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  1. Can you rec. a car harness?
  2. Hi! We're back!!(a trife long)
  3. **Updated with Video: OMG Apollo!!!!!!!!
  4. NLR - OSLF's Special Day - April 25th
  5. Georgie, how's Molly?
  6. Past Innova recall for mold problems?
  7. Rookie goes swimming....(sort of)....
  8. Hey, Laura!!
  9. Do your dogs get bored on rainy days, when they have to stay inside?
  10. Bully stick alternative
  11. Exerciize Question
  12. Coco Update
  13. Not to promote a brand of dog food
  14. OMG, Zoey is killing robins..and eating them
  15. Does you dog lie in the most inconvenient place
  16. Animal APL Shelter in need of our help!!
  17. AmazonGold
  18. Right vs Left side tail wags = more love
  19. Dog Treat Recipes- Add yours
  20. Someone had an accident in the house.
  21. Best help in getting Lab hair out of car carpets?
  22. charged by a choc lab
  23. "just a dog"
  24. Shakespeare in the...Bark?
  25. What do all those letters mean?
  26. Ruger is Limping
  27. How to introduce puppies to creeks and lakes?
  28. how to get dog hair out of the truck's carpet?
  29. Yeast infection in ear question THANK YOU!!!
  30. What is your lab's favorite toy?
  31. The stalking cat..Tay gets his revenge!!
  32. Spring pictures
  33. Cutest Clint pic ever
  34. left tail / right tail
  35. Searched and Searched
  36. Dog Food Analysis
  37. Lake Day (loads of pictures)
  38. Lazy Labs (lots of pics)
  39. FYI--ProPlan users.....
  40. Zoey girl is bomb proof!
  41. Yay...Dakota is enrolled..
  42. Bailey At The Lake
  43. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen...Hell is freezing over.
  44. Two more pics!
  45. Dakota and his pool
  46. Some dogs you just fall in love with...
  47. Silly "?" but... Photographing Black Labs
  48. A letter to my dogs
  49. Some rescue news...
  50. I was attacked by a out of control Lab ;)
  51. Molly is sick again. Calling vet at 9:00. ** UPDATE**
  52. Afternnon tea with Ernie.
  53. More pet food recalls coming...
  54. final results for son's boxer...UTI and temporary reaction to dog food
  55. Lazy Sunday posted late
  56. sunday at the lake....jumping from the boat! (lots of pics)
  57. Connie
  58. A few pictures of Sassy and Mugs from this past weekend.
  59. Second shipment or contaminated Rice Protein to be recalled
  60. Dakota is in so much trouble..
  61. Do you all have this problem with new toys?
  62. Some pics of my pups from a photo shoot for a DU project. This photographer is
  63. My furbabies . . .
  64. Jamie on Monday
  65. Jim - how is Jamie?
  66. rough day - lonely house
  67. Congratulations Scotty and Tatyana!
  68. Guess who is taking handling classes this summer?
  69. How is our Tankie doing?
  70. Djc1249 - your signature photo
  71. Ike needs a sign
  72. Help me with Rook's registered name!
  73. Do you like my latest fashion trend???
  74. Blind chocolate boy in GA needs home
  75. Frontline plus or K-9 Advantix
  76. Seamus and Libby pics from last night
  77. Head tilter for adoption (NLR)
  78. I'm proud to introduce Huntmor's Beam Me Up Scotty CD TD CGC
  79. What does your dog do when he/she sees a strange dog?
  80. Someone tell me what this is before I really freak out.. (picture)
  81. Tick Removal?
  82. I am really getting discouraged
  83. AngusFangus..
  84. Poppy Update!!
  85. I got Tater his first DUCK (also something made me mad at the pet store)
  86. Remington's First Swim!!!
  87. Mystery at PetsMart
  88. What kind of crate is your dog in?
  89. Question about paint
  90. Need some parental input
  91. Flickr photos
  92. Thoughts on losing our best friends and trying to move on
  93. Food and ears???? What is EVO?
  94. What Buddy will do to catch a bee LOL (pic)
  95. Five Years Ago Today I lost My Sweet Old Man
  96. spring flowers, morning sun and Payton (pics)
  97. It's a tough life for a puppy....
  98. thank you all
  99. Ernie swimming video
  100. Ernie's 1st trip to the dog park today
  101. My kind, loyal Tal
  102. JL Members Pet Sitting cooperative- proof needed/editing needed
  103. Cross Post from O and E.... I love my dog! (poor apollo)
  104. JL Pet Sitting Cooperative- POLL
  105. Probably a silly question...
  106. Elias is sore from playing so hard!
  107. Need some ASAP help re food
  108. A Day at the Lake (Pictures!)
  109. my sweet baby is no longer in pain
  110. SHADOW has crossed over
  111. Seriously. Stop with the pictures and kick the ball
  113. Big Fish
  114. Went to the beach (pics)
  115. Kelrobin Kennels
  116. Jacey is a cheerleader!
  117. Belle's BIG friend from the park!
  118. No its not a fluke, its her desired position
  119. pet barrier question...
  120. training words question..
  121. Double Trouble
  122. Rhys turns a paw and a half!
  123. Teddie this morning
  124. Marrowbones and boarding
  125. Hey Mambo
  126. Play dates in Boston, MA
  127. A Dakota brag..
  128. Now I know why they call it KENNEL cough
  129. Jim, update on Jamie please?
  130. Sunday mornings and hope
  131. Cuj is leaving me today update with update at end
  132. Bad girl Brandi!
  133. Ernie has been shivering for an hour. advice please Update
  134. Do you think Jacey looks...
  135. Sense-ation VS Easy Walk Harness?
  136. Help me !!!
  137. Brandi was very interesting at the beach today.
  138. Buddy's Nose is Amazing
  139. STAMPEDE!!!!!
  140. Gabby is asleep
  141. Puppy Classes Started Today
  142. What is this face ? 2
  143. What is this face ?
  144. hoping for a good night
  145. Wow!
  146. As good as a kong?
  147. A sad thing about the adoption event
  148. Leash Training?
  149. Pictures of Jacey! and one movie.
  150. JacksAndLabs (Nicole)
  151. Is it weird...
  152. What do YOU think about this product....
  153. What Doggy Products Can You Not Live Without?
  154. Daddy's Boy
  155. Please help!
  156. Apollo has....
  157. My Day at the Adoption Event
  158. Remington's First Show & Ribbons....
  159. Weeping in his sleep?
  160. Aidan and Katie video-love fest :)
  161. The after dinner naps
  162. Help again!
  163. Boomer's barking
  164. 'the talk'
  165. OMG! Where did he learn this?!?
  166. Doggie lifevests?
  167. Complete, up to date list of recalled Pet Foods as of 4-21
  168. Not JUST Melamine in the tainted dog food
  169. Birds fighting over fur
  170. What will you name your next lab?
  171. A little Flynn update
  172. Breeders game for kids
  173. Bacon for Breakfast?
  174. Good Idea?
  175. Ahhh!!! Shedding!!!!
  176. Shadow home again
  177. Ernies vet visit.
  178. Poor old Hank
  179. The Power of Prayer (Jamie update)
  180. Brandi's classes rescheduled, now what?
  181. neck collar size
  182. Ok. Come on fess up ( pic)
  183. Aaaaargh! ... some people !!
  184. The whole Bunkie book is up on my blog...
  185. Paw House Inn - Vermont
  186. Shadow update 9:45 pm
  187. Heads Up!! PBS(TV) "Nature" program on dogs this Sunday evening
  188. First Aid Class
  189. Shadow is in shock
  190. Shadow
  191. Guests, butt sniffing, and an action photo.
  192. Really cute dog art, tshirts, etc.
  193. What I'm doing tomorrow - encouragement?
  194. Nothing like a morning at the vet to tire a puppy out(pic)
  195. Where did the water go? (one pic)
  196. Help! There is a small amount of blood Update at end #2
  197. Going to see the Animal Surgeon!!
  198. My cute Bodie (1 pic)
  199. things only you can do
  200. Help...What are the companies recalling for rice protein?
  201. number of deaths
  202. ? for those of you that use a flea and tick medicine
  203. Does anyone feed Iams Weight management to their cats?
  204. lunch, Sally....and the geese!!!! (lots of pics)
  205. Going potty in strange places?
  206. Sydneys 16 week check up + pictures
  207. I did it. I made "the appointment"
  208. Royal Canin recall in US 3rd of 5 companies 2 more to go for rice protein
  209. Nutro update
  210. Teddie's sister
  211. I just heard a horrible story......
  212. Food recalls
  213. Thinking of Jim and family . . .
  214. Has anyone heard this?
  215. Which ProPlan Laura??
  216. Could it have been intentional (recalls)
  217. My son Connor
  218. emergency rescue decal........
  219. RC recall
  220. Shadow today
  221. Any Comments on Prairie dog food?
  222. My boys...
  223. Dog food/cat food recall site
  224. Nutro users read this: I called Nutro....again. Got another explanation!!!!
  225. Is nature busy or ....
  226. Lab drowned in backyard pool saved by CPR in Texas
  227. Do you ever tell your furkid...
  228. Dogs behind a fence
  229. Ernies final vet clearance.
  230. Natrue's Recipe - has not been recalled - does anyone use this
  231. does anyone know any rep. breeders websites?
  232. Diamond/Kirkland feeders DO NOT PANIC!
  233. Does this sound ok?
  234. I Called Purina Too......Yikes
  235. Corn Gluten. Wheat Gluten. Rice Protein Concentrate.
  236. Our new website: SeaWolf Labs : )
  237. son's sweet, sweet boxer's food has been recalled....and the dog is not well
  238. Those with cats - Blue Buffalo food
  239. Blue Buffalo cat food recall (Rice Protein)(2nd of 5 companies)
  240. What Aidan thinks of his crate...
  241. The gang
  242. There must be "something" in the air
  243. I don't know what is next-updated after the last post
  244. the first counter-surfing incident and an accident!
  245. Never requested prayers before, hope you won't mind.
  246. Weighed Rowdy today (2 pics, one with Lexie)
  247. Called Purina again, this time about the corn gluten.
  248. we are going to go
  249. Scotty is not allowed as SU's work anymore :(
  250. Rare Red Lab?