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  1. Leads while swimming
  2. What voice do you talk to your dog in?
  3. Official Bad JL Girl
  4. POOR BABY! The infection just wont go away!
  5. action shots of mav and gabby
  6. Who am I? Pictures of puppies
  7. I think Teddie likes her little brother
  8. My Daisy eats too darn fast!!
  9. Pitch is now reading the want adds
  10. Puppy Pictures
  11. A Dog's Diary
  12. Has your dog been adopted by a neighbor?
  13. Look what my coworker gave me!
  14. Stupid, stupid people!!
  15. Can Ernie has some crossed paws please
  16. Laughter Thru Pain
  17. Any Counter Surfers?
  18. Joe. Any new pics of Trooper or Misha?
  19. A Big Thanks
  20. I Still Cannot Believe This
  21. My dog has lost it!
  22. update OMG poor Dakota. She got her toenail ripped off.. Not broken-RIPPED OFF
  23. Does it ever take you aback when people who have dogs don't understand dogs?
  24. Thinking of Sandie and Frodo...
  25. A couple of puppy ?s
  27. Pets for rent
  28. Angus' Biopsy Results
  29. Question on Allflex microchip
  30. Moose is now eating oranges from out tree
  31. Wesley's going to R.E.A.D. tonight! (Further info - SHOCK!!)
  32. Does your lab sing
  33. The things I do for my dog
  34. So....How is our boy Tankie???
  35. Aidan's BOB Ribbons
  36. Multiple Dog Activities!!
  37. Connie, any word about Angus?
  38. A food question for breeders/vets/other knowledgeable Lab caretakers
  39. I Really Need Some Support/Advice about Logan's Upcoming Surgery
  40. Goldens Rescued....NLR
  41. Pet First Aid classes
  42. Need advice quick - dog ate cigarrettes
  43. Big Sigh....
  44. Enzo Hanging with His Grandparents
  45. They never stop playing!
  46. So proud
  47. Message for Guinnys Mom
  48. Vietnam tracker dog's
  49. --Renting Dogs-- are they serious???
  50. Acorn tops and other squirrel food in lawn
  51. It was your fault Sam.
  52. A refreshing trip to the vet.
  53. Summer Evening Swim (Pic)
  54. I GOT HER!!!
  55. Doggie Hydration Packs
  56. Emma- Bee Hunter
  57. I am sooo getting a new vet
  58. I think Angus is misssing some stitches. :( :( :(
  59. This was refreshing
  60. Help... shelby is being aggressive
  61. Erns takes begging to new levels.
  62. Cross post: I know this should be in health
  63. Shedding
  64. Rough weekend
  66. I Waaasss Napping
  67. Hey, labby, your siggy pic of Jake...
  68. My bad, beautiful Shanny
  69. Teddie and Shanny
  70. Best Lab Forum
  71. Nala diving Yippie
  72. Collars
  73. Fun in the Sun
  74. .99 Ball Buddy Dog Toy
  75. Eddie and ice cubes
  76. Not chewing food
  77. Annoying dogs
  78. Jacey pics (and a picture of her with her ribbon from sat)
  79. Connie, how's he doing?
  80. doggie conscience
  81. Dog emergency this morning - making them vomit (long)
  82. Annoying walk
  83. Marking?
  84. JL Prayers for Diesel ** UPDATE** {{Thanks to you all}}
  85. "Put a muzzle on that dog!"
  86. Thoughts about this??
  87. Graduation Part II
  88. I won't take Duke to the dog park until I can correct this behavior
  89. Heartguard Chewables
  90. Reversing the neutering
  91. dock diving debut!! (w/pics)
  92. American vs. English
  93. Almost forgot
  94. Tal and his gentleness
  95. Tails????
  96. Does your dog dig in the house.
  97. Check out these toys
  98. Block Head
  99. Shhh - Don't Tell "Grandpa"
  100. Do Dogs "sulk" or "get even" with humans?
  101. So what time do you feed your pups??
  102. State of the Union
  103. Ruby's 1st Swim-Video+pics(Dialup warning!)
  104. Experimenting with bed coverlet/quilt protection -- any suggestions?
  105. Baloo's Graduation! (pics)
  106. I want this dog!!
  107. I met a man who has a chocolate boy that is blind
  108. Veronica
  109. Lake pictures (about 17)
  110. People just don't think when it comes to dogs
  111. How many dogs do you have?
  112. Rowdy and the credit cards, Part 2
  113. who said Scooby Snax = gas?
  114. Next time ...
  115. Does anyone here cook for their dog?
  116. Home Alone, Part II
  117. New toy...the water bowl???
  118. Behavior problem?
  119. Misha the meek
  120. We did it! Moose and I are now Delta Society approved
  121. *humble post* re: Paddy
  122. woohoo Jacey!!
  123. UPDATE: Monday 7-30-07 Get those dogs chipped!!!
  124. Is your lab a "right paw" or "left paw" dog?
  125. Wags for Wishes
  126. "Intruder on Property" alert went off ~6:30AM this morning
  127. Artists??? Quite a while back
  128. Mean 'ole Daddy!
  129. Buddy's 99lbs just cost me more $$$$
  130. Labs and coconuts
  131. NRL: another human low point in treatment of animals
  132. Thanks to all..and Prong Collar remark!!
  133. How do we retire the crate?
  134. New Lab pup on "Labrador Lane"
  135. Mum!! Look what Sam did
  136. Growth Update!!
  137. Somethin' that's been buggin' me......
  138. Desexing a male
  139. Bruce's best friend...
  140. How do i go about this??
  141. Do You Think I handled This OK?
  142. Lab License Plates?
  143. OMG Where is Theo when I need him
  144. Male dog questions
  145. We're Baaaack
  146. Looking for Lab
  147. The lint roller - sometimes my best friend
  148. reputable breeders
  149. Angus' Recheck Visit Went Well!
  150. hi everyone - have a great day
  151. I Left Tal Home with Free Reign Today
  152. Part Agility? or part kid?
  153. Proud of myself and Lizzie today...
  154. A Pulp Fiction Retrieve Session (video)
  155. How many use..prong collar?
  156. This isn't Ty's week! Torn pad.
  157. Labradork: Engineer
  158. Tater has a new game
  159. Encountering other animals on walks
  160. A question for you Labs...
  161. Felicia where are you? (Henrysmom)
  162. Here is Sam (pic)
  163. zoom groom?
  164. Awesome new toy for labs...
  165. Tal and Midnight Have Great Bedside Manners
  166. Angus is very spooked tonight :(
  167. heat question?
  168. Weaning
  169. My name is Baby Girl and I am a Chocoholic.
  170. Kassabellas owner
  171. Cost of Labs
  172. Labradork: Gang of three
  173. Labradork A helpful reminder
  174. getting even?
  175. Check out the video of our shelter
  176. This was sweet
  177. Frontline in Minnesota
  178. pretty smart, but quite embarrassing!
  179. What words does your lab know?
  180. Two?
  181. STILL jumping!!!
  182. Hip dysplasia study
  183. Angus and Simon with Grandma today :)
  184. Moose and I are going for our Delta Evaluation on Saturday
  185. Ring the doorbell and run
  186. it is a meaty bone kinda mornin'!
  187. Bully Sticks
  188. Hot tub question
  189. Soccerball Question
  190. Shanny-Wanna-Be?
  191. New Pictures of Enzo
  192. Nyla Bone Healthy Edibles..????????
  193. WTC/Katrina Hero Dog Dies
  194. i've lost my body mum!!
  195. I'm sleeping downstairs again tonight
  196. 9 we have poop too!
  197. Jacksons First night walk (pics)
  198. Labby Laura
  199. If you were a Lab, what would you do with Mommy's Credit Cards?
  200. I feel terrible...question on bleeding toe
  201. talk me out of killing him ...
  202. Does anyone have experience with jaw cancer
  203. Oops, I forgot
  204. A sunny day!
  205. Happy Birthday Cuffy
  206. I could just kick myself . . . .
  207. 3:30 and still no pee :( UPDATE! WE HAVE PEE!
  208. Pupiversary
  209. Remington 6 1/2 months
  210. Itching problem...can you identify what this is? (kinda gross pics)
  211. Greetings (a.k.a. "THE PAW")
  212. Angus MacBane: Stories from the waiting room
  213. 2nd Birthday
  214. I am soooo upset about this. Coulds we cope with 3 dogs???
  215. Terrible odor discharge
  216. ok so I am keeping him....:)
  217. I'm so lonely :( Anyone have a lab I can borrow?
  218. Coby is a bad dog!
  219. Tater
  220. Abby going for eye recheck--Now Molly's eye is draining..going to vet too!
  221. Had a long talk with Duke and he understood perfectly
  222. Two New Things.
  223. Frog Legs/Back Sleepers
  224. Angus Wednesday morning update
  225. UPDATE 9 AUG Great news! Thank God it ended well (Lab Survived)
  226. Cita's Puppies...
  227. Lost Tooth
  228. Angus Post-Surgery Update
  229. Ruger TV Commercial
  230. Help, I think my female is paranoid!
  231. Kibble storage question
  232. Ruger, the Defuser
  233. Urns and other memorial containers
  234. Male vs. Female
  235. What are your labs NOT allowed to do?
  236. black kongs
  237. How do you play with your dog?
  238. How do you show your dog(s) that you love them?
  239. Barking for Attention
  240. Angus is out of Surgery and in Recovery!
  241. Bad Lab Mother?
  242. Puppy bites and snapping
  243. What hard food do you feed? Vacation boarding help
  244. Anyone Heard From Connie re: Angus yet????
  245. Apples! Poisonous?
  246. Doggy daycare question near Danbury CT.
  247. Does your dog have a website ?
  248. Not sure if this had been posted or not - food recall info
  249. Should have had my camera.
  250. Tal and the Frogs