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  1. I hit a dog tonight with my car
  2. I hope I didn't overdo it...
  3. I just took Copper for her last.
  4. Dakota at school tonight
  5. funny....anyone with a dog or cat needs to read this! LOL
  6. 98.2 pounds- now with pics
  7. Max - the cone head
  8. Dexter update from Sam
  9. Anyone else miss em when at work.
  10. Poopy Walk
  11. Question about puppy Ziggies..
  12. Anyone here feeding Diamond Naturals?
  13. Countersurfing again
  14. Question on Food Recall
  15. Oprahs Dog
  16. Help rescue with a click! Urgent. Pls help
  17. Walking the boys on their Gentle leaders, only one problem...
  18. Why is Boo so bloated and listless?
  19. Brushing dogs' teeth
  20. Sorry for those with snow but....
  21. Caleb cracks me up...
  22. Abby is at the vet (update :) )
  23. Rotts and Labs
  24. pack mentality??
  25. Woo Hoo we are making progress....
  26. Poor Nellie
  27. A sweet lab poem :)
  28. I met a very sweet therapy dog (lab) yesterday.
  29. Male puppy discovering his manhood questions
  30. Question about skin pigment
  31. Reassurance before I make "The Appointment"
  32. Felicia/Henrysmom
  33. So Tater and I were attacked by a yorkie
  34. Wesley smiled for 2.5 hrs straight....
  35. Junior Hunt test this weekend..please wish us luck...
  36. Mocha (1pic)
  37. Male puppy/delicate ?
  38. Nap Buddies (pic)
  39. 17w puppy waking every 2 hours barking...
  40. Sam, How's Tater doing?
  41. Unexpected play date
  42. Just because I hate snow...(rookie and bono picts)
  43. ginger has a lump/bump on her left side....
  44. Oh no
  45. Introducing Ben!!
  46. Ya want to see a cool doggy bowl?
  47. Gabby's great news
  48. First day of Potomac, some nice surprises
  49. My day with Mambo
  50. I need help
  51. Good thoughts for Sam please! UPDATE!! :0)
  52. Dogs and Corn
  53. Can we PLEASE go get the kids NOW??
  54. For Dani & Joe and all the other rescue people
  55. meet my new client
  56. Yet another new recall!! sigh! Nutro
  57. Pictures from Potomac
  58. Motivational poster challenge!
  59. Blowing/exhaling at your dog
  60. For those with a rescue Labrador, read this ...
  61. Lots 'o Jersey pics! (Kimbabear!! ) Big pictures for dial-up users.
  62. JerseyGIRL
  63. Trying out a new photo app...PanoramaStudio
  64. Great quote
  65. So Jersey had not destroyed anything in his 1st 19 months but...
  66. Tater is sick....... (UPDATED)
  67. I am so Nervous.. Please wish us luck....
  68. speaking of poop..poop walker..
  69. **Revised to add pics- Apollo's "baby brother" was mad at mommy today lol
  70. Jazzing Up
  71. do you let your dog in your bed?
  72. Is Shanny in the hotel or on 95?
  73. HOLY TOY
  74. Guys, Alfa and I need your prayers
  75. Lola's play date(pics)
  76. Warning! Cute Doggie picture
  77. Sometimes there is no dignity in dog ownership...
  78. Today's Walk
  79. I have to decide..
  80. wish us luck tomorrow
  81. He is spoiled
  82. Zoey bit Merlot on his jewels...and boy did he get mad!
  83. Guess who I saw today in person?!
  84. He spits out green beans
  85. Question regarding Digging
  86. Has anyone heard of 24petwatch
  87. Rescue related question
  88. how much aspirin for arthritis?
  89. jumping up on the bed
  90. nighttime crating
  91. NLR: My brothers miniature schnauzer - no so FAUX HAWK!!! :-)
  92. White blood cell count question
  93. Another food selection question - opinions please!!
  94. Katie isn't feeling well
  95. Rookie and Bono today...
  96. Name the new dog park and win $250.00 Really.
  97. My 10 yo Boy Lab misses his sister.
  98. Trying to stack Abby
  99. My baby loves me....
  100. Electric fence
  101. Apollo playing at the park
  102. Spazzing out with leash & collar
  103. it's a poo miracle!!!
  104. Can I get some help, pretty please?
  105. Problems logging on
  106. I want to thank the person who made a comment about..
  107. Belle's walk at the park (pic intense!)
  108. Niki is looking so sad these days....
  109. My class clown
  110. Some pics and a update on Tater
  111. Trouble with shelter pup....need your thoughts
  112. Excessive Night Barking
  113. Thanks to all for Kong advice
  114. Calling OFA and Pennhip Experts??
  115. Retrieve / recall question, confusion.
  116. Safe travels to all the Potomac travelers.
  117. Buying new dog toys
  118. Daisy & Dixie's Bday!
  119. Hank vet update
  120. I got a Dremmel today!! (and a question about nails)
  121. Sassy isn't very Lady like......
  122. Happy Birthday Cricket..she isn't a Lab..but she acts and feels like a big dog
  123. Bully stick question
  124. for those who don't go over to O&E
  125. Cute pix of grandson in little league uniform
  126. Nylabone question + new pic
  127. Shelby was sooooo good yesterday
  128. Worms! YUCK...
  129. Another question re: sons g/f Lab
  130. Home Again chip?
  131. Labattitude anyone? (updated with pics)
  132. Washing a nylon leash??
  133. the nylabone saga (funny pics)
  134. Theo and Dexter (several pics)
  135. Dog Toy Question
  136. this can only happen if you have labs LOL
  137. pj!! Pics of yellow Theo and Dexter please??
  138. Some Rhumba pics...
  139. I got my wish....
  140. Doggie Daycare Questions
  141. frustrated with my dog park (long)
  142. Just witnessed a most horrific dog attack
  143. Those Who Use A Dog Daycare
  144. If you could spare some good thoughts for Gus please--Updated at top
  145. Another Bloat Survivor Story
  146. Ernie meets his cousin (video)
  147. they work???
  148. Story of a Black Lab - worth a glance
  149. Mambo / Hose video
  150. Lip Smackin
  151. really cool pic! take a look at this....
  152. Buddy found the missing easter egg
  153. Guess who's home???
  154. Is a trip to the vet in order?
  155. Remember the Lab I was talking about a few months ago????I have some pics
  156. Cinnamon's Delimma Eat? Retrieve? Eat? Retrieve?
  157. heat question
  158. Walking Off Leash
  159. Rowdy had a fun Easter (Pictures)
  160. Can you cross your fingers for me??
  161. Easter Egg Hunt by Aidan
  162. Murphy's first yogurt stuffed kong
  163. STLRR Update - Coco & Patrick
  164. Lets do the poop dance
  165. One ornery pup today!
  166. **Updated** Apollo's first trip to the dog park (LOTS of pics and video too!)
  167. Ernies Easter treat.
  168. Easy Walk Harness
  169. I think she's gonna take after her mom AND dad!!!
  170. Bunny is not a baby anymore
  171. Molly says "hey shanny check this out!!"
  172. Pics from Apollo's first bath
  173. Prong Collar Instructions
  174. We're babysitting today... (3 pics)
  175. Payton's response to nail clipping -1 pic
  176. Chance's webpage updated for the last time
  177. Happy Birthday my Kelly
  178. Easter Day pics
  179. thank you molly!!
  180. trouble never ends
  181. No poo for 24 hours?
  182. Is it buffered or unbuffered aspiring & how much for dogs?
  183. Curious about possible reasons for behaviors to Puff
  184. This is just sad
  185. Soon Lab Owner
  186. question on backpacks
  187. Labrador Retriever magazine!!
  188. Separation Anxiety..
  189. What is it about the suckyball?
  190. Funny hates!!!
  191. Money money money..LOL
  192. Hullo. It's the "new me" here.
  193. He's finally here !! my first pic !
  194. My brother is getting Gabby
  195. Joe/pups/Where in NC???
  196. Limping/uneven gait
  197. Ice catching
  198. Dakota is so funny...
  199. Help - what to do with a limping dog - UPDATE at end
  200. Does this suit me???
  201. Today I hate the world. (tissue alert)
  202. Poor CJ has to work for his treat
  203. My Trip to the Park by Tal **lotsa pics!**
  204. Retrieve video
  205. Happy Easter
  206. I've been told to leave Shanny in MD
  207. Message from the Easter LABBITT
  208. This made me a little mad..
  209. New Siggy -- puppy attack
  210. vet office protacol
  211. P'd off with pet sitting client
  212. Guess what I am wearing? UPDATE
  213. Repelling Mosquitoes
  214. Should we go to obedience class? if so, where?
  215. Lab Coat
  216. And The Last (very small) Vid Clip...she lost her rock
  217. Anudder small Umlaut at the Beach clip
  218. Flea and Tick protection
  219. Applying advantix?
  220. Where's Your Labs Favorite "Spot"?
  221. First time at the dog park--question
  222. Our Pack (lotsa pics)
  223. LOL...Brandi gets booted from the dog groomer!
  224. Do you buy frontline or meds online? Another point of view
  225. Miss Floaty Butt Looks for Rocks (very short vid clips)
  226. Lab Club of America on Dudley noses
  227. Potomac Roll Call
  228. Nothing Like and Open Field **Pics!**
  229. Are pistachios toxic to dogs?
  230. A little news on Flynn's epilepsy
  231. Sunshine and more companies recall food!!
  232. Does your lab have a preference over types of (TOY) balls?
  233. Doe's you're Labrador walk the walk and talk the talk !?
  234. Figured while we still had Cujie poo we could enjoy some pics of him and my kids
  235. Researchers have identified the gene that determines size of a dog
  236. When did Angus develop a conscience?
  237. Do you exercise your dogs before class.
  238. Well excuse me (dirty look from Zoey)
  239. Rowdy likes Rice Chex too
  240. One of my favorite pics
  241. felicia (henrysmom) -- another henery-look-alike pic!
  242. He threw up his soup bones
  243. guess who is gonna get a hiney whoopin!
  244. How do I know if my yellow lab is a dudley? Pics Inside
  245. Pet Meds Supplier?
  246. I threw out all the biscuts.
  247. Lymphoma question (not my dogs)
  248. What do you do with your puppy in the AM
  249. Lazy - Lazy ? What do you mean Lazy ?
  250. You know how dogs dream?