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  1. It's swimmin' time again.....ain't it great?
  2. Found this out about my vet today
  3. Grrrrrr..... Emilu will NOT be staying loose in the house anymore!!!
  4. re another link about recall dogfood
  5. How is Tank???
  6. Please Hold a Good Thought and a Prayer for Tal **UPDATE**
  7. re more recall news
  8. Glucosamine - ????
  9. Daniel
  10. Giardia and Dog Classes
  11. Hills/Science Diet DRY cat food recall (connected to menu foods recall)
  12. Kallie had her follow up today!!
  13. I just heard on the radio that another pet food may be an issue
  14. Apollo is doing GREAT!
  15. cruciate ligament injuries
  16. Teddie says "I miss my daddy and don't have anyone to play with"
  17. Paula, how's Lily? ...
  18. Looking for a friend for Baxter
  19. We're busting at the seams over here!
  20. The silver lining is starting to appear
  21. Hey Birthday boy, Frankie...
  22. A little love between the girls
  23. About talking to your dogs - and their talking back...
  24. Skidboot crossed the bridge this past Sunday
  25. Theo has a new little brother (GR puppy, 3 pics)
  26. Frankie birthday pic
  27. Sammie Birthday pic
  28. Dry food may be involved in the recall
  29. Sydney and the Bee
  30. "Another UPDATE on Lily" (She's still throwing up)
  31. My sweet Stevie
  32. Silly Shanny
  33. Plastics in Contaminated Pet Food
  34. Cute "little poem" I saw.
  35. web cams....are they the tool of the devil?
  36. Sad dog story
  37. Parvo Question
  38. Curly/Wilmington/Ft. Fisher
  39. My boy is 4 months old
  40. Happy birthday to my super Brother Frankie
  42. Anyone use PetShed for Frontline??
  43. Happy First Birthday to Zakk and Ginger (eklind51)
  44. Do you think it will ever be over? Dog food recall.
  45. Happy Birthday Frankie!
  46. Finally - pictures of our new Dirty Dawgs Collars - 10 photos
  47. A Good Surprise
  48. Nellie "studying" Radiology textbook!
  49. Eddie's gotcha day!
  50. Ohhhh Molly *sigh*
  51. Grass Eating
  52. Mickey the Mad Diaper Destroyer! >:(
  53. re-training?
  54. Little Cuj update
  55. How much crate is too much crate?
  56. ever had to defend your lab?
  57. Someone New in Zoe's Yard
  58. Size of the dog determined by diet?
  59. Suggestions for a soft crate for Events and size
  60. Laura Sanborn
  61. Vet lil boy..
  62. Not a lab but my granddog that's a rescued greyhound
  63. Puppy vs. Rescue
  64. The Lab Dishwasher
  65. 2007 America’s Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches
  66. Laser surgery to neuter...anyone familiar??
  67. A Chubby Lab
  68. Non-Dog-Person MIL loves Wesley....
  69. Why don't people with small dogs train them.
  70. Pearl pup update (bazillion pictures)
  71. After a great deal of thought, I've come to realize I have too many dogs.
  72. You know its spring when.......
  73. Tater is going to drive me to the loonely bin
  74. my 2 1/2 mo old female lab loses apetite
  75. establishing a new nightime routine, advice? (long)
  76. Gabby update- second opinion (very long)
  77. Labby
  78. I'm waitin' for revenge of the Lab also
  79. I'm TIRED, Mom......
  80. Chance's new beginning is about to take place.....
  81. Dog park Drama
  82. The three stooges...
  83. Jake's Odd Ear
  84. Fastest adoption EVER!!!!
  85. Poop eater
  86. Simon gets his RN (Pic...also, see new haircut!)
  87. labs appearance
  88. I miss Rascal
  89. A Lab and her best friend...
  90. Some pretty photos of my pretty boy
  91. Wigeon to the rescue!
  92. What is sticking my foot?!?
  93. Decisions, decisions....
  94. Maddy needs your votes!
  95. Ear problems.....
  96. Lucky Labrador Brews Beer In Dog's Honor
  97. Figuring age/months/weeks!!
  98. Health effects of spaying and neutering dogs
  99. My old crippled up girl...
  100. Drinking salt water
  101. I've Googled myself Giggly and can't locate this treat toy
  102. AngusFangus
  103. Jacey funny..
  104. Advice Concerning Puppy Shots Please
  105. Happy Birthday Miss Jazzy!!!
  106. Golden save owner's life by performing heimlich!
  107. Cool collapsible water dish
  108. Ambers New Title!!!
  109. Kelly/ quick!
  110. Advice, stories, or a flaming needed...
  111. So, do you talk to your dog on the phone?
  112. Funny Story
  113. I am scared right now
  114. These two are going to make me nuts!!
  115. Did your Dog Lose or Gain Weight over the Winter?
  116. Dog magazines
  117. Check it out!
  118. Congress asking for info on petfood recall
  119. No pool.. No lake.. Whats the next best thing?
  120. Snow fun! (pics)
  121. What is "normal" interaction b/w resident dog and new pup??
  122. How much water does your Lab drink
  123. Amazing what our animals know/do for us!!!!
  124. Why will no-one play ball??
  125. Help Me Not Freak OUt Tank and a Bone! "Updated"
  126. New Lab...Charlie
  127. Bed recommendations needed
  128. Nail trimming
  129. Bump on head since birth
  130. Apples Toxic to Dogs?
  131. Question about training a frightened dog
  132. Poppy just scared me to death!!
  133. It is that time of year again - Fleas and Ticks
  134. training treats
  135. food suggestions
  136. Rocket and the morning ritual....
  137. Eating Tennis Balls
  138. They wont go away
  139. Nicole (JacksAndLabs)...a cute Riley update....
  140. R U ready? Another Sally video. "A Day At The Lake"
  141. To: Abbzilla - From: Frankie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  142. Thanks so Much for the Avid Info!
  143. Sammi's first injury, just wish she knew to rest!
  144. Question on exercise
  145. Didn't Forget the Camera Today! (Pic Intense!)
  146. Swelled up pad
  147. so frustrated with Gabby's situation
  148. Cappy and I sure are lucky!
  149. Bootleg dvd's sniffing dogs!
  150. Dogcollarworld.
  151. Stains in the yard - dead grass
  152. Samson found his way into the feed bin !
  153. It's a FROSTY PAW!!!!!! (pics)
  154. Dogster..a suggestion for JL
  155. Pig Ear Recall! Salmonella
  156. I had a heart attack this weekend.
  157. Zoesmom - I found the Article
  158. personal helper
  159. Spring has hit in just a few days
  160. The" furminator""
  161. Microchipping Questions
  162. Boone is a changed boy
  163. I think I have a plan
  164. Duke's First Lump
  165. Need some good thoughts for Abby. (Update at end)
  166. New Bink, Bump, Duke, and Doc video
  167. Well I must be the ALPHA to Moose - what do you think?
  168. Happy Birthday Baby Girl
  169. Dyson vacuums- just in time for shedding season
  170. Payton meets her nephew, Scout (pics)
  171. Pet photo contest
  172. Dog food Question?
  173. Destroying the house or lack of it?!
  174. Ranger was my little helper...
  175. rerun of the food storage thread....need a pic from that thread
  176. Supposed to be a bed, not a giant chew toy!
  177. Icky Eye
  178. AW, ANGUS!
  179. Pit Problems
  180. A portrait of Tucker
  181. Jacey just cracks me up.
  182. Puff is still a dedicated, one-person Lab
  183. Water Play
  184. Puppy's first leash
  185. Scotty's obedience wins!!!
  186. Whew!!! What a day!!!
  187. Grey Goatee
  188. New pics + one horrible video
  189. Don't you love the Zoom Groom...
  190. OK--here he is! Meet Duke!
  191. He DIDN IT!!
  192. Having problems posting pictures!!
  193. Why, thank you Shea-Shea!
  194. Rescue puppy! I think he's a Dudley...and maybe something else
  195. Finn at 13 weeks
  196. Tank update please
  197. I fell in love today
  198. ICE ICE Baby....
  199. Woman ate recalled dog food?
  200. Pleased to introduce - Cassie!
  201. Took dogs to the pond today
  202. Paddy: Getting Away From It All (pic)
  203. could someone explain this to me please.. (kinda funny)
  204. For Jason and Dawn (everyone else too!)
  205. Breeding Labradors
  206. Tried rollerblading with Morgan this weekend
  207. OFA's, Hip Dysplasia and buying a puppy
  208. Comparison
  209. Waiting on heat cycle.......
  210. Sometimes Life is a Beach
  211. Simon's Other New Title
  212. Candid shots of Nick & Nora(fun pics). Post your " conversation" pics
  213. What a difference a year makes!
  214. Labradork: The opinion expressed
  215. Thought I'd share some 'Polo'
  216. It feels so good when...
  217. Poor Bear :(
  218. A Water Retrieve!
  219. Ranger and friends with the Easter Bunny
  220. Yard question
  221. A small update on "don't jump" with Flynn
  222. Puppy pics.......again
  223. Exercise/outdoor frustration
  224. Will wonders never cease!
  225. Regarding the tainted wheat, can anyone explain...
  226. Food recall.....Terrorism?
  227. Simon Rally Results
  228. Seamus' plaintive expression (pic)
  229. Flooded Dog Park = Happy Lab (pic intensive)
  230. Food Recall....this is might not even know they had damage
  231. Nutro-Natural Choice Dog Food
  232. Banfield Offers Assistance to Pets Affected by Tainted Food
  233. Gabby's hips- an update
  234. Baby tooth
  235. Sewing patterns
  236. Dakota got his first duck!! 2 pics
  237. New info from Nutro's website
  238. Lost Lab Brothers Meet at Dog Daycare
  239. I got this email from PetSmart. Concerning the recall.
  240. Notice from Purina re: food recalls
  241. Royal Canin...lawsuit
  242. Curious about weight
  243. They skipped two meals, did the apple make them sick?
  244. New York's Animal Medical Center Confirms 200 cases of renal faliure
  245. Is this true?
  246. Question.....
  247. Keep your paws crossed for Simon tomorrow!
  248. Zoey Brag
  249. Kallie could use some love
  250. Dogster