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  1. Happy 5th Birthday Judy (March8)
  2. Happy 2nd Birthday Mugs!
  3. Happy 1st Birthday Willow !!!!
  4. Elevated Dishes
  5. Some lighter moments from our vet visit today
  6. I'm moving (need help with barking problem)
  7. Feedback Needed
  8. More Remington (and a dirty nose)
  9. Wish everyday was like today
  10. Greyhounds at Petco Today
  11. Raian - your new siggy
  12. A New Toy
  13. I feel so bad about this...
  14. You think he has been through enough this month
  15. 3 Very Short Vid Clips of What We Do @ the Beach
  16. Meet Sassy.....aka Hershey.
  17. Oaklawn, Il members
  18. Ernie at 12 weeks
  19. Progress!
  20. Our First Hydrotherapy Session
  21. Bill Cosby's dog came second in the terrier group at crufts
  23. Gus & I played Horseshoes today!!! LOTSA PICS
  24. oh apollo!
  25. Gabs at the lake :)
  26. Ugh,Sydney how did you manage it
  27. Family hike in the woods today
  28. on the flip side........least fav trait!
  29. Gundog group at Crufts (video)
  30. Calling all dogs! <A Lucky post>
  31. Best seats in the house! (pics)
  32. Air Lucky!!
  33. What is your Favorite Lab trait?
  34. chew chew chew!!!
  35. Chocolate Lab coat color/change?
  36. Emma's Prom Dress
  37. Just realized!!!
  38. I mean I JUST
  39. My Dog Thinks He Is A Whale
  40. Tug o War
  41. Hows Ernie doing?
  42. Has anyone traveled from the US to the UK with their dog?
  43. Okay, how tough are puppies????
  44. My first love.
  45. Dogs' a-napping, I'm home, and all is right with the world.
  46. Jon Katz is the stupidest man alive
  47. Abby & Chloe tonight.....
  48. Sandie, how's Tankie doing?
  50. Poppy's Hip Dysplasia
  51. Help with Poppy's medication
  52. Does you're Labrador likes little dogs !?
  53. Help, my puppy is a bruiser!!!!
  54. The Whole Dog Journal
  55. Doggy Day Care
  56. I need solutions for feeding my dog and cat ---
  57. I am scared of the dog park
  58. Fooey?
  59. Drooling Question
  60. How to introduce lab to water?
  61. "
  62. Enrichment
  63. Nervous Mom
  64. I heard at the dog park today...
  65. Neat story in our local paper this morning...Special day for a canine hero
  66. Sam and the duck (pic)
  67. Labby Laura?
  68. Chance update....
  69. and so it begins ...
  70. OK need more advice-Food
  71. New tail docking laws at shows in the UK
  72. Labrador took 4th in group-Crufts
  73. Panting
  74. A week ago (Bunny pics) I discovered how much Bunny does like water.
  75. How many of you have...
  76. I love my new home..Pictures!
  77. Gus is 16 Weeks old now!!! (Pics)
  78. Just a quick pic from Charlie and Robin's litter......
  79. Puppy Breath... Pics (Dial-up warning!)
  80. Dog dies saving family from burning home
  81. Apollo Pics
  82. Food/Water dishes
  83. This was annoying
  84. Rowan 3 pics ~ Enjoying some mild weather today
  85. Boo hurt her leg UPDATE***
  86. Sad New from Mollyrock (Molly) Crosspost from O&E
  87. Going to the vet this afternoon **Update at bottom**
  88. Duke is a true Scorpio
  89. Small Tater Brag
  90. Derby is getting a new bed
  91. Cuj update--did I miss one?
  92. One more Sky story - she is really starting to find her place in my heart!
  93. For Dani
  94. Remington 9 weeks (added new pic)
  95. Your Favorite Trick you taught your dog
  96. Man dies trying to save beloved dog
  97. Proud of Sky last night at Obedience
  98. Backyard neophite
  99. Happy Birthday Darwin!!!
  100. Help!!!!Bored Lab
  101. Oscar and Felix
  102. Abby's sick! Need the power of JL prayers please! (UPDATED)
  103. Max just threw up his breakfast
  104. Car hit Erns. (he is o.k.)
  105. Hope you don't mind more pictures
  106. SNOW!!! A story by Theo
  107. Hip surgery.....actually it was removed
  108. Someone peed on my jeans!
  109. Dogs outside of crate?
  110. Should I be worried...
  111. Hey Aidan, this is Lily
  112. Chloe's First Year/For Dani
  113. Doggy Day Care
  114. He would not go to bed!
  115. We're back!!
  116. Nice touch...
  117. Fine temps + no wind + dry yard =
  118. Some post-Orbit Gum trauma pics
  119. We got more snow... (pics)
  120. I just can't believe Remington...
  121. We never get brushed...we get vacuumed! Pictures
  122. WARNING about snausages roverolis
  123. I don't care that you don't have shoes on...(Abby pics)
  124. Puppy Impetigo... On the face?
  125. Training puppy to ring bell to use the bathroom
  126. Hey Merlot_1
  127. Day Care Dogs
  128. He might be a stud muffin, but he still likes his toys
  129. Any Suggestions?
  130. Susan, How's Aidan This Morning?
  131. Bailey's New Lab Friend (pic and short vid)
  132. My two "boys" were playing catch.... (pics)
  133. He's clingy!
  134. I wish I was this flexible
  135. For those that have pools
  136. Labrador Lifeline auction - I got Mollyrock's Snuggle red note cards
  137. Doggie Daycare -what to look for?
  138. Poppy and HD
  139. Took the kid out for a walk
  140. Good thoughts
  141. Teeth
  142. For those who missed the Screensaver a few months ago Update link
  143. Summer heat
  144. Deep ear cleaning/ Ear Flushing
  145. Snoring lab
  146. CoCo and ZsaZsa are playing toghter again!! :)
  147. Hot wet tongue action (Lots of pics)
  148. Does anyone give crushed egg shells?
  149. Deneen - any decisions on Cuj
  150. Hit by a car...
  151. Update on senior yellow dog....
  152. I trained Tal to do this
  153. Any labs out there that are NOT tail waggers??
  154. I think I have THE most spoiled dog
  155. Luke - Toy clean up (video #3)
  156. Poses of the Labradork
  157. Togetherness
  158. Labradorkette: The King's revolt
  159. Tiny Lab puppy...
  160. Best Friends Forever
  161. Is it just me or does it happen to others
  162. Missing my fur baby while I am away!
  163. Should I be concerned?
  164. Chloe & The Wii
  165. Bailey vs the TV puppets
  166. Exercise
  167. My pensive boy (another Henery pic!)
  168. The best part of coming home... (Henery pic!)
  169. Nervous about tomorrow
  170. Jake plays football!
  171. Freezing temps and labs.
  172. Raleigh, have you been working out?
  173. Caleb's introduction to a dumbell...
  174. Thinking of getting a 2nd
  175. You know those times when you remind yourself just how great your dog is?
  176. I'm getting spoiled
  177. Where to buy?
  178. Possibly adopting a senior today
  179. Tucker won a contest!
  180. DOGS
  181. How much do you feed your dogs
  182. Dogs and Cake??
  183. Shock! Frankie left food in his bowl!
  184. Poor Ivy!!!
  185. New Puppy
  186. Anyone see the Eukanuba Dog Show last Saturday from Portland
  187. Thank you everyone!!!
  188. Bailey & the blanket
  189. Anyone care to post 12wk old puppy pics?
  190. More labrador puppies - Wisconsin breeder gives up 40 Labradors
  191. Is this wrong?
  192. Puppy Kong Question
  193. It made my heart smile
  194. Wanna see Mambo at day care
  195. Our Rescue Video Spot....(link fixed)
  196. Bad breath
  197. Would anybody like a yellow lab named Abby?
  198. Soda and Water bottles
  199. Chewing Gum question-AIDAN at vet now..UPDATE 830pm
  200. Flax Seed Oil for dogs?
  201. Only one week together and they are inseperable
  202. Squeaky toys!
  203. I just fell FLAT on my a$$!
  204. The Pet Smart Mascot
  205. Lab of the week
  206. Brandi must go!
  207. Taylor and my Pj's
  208. Mambo's collar. (UPDATED WITH PICTURE)
  209. Really struggling with this decision
  210. Rembrance of a Pit Bull
  211. The Unhuggable Lab
  212. Fudge and his new play toy
  213. Reason for concern?
  214. This is the last time you eat my lunch Ernie
  215. Marley and Me
  216. Everyone wants to breed!
  217. Meet Rex (puppy pics inside)
  218. Pee Problems - Accidents right in front of me???
  219. susieqpa - question about Best Friends in Utah
  220. A Handy Tip !!!
  221. Sydney's Gotcha Day
  222. Duke dosen't know a tree from a treat
  223. Caleb brag...
  224. Attn everyone!! I have a rare pink lab....
  225. Dog longevity
  226. Food question
  227. Just some funny Ty pics....(3 pics)
  228. BAD GIRL Brigetta!
  229. I'm thinking another histiocytoma (pics)
  230. Meet Ellie!
  231. Woofus is traveling again.
  232. Food question. Innova EVO
  233. This dog cracks me up
  234. Anyone have any favourite poems or quotes about dogs??
  235. Zoe and River get ready for St. Paddy's Day
  236. Combatting recurrent ear (yeast) infections - question
  237. Moose puppy pictures update (from 3-4 months)
  238. Zena loves her Dutch brother! (pic)
  239. Anyone need a cute puppy fix?
  240. Somewhat Somber Subject ... cremations
  241. I need a crate for my teenager
  242. Wish I had a video camera today.
  243. Can you believe it is the same black girl?
  244. At what age...
  245. Tried to eat a dead frog....Aggghh
  246. Aidan's first night out of the crate..
  247. Simon is having trouble peeing again :(
  248. A Disturbing Article about Pit Bulls
  249. Remington Got Invited To Dinner....
  250. What size crate in the car?