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  1. What Ruby would look like if she were on a desert island...
  2. growth on abigails' snout-pic included
  3. An afternoon with Tal
  4. Emma ... HELP!
  5. They're here!!!!!
  6. dog food
  7. Half way there.....
  8. Is LB Orijen dog food okay?
  9. Does your lab????
  10. Should I be Concerned? (2 pics)
  11. We are still here
  12. Happy Birthday Butt-Butt! (pics)
  13. Remington The Bold (pics)
  14. Today's Show n Go
  15. Dilemma
  16. Disconcerting..Opinions please
  17. Oh, I am so mean. (but man was this fun!)
  18. Happy Birthday Kona girl! (pics!!)
  19. should i be worried,,,this was so gross
  20. OH FERGUS!!!!!!!!
  21. Brandy learned how to open her crate..LOL ..My poor wife.
  22. Do/Can they really get bored of the same food? (dakota)
  23. Fat lab
  24. Neutered males still hump females in heat?
  25. Since when is my lab picky about food?!
  26. Emma says: Recovery is Boooooooooring!!!!
  27. best day at dog park.....own private dog fest!!!!
  28. My wife looking for new home for Brandy...UPDATE!
  29. Hiking Trips this Weekend (Pics)
  30. Photo shot with JESSE - 17 months LABRADOR living in Romania
  31. What is the REAL difference between dog foods?
  32. UGH....this lady at wal-mart....
  33. That mischevious look!
  34. myspace lab layouts
  35. I'm bribbing my nieces.
  36. Tal's Recovery
  37. in the jacuzzi (pics)
  38. Pink nose / Black nose?
  39. Could Duncan possibly be experiencing puppyhood
  40. 1st puppy class today
  41. is gabby fat?
  42. Vitamins
  43. Fly by post....Robin's temp has dropped. Should have puppies by morning.
  44. QUICK ADVICE NEEDED - Cinder ate a box of cocoa wheats
  45. Sometimes it's the little things
  46. Pegetables - anyone given their dogs these?
  47. Remington Moves In :) - pics
  48. Mr. Tankie RELAXING Today
  49. Matilda pic
  50. Rowan is sad.....
  51. Adding A second puppy - Pt 2.
  52. Ten Commandments of Responsible Pet Ownership
  53. Bone Cancer
  54. What do look for when picking your puppy?
  55. Adding second puppy
  56. holy crap it is WINDY and COLD....
  57. Anyone want to see my "hyper" field lab? ( 1 pic)
  58. Playing at last
  59. Struggling.....I need to vent
  60. Thank you Dukesdad, for doing Tucker's portrait
  61. Want a lab... need some suggestions
  62. Crate issues. Again. UPDATE
  63. How Do You Create a Signature w/a Picture?
  64. My Boy Had A Good Day Today
  65. I have a question about the puppy Kongs and the Senior Kongs.
  66. Project poo.....
  67. Marlan was neutered today...
  68. I have a new Horseshoes partner!!! - NOW UPDATED WITH PICS
  69. Indy's first injury
  70. Mav this am.
  71. (Update @ top I tasted it!!) Muttrooms
  72. Our newest Lab
  73. Houston's St Patrick's Day Parade
  74. My First volunteer Day
  75. CGC class
  76. Bark if you're Irish!!
  77. Need Advice
  78. Did You Have a Nut Pup?
  79. The train is coming! The train is coming!
  80. Mambos going to doggy Day care for a few days
  81. I need a smoke....
  82. For those who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge (pictures/music)
  83. She feels neglected...
  84. I have a question might be stupid but I dont know
  85. Dog & Cat Fur Prohibition Act of 2007
  86. Reminder...Labrador Life Line Heart Dog Auction ends tomorrow! Saturday.
  87. What do you do for a broken dew claw?
  88. Has the age changed when you can take a puppy out?
  89. Dog barking next door, what do I do?
  90. Help! She won't sleep!!!
  91. Dixies Mom
  92. wonder if it's OK....
  93. Dog bones
  94. Ernies hole in the wall. pic.
  95. Kong Snacks
  96. Reflections & many thanks to you all!
  97. Uh OH, the wife looking to find Brandy a new home.
  98. Bitey Face Interrupted (vid)
  99. ellis - July 21st, 1991 - Feb. 22nd, 2007
  100. Icky Icky UPDATE
  101. This afternoon
  102. help with statistics for an expo
  103. The sheer joy of a warm day and sunshine ...
  104. Now begins a great time for winter gear bargains -- PolarTec long johns, &c
  105. For those with collage pic siggies....
  106. Puppy
  107. Something I heard from a trainer last night - what do you think?
  108. My Molly watercolors
  109. Very Exciting News - WIK Story in People Magazine...
  110. Emma must be a mix....
  111. Timber's Home!! *Pics Added*
  112. First day after surgery
  113. Priceless Pics of the love a dog and child!
  114. Lola has graduated and is an official Guide Dog!
  115. Lab Rescue???
  116. Im worried.. I need some thoughts/advice
  117. Whoo-Hoo...
  118. She's home!
  119. What are the spots on my lab's legs?
  120. Silly Wabbit.....
  121. Eating my back yard..Waaaa
  122. I got a sucky ball (lots of pics)
  123. Disturbing night at handling class
  124. Poor Murphy...
  125. Dog Park Horror Story
  126. How to clean "Slicker"Brush
  127. Why is he whining so much??
  128. Wednesday Pearl puppy update
  129. Jekyll and Hyde Pup.
  130. Tal's weight
  131. new gabby pictures
  132. Something worng here today?
  133. Nick & Nora help "cousin"
  134. And...the big guy with my friends Great Dane puppy
  135. "Crash puppies" napping with Autumn
  136. Almost another head tilter!
  137. Dremel Users
  138. Sloppy water drinkers: Solutions?
  139. Playing the drums!
  140. Silly silly boy!
  141. Tal's surgery **He's Home! UPDATE**
  142. Good girl Molly!!!! (I'm so proud right now)
  143. Poll: Leash-Collar Pop?
  144. What do you think is wrong with Lilo??
  145. Off to the vet soon to see Timber
  146. Fishing with your Lab
  147. Differences in registries...AKC, UKC, CKC (Canada), CKC (US), and others?
  148. Kong Crazy
  149. Lady hit her dog at school...
  150. Update on the Dog Electrocution Death in Chicago
  151. Lab in apartment?
  152. Good Times Were Had By All
  153. How do you get puppies to ignore dogs when they play with other dogs?
  154. Help, I want him to have fun....
  155. pet sitters drama (yes, more!)
  156. No message
  157. How Could You
  158. BUTT TUCK RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  159. first night out of the crate :)
  160. Does your boy lift his leg or not when going?
  161. Sending good thoughts for Tal today.
  162. I think we have come to a decision on Mr. Tankie
  163. Anybody ever get flack for this?
  164. Holistic remedies?
  165. please help!!!
  166. Buck in the snow
  167. If Simon was any cuter...
  168. Are your personalities alike?
  169. Icky, icky...
  170. Bella Mia has passed
  171. Almost couldn't walk the dogs tonight -what a wild time!!!
  172. Tomorrow is the Big Day
  173. Xpost/Mast cell tumor info??
  174. Flynn The Tease
  175. Maddie, doing what she loves best
  176. YAY FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!11 (UPDATE 7 PICS)
  177. I got my Labrador Retriever magazine today
  178. Such a nice day....
  179. Tell me your dog's middle name!
  180. New toys - remote and tripod
  181. Happy Birthday to my girl Rush
  182. Hey, check out
  183. Looking at Angus with fresh eyes...
  184. existing kennel name
  185. Good dogs gone wild....
  186. Well, Caleb had fun while I was at work...
  187. Buddy Is Lab of the Week
  188. Electrocution Dog Death in Chicago
  189. I'm so scared for my dog blaze
  190. Little girl face gone
  191. Seamus and Mikka (pic)
  192. Pet4pets collar to fight cancer.
  193. Does anyone ride a bike with your lab....
  194. Tater is a bad boy
  195. Calling Ender, Clint, Teak, Sawyer, Tucker, Ernie, Lucy, Belle, Cole, McKenzie
  196. Way to go Velvet (dog helped to save climbers on MT. Hood)
  197. er, um you want to go to the prom with me again this year?
  198. Question - my dog was neutered yesterday....
  199. Duke and Freckles Photo might be published (Update)
  200. Mambo's weight
  201. Are you kidding me?
  202. Lab to the rescue!!!
  203. Laughing Labradors !?
  204. First day at doggie daycare
  205. Buford is getting his kidneys cleaned...
  206. St. Louis/Mid-Missouri area rescue
  207. Stupid question perhaps
  208. Stupid question about swimming Labs
  210. Press gives lab credit for saving climbers
  211. Letter to the editor
  212. A sad sad day for me...
  213. So, I was watching the Westminster Dog Show last night...
  214. Day at the Park
  215. Lab vs. Weim
  216. What I do for one...I better do for the other....
  217. Lucy swiping the kong off the "snow mountains"
  218. A cold day but warm hearts
  219. I cannot believe it; well yeh, I can!!
  220. Angus swiped pineapple
  221. Moses pic
  222. I'm new!
  223. This Face (1 pic)
  224. Chance's page has been upadated Feb 7th
  225. Larry is 2...
  226. Is there a way...
  227. more on Morgan skidooing (pics and video)
  228. Took the boys shopping!!
  229. The many ears of Luke (Sunjin's new siggy)
  230. Update on the Mount Hood Climbers - the Lab is OK!
  231. Doggy daycare
  232. HI! Question about odd behavior of our new lab, PLEASE HELP!
  233. Big scare with Ranger yesterday..
  234. Theft of personal belongings
  235. Romper room (1 pic)
  236. Back to the vet for Timber *2/21 Morning Update in OP*
  237. Happy 8th Birthday Shanny
  238. New Member....Meet Brandy! (pic and video)
  239. labby, I just discovered...
  240. There is a Lab with the fallen climbers on Mt. Hood ...
  241. Mira's birthday today
  242. kennel blanket?
  243. Do Labs need a certain amount of physical exercise @day for owners to rest easy?
  244. Ernie pics (9 wks old)
  245. What Our Dogs Teach Us
  246. Pet prayers and two sites
  247. I realize that I am no Princess and the pea...
  248. This is gonna sound irational...
  249. Some Firsts!
  250. Help with AKC name