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  1. licking stitches...
  2. cetranella-bark collars?
  3. Just found out where Sarah originally came from...
  4. is this normal?????????
  5. sawyer is a cover-dog too
  6. Pure Joy...
  7. Maggie you bad dog!!!
  8. Debarking? (not really....)
  9. Rogie Updated at 6:15 p.m -- Rogie is Home
  10. Training at 6:30 this morning
  11. creation of a marrow-monster
  12. *sigh* can dogs be constipated? (lol)
  13. 2 am chaos
  14. Going blind? (not Scout)
  15. Tater went swimming
  16. Where did my ball go??
  17. Tennis Court = bad idea
  18. Tater watching TV last night
  20. Tater loves his mommy (Picture added)
  21. REPOST of Cold Tail Question!
  22. Cold Tail Question
  23. New chair
  24. Honey Bunny...
  25. hi everybody!!!!!!!
  26. Marlan's 1st Camping Trip
  27. Large Breed Adult Food
  28. Macadamia's first party!
  29. Cuddles in Bed
  30. Labs + Tall grass =
  31. Piece by piece...
  32. Zoe the Umlaut - How is Your Paw?
  33. YES! Buddy was a good boy!
  34. Ewww! PADDY!
  35. WHOA!!!!
  36. Now THAT'S a strange place for hair
  37. Haylee and her new "CUZ" ball toys . . .
  38. Piper was spayed on Thursday
  39. Rogie -- Updated 5:25.
  40. Stitches?
  41. I need help with Tater
  42. CGC testing sites near Bucks County, PA
  43. Hershey Kisses needs help with Newman
  44. Laura how is Libby?
  45. Hi everyone! Question about puppy mischief
  46. Your Lab & Home Theater
  47. The "original" Vincent on LOST is retiring
  48. Question about lakes/ponds/creeks
  49. Who begs more? Males or females
  50. Baloo's Great Outdoor Adventure! (reeaaaalllyyy pic heavy!)
  51. Question about LBP Formula
  52. Proposed Houston Area LabFest. Send me your email
  53. I was very proud
  54. Happy Birthday to our sweet boy, Boone !
  55. Specially for Jake !!
  56. tempting fate
  57. We have joined the ranks of dog park veterans
  58. Update on Nala
  59. Trip to the beach yesterday (lots of pictures)
  60. UPDATE: Jake is sick :(
  61. Thank you :)
  62. Jake's first hike and first swim!! (Pic Intense)
  63. Does your lab catch?
  64. Recent Pics of Tal, Midnight and Sparticus **Pic Intense**
  65. Growing up so quick (pics)
  66. My pasive, gentle, dog, growled and showed his teeth at an old lady
  67. New pictures of my boys..
  68. In the (blue) ribbons again! (pic)
  69. Snakes everywhere!!!! Silly labs!
  70. Baileys cold tail up and wagging again.
  71. Brodie has spots?
  73. No Carol, it is NOT a Turkey!
  74. Pics of Tankie - By the Pool Yesterday - Tell me you can resist this face
  75. Just an impression of today ...
  76. pic of axl and my closet dilema
  77. see what I mean about axl in my closet
  78. birdbrainz
  79. hi-five trick
  80. A good day (for the most part) in the hunt field
  81. A soldier's best friend - A suicide bomber's worst enemy
  82. Why?
  83. Tonight
  84. lab books etc...
  85. Cool photo of Jake
  86. Registered name help!
  87. Question about bump on abbey's front leg (pics included)-UPDATE
  88. What should I do?
  89. Buddy Flosses his Teeth (Video)
  90. Rookie and kids....
  91. This old boy (Reggie) still has some tricks up his sleeve...
  92. The girls today. (1 pic)
  93. Flynn's "parade pony prance" (pic)
  94. Henery cracks me up!
  95. Nice Flynn pic : -)
  96. Something about these 2 dogs just grabs at my heart...
  97. Garmin GPS dog tracking/locating collar
  98. My dog has us wrapped around his fingers, um..I mean..paw
  99. Teddie sleeping
  100. Diet Foods
  101. Buds
  102. first time out of crate
  103. Training hint
  104. I jinxed it!!
  105. Ahh, Rowdy, I think you are in trouble with Mom.
  106. Group pic as requested
  107. Gus-Post TPLO pictures and update
  108. Hank, Maddie and the other seniors (pictures)
  109. Throwing up bile this morning.
  110. Emma fishes a fishing rod
  111. First time cold tail questions.
  112. Is your lab spoiled?
  113. Barnsley scared me today
  114. Help save homeless labs just by changing your search engine? What? Really?
  115. This was wierd
  116. More recalls 5/18/07 Foster and Smith, Shep, SmartPak, Evolve, Shop Rite
  117. Request for LabMOMKathryn
  118. Oh the joy of puppies & poop
  119. Tankie had 2 Seizures Today - Friday
  120. Do you let your dog meet other dogs n walks?
  121. ahhh so peaceful :) (pic)
  122. Buddy did me proud today
  123. Chamois has a new collar (pics)
  124. Well wasn't that a nice surprise!!
  126. Rowdy was shootin' craps
  127. Walking in the Rain
  128. Buddy's Present Arrives - Thank You Auntie Jeanne
  129. First Lab puppy
  130. Zoom Groom thank you's!!!
  131. "But mom...."
  133. Lab and Husky
  134. 'You talkin' to me??? 1 pic
  135. Update on Rogie's Vomiting Situation
  136. Cute pic...
  137. Bedtime
  138. Speaking of LabAddict
  139. Mushrooms.......Aaaahhh!!
  140. Pee potency
  141. Which JL dogs
  142. Worries about Sam
  143. Just a cat food recall:: Lick Your Chops Kitten & Cat dry food
  144. What's the matter with Belle?
  145. Oh my!! This is a sad story....but with something we can learn from.
  146. Merlot can't walk, split his paw pad :-[
  147. Does Tal look like a GSD??
  148. Australian JL's
  149. Kirkland----Cosco Food RECALLED
  150. Thumper visited recently
  151. Tankie's A&M Update from visit today
  152. bump on head
  153. Teething?
  154. How slimline should my lab be??
  155. anesthesia complications
  156. Our vet called
  157. Giuli....How's Apollo Doing?
  158. E-Mail from Zoe's Trainer/Behaviorist
  159. I'm pleased to announce...
  160. pre neuter bloodwork??
  161. Question about pink noses
  162. Bubba's road trip
  163. Awww Bobs
  164. Best Lab Camera
  165. Tater is getting better sleeping out of crate
  166. Zoom Groom/problems
  167. Caleb made a new friend last night...
  168. Frontline Plus Vs. K9 Advantix
  169. Mini brag
  170. poopy foot
  171. Baloo and his new sister!! (pics)
  172. To retract or to not retract
  173. Walking tools
  174. Site Issues
  175. Oh my, I have missed so much
  176. Thanks for voting for AIDAN! He won!
  177. Please Vote For Monty!!! (Photo Contest) :)
  178. Thought I'd share this link with you
  179. this is so hard
  180. A little Humor
  181. Logan's Legs...Surgery for Bone Chips?
  182. Why doesn't she listen!!
  183. Thank you, thank you Cricket and Lucy and Auntie Molly!! by Henery (3 pics)
  184. My Little Neatness Freak
  185. Max Pics!!! Finally!
  186. To The Dogs The Sound of Leash or Colar Means WALK! But, There is NO Walk!
  187. Frankie's going for his pre-neuter bloodwork today
  188. Faces needing places....
  189. **NEW** secret pals
  190. Another pup this week!
  191. What toys do your labs really like?
  192. laparoscopic spay?
  193. 1st trip outside for the pups - 4 wk photos
  194. Puppy napping pile - photos!
  195. Applying Flea/tick dose??
  196. Our first week
  197. Guns says thank you JL!
  198. Caleb is back on his feed...
  199. A second lab...
  200. A second lab...
  201. Ticks
  202. Whatcha think....???
  203. Ok.... need help......
  204. Zoe Has Not Run for 7 days...
  205. Thank you all for remembering Dakota and me.
  206. Well we had a good day in class..
  207. Puppy school dropout!
  208. NLR - But totally cool
  209. Starving?
  210. Could Doolie be a "toy" lab?
  211. Could it be allergies?
  212. More picks of our new girl!
  213. Tankie Had a Collapse This Morning - Updated Wednesday am
  214. Feeding question
  215. Flooring options
  216. Yuck!!
  217. Blowing coat!! YIKES
  218. Happy 4th Birthday to my Max (Lots o' pics)
  219. Socialization
  220. 7 Starving neglegted labs in Michigan
  221. Need some help plz!
  222. Yup, Ranger is a Mismark - Pics Attached 4 Weeks Old
  223. Two labs are better than one?
  224. How to keep her out of my garden....
  225. Nellie's Annual Vet Exam
  226. Pennsylvania Kennel Inspections Online
  227. Simon update - seems a little better
  228. Emma and Emmeth in the woods today... AKA the stick trip! (PICS)
  229. Bailey not well yet.
  230. Why we dont need Agility ...
  231. More dog food recalls Sensible Choice and Kasco
  232. Bailey. Swimmer. Hiker. Escape Artist.
  233. Does your dog have rough paws?
  234. Gunny update added question..opinions?
  235. What is up with Mambo
  236. Duke Faked Being Asleep Last Night
  237. Yeasty ears?
  238. Words to live by after a somber experience
  239. Good News on Recall!! Natura, EVO, Innova
  240. Lost pets sold to labs
  241. My shy, introverted puppies.....
  242. How is Simon doing?
  243. I think I have a lab-pei
  244. Caleb just came in with one wet hide foot...
  245. cuts and grazes
  246. I have the bestest Auntie Linda EVER!! by, Henery (pics!)
  247. bossy at 10 weeks
  248. Reggie's slow speed getaways
  249. Thought this was funny!
  250. Do You Have A Camera?