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  1. Pup getting spayed
  2. What type of indoor games do you play with your dog?
  3. Koda picture and Bent picture
  4. For those who travel with/show dogs- what do you use?
  5. Are you a Petco shopper?
  6. It's been awhile since I've been on here! Wanted to say hi!
  7. Zombie Proofing Your Dog
  8. Joey figures out the adult water dish
  9. Emilu had a good vet visit
  10. Just when I was going to post
  11. Waited a long time...
  12. The new order of things (pic)
  13. Labby Checks!
  14. In wall dog door, any opinions?
  15. Couldn't post this at the time but I can now (Flynn)
  16. I. want. a. puppy!
  17. Joey plays by himself 10/19/12
  18. Squinty eye, uh oh....
  19. Couch pics #'s 10,500 - 10,504
  20. Dog treat recall: Yoghund Organic Peanut Butter & Banana frozen yogurt
  21. Some Good News
  22. Bentley is terrified of the cat now.
  23. Target now recalling Pig Ears
  24. HELP! Have about 10 minutes to make a decision...
  25. Just curious about a labrador's speed while running
  26. her eyes....
  27. Dog treats recall: Boots & Barkley
  28. Aussie looking for field (American lab) breeders in Australia qld
  29. Gus's First Trip to the Outer Banks
  30. Totem's Rose
  31. The decision has been made - our new pup will be a lab - now I need cost info
  32. Any Goughnut Users Here?
  33. Avery's new bone- He's super excited about it
  34. Joey and Fallon play 10/17/12
  35. They just don't get it
  36. Couch pics # 10,100 - 10,101
  37. My 6 Week Old Chocolate Lab Has Parvo, Please Help...
  38. Red bumps and hair loss around eyes?
  39. Just the sweetest thing....
  40. Dog - Human ! Who has the best memory.
  41. A POST ABOUT NOTHING... or something
  42. What do your dogs do when you get home?
  43. Zeus
  44. My Zoe.... : ) (and bragging thread)
  45. One of the joys of life with labs,
  46. When all the positives add up to a HUGE negative
  47. Dear Ann Landers: Taking pics of you in bed with others?
  48. They do funny things with their ears when they are hungry!
  49. Salivating issue
  50. Hey! Hershey Kisses is a Titled Dog!!!!!!
  51. Judy Judy Judy
  52. Cold Nose!
  53. Erns misses being with Tess so snuggles when he can. Photos and update.
  54. Sammy playing hard
  55. Dog treat recall: "Nature's Recipe" brand
  56. Puppy Pick Up Advice and more
  57. Puppy Names!
  58. In homes with both female and male Labs,
  59. Poop Bags, what brands work well ?
  60. Lab Rescues Two Friends
  61. Handsome little man
  62. Is that a lab??
  63. Joey indoor video 10/13/12
  64. 3 hours later....
  65. Stand back, it's going to get ugly.....
  66. what kind of treats do you use for training?
  67. Comfortis saga continues....
  68. Some picctures
  69. What do you WANT Baxter?
  70. A Depressed Lab?
  71. What Dylan thinks of Pippa
  72. Water baby
  73. looking for breeders in PA/WV
  74. Joey playing 10/12/12
  75. Look at this cutie!
  76. Shower time!
  77. Perspective: A beautiful thing
  78. Stolen E350 cargo Van (my dog van) in southern California! :-(
  79. Adult COats
  80. Speaking of...
  81. A brief note about my dog memorials (mildly humorous)
  82. Some pics of the dogs, since Im terrible posting pics...
  83. I need more Joey pics!
  84. Superman's Labrador
  85. UPDATE on Cleo
  86. It will be fun they say!!!!!!!!
  87. Puppysitting....
  88. Update on Crate Training Buck!!!
  89. Flynn is home again (2 pics)
  90. Weird bumps all over her!! Please help!!!!!
  91. HELP - GUS may have eaten large staples
  92. Cleo has been vomiting since 7 am. HELP!
  93. Anyone raising a lab with a weim?
  94. We are having so much fun with our new lab!
  95. What do you put inside a KONG?
  96. some head tilt pics
  97. Hello, meet Dixie....
  98. Vacuuming the Dog
  99. My Big Brown is gone:(
  100. Not sure what is best.Mattress or no mattress for Tessa???
  101. Sometimes I just have to say.......
  102. KEEGAN
  103. babies and labs
  104. Titering
  105. Best way to socialize a puppy?
  106. lab mix... or not... hmmm...
  107. Looking for Treats...
  108. Nance... you okay?
  109. Recommendations request
  110. Erns isn't well.
  111. Update on Tess.
  112. Dixie
  113. Last Joey pic of the day......
  114. Goldendoodle NLR
  115. Our pet store is not a merchandising genius!!
  116. my black terror
  117. Joey's head is so large.....
  118. need new puppy advice
  119. retraining a 6yr old Lab
  120. Kassabella
  121. Who said Labs are water dogs? (pics)
  122. 10 month lab not eating food
  123. Happiness is...
  124. Zoe and the Shepherdoodle Puppy (pics)
  125. Joey 10/6/12
  126. Seamus these days
  127. Proud Daddy
  128. Joey eating out of a real dog dish for the first time
  129. How do your dogs tell you they have to go outside?
  130. Hello Everyone...From Katie's Mom
  131. maddalynn is a chunky monley...
  132. HA HA!!!
  133. Can you crate train at any age?
  134. NLR - Helping friend look for a new pup
  135. Raven and Joey 10/5/12
  136. Playing with Joey
  137. Happy Anniversary Hamilton!
  138. Ya Spose?
  139. Chicken Jerky Dog Treat Recall
  140. Abby was in the coal bin!
  141. Need hellp quick!
  143. Please vote for NOLA
  144. Joey videos
  145. Shhhhhhhhh
  146. NLR: Little dogs good for children? which would you recommend?
  147. cutest thing ever...
  148. advice on bringing home a rescue lab?
  149. Katie
  150. Labrabulls
  151. The posing twins
  152. Flynn is with God now
  153. Been a while since I posted pics!
  154. Holy moly my dog is insane when someone comes to the door!
  155. Ruby and Nola at the vet
  156. How long?
  157. Heat+drought=fantastic fall colors (pics)
  158. Storm Hoodie
  159. Airline Kennels
  160. Nail trimming success!
  161. =) finally a pic of them together
  162. Yep, Joey is totally humiliated from the Halloween pic
  163. I might have traumatized him for life. lol
  164. maddalynn. (pics)
  165. What would you do?
  166. We adopted a labrador this weekend
  167. intense licking
  168. Random Thoughts
  169. Attack of the Ninja - Updated
  170. 10 months young Max
  171. eating once or twice a day?
  172. Help! -- Should I give Benadryl??
  173. Sheamie's hallmark pose (2 pics) :)
  174. Hypothetical question : What would YOU do ?
  175. Dog Food Recall: Sunland recalling Dogsbutter peanut butter for dogs
  176. Attending an Ian Dunbar Seminar this Weekend
  177. A word about Seamus (new behaviour)
  178. Well, I'll have to open the puppy training books again (Flynn)
  179. Remy? Are you making these puddles?
  180. Attack of the demon spawn.
  181. I just read this and thought it was worth sharing...not sure of the author
  182. What a dog sees
  183. Dog aggression
  184. My Little Girl Turned Eight
  185. Mom! Come quick!
  186. 10 questions to ask a new vet
  187. Now I'm impressed
  188. jayson has a...
  189. Seamus and Flynn Discuss: The New Order of Things
  190. Joey sleeping
  191. I think Smokey realigned my jaw...
  192. What causes partial non weight bearing?
  193. Oh boy. This is like puppy-proofing a house
  194. home from fishin with pics..
  195. 2 year old- New house Seperation Anxiety??
  196. "Puppy Contract"
  197. Cassie the frog
  198. =)
  201. Thinking about jumping back in!
  202. Ever wonder how they still have fur??
  203. Woot woot!
  204. Wait. Wait. Wait.
  205. "Play with us!"
  206. A small update on Flynnie
  207. Oh chew bone, I love you
  208. Puppy Panic
  209. PennHIP?
  210. A True Dudley
  211. Dog food recall: Boots and Barkley Bully Sticks
  212. It's been awhile.....
  213. Too many to save
  214. A grrrrrreat weekend!
  215. a walk with my boys...(pics)
  216. Do you want a ........... BANANA? (pics)
  217. I think this little lady might be joining us this weekend...
  218. Okay... hope this makes you laugh (it's meant to)
  219. Looking for a breeder
  220. My Willy is sad
  221. I got a biiiiiiiiiig problem.
  222. Someone we haven't heard from in a while...
  223. fun in the pool
  224. Awww, poor guy! (Flynn)
  225. Dylan posing with his body guards ! ( and his pet vulture )
  226. Chillin' a few weeks ago
  227. Oh, Diesel... you are SUCH a goober!!!
  228. Trees at the dog park
  229. You think our Dogs are Loved!!!
  230. Erns looking after Tess pics.
  231. Flynn this afternoon
  232. God bless Seamus!
  233. Jim, I didn't forget...
  234. Update on Tess.
  235. a little advice if possibe
  236. Flynn: Time to hang up the retrieving gear :(
  237. feeding time question
  238. Jack has a tumor
  239. How many dogs per breeder is acceptable?
  240. Flynn to vet
  241. Great Rally weekend!
  242. Podcast from AKC on early spay/neutering
  243. Wishing my best friend a Happy 8th Birthday!
  244. Bear & his pillow
  245. Not for the faint hearted
  246. dirty jayson(pics0
  247. Dry, crusty patch of skin?
  248. NLR: Nola at the Curly-Coated Retriever show
  249. Are you comfortable Bear?
  250. The 3 Musketeers