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  1. showing bitches question
  2. Bio-spot
  3. Two nice guys (pic)
  4. Dog Food Recall
  5. I am..
  6. I Decided to Bread Sami
  7. Pit Bull in my kitchen UPDATE 2 with pics
  8. my sweet, sweet girls pics
  9. Happy Birthday Piper!!! (lots o pics)
  10. Finally Real Snow- By Emma
  11. Weather temps & your labs.
  12. what age..
  13. Reminder to self......
  14. Our "ducks"..need to vent.
  15. Oy Vey is it ever going to stay warm?(pics)
  16. Dog/Cat food recall!!!
  17. Crazy weather. (3 pics)
  18. Happy Birthday Nora! 6 years old today, St Patty's Day.
  19. labs behavioral traits depends on color?
  20. Short Video of Ernie
  21. Full lab or not?
  22. We've got a girl in heat...we'll see what develops!
  23. Off to Chattanooga tomorrow!
  24. One of Darwin's sons... (pics)
  25. With all the bad...
  26. You may think I am a big baby...
  27. Urgent - Recall Warning! Deaths involved w/Eukanuba & Iams
  28. Crockett wants to be on a Petsmart Commercial - (pics)
  29. Buster needs help
  30. Another good reason for daycare
  31. This Disgusted Me
  32. In 1st 24 months, Teenage Behavior/Testing authority - a Lab trait or all dogs?
  33. I miss my girl...
  34. It's really stressful to be a lab... (pic)
  35. Sam is doing great!
  36. Update on Ernie
  37. Food Recall! Renal failure deaths
  38. Sassy girl (2 pics)
  39. Darla and Bob are ready for St. Patty's day (pics)
  40. Going Blind
  41. A Lab and her long lost ball
  42. onions??
  43. Bawling my eyes out. Update already!
  44. Today I Become a Foster Papa
  45. Those of you with two...
  46. Remington Demonstrates The Birth Process....
  47. Maryland Alert
  48. Pictures from today
  49. Pizza theif!!!!
  50. Reba and Toys
  51. Horrible Animal Cruelty Case
  52. Brigetta is being sweet to Prudence. (pics)
  53. One Happy Leprechaun, One not so happy. (Pic)
  54. Protect Your Dog and Give Back
  55. Happy, Happy Birthday to my special girl, Zoe Mae!
  56. Toxic to dogs
  57. This weekend: "LABS GONE WILD!!!!"
  58. We had a visitor tonight!
  59. Thanks!!!
  60. JL Logo?
  61. Anyone know these folks?
  62. Help destructo twins
  63. Help!! Sam just ate a bag of grapes!...UPDATED
  64. Ranger...
  65. Dog ate Sweet tarts and is throwing up
  66. Anybody ever wonder what their dogs look like underwater???
  67. She has a tick!
  68. Do you think it's time...........
  69. Barron Bunch Photos - lots of them
  70. Life's a beach!!
  71. My sunbathing angel
  72. Zena had a seizure today
  73. Now I Finally Can Relate
  74. Paula! I love that pic of your dog and son!!! (eop)
  75. question about red eyes
  76. Mckenzie Video
  77. Okay this has been bothering me.. (free feeding)
  78. Dooley
  79. my poor kiddos (updated Friday morning)
  80. Seamus and Teddie
  81. Tucker and the Saint Patricks Day Tiara ... (same as O&E - warning big pics)
  82. I wanted to wish my Chloe a Happy 1st Birthday. ( lots of pictures)
  83. Excessive Barking - Please help
  84. Oh Shanny you bad dog
  85. Weeping Willow Limbs/chewing?
  86. Revolution
  87. dogs and oranges. Okay or not?
  88. A Dog's Emotion
  89. First BIG goal reached.........
  90. How can you tell hip problems?
  91. Laika's Photo Gallery ...
  92. YAY!!!!
  93. Short Timber video
  94. It's a fuzzy ball fight! (many pictures)
  95. A lot of barking now!??
  96. another interesting article on 'abnormal' dogs
  97. 4yr old rescue lab.. Will he be a good fit for babies??
  98. Funny Comic this morning
  99. Dog likeing its Crate question
  100. It starts!!! Waaaaaa..
  101. Miss Abby has graduated from the fat farm! (pics: before and after)
  102. spayed...WTF! how much!?!!?
  103. Dani -- How's Warner?
  104. Dew claw poll
  105. This made me proud
  106. Sleepy Aidan *Video*
  107. Home from boarding!
  108. losing teeth....never seen this it normal???
  110. Just a little brag on my boy
  111. Gus had Surgery! (UPDATED ON THE BOTTOM)
  112. I'm Not Sure What I did!
  113. Afternoon at the Lake - Very Pic Intense!
  114. Fiberglass or wire crate?
  115. *pantpantpantpantpant*
  116. A baby step ...... walking on trail today.....
  117. Tbog and Timber
  118. Riding in the car......HELP
  119. Research on Exercising Puppies?
  120. Pearl pup Jocko funny
  121. Being a whinner...
  122. Not sure what she has (picture attached if squimish do not look)
  123. First time Bogey Growled
  124. Bloat
  125. Lola apparently has "a lot of lab in her"
  126. Nick & Nora throw a party (pic intense)
  127. Remington Does The Field!!!
  128. Question about dogs and drinking water
  129. Bailey's Birthday Pics
  130. Poor Jacey..
  131. Aidan's short cut through the pond...oh my
  132. Something's gotta give........apollo's got his last chance
  133. Wishes
  134. Beginner Help
  135. poopy fingers
  136. What could happen if they don't let you flush their ears (very long)
  137. Meet Rudy...
  138. Close ups
  139. Neuticles?
  140. The Security Ball
  141. I shot some deer tonight
  142. Oh Cinnamon leave it to you
  143. Peeing the bed
  144. digging!
  145. What the Heck was that!??
  146. Increasing Speed/Stamina
  147. I Know This Is Going To Pi$$ Some People Off.....
  148. Jake had a
  149. preventative ear stuff
  150. Can ya'll stand a Caleb brag?...
  151. I just read the cutest story....
  152. CROSS POST - Rescue advice needed
  153. Say "Hi" to Cisco
  154. STLRR and Houston's St Paddy's day parade
  155. GRRRR...just swallowed a whole bird...obstruction problem? Help! *UPDATED*
  156. jumping at other dogs while on the lead
  157. Manteo's parade debut
  158. Remington 10 weeks (new pic added)
  159. Weekly Pearl pups update (lots of pix)
  160. spring time race
  161. Arrrgh, the dirt... what do you do?
  162. I knew labs were smart....but this smart?
  163. My overly friendly Lab....... does bark.
  164. I think Molly has been scarred for life :( Suggestions?
  165. Jacey and the wild animals!!
  166. Happy 1st Birthday Bailey!!! (pics)
  167. I am so mad I am shaking....(update with photos--graphic)
  168. Maddy update-back from the vet
  169. Hey kid, you gonna share those apples?
  170. It's that time of year again---Spring Song
  171. Only nine months to go
  172. Tankie and Sandie Checking In - Pic intensive
  173. Yech! diarrhea everywhere! No more ice cream for Zoey!
  174. The spring is here! (lots of Emma pics)
  175. Some more Rowan Pics.
  176. Has anyone used the Armadillo foam football?
  177. Can You Believe How Dumb Some Folks Are?
  178. New Pics of Tal
  179. Night of the Iguana
  180. GUESS WHAT??????
  181. Any word on Tank?
  182. The biting is BAD!
  183. Merck Manual for animals
  184. I was shocked..
  185. Bailey finally caught on
  186. She'd kill me if she knew I was posting these . . .
  187. Thinking about adopting our 1st lab...
  188. Puff's first swim of '07
  189. NOW I know why....
  190. Okay... tell me if I am just being a prude
  191. Whaaa??? No soccer tonight?!?
  192. Is this a pedigree lab (pic)
  193. Introducing Bo........
  194. I just love Molly's eyes. (3 pics inside)
  195. I went to petsmart yesterday
  196. I am a bad dad
  197. Louisville Dog Show
  198. Poor, Ivy (minor problem) ...
  199. Suggestions????
  200. Update on Shadow* not doing to good.
  201. I now have a name! (pictures)
  202. Worried about Maddy(lab mix)...update at end
  203. Ant killer safe for dogs.... (question)
  204. A Brag on Sam......
  205. My cover boy (Dogs 24/7)
  206. Gental Leader Body Harness
  207. behavior question (long)
  208. Enjoying Daylight Savings Time...
  209. Went to the herding trials at the rodeo last Saturday.
  210. Weed Killer/animal friendly!!
  211. Changes to HomeAgain microchip system
  212. Emma and Elias
  213. I love this bone
  214. Anyone else having issues with Home Again's Website?
  215. Need very fast help
  216. Update on Ernie.
  217. Im moving and I have questions
  218. Questions about socialization
  219. Kona got hit at Daycare today (little long)
  220. First Official Destuffed Toy
  221. Acts nuts with kids
  222. I don't know who is more tired...
  223. Cute Picture of Crockett ~ He is sending everyone a St.Patricks day wish!
  224. Our day at the Beach by Toby and Chamois (Updated at end with Chamois pics)
  225. Her first swim!!! (lots of pics)
  226. when you leave your dogs...
  227. WE DID IT!!! Cut Taffy's nails...
  228. cruciate ligament surgery
  229. Is there a pack order, or pack leader between just two dogs?
  230. Ruger Learning How To Play (with Remington)
  231. Meet Warner...
  232. look what i got on my trip...(2 pix)
  233. Perimeter Training
  234. More pics of murphy
  235. Henery in the sun (2 pics)
  236. More Sassy and Mugs pictures (10 pics)
  237. Field pics
  238. First romp of spring today! (pics)
  239. Dog saves stick from ice flow! (video)
  240. I don't even think I put a dent in it....
  241. Ivy relaxing today, too (1 pic) ...
  242. Raleigh's favorite time of year (4 pics) ...
  243. Joe and Bailey's Seafront Adventure (pics)
  244. Greeting Strangers
  245. Yep crates are cruel
  246. Kelly, my other dawg!
  248. Flynn The Accommodator (pic)
  249. Closeup
  250. A dog's life!