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  1. Anyone hear of this breeder?
  2. How do you like these panties, folks? (3 pics)
  3. Please Look At These Tumor Looking Things IN On Miss Chia
  4. Tucker and the contest....please read?
  5. Aww, two dogs sleeping at my feet...
  6. Vote for Tucker ......the cocker is gaining on him
  7. How Much does this Dog Weigh? (update page2)
  8. Need advice NLR..the Mastiff
  10. My Favorite Dog look here please!
  11. She scared me big time :o
  12. Puppy pictures
  13. How I stop my one dog from biting the neck of the other?
  14. Anyone bored and want to meet me in the chatroom?
  15. Tal please DO NOT scare dad like this
  16. Tankie Update
  17. Petey's son
  18. Off leash
  19. Florida lab fest pictures. Lots of pictures.
  20. Abby was to be spayed in heat. (1 pic)
  21. Aarrrghh! I'm in deep doo-doo now!
  22. First off- leash hike
  23. Cierra the counter surfing queen strikes again.
  24. Puppy pooping worms
  25. Pre-Tiki Tacky Party pics
  26. He looks so funny!
  27. So I bought a new leash (not the one i posted before) ...and i have pics!
  28. Blowing Coat in January?
  29. The "Does Aidan need to go on a diet"- PROOF pics
  30. Two peas in a well...(pics)
  31. Game of Chase (Pics)
  32. First Obed Class
  33. Not a good morning
  34. Snow Dog
  35. Tug-O-War (pics)
  36. Airborne!! (Pic Intense)
  37. Anyone want to trade?
  38. Yeller is no longer just a counter surfer, but a sink surfer
  39. Wish me luck, it's time for another tubby...
  40. Ten Peeves that Dogs Have About Humans (C/P in OE)
  41. This was disconcerting
  42. Pics of the "diva" taken this morning (5 pics)
  43. Simon can JUMP
  44. Darn it Taffy!!!
  45. Jan (Rugersmom)
  46. Bath Photo
  47. Special Thanks...
  48. This is a rant
  49. That's what you get....
  50. When you need to know your first aid.
  51. Went to take a picture of Petey playing dead and...
  52. new leashes
  53. Cute Cricket puppy video for Cricket fans (NLR)
  54. Riley.. week 2
  55. Obed Class tomorrow!
  56. Need advice, Uno swallowed a baby bottle nipple!!!
  57. Cricket wuvs her big sista Lucy
  58. Run Free Shemp
  59. Appalling Behavior, You Would Not be Proud if it were Your Lab
  60. Weight loss dog food - anybody use?
  61. Happy Ending...
  62. For the record, I would like to publicly state
  63. SuperBowl XLI Filled Grid
  64. Snicks Secret Santa Pictures
  65. What the heck is he doing?!?
  66. importance of registration?
  67. Belle(pics)
  68. Check out this leash!
  69. Look Pretty
  70. Pics from last weekend
  71. Our Lab marsmallow could not wait for me
  72. He loves his Daddy (1 pic)
  73. Turke update - not good
  74. the many ways a lab sleeps
  75. Grooming himself
  76. Payton sent me to Urgent care on Wed
  77. "Rubbish" (or picking SuperBowl Numbers small vid clip)
  78. Tucker's a finalist!!
  79. Want to hear a funny story about stays?
  80. Molly Portrait of Tal
  81. My little Sister
  82. Boomer with his paper bag toy (Video)
  83. need to know about the dog that was accused of eating their grammas ring
  84. One pic of Mambo
  85. Color question
  86. Deb (Sambucasmom)
  87. Abby should be a comedian. ( 1 pic)
  88. UGGGGGGG I need help!!!!!!!!
  89. Some pictures from today.
  90. Hey, Debra, Mellow's Mom!
  91. Ernies first night home.
  92. Aidan is all done with his shots yayy
  93. Labs don't like the taste of ????
  94. Hey guys - I didn't mean to diminish the job of a foster home
  95. Mercedez (Laura)
  96. Does your dog ever....
  97. I'm not looking forward to this....the truly hard part of rescue
  98. Some coughing...
  99. Only 5 more days...
  100. Winter paw protector (cream, not booties, lol!)
  101. A HUGE Thank You
  102. I need some opinions on a photo
  103. Need help!!!!!!! Keeping a puppy quiet
  104. No Rider, the world doesn't revolve around you...
  105. Tuckers reflective collar
  106. Yay Frankie!
  107. He's growing up too fast
  108. Super Bowl XLI Pool Update (All Squares Are Filled; UPDATE at top)
  109. Boone has a new girl friend!!!
  110. Teenage years
  111. It's a UTI for Sam.
  112. Max ate aluminum foil
  113. Emilu Houdini??????
  114. A Little Bit Of GOOD News On Mr. Tankie
  115. Reba In The Park Today
  116. I have been a good mentor......
  117. What do y'all think about the Halti collars
  118. SHould I be concerned about this?
  119. Advice needed for puppy lab and possible HD, please
  120. WTG Abby!
  121. Went to the pound today for one
  122. Update on the Lab found in a TX marsh
  123. Do You Hear My Mother Calling? (1 Pix)
  124. Relatives Visiting
  125. my baby girl gone to her new forever home
  126. really cute collar
  127. Games with your lab
  128. It's a's a's...
  129. Helping to raise another little girl................
  130. teething
  131. The stupid things our dogs do...:)
  132. Hip Displasia Question...I'm worried
  133. AKC most popular breeds - National and by Cities
  134. sally made a new discovery!
  135. The Princess and The Pea
  136. Today is Boomer's birthday
  137. Bloating, gas, and food???
  138. 3 Accidents in 1 day! What's going on!
  139. a breeder by me...
  140. Tonight's theory about Simon
  141. Tankies Chemo Put Off
  142. Retriever?
  143. Moose is home (new puppy.....lots of pics)
  144. Suprise, Suprise!
  145. He peed on our dinner guest!
  146. Trying to teach roll over!!
  147. Storm and the Stairs
  148. Superbowl Pool Grand Prize
  149. Riley Green Eyes
  150. looking for trick ideas...
  151. Labs #1, Again
  152. snow pictures
  153. Help!
  154. My pretty girl (3 pics)
  155. another lab.
  156. Degenerative Myelopathy ???
  157. Dog in need - please read
  158. Rogie + Ice
  159. Not a lab but still scared
  160. Well now...lookie what we have here....
  161. Extreme Bitey Face
  162. Boone And SNOW !!!!
  163. Pic from 6 years ago! My, how they grow ...
  164. RIP to our 3rd dog bed- help needed!
  166. Have you ever noticed...
  167. I'm a little afraid to go upstairs... (UPDATE at top!)
  168. T-N-T Labradors in Payson, UT
  169. 7 months and broken leg
  170. Hobart's all grown up (tons o pics)
  171. Secret Pal Round #2: Lindsay can't seem to get going on this...
  172. Labby Laura!!
  173. too icy and windy this morning for a walk..Lucy doesn't understand
  174. What do your dogs do if you cry?
  175. Pictures from this weekend
  176. Sunny 10 1/2 year old Lab in NJ
  177. Skippys surgery update - back home and happy
  178. Question about labs and pools
  179. Any one else in Ohio have cabin fever!
  180. Copper as a "baby"
  181. If your lab was a famous person - Who would they be
  182. Upgrading Servers
  183. I'm so proud of Indi
  184. Super Bowl XLI Pool! (Thread Locked; see last post as to where to go)
  185. Labs ARE just like kids
  186. Malka returns
  187. just Malka catting...
  188. nm
  189. Appetite
  190. Ruger Update: Vets puzzled
  191. Have you taught a "place" command?
  192. NLR - must watch Skidboot the Dog!
  193. Can a walk be too long (distance wise?)
  194. Boomer was busy today (pics)
  195. "Backyard" Breeders
  196. Chance's page has been upadated
  197. 10 months old
  198. what exactly does "crazy" mean?
  199. Hello
  200. Lablimo ... I'm glad you think
  201. How do they know you are sick?
  202. The latest in show attire?
  203. Just keep swimming
  204. Lab of the Week Submissions
  205. a couple of good news items...(kinda long and thanks for reading)
  206. I'm just curious to know . . . .
  207. Finally snow...AKA Payton gone wild (pics)
  208. I've now experienced my first poop popsicle
  209. BEAUTIFUL Blonde Pole Dancer *Graphic*
  210. I hope I never do this...
  211. Some Good Things already from Obed Class
  212. Oh Dear!!
  213. Mambo attacking car.
  214. Nature vs Nurture?
  215. Love/Great Dislike....
  216. Abby is 1 year old today. (pics)
  217. Happy Gotcha Day Cinnamon
  218. Poor little Belle
  219. Sleeping beauties...
  220. Gabby and me! (pic)
  221. My two trainers
  222. 'Problem' barking (HELP!)
  223. Skippy's having surgery tomorrow
  224. benefits to joining local lab club?
  225. Playtime with Darwin...
  226. shady update
  227. Meet Miss Hannah Banana
  228. Mom took me to the park (pics)
  229. Cleaning Ears
  230. Thank you Connie (and funny Clint anecdote as well)
  231. A Flying Dog (picture)
  232. Thank You From Sandie & Tank For.....
  233. My Puppy (pics)
  234. First Day at Obed Class
  235. Nothing like waking up to a head injury
  236. Did I tell you I ordered more collars (hee)?
  237. Belle (pic)
  238. nm
  239. new member and pics
  240. cant get posts to post
  241. Mellow is almost 7 months
  242. The best part of letting the dogs run in the yard
  243. Today's Show n Go Report
  244. Sandie, how is the Tank doing?
  245. Dog Crates
  246. Do you know where your wedding ring is now?
  247. those with small yards
  248. Labs Turning White *sigh*
  250. Snow pics from this morning