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  1. Tal and the Frogs
  2. Brigetta has a new friend! (lots of pics)
  3. Good GOD Tater sounds like a freight TRAIN
  4. Socializing a new pup
  5. I can't believe she remembered!!
  6. I am not sure if we are ready or not..
  7. Hershey Kisses made me proud tonight
  8. The girls new crates. (3 pics)
  9. A Yellow Lab to the Rescue
  10. Anyone see this story?
  11. What brand of bear or pepper spray do you carry and where do you
  12. Angus' Surgery is tomorrow
  13. AKC's stand on the Vick Dog Fighting Case
  14. The reason dogs don't live as long as humans
  15. Ark Naturals - Gentle Digest?
  16. Pictures of Mitz and Judy on a swing(11pics)
  17. Duke's "Brother" went to the Dog Show Yesterday
  18. udderly smooth same as bag balm?
  19. Sam goes fishing!
  20. Cute pic
  21. Help
  22. Females
  23. Hey LOOK ! We got our RECOVERY ROOM !
  25. Bonnie says, never let anything get in the way of relaxing
  26. Buddy Update - Monday
  27. Billie's adventure with an obstruction and some advice needed please (long)
  28. First vet visit
  29. She Threw up
  30. Boo's Day at the Beach
  31. Very tramatic episode you think my sister did the right thing?
  32. Possible UTI...please help, need advice
  33. Check it out....
  34. Stinky after swimming?
  35. Our life in Libya, by Toby and Chamois (with pics)
  36. Desiring a Labrador Retriever puppy
  37. Need Votes
  38. Took Abby to the emergency vet today.
  39. Scared dog?
  40. my dogs are mad at me..
  41. Hunting
  42. Vacation was great- until the end!
  43. Remington The Wimp!
  44. This bugged me yesterday
  45. Something's wrong with Abby's eye.
  46. Hey Jay, what are you and Remi doing?
  47. Today's Rally Results
  48. A sweet Reggie moment.
  49. Lifejacket ?
  50. Dog aggression - HELP!!!!
  51. How many toys can your dog play with at one time?
  52. I'M FREE! Tons of Trooper outside pix
  53. Mom, it's morning! (picture)
  54. Recommendation: Older/Arthritic/TPLO/TTA dogs
  55. Food recall..and some pet foods! At the bottom!!
  56. Shedding / ZoomGroom
  57. Wesley - THE STINK!!
  58. Need a Tankie update!
  59. Does your lab have curly hair?
  60. Trip to Wichita
  61. 2 pics of my couch potato
  62. Thank you Labby (Laura)
  63. Encourage to play more?
  64. Labby....
  65. Caution: Pet Dental product containing xylitol (toxic sweetener)
  66. Okay. Seamus and Mom conversation
  67. Today WOULD HAVE BEEN Ellis' 16th Birthday
  68. [update w/pics on top TANK or CLINT look alike?] Zoe's Got A Boyfriend LOL
  69. "Did Simon get a haircut?!?"
  70. This puppy whistels
  71. Great day for the girls!! (2 pics)
  72. A few pics of the boys (6 pics)
  73. Allergies and Breeders Contract Return Policy???????
  74. How to play nice with friends?
  75. Rally: Say Hello To...
  76. any one for a game of frisbee (pics inside)
  77. Scotty retrieving ducks (video inside)
  78. went to the lake this morning (aka picture overload)
  79. Mmmmore Laika ...
  80. PAM how's Buddy and you ?
  81. Tucker and the chipmunk (pics)
  82. Doesn't Get Much Better Than This with Your Pets!
  83. A Silly but crazy Sassy Story.
  84. Mugs and Sassy got new collars!
  85. lab has started barking at neighbors
  86. Meet Nikko (pics)
  87. Collar-holics Beware! We are in trouble!
  88. Seamus: I believe I have a Noble understudy here...
  89. UPS just came.With Lots of Pictures
  90. pictures of ginger (7)
  91. Happy Birthday to my Black Beauty - Rowan.
  92. Ruby is home!!!!!!!
  93. Our JL SP sent us a present !!
  94. The puppies say goodbye
  95. sexual maturinty?
  96. UTI
  97. Michael Vick revenge video...
  98. Kelli, The Black Lab
  99. Bev (SlappyMcCracken)
  100. Houston's World Series of Dog Shows now on
  101. T'storms this morning
  102. A question about howling
  103. What are the best free toys?
  104. Growth question
  105. no way, no how
  106. This has been one of the hardest days of my life.
  107. Miscalculation...
  108. Buddy's Biopsy Benign-UPDATE-not eating/peeing
  109. I am outraged (a short narrative by Molly)
  110. Should I be worried? - update at bottom
  111. First "Wellness" Check Up?
  112. Dog Hair Galore...
  113. Sig
  114. Thunder limping
  115. Trooper update 7/19 (lots of pix)
  116. Dogs and wheel chairs/power chairs question
  117. Hey Laura! Could this be Shanny's long lost cousin?
  118. A few of Hershey
  119. Wich is better
  120. Where's Weheartlabs (Susan?)
  121. Weird (but lovable!) things your labs do...
  122. Gage was adopted!!!!!
  123. labs in the grass! (pics)
  124. Meet Miss Emma
  125. Tucker Says 'My Cousin is a Jerk'
  126. My special visitors-Kona and Beau :)
  127. Lab-proof Trash Can?
  128. Feeding your dog...
  129. We have a graduate in the house
  130. Hey Laura!!!
  131. I have a question..
  132. Just had to share how great Agility has been for Sky
  133. Ugh! Can't stand the STINK!!!
  134. Those who rescue- opinions needed (or anyone else who has some ideas)
  135. Any readers of John Katz here?
  136. Finally figured out a way to keep him off the bed
  137. The truth about Cats and Dogs (photo intensive)
  138. Toby discovered the swimming pool yesterday
  139. dog park etiquette
  140. I was VIOLATED!!! (Post from Taffy)
  141. Pictures of nap time
  142. My puppy was in my way
  143. How about a fun post?
  144. Bro's puppy is sick..advice please
  145. Having a bad day, all confused.
  146. Maggie was butt-tucking
  147. Laika in the high grass ...
  148. Shedding
  149. New Puppy Lab? Update
  150. Tal's Birthday
  151. Of course it was a lab!! LOL!
  152. New grass eating habit
  153. Vet said my puppy is "Over Weight"????
  154. Gordie spots the webcam
  155. Emergency vet...unbelievable!
  156. She nipped a cyclist!
  157. Defender of the house
  158. Switching to adult food,what age?
  159. strange cough
  160. Wish me luck....
  161. Someone want to come and clean the puppy pen?
  162. Last puppy videos 7-18-07
  163. Anybody have pet health insurance???
  164. Innova LB puppy/Reg Puppy food??
  165. Miss ya Murph
  166. Have I missed an update on Buddy???
  167. New Guy Saying Hi
  168. Frontline spray
  169. Traumatized Lab?
  170. Silly Labrador!
  171. Could someone PLEASE tell me..
  172. Edible Nylabone
  173. Grrr people piss me off
  174. Adley! What do have?!? *laughing*
  175. Seamus and Flynn read the tabloids: Listen...
  176. Mouse Hunt
  177. $175 piece pf sh*t
  178. Who's in a Sad/Bad Mood Today ... check out this O/E thread
  179. Question for anyone in the Chicago Area
  180. Ideas for a soft-sided crate that is easy to fold up and fit in a trunk...?
  181. Looking for a dog
  182. Surgery cost for removing growths/tumors?
  183. Wire crate question.
  184. Labbycam????
  185. We have a new JL fan!
  186. Anyone use a dog tent vs crate?
  187. Wanna-be dock dogs (pics-slideshow)
  188. First time at dog show, what to see?
  189. sleeping like a babe...
  190. Food Supplement - She thinks she is starving :)
  191. "The vet says I'm fat..." (more pictures)
  192. "I'm still tiltin!" (4 rather large pictures)
  193. Garbage can solutions
  194. She is such a silly lab
  195. The long journey - we all arrived safely in Tripoli, Libya (long)
  196. What about the Navy ?
  197. what is with all the nasty poo lately??
  198. We had to let Hailey go tonight
  199. Can their eyes pop out?
  200. sleeping cuties
  201. After the Lake Today **More Pics**
  202. Our Cottage Weekend!!! (So many pics it's not even funny!!)
  203. Food Brands
  204. Happy First Birthday My Kind, Gentle Giant
  205. Oakley and Lana go to PEI
  206. Angus' Surgery: Here's what we're doing...
  207. Texas Toothpicks
  208. Naming help?
  209. Our afternoon walk was cut short..Lucy's stomach clock went off!
  210. Part Rotweiler?
  211. K9 Advantix
  212. Bones???
  213. JL from Home or from Work ??? (Poll)
  214. Need help finding a new service dog leash. Please!!
  215. Who does your lab love more?
  216. Connie (and/or Kevin) Frankie post surgery pics
  217. I need to talk
  218. Digging in Waterbowl?
  219. Zeus's Weekend
  220. On a happier note, Tater made it through another night
  221. need opinion about getting a 2nd dog
  222. Are your dogs dead to the world when they sleep at night?
  223. Just brought home our first dog....NEED HELP
  224. Puppy needs dentures!
  225. Sarcastic question for any horse lovers on the board
  226. Jake's Birthday and first water retrieves! Pic HEAVY!!
  227. Boo and Layla sittin' in a tree...(pics)
  228. Marlan's eye - I'm scared
  229. Fun day at the dog park today
  230. stinky dog
  231. OuTside Doggie Areas Question
  232. Are rabies vaccines needed?
  233. Nothing like a tired puppy
  234. Shiner and Jimo love the nursery decor.
  235. What could life bring any better?
  236. Pleased To Introduce....
  237. Seamus: My Masai
  238. My boy is getting big!
  239. Fergus' Birthday!
  240. Getting a second lab?
  241. cost of titers in Michigan?
  242. Reba Walking The Plank
  243. Jumping Dogs
  244. My Pretty Dogs
  245. On a sweeter note, here's Gracie with her new little girl......
  246. Pet Fair and Parade
  247. Do you see the resemblances?
  248. Iowa people
  249. Rabies titers?
  250. Flynn: Did I ever mention this? : -)