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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday Dakota
  2. Questions regarding leaving your pup & finding a dog walker
  3. Bradley had to go to the vet
  4. e-collar help
  5. Mr Scuddymuffin's photos
  6. under my computer desk 23 days later
  7. Happy 6th Birthday Libby
  8. Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Bobbie!!
  9. Seeing Chained Up Dogs
  10. Now I feel like a bad mom
  11. How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb?
  12. pics of Athena - some being good and others naughty
  13. Champ's first trip to the beach (pics)
  14. post neuter licking?
  15. Georgies video leads to........
  16. Thanks for all your help... Coby update
  17. Flynn met his new doctor today
  18. we sure have had a bad afternoon..
  19. A dog, a boy and a water hose....(video)
  20. Skye is going to the vet - UPDATE
  21. More socialization?
  22. advice for 1st visit to dog park
  23. Labs on my mind?
  24. Question for Jackie (AmazonGold)
  25. Sweet Cinder
  26. I don't know where my puppy went????
  27. A Dog and a Cat, the continuing saga
  28. Did another dog selector quiz
  29. Dog Park Etiquitte
  30. Pic of Henery from this morning!
  31. Question about a certain behavior . . .
  32. Huge progress for us
  33. Dakota's b-day get together (pics)
  34. Training Classes
  35. No water necessary - Parts II and III
  36. Happy Birthday Oona!
  37. Help
  38. A friend wants to know what tools you use with/for your dogs..
  39. I'm not convinced that fish improves their coats. (Wink.)
  40. My friend's new pup!! (not a lab, but is a googball!)
  41. Affection - Spinoff from Bob Pr.' thread
  42. When you don't feel well, you just want your mommy
  43. Food aggression
  44. Why. How.
  45. Back from Hamburg, NY!! (4 pics!) [x-posted in obedience]
  46. Great weekend for the girls.
  47. Why does he do this?
  48. Leave it to a lab...
  49. Pictures of my crew...
  50. Just Laika ....
  51. Been a long time between lab updates from me.
  52. "Walking on Water" An Ellie Mae Dogg experiment
  53. Orijen (6 fish news)
  54. Jules is gone (UPDATE Note from Brenda on page four)
  55. Check out
  56. Desperate for allergy answers!long!
  57. Bo and Kona
  58. Nellie's Picnic
  59. Favorite dog (other than your own)
  60. my version of a cross-eyed lab
  61. Eklind, how's Ginger ?
  62. The yellow girl
  63. The black girls.............
  64. My Poor "Kids"
  65. I really need serious help!!!
  66. Bench vs Field lab
  67. Book Recommendation - Natural Treatments
  68. What if we aren't here?
  69. No petting!
  70. It still amazes me, how does he know it's....
  71. I didn't need it anymore
  72. Labrador Life Line Mid-Auction Madness!
  73. Pete is not going to be happy with me...
  74. labs? or not labs? that is the question....
  75. Shedding - it's all relative
  76. Calendar - Saturday September 8th
  77. September 8 - CJ is 6 today!!! (pic intense!!)
  78. I just love Labs...
  79. Any other Labs non-typical in their affection/socialbility?
  80. Happy Birthday Jake (pictures)
  81. Grape/raisin toxicity to dogs (X-posted to Lab Health/Nutrition)
  82. Remember When Your Dog Was A Puppy
  83. Mastiff Question
  84. People are Idiots
  85. Mo is one young HUNK!
  86. My first try at You Tube "The Stalker"
  87. I should not be allowed on rescue sites
  88. Marking Territory
  89. Help! I dont know if I should be concerned.
  90. i can't believe....
  91. What did you do, Rush???
  92. Scratching, Scratching
  93. Ellie Mae's "step by step" duck fetching technique!
  94. No more ding dongs in his lunchbox
  95. Pics of Pearl and Macy's Princess
  96. Jonah is a big pouter!
  97. U.S. free of canine rabies virus
  98. Clomicalm
  99. My baby boy...
  100. The boys car ride.
  101. News story
  102. Pics from the park tonight . . .
  103. Neighbors complaining, police at our door, and dogs in our bed....ARRRRG!
  104. Calendar - Fridday September 7th
  105. Magnum, Ruger & Remington's Website
  106. This morning, Simon stepped in a pile of...
  107. Labradot - I admit my curiousity got the better of me
  108. Some Pics of the Pups at The Pond....
  109. Lab Rescue Picnic
  110. ginger is sick....UPDATE
  111. Caleb's new collar & harness came today (no pics)...
  112. We are scheduled for surgery....
  113. Where is
  114. Lab in the City (pics - not all Lab)
  115. Looks like I dodged a blly bullet
  116. the floating trot
  117. Gotcha Day Number TWO!!!!!!!
  118. Baby Bruno has a Binky
  119. One month of heartworm prevention late - what to do?
  120. Yesterday's swim playdate (lots of pics)
  121. Jeep274
  122. Jazzy was snubbed
  123. I'm sure that you are all aware of this but nevertheless
  124. Elias and me on a nice hike (a few pictures)
  125. Bad Mambo
  126. Should we go to the vet? *updated at top*
  127. Guess I am a lab snob
  128. Don't really know what I am asking but here goes anyway
  129. Dogs getting away?
  130. Calendar - Thursday September 6th
  131. Unbelieveable!!..cop leave dog in car/it died!!
  132. question about aspirin
  133. For Minnesota, TC area, if you missed it September 29th
  134. Riley went to the Puppy Park!!!!!
  135. He's trying to be a big boy... but....
  136. From the Desk of Pitch
  137. Shhhh.....Athena is friends with the enemy
  138. I'm baking hot dog slices...
  139. Puppy Pics
  140. Do any of your labs have this??
  141. How do you cool them down??
  142. Jacksons first time growling at something!!!!!!!
  143. Only a Lab
  144. How do you teach a dog to jump from dock
  145. my 2 retrievers
  146. Our camping weekend (tons of pics)
  147. Gift idea for "grammy and Grampy"
  148. Busted!
  149. Would anyone like to help ease my mind? *Update*
  150. Hoping it's just a blister ... UPDATE WITH A PIC...
  151. Interesting article on dog food in NYT Sunday magazine
  152. Crazy ass dog, he dont know whats good
  153. Costco dried duck breast meat treats
  154. Question for Labby
  155. split paw pad
  156. Considering a rescue - Advice please!
  157. What is happening to her ear?
  158. Zoey and my grandson...couple cute pics
  159. Happy Fall!
  160. Happy Gotcha Day Fergus!!
  161. Met new lab on dog walk last night.
  162. For those with labs and another smaller breed dog....
  163. Graphic videos of dismemberment
  165. Desktop Calendar Wednesday September 5th
  166. Jonah's first "butt tuck"!
  167. Tips for transition - Country to City - Me & Mac
  168. Ten Dog Names for 2006
  169. Bruno is a chicken
  170. sore paws
  171. I saw the ugliest Lab I have ever seen today...
  172. Behavior Today
  173. Are they always plotting?
  174. Wish there was a time line...
  175. Newman (Labrador Retriever) reads bedtime stories to granddaughter
  176. My baby is 2 today.. my oh my time flies!
  177. Favorite Song You Sing To Your Lab
  178. Remember my $240 vet bill?
  179. Crying when eating a bone?
  180. What Sounds Brings Your Lab(s) A-Runnin'?
  181. ARGH! No camera when I needed it!!!
  182. This is what I get for going to work
  183. FINALLY!!!!! Something to do with all the dog hair!
  184. A Tankie Update - For Judy & the rest.....4 pics
  185. something i found interesting....
  186. Question about something Frankie ate
  187. Skin Problems
  188. Speaking of recall...
  189. Quote from Desktop Calendar
  190. Dakota's 2nd Birthday Beach Party !!! (Tampa FL area labbies)
  191. Its even better when you kick big sister off the bed
  192. Puppies make good pillows
  193. Oh Jake you bad boy!
  194. Sometimes its hard being a big sister
  195. Folks, RANGER Needs Our Votes. He's 2nd.
  196. Sharon's Widgeon is expecting!
  197. One of my pups to be imortalized in sculpture
  198. HAH! Flynn learned this from Seamus
  199. a goldendoodle was
  200. A tired lab is a
  201. "Beep"
  202. How good is your dogs recall?
  203. You know your dog is spoiled when.........
  204. Beach photos
  205. Today my Baby Boy turns 2 (lots of pictures LOTS)
  206. pics of Bella's first weekend at her new home
  207. And now we are a THREE dog family.... Pictures
  208. 10 weeks today + photo / movie montage
  209. Doggie swim (pics)
  210. Jake's Fun Day - TONS of pics!
  211. I'm Wet, Too!
  212. Dog days of summer (pics)
  213. Hang on to your hats, but the Mess Pot is now a Role Model....
  214. I wonder if the insurance will believe me.
  215. Prolly Shoulda Not Done This & A Stupid Neighbor
  216. You and the Labbies
  217. Mambo vers Daddy
  218. The contagious yawn
  219. best labor day weekend ever !
  220. Laser Mouse - Good or Bad for Jax?
  221. Baby Bitey Face II (4 pics)
  222. Need your opinion for a Sally Tag!
  223. "the girls" pic
  224. Buddy, What Are You Doing?
  225. Wish I had my camera!
  226. The gangly phase
  227. ACK!!!
  228. How to make dog food videos..
  229. Pics from Mini SW Ontario Labfest (56k beware)
  230. woods walkies pics (lots) from yesterday mornin'
  231. Oh goody....another one has shown up....:(
  232. Getting a not lab, but close :-)
  233. Cinnamon is turning her nose up at treats ***Updated on top
  234. Beautiful fall day
  235. Please, not the water
  236. I just realized......
  237. Comfy?
  238. Ranger's lead is shrinking...remember to vote
  239. Question for those who've adopted.(pics addded)
  240. Breezy Went On The Boat!!!
  241. sisters lab
  242. Labs don't recognize holidays
  243. I hate this heat and so does Duke
  244. A little help?
  245. Samantha from Atlanta
  246. How do you Kong?
  247. The Boy Is A MOOSE (pic)
  248. Fergus Off Leash!!!!!!
  249. Is this something I should have a vet check??
  250. Check this out -- community pool party for doggies in Norman, OK today!