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  1. Just had to put my Dachshund down :(
  2. Thumbs Up for the De-Skunk Recipe!! (Thank you, Labby!)
  3. Kong
  4. The latest "skinny" on colors of Lab's noses (black, liver, snow, pink Dudley)
  5. The Package arrived, Secret Pal! (Pics)
  6. Moose finally got something to eat that he couldn't handle!
  7. Angus Heels!
  8. A game of fetch (pics)
  9. Dog Seat belt?
  10. Pet Expo Jacksonville Florida...Dock diving, flyball, frisbee & more-pic heavy!
  11. One advantage of yellows over blacks and chocolates -
  12. Is this what a Lab sees as being fun
  13. Remington 6-1/2 weeks picture
  15. Rare Mexican Black and White
  16. Anybody with a heart
  17. what training methods do you use
  18. Funniest thing thats every happened at training class
  19. Back from Boot Camp
  20. very peed off
  21. Pet Hammocks for the car
  22. Metal vs. Plastic Crate?
  23. Weird growth on Buck's lip :(
  24. Ellie in Snow
  25. She's feeling better. (3 pics)
  26. Destruct -O-Lab
  27. Mollyrock's Done it Again! My New Siggy picture!
  28. Anyone else out there with a female with odd "vulva" issues? Questions!!
  29. Ideal age to bring puppy home
  30. Simon communicates ;)
  31. No way your getting in my car !!!!
  32. SU and His Tankie Tonight
  33. Abby's Revenge!
  34. Ernie hates to cuddle :(
  35. My picture of Sadie won!!
  36. The first time I laid eyes on him (videos)
  37. We're back from the Emergency Vet.....
  38. My Graduation Day - by Tal
  39. I'm new
  40. For those of you with more than 1 Lab
  41. Finding littermates
  42. Wife can't find 2 rings...........
  43. Finally! Warm enough to play outside!
  44. This frosted me today
  45. New to Forum - need some help with my foster dog...
  46. Few new pictures of Sky and Moose
  47. Silly Sky and her ball
  48. Maggie's first stay at a kennel
  49. Got my new lab-mobile! ?? on attaching harness in cargo area, Ford Escape?
  50. Any help would be appreciated
  51. There's blood in Abby's urine.
  52. more gabby pix (snow!)
  53. Shoot...I knew everything was going too easy...
  54. snow wrestling Lucy and Cricket style! pics
  55. I have seen it all now!
  56. Summer playing....her favorite thing...(pics)
  57. The girls this morning. (2 pics)
  58. The joy of a chew
  59. How many toys?
  60. Reggie!!!!
  61. Labradors and Kittens? Does it work?
  62. Are dog skulls harder than other bones?
  63. Mommy, This Bud's For You (a pic)
  64. Anyone else having fun bidding on the labrador lifeline auction
  65. Tank's Newest Hairdo................................
  66. sophie loves her big brother...
  67. OTRA Trans for 10 Lab Pups - Mayfield, KY to Milford, NH - 3/3 & 4
  68. So how many talkers do we have out there?
  69. Kidney problems
  70. NLR - but something you all will appreciate
  71. Would you spend $58 on a dog collar?????
  72. I forgot I made this of Puebla!
  73. the gang (new pics)
  74. Been thinking...
  75. Tankie Did Not Get His Chemo Yesterday.....Not Good
  76. Tal's Surgery
  77. Laundry day and socks
  78. Chance's Site was Updated on 2/7/2007
  79. Good article on Socialization
  80. Why children should grow up with pets!
  81. Ladies & gents, we may have a winner! (Odd things that dogs eat)
  82. Help Save These Labs
  83. Do you have a tattletale lab?
  84. Raleigh's first gray hairs ...
  85. I was just interviewed...
  86. New Record Low Temperature for this day....
  87. Fighting!!!
  88. The Dog and Pony Show
  89. Friendship and tears - both happy and sad
  90. Lovefest (vid)
  91. have some good least it's really good to me!
  92. Free puppies
  93. We have a part-time 2nd Lab-PIX ADDED
  94. Happy Homecoming Day, Cammy!
  95. Toll Booth
  97. Kassa loved to play games with us.
  98. Question about exercise, feeding and watering routine
  99. A Lab??
  100. What I found in my E-mail
  101. morgan skidooing (video)
  102. How Much to Feed my 7 week old labs
  103. So Morgan learned to ride skidoo this weekend :)
  104. OTRA Trans for 2 Black Labs - Amelia, OH to Mercer, PA - 2/18
  105. So Sad Lab drowned.....
  106. Warning...puppy breath :)
  107. AND THE WINNER IS......
  108. Bali and the hairdryer
  109. Taylor, go to your bed (vid)
  110. Do you ever feel like the doorman?
  111. Jersey in the slush (video)
  112. Your best COMMANDS
  113. Happy Birthday Sawyer Brown!
  115. Flynn: If the mountain won't come to Muhammed...
  116. Belly sledding
  117. can anyone recommend a vacuum, please?
  118. *** Less than 4 hours for the NLRC Potomac raffle**** 5pm EST
  119. For Fun - Write your Lab a Classified Ad
  120. What would your dogs tell you?
  121. Is "brindle" a possible lab color?
  122. WHY?????
  123. Do we have any updates on Chance?
  124. Doctors Foster and Smith coupon (inside)
  125. Selective hearing ... or hearing loss?
  126. Does he look overweight?
  127. The boys loved the snow yesterday! Pics
  128. check your peanut butter....salmonella alert on news this morning!
  129. sally wishes she was still a little puppy
  130. Moose brag (tiny one)
  131. 2 labs in Bloomington, IL need home
  132. Chipped tooth question
  133. Reggie, how did this happen?
  134. Happy Birthday Maverick and Halle
  135. Harness reccomendations?
  136. One quick puppy picture
  137. Yay Snow, I had to work, but got some play time in with Summer (pics)
  138. My old girl - one pic
  139. My wild chocolate girl loves snow
  140. Liver noses and tyrosinase
  141. Microchip--AVID INFO NEEDED...
  142. Samson
  143. Lots of Lab Valentines Day Cards, Dukesmom got this one.
  144. Collars and Intraocular pressure (Kimmers, read this)
  145. Look who's stylin'!!! pic inside
  146. First snow, then ice ...
  147. Fun in the snow
  148. Abby and Molly's snow day(a picture story by Molly..edited to add video)
  149. They love apples (new vid link)
  150. 24 hours until the Potomac Raffle Ends *** Get your Tickets Now****
  151. My Funny Valentine
  152. What's wrong with our show Labs? Nothing really.
  153. My Sweet Girl
  154. Somebody got excited watching Westminster....
  155. Happy Valentines Day JL
  156. Gunny's lil buddy
  157. For all the Cuj fans here
  158. Male Anatomy question
  159. Help Me Again..
  160. Update on Buford
  161. Sweet Dreams Mr. Tank! Don't let the bed bugs bite
  162. Cute Pic of Tankie from Last Night
  163. Anyone heard of Purina Calf Manna supplement ???
  164. my stubborn Lucy...head shots
  165. More pics of Finn
  166. Happy Birthday Lilo and Bella
  167. Video of Lab Group at Westminster
  168. Emma the Lab ...
  169. Thank You Secret Pal !!!
  170. ginger playing as a puppy (vid)
  171. I am so proud of both my girls today!!!
  172. How long does a coat blow out usually last?
  173. Need help in AL
  174. Daycare question
  175. Does your Lab show gratitude?
  176. Screen captures from the Westminster video
  177. MitziandJudysMom
  178. Ch Salty Dog Of Tampa Bay Photo
  179. Video of Lab judging at Westminster is up...
  180. Praising Puppy???!!!???
  181. Desperately need quick advice...
  182. Lab of the Week
  183. Abby stomps her paws in the snow (video)
  184. westminster results
  185. My girls in the snow (pictures)
  186. Hiccups
  187. Lab Westminster winner. Don't look if you don't want to know
  188. Where did we order the monogrammed collars from last December?
  189. Cole had a doggy nightmare!
  190. how would you handle this
  191. Westminster, Labs today at 10:00am
  192. JL Forum Links Page
  193. My "little dog" is one tough little kid!
  194. Dog show question
  195. 7 labs survive severe cruelty in northern Michigan...(update)
  196. 4 Hours..........
  197. Kassa embarrassed me.. bit long.
  198. I need some advice...
  199. Need some advice/thoughts....
  200. Another UTI - Surgery?
  201. puppy obedience class.....just gotta brag a little
  202. Eye Crusties - Gross but need to know
  203. breed standard question
  204. Rider IS a huntin' dawg!!!!
  205. Why do you think...
  206. Pearl and the pups, Monday
  207. Why is she doing this now? Bad Emilu!!!
  208. Todays Westminster Group Winners are posted
  209. Fergus' New Bed!
  210. If I go, they go
  211. The perfect last minute Valentines Day Gift!
  212. is it true????
  213. I wish my boys were more relaxed in each other company ( Pic )
  214. Westminster Schedule
  215. Pics from our walk..(a lot of them)
  216. Remington 5 1/2 weeks and retrieving (pic)
  217. JL magazine?
  218. Anyone remember when the magazine was coming out that
  219. Rufus all natural calming treats?!
  220. Does your dog do this?
  221. Puppies in need of homes
  222. Father and Son
  223. Seamus + Aidan Portrait
  224. Summer at the beach! (pics)
  225. Snow playtime -3 pics
  226. New brother for Maggie
  227. Question on toy breed puppies
  228. Maggiesparents!!!! HURRY UP!!!
  229. They just *have* to be with their peepole, don't they?
  230. The Boys Go Back to Nature (7 photos)
  231. Happy Birthday to my baby girl!
  232. Is this normal?
  233. Summer Pool Party for the Labbys
  234. Lots of puppy questions...
  235. Happy Birthday, Clint!!! (WigWag)
  236. Puppy pictures
  237. The tale of his tail....
  238. A silly question
  239. Wow, what a difference a little off leash time makes!
  240. Hey Guess What?!?! (ring update)
  241. another day at the park.....retrieving a BRANCH! (pics)
  242. Poor Magnum....
  243. He is just too cute!
  244. Tonight I Registered the Pup
  245. Does anyone elses lab stomp their feet?
  246. I got me a clicker!
  247. Nose
  248. Tal and Sparticus, Part II
  249. Opinions, please...
  250. Did you see this??!!