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  1. I know it's a little late to be sharing ornament pictures, but
  2. Joe Maringo's kindness
  3. Sould I be worried??
  4. Appalled and angry!!
  5. Yeah - job well done Wigeon!
  6. Not a lab but a Scottie
  7. Molly's done it again! Portrait of Jules :)
  8. Flyball Website - Critiques please
  9. Newbie to hand signals
  10. Ugh. Must read this article.
  11. Hero the GSD in Georgia
  12. Brrrr Mom...It's cold!
  13. Tal, Midnight and Sparticus - a Photo Story
  14. Labs are just plain nuts.
  15. Moving/Barking in their sleep
  16. My very first BirfDay and My First SNo! (lots of pics)
  17. The Umlaut is Drooling Again!
  18. This is one classy dog
  19. Very Terrifying Injury for Ruger today.
  20. My sleepy girl laying in the sun
  21. A lesson well learned
  22. Remington at Four Weeks (puppy pics)
  23. Another Day @ the Beach (some pics)
  24. Dear God! Now it's Seamus!
  25. Wish them luck.............
  26. Snow + 2 hours outside + 390 photos =
  28. Forgot to say
  29. Got a glimpse of what Tal might have been
  30. Training Progress
  31. Another injured digit...2 in one week!
  32. Teak pics from today.....
  33. Jack's just chillin' today......
  34. Newly Protective
  35. I got woken up........
  36. Why has Bodie's fur turned dark red from licking (allergies)?
  37. Kallie is "grounded"
  38. photo of Lucy and Cricket on the porch after their long hike in the snow..
  39. Topping a Wire Crate with Something...
  40. Who likes to eat snow?
  41. UTI's happening Often, need some help
  42. Well...that was a fun way to wake up...
  43. Samson but not as you know him
  44. Labradoodles on the TV this morning
  45. Local lab who raids fridges on the news (link to video)
  46. My baby girl is a year old!! lot's of pic.s
  47. Unbelievable Dog owners! Hero Dog!
  48. I want to cry...I knew I should not have looked
  49. Tankie Update - Friday PM
  50. for those who liked the Scrunchins pic earlier...
  51. I just joined the club . . .
  52. Best Way to Clean Toys?
  53. Well this is it.
  54. Rascal is home
  55. Question About neutering
  56. Boys nick-knacks
  57. He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaccck
  58. puppy throwing up
  59. My Adventures in Pet Sitting for Susan (WeHeartLabs) - ( LOTS of PIX)
  60. Henrysmom
  61. What should I train my dog to do...
  62. Consumer Reports: Best & Worst Vacuums for Pet Hair (Mar. '07)
  63. Sardines
  64. The snow video
  65. I don't get this poop schedule
  66. Bones
  67. Shhh
  68. She's A Keeper Today
  69. Dog Coats
  70. Jenn, Laura, anyone else familiar with dog scene in Toledo...
  71. A Ballet Dancer or Peeing Standing Up? (pic)
  72. not a lab but...(pic)
  73. Not a lab, but a GSD that needs a home...
  74. Abby says....(LOTS of pics)
  75. I am starting to get nervous..
  76. We GOT SNOW! **Pic Intense**
  77. Weight loss success!! Whoo Whoo!!!
  78. Samson back from surgery *Edited just to say thank you everybody
  79. Ruger Joins the Mile High Club ( XXX pic)
  80. Hey Rascal's mom
  81. Duke chillin with dad (pic)
  82. Mocha's going to the vet *UPDATED*
  83. She finally let me..(*Dremel info at bottom*)
  84. Hey guys
  85. First day on the job and student tells me a Kassa story.
  87. Opinions, please
  88. secret pal help
  89. Nail Clipping
  90. Is six month the terrible twos?
  91. Has anybody heard of total elbow replacement?
  92. Seizure City
  93. Some snow pics from today
  94. Tal Surprised me tonight
  95. Another food scare - Beneful?
  96. Is heaven a bone? I think maybe so....... (pics)
  97. Paddy on his red bed (Linda - tight curl) pic
  98. Flynn invades beagle territory: The Futon (pic)
  99. In the snow
  100. Something isn't right here...
  101. Post surgery update on Kimba - Picture of Kimba finally home
  102. what is a BYB'er ? sorry newbie
  103. Thanks the contest!
  104. I am just so disgusted and sad....
  105. Someone's been on a wicker kick lately
  106. If she were human, she would certainly be a fashion model (4 Ivy pics) ...
  107. Pictures of the dawgs
  108. day camp questions
  109. For those of you with paper shredders
  110. Jasper is going to work tommorrow
  111. Lindsey....Help???
  112. We're back!! And, with a bang... Henery-style! Oh lah...
  113. Mom and her "drug" dogs (cute)
  114. Guess Who Had Their First Real Food?
  115. Multiple dog play behavior?
  116. Questions to ask breeder
  117. HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY BRIGETTA! (lot of pics)
  118. Happy Birthday Kodi and Hoss (LOTS of picts)
  119. Wesley's Mom
  120. Update on Sandy the pup that was needing a new home...
  121. Guess what
  122. My Tribute to Barbaro, not a Lab of course.
  123. Important notice for all round one secret pals!
  124. Snow Day!
  125. Smart puppy?
  126. Larry's First SNOW!
  127. Missing my dogs!!!
  128. Happy Birthday Boudreaux!! Hard to believe you're already 3 years old.
  129. one year after losing Yukon
  130. Happy BIrthday Miss Brigetta!!!!!
  131. how well do you know your dog?
  132. any new shannie stories?
  133. Prayers for Rascal.....(UPDATED at 3:40 cst)
  134. Laika's birthday!
  135. embarrassing moment at training class tonight
  136. Shocking Doggy
  137. Giving a Heavy Sigh..........My Tankie Boy is Back
  138. My favorite boy...
  139. I've changed my siggy. (Additional photo added)
  140. Fun with "tags"
  141. A little worried about Buck...probably nothing
  142. Some Morgan snow pics
  143. What would make me feel better
  144. How much can poor Kimba take?
  145. doggie acne
  146. Dog Sitting - help!
  147. Butt scooting ?
  148. Sunjin, your siggy
  149. Odd Behavior
  150. Godspeed my dear Murphy
  151. Poopsicle anyone?
  152. A DOGS PLEA I saw this and wanted to share it with you.
  153. need help....inverted vulva.....spay or wait??????
  154. Silverbrook Kennels?
  155. Sammy had an Optho Appt. yesterday
  156. Saw this on the way to work today
  157. The baby threw up on Raleigh ... what a day!
  158. Dani.... I just PM'd the lady's e-mail address to you
  159. Gentle leader users
  160. Amy, how's Frankie's ear?....
  161. Microchipping?
  162. Happy Birthday Bruce!!
  163. Baby Maya Video
  164. Maya is always good for a laugh!!
  165. Few Rogie Pics
  166. Riley surgery update...or lack thereof
  167. Tired, Tired - Tankie Update - another trip to A&M Today
  168. New beds for crates - custom made!
  169. Differences in Lab's personalities, traits
  170. Lab puppy needs a new home
  171. The Texas Tank
  172. Reformed indoor collar user...
  173. For those who asked- Kimba update, Wed AM
  174. Photo edit...opinions wanted
  175. Oh a happier note, the Noble Paddy tonight
  176. Buddy's Not Had a Good Day
  177. Seamus! I'm a bit in shock here
  178. Mercedez is just sooo beautiful!
  179. Oh in the life of dogs
  180. Speaking of Dreams
  181. what am i doing wrong?
  182. Does anyone give their dog Benadryl type pills for allergies?
  183. socialized
  184. Boys only walk
  185. Bailey averted a potential tantrum... GOOD dog!
  186. The new Pedigree commercial
  187. Sawyer's dreams
  188. Today's nurse: Zoe Mae
  189. Eating rocks
  190. My Little man is growing up
  191. Parents Vet did something very nice
  192. A friend is asking about a designer dog, Help.
  193. OK I've decided
  194. OK, am I blind?
  195. Help!...My Lab's attitude is changing
  196. it's 12 degrees here...
  197. PennHIP??
  198. Ah crap, Frankie's ear
  199. new morning ritual
  200. PetSmart Hotels?
  201. Questions from a new owner
  202. Riley's post-surgery pen (PICS)
  203. A little countersurfing
  204. Can You Find Halle?
  205. Reba In Snow 3 pic sequence
  206. [update on top] Somewhat Concerned....A lot of saliva issue
  207. Poor Tal!
  208. Obedience Showing...
  209. This was encouraging
  210. Question about training
  211. My girls
  212. Poor Clint - both girls are in season
  213. Please help me to understand.....
  214. Dog Bacteria Science Fair Project Results
  215. awww what did you eat!?
  216. Doesn't she look sweet and innocent
  217. How was Tank's night . . .?
  218. Safe to re-freeze raw bones?
  219. A brilliant solution
  220. This ever happen to you!!!
  221. MicksMom
  222. Now that Rocky has been neutered........
  223. Dutchie napping with his toys (pics)
  224. "Comin' atcha!!" (3 action shots)
  225. Hey, Ender, is that you on the top of this page??
  226. What have I done to deserve this??
  227. Ready for take off!! (one photo)
  228. What would you do? (neutering)
  229. Zeb , The Nurse
  230. Bathtime and Butt tucking
  231. Tater in the Kitchen
  232. 1-29-07 pics
  233. need advice , considering getting a lab.
  234. Please keep Kimba in your prayers- ANOTHER UPDATE
  235. HELP, Lola's making a strange noise
  236. Ferocious dog...
  237. Happy 6TH Birthday to my special boy Buddy!!
  238. sally's growing up....too fast!! (pics)
  239. Molly ate some chocolate :( (AGAIN!)
  240. Five years ago today Kass and Ernie left their mother.
  241. Today at the park after handling class (a couple of pictures)...
  242. Mia pics & update
  243. Closed mouth smile (1 pic)
  244. Breeders in the Charlotte, NC area??
  245. *sighs* oh Molly do you have to get into things?
  246. Rant...big big big big rant
  247. Happy First Birthday Dakota! (one picture)
  248. More Kimba updates- need prayers- update THANKS to all JL
  249. Tankie Checking In on Sunday Night (3 pics)
  250. May I introduce.......Ch Karousels High Risk, AKA Boudreaux!.....