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  1. vet etiquette...
  2. Help. Taffy's Paw (VET UPDATE)
  3. questions for people with kennels....
  4. Has anyone heard the breed of the dog that found the missing Scout?
  5. JL Buddy in a smile contest! Let's help him win it!
  6. 20 minute meal time
  7. anyone live near here????
  8. Sydney's 12 week check up a little early
  9. My neighbor...
  10. Jumping labs
  11. Fergus Update?
  12. Rat poison in recalled pet food
  13. Emma's home!!
  14. Meet my new pit bull puppy!
  15. Anyone Use Doggie Daycare??
  16. 1st puppy class tomorrow
  17. Suspect arrested in delivery of dog's head to neighbor
  18. Obedience class nit
  19. Growing up
  20. All Grown Up (pic)
  21. my newborn son
  22. Dog in Car Trouble
  23. RAT POISON was the cause for the recall!
  24. Dogs with thunderstorm scaredies
  25. Rider's going on vacation....
  26. Suspected Dog Beheader Arrested
  27. Dog Brothers Recognize Each Other
  28. Question about Aidan... (long)
  29. Look at this face
  30. Sleep - how many hours?
  31. Deskunking Your Dog
  32. snapping after correction
  33. 3,200 self reported deaths More companies added!! (UPDATED AT BTTM)
  34. I guess we have a routine...
  35. Question about marrow bones
  36. eddie and heel.
  37. "The Prance"
  38. Have you ever almost stepped on your dog?
  39. They make you feel better
  40. He Knows Down
  41. Some silly (random) pics of Thor
  42. Whose daughter was looking for puppy pictures?
  43. Freeze dryed liver?
  44. My friend the cat...
  45. Just moved in... a few concerns.
  46. Fetch ?
  47. Wierd Collar Thing
  48. Jacey has a hernia.. (pictures)
  49. Ha! Way to go Duncan!!
  50. Traveling with Your Lab
  51. Biting---probably a dumb question
  52. Grooming?
  53. Clarence's teenage phase
  54. countersurfer
  55. Karma??
  56. Emma's Spay update
  57. How about a little Sugar?
  58. Bailey and Abby with Kongs and toys (pic and video)
  59. Marley and Me
  60. WeHeartLabs ~ Any News on Emma?
  61. Question about Tug-O-War
  62. Torn ACL
  63. Whole Dog Jounal - worth it?
  64. OK people I need Puppy Picture
  65. Royal Canin
  66. ummmmmmm..........excuse me.
  67. Labs in beginner class -- like being in a time machine
  68. Saw the cutuest thing last night with Tater and Cody
  69. Abby & Molly today. (2 pics)
  70. need suggestions asap Labs feel free to tell your owners what your thoughts are!
  71. Happy 1st Birthday Denali!! (PIC INTENSE)
  72. I Hate My Life
  73. Zoesmom!
  75. So you think your Lab is smart?
  76. FACE to FACE with a MOOSE
  77. Cute Overload
  78. Finally some new pictures of Crockett! Lots of pics
  79. Simon in Rally this weekend
  80. Labs and Gates
  81. Dosnt her face.. (one picture)
  82. Those who have or have had rescues
  83. For Amanda (MyBabyMambo) Pickles Pics as Promised
  84. I almost went raw tonight...
  85. Anybody for a Terry's Chocolate Orange? (1 pic)
  86. Happy and the invisible fence
  87. This MUST be so uncomfortable!!
  88. Emma gets spayed in the morning
  89. Doggie showed up in our backyard
  90. Welcome to the nuthouse!!!
  91. They Do Recognize Pictures
  92. Amy (jzgrlduff), how's Tucker? (nm)
  93. Did someone post this - makes me so SAD...
  94. Anyone ever try to distort your dog's picture
  95. Spring Bark fundraiser, The Woodlands, TX
  96. What is the one thing your dog will NOT do for you, no matter what you try?
  97. Landmark progress for Tatum
  98. Just a couple pics of Robin and her pups
  99. Boo has a knee thing going on
  100. TPLO - How to let play without fear?
  101. Say ello to my little friend..
  102. Head Shaking/ Ear Flapping Question
  103. Ugh, some people!
  104. on being a temporary southpaw...
  105. Didn't want to hijack
  106. Along the same lines as the baby and Lab thread...
  107. A quick question...
  108. errr... I am so freakin' mad
  109. He yelled for me to come back!!!
  110. "it's my path"..."gotta pay the the form of 2 cookies, please!"
  111. "I am gonna get you and I am gonna eat you, Cricket!"
  112. Submissiveness ... is it normal??
  113. Ear Infection
  114. Collar Size help for non-Lab
  115. I can't believe he is 6 mos old! (3 pics)
  116. Abby in her Elizabethan collar. (2 pics)
  117. link to dog food selection and ingredients ?
  118. Yet another post about the food recall
  119. What do YOU feed your dog?
  120. Labs and Cats...
  121. Stuff on my cat presents....
  122. Attended Delta Society meeting at UCLA for Pet Therapy at UCLA today
  123. Shedding
  124. Puff is accepting stroking by someone else -- YAY!!
  125. A day of pictures by Jacey
  126. very excited, but looking for some helpful advice
  127. Trooper pic
  128. squirt bottles
  129. Not sure What to Make of This
  130. Odd new behavior - what's going on?
  131. Clicker training
  132. Pet Barriers
  133. Happy Birthday Scout!
  134. Royal Canin? -
  135. Abby is home from her spaying.
  136. Training Classes
  137. Amazing! They laid next to each other(pics)
  138. Question re registration
  139. My dogs "HAIR"
  140. Those with Lab mixes
  141. Love child and friend this evening
  142. Questions about new pups coloring
  143. Want a designer dog? Check the pound
  144. Big Stick Fun
  145. He's peeing on the carpet! Arrgh!
  146. Police dog may have died of heat exposure after sitting in car for 2 hours
  147. Hubby called me...the vet called.
  148. Well you all know about Tater moving his cage....
  149. Unintentional training? Accidental conditioning
  150. Matilda's win picture
  151. Michigan peeps - wanna meet this weekend?
  152. Here's Kelly/black mask/Younger!!!
  153. Lab/Pit Bull Mix??
  154. Brigetta's Easter pictures.
  155. Just a little Shelby brag
  156. Brodie tired of his food
  157. Oh this just makes me sick
  158. Remington 11 weeks (pic)
  159. They are all confused
  160. food recall, we will find out today.
  161. Labby, you gave me nightmares!
  162. 2 snow pics (1 Tucker, 1 Frankie)
  163. Abby just left for the vet's.
  164. Caught in the act!!
  165. Peanut the Cuddle Bug
  166. 5:00 a.m. and Remington Exploded
  167. Afraid of EVERYTHING!
  168. TUMS
  169. If I had any Doubts...
  170. Thanks Crockett! (pics)
  171. How much did you feed your 11 week old pup?
  172. Well, well! Guess what happened on tonight's walk?
  173. About the recall
  174. Found Lab... UPDATE
  175. Pedigree commercial - Oliver's new home
  176. Oh so cute, or kinda disturbing?
  177. Renal Disease
  178. Cost of Spaying
  179. Please send good thoughts for Abby. Spaying tomorrow.
  180. It's time for Easter pictures
  181. Is this normal??
  182. Introduction Question
  183. Check out my cool blue lab :P
  184. How long can dogs keep foreign items in their stomachs?
  185. Fanny tries to get Eddie swimming again.............
  186. Look at my good dog (pic)
  187. Agility Peeps?
  188. Need info on Dog Food Recall!!!
  189. Its here
  190. Public Enemy?
  191. Hold a good thought for Tal
  192. Question regarding Peanut Butter and soft fur.....
  193. A couple of pictures from this morning.
  194. Jasmine Dream Pictures from the Weekend
  195. Sundance passed the CGC!
  196. Cole's Eye...Question
  197. PIT BULL reunited with his owners!
  198. Collar hunting
  199. Proheart 6 recalled...
  200. Pictures from yesterday....
  201. Getting ready for a new fur baby....Update
  202. Hip/leg question
  203. Belle's walk in Fort Langley (Canada) Pic intense!!
  204. Hardwood Floor and Lab Puppy - cautions/tales?
  205. St Patrick's Day Parade - lots of photos
  206. It's Reba's New Bed
  207. Scotty passed his tracking certification!!!
  208. recalled food
  209. Midnight the Cat
  210. Next up in the Rally ring...Mr. Simon!
  211. Raleigh's Bedtime ...
  212. What to do if you find you have been feeding a recalled food
  213. This is on Purina's website.
  214. An update on feeding my dogs 6 cups each of kibbles every day.
  215. Gabby and her new frisbee (pics)
  216. Ready for Camping
  217. Yay!! Crab Time at the Beach...Finally! [some short vid clips]
  218. So, what's it like having 2 labs?!
  219. People who feed IAMS/Eukanuba
  220. Royal Canin dry food...a question.
  221. Amazing adoption weekend (picture heavy)
  222. Aidan and Emma in the snow vid
  223. Black and tan seeing eye dogs?
  224. Hills/Science Diet/ and Purina/Mighty Dog added list of recalls (Updated list)
  225. Susan WeHeartLabs...any news on your PB visitor?
  226. Just something that made me think.
  227. Found Lab
  228. Link to Laura's "Purple Stuff"
  229. Dear Angus Fangus
  230. Can I eat it yet Mom? Pleeeease* pic
  231. What to do when Animal Control comes to your home
  232. Is brown rice okay for a dog to eat? Rogie threw up.
  233. Warning Pet Food Recall
  234. Nice judge story from today
  235. IAMS and Eukanuba recalled
  236. NLR crosspost with obedience...agility pics..
  237. Animal Miracles on Animal Planet
  238. Jack, Abby and Chloe today (3 pix)
  239. Poor Madison
  240. Rally Advanced A Results (complete blow-by-blow account)
  241. Teddie and her duck
  242. Zoe Looks for Crabs...but Finds... [4 very short vid clips]
  243. Strange Behavior- Need Advice
  244. St. Paddy :-)
  245. Some vids of Tal
  246. Possible seizure? Tucker.
  247. Oh Happy Day
  248. Anatomy of a Jump
  249. just some thoughts of mine I thought I'd share.
  250. Happy St.Patricks Day