Tank - 6:30 pm on Sunday evening
  20. Meet Romy
  21. B & B update
  22. We have signed up for the January trials!
  23. The girls today. (2 pics)
  24. Why DH doesn't get first hugs (2 pics)
  25. For Jakes birthday....
  26. Help!!! Peeing on furniture
  27. Happy birthday Simon! (TONS OF PICS)
  28. Trouble in Paradise: Boys Not Speaking
  29. Vent about treats at dog park!
  30. Thank You Denise & Taffy!! (lots of pics)
  31. Cappy's 8th B-day present
  32. Jack was not cooperating this morning......(lots of pics)
  33. When you come home, who do you hug first...your spouse, your kids, or your dog?
  34. Marshal Has a Sister
  35. Posted in Health Section but haven't gotten a response
  36. UPDATE: PLEASE PRAY IF YOU ARE UP - Tankie is out of Emergency Surgery For Tumor
  37. Happy 1st Birthday Jake! (lots of pics!!)
  38. Flynn's seizure tonight *little sob*
  39. CoCo's First Birthday!! (lotsa, lotsa pics)
  40. Strange Behavior
  41. A Paw For A Pillow (one more puppy picture)
  42. Anyone else zonked out from a busy day?
  43. What are those bumps?
  44. Laura or other Michigan show peeps
  45. Is this ok????
  46. The reason Chuck-It was invented! (pic)
  47. Things are settling down a bit
  48. I Love Her But....
  49. Chicken Livers - MESSY!
  50. Puff is zonked out-- and a question
  51. New tag holder
  52. I just love this boy! (for Dutchie fans) edited with more pics!
  53. Emma is a local star...
  54. nm
  55. speaking of shannie
  56. 3 Day Old Puppies (picture intensive)
  57. Happy Gotcha Day my baby
  58. Abby just left
  59. Effective new drug to help dogs diet
  60. Who speaks fluent Labrador ?
  61. Photos from yesterday at Palm Springs show
  62. Anyone watch Dog Whisperer last night (w/Marley's Family)
  63. What Santa Brought The Boys (New Beds! 2 PICS)
  64. SHARON/DAKKERDOG Secret Santa Pics!!
  65. Ok now I have heard it all
  66. Angus, Simon and Me (2 PICS, 1 REALLY CUTE)
  67. The sisters
  68. Bitey face for today
  70. Time is running out **Raffle ** Win 4 days hotel stay at the Potomac Speciality
  71. FREE BOOK CONTEST Starts Tuesday!
  72. question....taking a puppy swimming
  73. Allergy sufferers ...
  74. The best way to wake up
  75. Puff's behavior -- I was sick for a day
  76. All the talk about the sucky balls (pics)
  77. Doggy day care
  78. shadows latest training
  79. discouraging leakage
  80. Sambuca's diagnosis - Masticatory Myositis
  81. Is SU like DH?
  82. By request, a fun post. Request your favorite pics of other's labbies here!
  83. Rasty Rump
  84. Question about daycare
  85. OMG!!! 120 lb lab! (and he's mine!!!)
  86. Update on Miss Chia
  87. Post Modern Toby
  88. I bought a Sucky Ball!! :-)
  89. I really like this picture of me
  90. it just hit me
  91. This day has gone down hill.
  92. Best Friends
  93. dog beds and floors..not just for dogs anymore..
  94. Sally and the Christmas turkey.....a new video
  95. Show suspended - UPDATE #2
  96. Pain in Abdomen -- Question
  97. A few photos from today - one of my girls (two leggers)
  98. I want you to picture Tater doing this....
  99. Puppy Pics.....too many
  100. Under the weather
  101. I need some reassurance, please
  102. Just dropped Fergus off at the Vets...UPDATED!!
  103. Greeting by taking your arm in mouth...
  104. What does you dog do when they wake up????
  105. She wet her bed...
  106. Linda (zoesmom)
  107. Lots of random Ty pics (including MUD!)
  108. Rainbow Bridge
  109. We like Eagle Pack so much... (pic)
  110. Woe is me (1 more Frankie hat pic)
  111. Nothing like bitey face to start the morning
  112. Up early, can't walk the dogs and they are bugging me!
  113. Sky peed on my bed this morning - UGH!!!!
  114. OH ON please tell me we haven't found a new TOY! ** video added**
  115. Testimony on non-worked out labs destructiveness
  116. where is Sue (WeHeartLabs?)
  117. Buddy at the pool
  118. {update on top} Hayley's Missing
  119. I took ZsaZsa to the vet today.
  120. We've Missed You
  121. Dog walker
  122. Animal Planet
  123. Dakota thats not very lady like!
  124. Not invited to obedience class...
  125. Just some random, not so good quality pics.
  126. Looking to Rescue
  127. Karina
  128. Mybabymambo
  129. Gag
  130. Maybe "Chamois" sounds too much like "Shanny"
  131. Galliolis Ohio shelter?
  132. How do you protect your car seats?
  133. How to find good breeder for Show/Bench type
  134. Black hairs, yellow lab
  135. Bailey's version of the Sucky Ball.
  136. I just realized something...
  137. Teddie and Abby
  138. dog on horse??
  139. One word
  140. City living w/ Lab
  141. Lassie he is not
  142. Amy (jzgrlduff)...Congratulations to Frankie
  143. NOT an advertisement, just a heads up
  144. Teddie says "Protect me daddy"
  145. I'm off for a week . . .
  146. Any updates on Chance
  147. Chewing Toys?
  148. Taking Storm to the Vet :(
  149. Thumb Sucker!
  150. Black Puppy with Torn Belly (UPDATE)
  151. Abby's halo has slipped a bit
  152. Question about Laser surgery for spaying.
  153. The sucky ball...........hat (pic)
  154. The face of guilt
  155. do y'all's dogs crash like this?
  156. What half of their name really means
  157. Chamois and Toby at the park (photo intense)
  158. Tucker gave me quite a scare (possible bloat?)
  159. Christmas pics (I know, they're a lil late)
  160. Pros and Cons for early Neutering
  161. Even puppies get into bitey face!!
  162. Found dog - help this girl find her real home
  163. Ellis at Christmas
  164. My two very vicious labs!!! (video proof)
  165. We have puppies!!
  166. Shhh! Don't tell her it's not a real lake! (pic intense)
  167. Welcome to "Tankie's Toy Box"
  168. Little Late: Wanted to share my X-mas gift
  169. HELP
  170. Ziva turned 1 year old!
  171. Dog Food ?
  172. Gabby got a chunk of marrow bone...
  173. Laura, how is Miss Abby
  174. Volunteering At A Shelter
  175. Happy Gotcha Day Copper!
  176. *poof
  177. Ok. I kinda feel like I take to many photos
  178. Taylor - Superfreak (video)
  179. Company in the middle of the night....
  180. I have a confession
  181. Great news for Ohio dog owners -- pet trusts allowed!
  182. NLR - My friend's GR is on his last days
  183. Wisconsinites
  184. Either she's FAST or the Bird was SLOW
  185. Puppy #12 Died
  186. Just make yourself at home
  187. Perky ears... just something I've wondered about
  188. Mambo will be a star, sorta
  189. I'm excellent at throwing dead ducks....
  190. Abby - The first thing I noticed is she is fat!!!
  191. Twelve Puppies
  192. Question please
  193. What Happened To My Perfect Doggie?
  194. You know this drill....
  195. Pedigree
  196. Frankie & the hat (4 pics)
  197. Labby - What's up with (M)ABBY?
  198. Anyone hear of this product?
  199. Tank's Electric Slide - Because of Hannah's post re: getting off the furniture
  200. how long is the wait for the akc registration?
  201. Buck is posing a new challenge for me...Need help!
  202. BRIGETTAS MOM - LOOK!!!!!!!
  203. Does your dishwasher . . . ?
  204. Help please! New
  205. Boone getting his nails trimmed
  206. Thankyou Labmommykathryn
  207. Everlasting Treat Ball
  208. Tucks first day of puppy obedience is tomorrow
  209. Watch out Mr. Plumber!
  210. My Handsome Boy...
  211. Good ol' round of bitey face!
  212. Ideas needed
  213. All of a sudden eating poop?
  214. Super Bowl 2007 Pool
  215. Wanna play?
  216. When your Labs get off the furniture
  217. Princess Madiline(Pic included)
  218. If You Have Food on Your Tongue
  219. Marking inside by 11 month old
  220. The kitty that landed on my doorstep...
  221. Haven't seen Ivy or Raleigh in a while ... (pics)
  222. Where can I get a marrow bone?
  223. Sadie.. my foster
  224. Rocket Blasts Off! (video link)
  225. Tattoos & Microchips???
  226. Update on ZsaZsa
  227. Pics! Lots of em!
  228. my own personal...
  229. Breeders (or anyone) do you agree with this statement?
  230. Happy "Gotcha" Day Rio
  231. Questions about certifications
  232. CLONES
  233. I think its happening
  234. "Why do you want me to get off the bed?"
  235. Secret Pals Are Revealing Themselves!
  236. Amy's Temperature Dropped (UPDATED)
  237. First water retrieve!...
  238. New Pics of Pickles
  239. The many faces of Mambo (slideshows)
  240. counter surfing
  241. Behavior Question/Advise
  242. He is truly just goofy
  243. Something to help the itching stop
  244. Photo-intensive...a day at the lake with the dogs
  245. I'm Worried-Does anyone know if something is wrong (pic)
  246. Ear Question
  247. What a lazy day.
  248. Do you feed Honest Kitchen Embark? If so, I have a question ...
  249. More Rowdy Snow Pictures
  250. Unsolicited Testimonial - A GREAT DOG PRODUCT