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  1. Good Thoughts for Remi, Please ...
  2. Jasper's birthday present.
  3. Bella today - 2 pics
  4. Happy Gotcha Day One Eyed Jack!
  5. Full Circle ...
  6. Joey pic
  7. Mitzi Dec 4, 1999-Sept 15,2012
  8. Backpacks
  9. Layla now has her Canine Good Citizen(CGC)
  10. Uh-oh! Flynn is broken :(
  11. Roffe in the car
  12. menacing chocolate death stare
  13. Jasper is 10 on Sunday.
  14. I Found A Lump... : (
  15. Sleeping habit change
  16. Buddy
  17. Diesel brag
  18. Jodie/joflake ???
  19. Oh man. Flynn had his 10th B'day and I forgot to post!
  20. My little Roffe is getting bigger
  21. Meet Mia's babies!
  22. Do you want a bath?
  23. Tessas has edema in her leg
  24. Meet Joey
  25. Time for boosters...
  26. Which crate dogs feel more like a den? (pics)
  27. So far so good for Nola :)
  28. While reciting the riot act to Buddy
  29. The Plan
  30. Labradors: things I have learnt
  31. It's a boy!
  32. Avoderm dog food recall
  33. The Dogs Day Of Summer
  34. jaysey-poo =)
  35. Hey All,
  36. On puppy watch......
  37. Moka's WHOLE head is....
  38. Looking forward to the next few weeks!! :)
  39. Am I confusing Tess or being unfair to her.
  40. Am I expecting too much?
  41. New guy
  42. 18 Month Pictures
  43. What toys does your tough chewers have?
  44. I hate the show "Breeder of the Pack"
  45. Help for first time pup owner!
  46. Shall I put steps on my bigger bed for Cassie?
  47. Lick-a-holic
  48. Custom SUV Crate - DIY
  49. 1 Yr Old Lab + 10 Week Old Setter Pup: Manic, Rough Playing!
  50. Mendota Durasoft collars?...
  51. Anybody else get irritated...
  52. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! A new puppy!!!
  53. OMG ... Look What I Just Found!
  54. A picture of my La Z Boy
  55. Birthday boy yesterday (2 pics0
  56. Dogs had a long day today.
  57. My model Erns went on strike. lol. (pic of Tessas sling.)
  58. Update on Bentleys alloofness
  59. Scratch, Scratch, Itch, Itch, Pant... oh lah
  60. Good thing or Bad thingg!! over protective!!
  61. Cassie ate charcoal!!!
  62. Too Tired
  63. Tessa is home.
  64. Drum roll please.........
  65. Any news on Tess?...
  66. Ruby's checkup
  67. Male vs. Female
  68. Tess fell at the vets so waiting for them to call.
  70. Yikes! Baxters first show Friday!
  71. Do chocolates behave differently compared to yellow or blacks?
  72. Licking
  73. Ears up...ears down
  74. Marrow Bones ...yum...
  75. Couch pics
  76. First Aid
  77. Tessa is recovering well after her TTO surgery.
  78. Lab Tortured
  79. hay!! does everybody member my dudleyy lab fonyx:)!!
  80. Haana, Eddie & me
  81. How does your dog get into your SUV?
  82. The Haana chronicles
  83. Cat's repellent
  84. Dosages?
  85. What can cause pigment loss/rash?
  86. Fabric or wire crates.?
  87. Cassie and the hair dryer fear - what to do?
  88. furminator question
  89. bald spot on elbows?
  90. Swam like a fish!
  91. Tank grolwed at someone Saturday.
  92. Happy Birthday Mr. Vermont... NLR
  93. Transitioning
  94. Prayers for Candie
  95. One year ago today Princee went to Rainbow Bridge
  96. Tessa does have a ruptured cruciate.
  97. I'm a huge A-hole, please judge me... thank you.
  98. We took the plunge and filled out a rescue application!
  99. Puppy Love
  100. Our Beginner Novice debut today wasn't too shabby...
  101. walk by stream, now we both smell like fish :(
  102. Can someone suggest English lab breeders near Stamford CT
  103. So last night ....
  104. Bo&*%*$
  105. Has anyone trained a puppy to ring a bell to go out?? How to teach this?
  106. Kuranda Dog beds...any opinions?
  107. "Tracking a Subtle Scent, a Dog May Help Save the Whales"
  108. Andy - update on Buddy and Jack, please?
  109. Wish I hadn't been slack with crate training Tess.
  110. Lab Breeders in VA/MD
  111. Does this look like a purebred lab to you?
  112. Lost Labs
  113. Andy...How are Buddy & Jack today?
  114. poor jayson...
  115. Lab art
  116. Is this the end for Candie
  117. Strange, unexpected destructive behavior from Puff
  118. Mitziandjudysmom... your siggy!
  119. Please pray for Buddy
  120. Bad Mannered dogs!
  121. Is my puppy a lab?
  122. Haana and her life now (long)
  123. Colin or anyone else help please with Tessas pain.
  124. Vet is 99% sure Tessa has a torn knee.
  125. Poisonous fruit trees to dogs
  126. If your Lab is diagnosed with Diabetes - support is available!
  127. Labrador's Loyalty
  128. I said Goodbye to my Kate today
  129. Lab/dog related things for home
  130. Do older dogs sometimes need MORE food?
  131. My non retrieving retriever (pics)
  132. Snowflake (Nancy & Bill from GA)...
  133. Need Advice on Lab Eating Habits
  134. spiritedfilly115....please update on Kayce!
  135. to much cute for one thread!
  136. Great while it lasted....
  137. Erns night time habit.
  138. So much frustration!!!
  139. Recommendations for a Northeast Breeder?
  140. Pure bred labs??
  141. Chuck-it
  142. Dock Diving Clubs near Waco, TX
  143. Anyone involved with Dock Dogs?
  144. Are you going deaf, or just ignoring me??
  145. My naughty, naughty Rhys and his very upset tummy
  146. Relationship - Zak George
  147. Stressed? Need to relax?
  148. new jayson pic with bonus picture of my cousins lab.
  149. does this look like a pure bred or mix lab?
  150. I have a scuba dog!(and a few other pics.)
  151. Whining puppy
  152. Bad odor
  153. So, I was at the Eventing trial yesterday,
  154. Flint and Journey (2 picts)
  155. Apparently I have a golden retriever..
  156. Sweet, sweet video... :)
  157. Dumb question about Kennel aire crates
  158. Smokey graduated from the kiddie pool to the lake today (pictures)
  159. List of Dog Foods
  160. Cassie's first "place" bed advice
  161. Jasper's TPLO - opinions please.
  162. WHAAA!!!
  163. ok it's 3:30am, Can you explain this!?
  164. Mo is home :)
  165. This is what I wake up to EVERY morning (pics)
  166. Faith in humanity
  167. FYI Bil Jack recall
  168. Today is a good day for the Shanny Monster
  169. Dork-boy
  170. A little brag...
  171. 2nd day to the beach (tomorrow)
  172. Antler chews, can I fridge them?
  173. dog barking at night
  174. Puppy update!
  175. Question about potty training with the bell
  176. Ladies, what deodorant do you use?
  177. Good boy Flint!!!
  178. Another Labby rescue video
  179. Working full time and having a dog
  180. In her dreams
  181. Best way to wake up.
  182. thinking about Rally-O classes
  183. Sophie sneezing...
  184. They know...
  185. What dog item do you think someone should invent?
  186. How to torture your Nosework dog...
  187. Just when you thought it safe to go into the water......
  188. They melt me.
  189. still wanna spay/neuter early?
  190. Questions for a pet sitter
  191. New member here...need some advice on puppy during the day. Thanks!
  192. River dogs
  193. Car Crate or Car Cage?
  194. How do you recalibrate a Lab?
  195. Boric Acid?
  196. Will they get used to her?
  197. how to stop puppy humping and what to tell the kids?
  198. Out of Retirement
  199. Howling dream
  200. In need of advice about abused and now rescued black lab
  201. Bells and Bars
  202. Is it risky to adopt a lab who has had pneumonia?
  203. Training a new puppy
  204. Bentley did great tonight!
  205. Funny story from the rescue center
  206. OMG
  207. WHY, WHY, WHY????
  208. Took a BIG chance
  209. Meet Fallon
  210. Thundershirts
  211. My labrador ear
  212. Random Puppy Fears
  213. Dog left on a mountain to die
  214. Agressive Chewing
  215. "Unfriendly" lab
  216. When cuddles go awry
  217. 9 month old Chocolate Lab with no manners!
  218. My New Puppy
  219. NLR Puppy Cam
  220. ED!
  221. Ggoughnuts toys
  222. She doesn't bark
  223. Do you check your dogs pads after a walk?
  224. Mitzi
  225. Photos from the field last night
  226. First time in 5-6 years that...
  227. HK multiple bee stings - How much Benadryl?
  228. Harvey and Seth's big adventure!
  229. longer muzzle
  230. Prong Collars
  231. Tessa loves toys in her mouth. (photo)
  232. Puppy Paw Size???
  233. My Saturday morning "Sleep In" partners...
  234. Stainless steel dishes from PetCo recalled...
  235. jayson is a naughty boy!
  236. Added more pictures from our last trial...
  237. Thoughts on a rescue lab versus a puppy from a breeder?
  238. Use this as a training opurtunity?
  239. Abby & Kate getting some sun. (1 pic)
  240. Today's lesson for Journey and Flint.
  241. Where's Jay?
  242. Just when I think they couldn't embarrase me more.
  243. Tank felt left out.
  244. Lovemydog2much?
  245. Getting ready for vacation on the lake
  246. Are you thinking about buying a puppy and are on Facebook?
  247. Once again, I have to say...
  248. The spoiled rotten dogs... well spoiled rotten Collie, the Labs earn it LOL
  249. Happy First Birthday to Dodge
  250. My big goofie pup