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  1. Looking for a good breeder near Colorado
  2. Ruff and Ready
  4. blue labs
  5. Our neighbor, Lucy!
  6. Why my dog is skinny..I am scared about his health..HELP plzz
  7. Vet has a new plan for Erns joint pain.
  8. Flying
  9. Ear infections gone, how to prevent future ones?
  11. bentley and his bone.
  12. A Bark Park 1st
  13. I'm renaming Diesel
  14. Any thoughts what the mix is?
  15. Sweet Gin is 15!
  16. Help me name this puppy....
  17. Update on Gibson and New Problems with Landon
  18. Adding a second dog
  19. DogVacay - alternative to boarding facility - anyone hear of or try
  20. Looking for information on Ginspin Labradors
  21. Venison treats...
  22. Jay's 11th
  23. lab swims with dolphins
  24. What to use for cleaning a wound?
  25. Dandruff/Dry Skin in Lab
  26. Jasper is asking for some good thoughts ! Update 1st post
  27. I had to share, it is too funny!
  28. Maximus 04/15/2000-08/04/2012
  29. Dockdogs!
  30. Question/Opinion about a second dog
  31. Just filled out our adoption application
  32. Hachiko 8 months old
  33. "Don't make me come after you!"
  34. Well that was a wake up call
  35. Weird/stupid things you have been asked?
  36. Dog Steps
  37. hes so patient!
  38. So relieved!
  39. Ms Nola all grown up
  40. Erns and Tess working together.
  41. How long to crate ?
  42. AKC number- missing littermate?
  43. The things he puts me through...
  44. Pic - The proud papa....
  45. Fonyx!lost her tooth!
  46. It's official...mine pups are smarter than their dogs!
  47. How can Diesel build muscle on his thighs?
  48. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: The Brutal Heat
  49. ... Continuing with the "Cheeky Bugger" thread
  50. Bentley and his hot pink frisbee(pics)
  51. Bridger and Wrigley update:
  52. Cheeky bugger!
  53. Pride goeth before the fall (LOL!!!)
  54. Libby this morning
  55. It is time they grow up!
  56. Java & Moka broke my nose
  57. just because hes cute(pics)
  58. Does daisy look full lab to you?
  59. agressive yellow lab
  60. Tired of this humid weather and dealing with this hot spot
  61. Martingale Collar OR Side–Release Buckle Collar?
  62. Zack Update
  63. Labby Laura
  64. I love him so
  65. Cassie's dad (Mistarkos) - book recommendation
  66. Mom said
  67. Labs suddenly can't sleep in same kennel together. Why???
  68. new photos of Hamilton
  69. Keep Loof in your prayers--Aunt's 13 y.o labby
  70. Bad food??
  71. Always entertaining!
  72. Bill and Murphy
  73. Dog Deaths
  74. WE ARE TITLED!!!!!
  75. Somedays this is exactly how I feel, hilarious lab retreating from the world
  76. ear infection?
  77. Leg Two: Q!!
  78. My Pretty Girl, Ruby
  79. Happy 10th birthday, Dixie!!
  80. Hey dog trainer types... cool music vid!!
  81. what jobs can they do?
  82. The 4 types of Lab (pic)
  83. Gnat attack!
  84. Limping on front leg??
  85. Leg One: Q!!!!!
  86. older Lab rescue question
  87. Rain phobic Labs - Got one?
  88. Walking the girls yesterday, what a joke
  89. Ace's last hurrah
  90. michael
  91. NLR - Tomorrow we say goodbye
  92. Jasmine's retriever side coming out
  93. Nap time!
  94. Update on Zack!!!
  95. Hoo boy -- I hope we haven't bitten off more than we can chew...
  96. Itchy and scratchy
  97. pics
  98. Daiys favorite toy
  99. Great article I think we can all relate to
  100. To go to college or no?
  101. Pictures from the trial on Sunday...
  102. Didn't mean to join and run...but
  103. Worried about Zack
  104. Gin Starts Hydro Therapy on Sunday
  105. Cold laser therapy?
  106. The Dog Survey
  107. HElP!! i need to know if my lab is a DUDLEY!???
  108. jaysons new favorite toy......
  109. Gus's First Award
  110. NLR - Why do people shave LH breeds??
  111. Elbow calluses
  112. Kicks, big big kicks
  113. yay tank!!
  114. You think labs get muddy
  115. Mitzi
  116. Retired military dog saves elderly guardian from venomous snake
  117. Help!
  118. Black Rottie
  119. Animal Testing Labs in Missouri
  120. Need help dealing with breeder
  121. Judy's eyelashes
  122. Down doggie!
  123. What to chew?
  124. Wher did my baby go????
  125. Blue Green Algae in Lakes - Warning!
  126. Birthday and cakes
  127. Signs a female is in heat or near?
  128. kids afraid Cassie - what do you do
  129. How do you keep your dog occupied in crate
  130. Back from camping(photo dump)
  131. HE DID IT, HE DID IT!!!...
  132. just wanted to say hello
  133. You sure don't make it simple anymore
  134. Gimme a break Diesel Dawg!!
  135. advice needed for a cat and Cassie
  136. Just chose our breeder....
  137. Any ideas what this is? (pics)
  138. Me, Abby & Kate (1 pic)
  139. Bella pics from this morning
  140. Hey Grammy!
  141. Bloomberg (PA) Cluster... anyone going?
  142. Mitzi and Judy swimming
  143. What is the craziest thing your Lab has ever done?
  144. Harvey is now a registered blood donor :)
  145. Someone turned 6 last week...
  146. What other breed do you see?
  147. New behavior-not sure how to handle
  148. Full Lab? What are your thoughts?
  149. Payton camping on Lake Superior (4 pics.)
  150. Afternoon snack
  151. How do they DO this?!
  152. Madison at school!
  153. What about the Crate?
  154. Is a labrador right for me?
  155. Mary Jane!
  156. Chuck It Glow Ball
  157. What a differnce time has made with Tessa.
  158. does he look to skinny?
  159. Sunbathing (pics)
  160. Green bean feeders - what kind do you give?
  161. What do you say to your dog that doesn't make any sense?
  162. What would you do?
  163. cute lab video!
  164. Hobby breeders are under attack like never before
  165. Another food question
  166. anyone here have TTA procedure for their dog ?
  167. A boy and His Lab
  168. Thread titles that mention specific breeders/kennels
  169. 103 here today and the kids went swimming
  170. Puppies remember their litter-mates, right?
  171. This should be a bumper sticker...
  172. LOL!! For daisy/wiki mom (Karen) PICS!
  173. Bentley went to the fair.
  174. Happy Birthday Baxter!
  175. On Pins and Needles
  176. silly things your Lab does that you love
  177. Weight loss for a formerly starved dog (questions)
  178. Funny photo from the past
  179. AKC Naming HELP
  180. Nola asks...
  181. Have you microchipped?
  182. Anyone else having trouble with Yahoo mail today?
  183. Miscellaneous Pics ... Party night
  184. Zoe Pinata Pictures!
  185. I Believe I Can Fly (pics)
  186. Wanna see Diesel's new girlfriend?
  187. Picking a breeder: edition 4,239
  188. How do you know if you are feeding enough?
  189. Jerky treats from China blamed for pet deaths; owners sue
  190. Something I've never understood
  191. I made a mistake with Cassie
  192. Hamilton won't play!
  193. My New Addition
  194. Dog smells liike mildew from swimming and not drying completely - any suggestions?
  195. Looking for yellow female
  196. Sophie barks when using phone
  197. Bentley+5 hour raod trip+2 little kids=
  199. Old and tired /ACL. Has this happen to others?
  200. Shedding is forever
  201. Cassie's alarm went 1 hr back
  202. Limping lab!
  203. She is a lab right?!
  204. Bentley got second!!
  205. =) jayson
  206. Opinions on new 3.5 mo puppy? Lab Mix? HUGE!!! 35 lbs
  207. Silly Little Sophie (pics)
  208. Got a Dream Job
  209. Name help?
  210. Where do your dogs sit in the car?
  211. COLIN!!
  212. Where does your lab sleep?
  213. Duke & Paisley say "It's too hot, Mom!"(pic)
  214. Roxie is being spayed!
  216. Twas Peanut Butter jar night last evening...
  217. Hiking with the dogs
  218. Hey Rusty ...
  219. so....
  220. Sometimes I just have to shake my head. Neighbors.
  221. is my new puppy on yhe right track.
  222. Your dogs name
  223. Had last 4-H class today :(
  224. Diesel the Olympic High Jumper!
  225. I found a better way to call Duke out of the woods
  226. Nola says 'Hey! Look! There's my Dad!'
  228. Flea/Tick Suggestion
  229. Scuffle at doggie daycare :(
  230. did I mention the barking
  231. Update on pups!!!
  232. Rachael RAY Just 6
  233. Persistent Excitement/ Submissive Peeing
  234. Tank's really obsevant. (long)
  235. Shedding Blades OK for Labs?
  236. have to figure out how to train her to sleep later!
  237. Babies in dog-owning families may be healthier
  238. Evening pee question
  239. I think Bent has GR in him.
  240. Have you seen a rash like this?
  241. Last question...I promise :D
  242. Bentley won Best dressed!!
  243. *Sigh* ... If I was Only a Few Years Younger
  244. open windows or closed with ac?
  245. My watercolor of Duke
  246. Just a reminder in this heat the danger of putting ice in your dog's water
  247. Pigs flew again for Emilu!
  248. Resource guarding
  249. Have a full house
  250. Boiling the liver....