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  1. despite the ankle biting and ear chewing..
  2. Happy Gotcha Day, Sundance! (Pic intensive)
  3. Molly was at the vet today.
  4. Help Dog at Mushroom
  5. "Get this %$#&#@ cat away from me!!"
  6. Methinks this is why Frankie broke his tooth
  7. HK has turned into a viscious gaurd dog
  8. Inward sneezing
  9. Someone has taught Tater a bad trick
  10. The "Myth" of Pet Overpopulation?
  11. Catch the rainbow Maddie UPDATE, she is gone
  12. The world is not all yellow labs
  13. Unusual swimming holes....
  14. Megan!! I need a Gutherie fix!!! :D
  15. Cute interface tonight
  16. My First Visit to a Holistic Vet (FULL STORY)
  17. I have a question - Update - Advice taken - SUCCESS!!
  18. Daddy Look What I Found!!
  19. What do you think.
  20. Lots of pics of my gang (new camera)
  21. Need to confirm how much pumpkin . . .
  22. Rescuing a special needs lab
  23. Magnum Got Swamp Mud Between Her...
  24. Coop chewing on a giant rhododendron
  25. Don't leave the kids alone with the dog....
  26. Questions that make you really scratch your head
  27. Growth/Field/Bench
  28. Happy 3rd, Rem!
  29. Kirby at the Lake
  30. umm buddy I hate to tell you (pic)
  31. Today
  32. Prozac for dogs?
  33. Piper is getting to be a big girl
  34. Lab mix--we are desparate for foster home for Ellie
  35. Broken tooth question
  36. new dog park
  37. Reba on our morning walk
  38. Jake is gone
  39. Lab pile
  40. Anger Management
  41. Maybe I've been spending too much time on the computer. (1 pic)
  42. Full moon and Tater do not mix well
  43. Bruno antics
  44. Rowdy had a big evening (Lots of Pictures)
  45. O.K- I'm probably being a worry wart!-
  46. fast friends
  47. I have a confession
  48. first ear cleaning = butt tuck free for all
  49. New Puppy Delayed Until Next Week
  50. Male/Male Aggression
  51. Halloween Costume Ideas Needed
  52. Baby Gate
  53. How could I forget miss Maggies birthday!?
  54. Buddy Is Wasting Away
  55. Mr. Handsome today
  56. Molly about scared the crap out of me last night. (2 pics)
  57. Saying goodbye to my oldest client
  58. Bruno really knows how to get to me
  59. Article on pet weight (and pic of one very fat lab)
  60. Funny Bo... LOL
  61. Tank update??
  62. What did you do to his coat?????
  63. A Shanny Monster picture
  64. Jake at 4 months of age
  65. I'm concerned. Advice please. Sorry so long...
  66. Canine Epilepsy study
  67. Check out our new Labradors page
  68. ginger pictures!
  69. foster marking inside
  70. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!
  71. Frankie's got a broken tooth *Update ?? in first post*
  72. Anne! Check in! Need a Piper Puppy Fix!!!!
  73. 2yr old Lab eating cat food..
  74. Another Emilu No No!!
  75. Graduating from a Crate
  76. Sleeping {very cute pics}
  77. My kids
  79. A cautionary fairy tale - "Joe and the power of confused social status"
  80. Sorry...another poop question
  81. If you have stairs in your home, does your dog race you?
  82. OK I really need some encouragement
  83. Paddy: When he displays puppy-like behaviour now
  84. Vote for Emma (Veronica)-MySpacers in here
  85. Just a quick rant...
  86. Puppy licking...
  87. getting another dog
  88. Does your Lab Have a different personality when outside?
  89. We better behave. . .
  90. Oatmeal shampoo
  91. From another forum: dog show people
  92. Remington's Eye Dr. Appt. Results
  93. ONE more sleep until the 2nd Annual SW Ontario LabFest!!! :D [UPDATE with food]
  94. Look at these gorgeous STLRR dogs!
  95. Here are the 2 yellows I mentioned earlier
  96. Evening at the dog park
  97. Nice Lab golf style shirts
  98. What do you think they think the vacuum is?
  99. Meet James
  100. Chipmunks Threatened with Extinction.
  101. Do I clobber Cinder or Tyler?
  102. I ran over a dog yesterday....
  103. Jonah
  104. Mambo/That puppy???
  105. Rookie's leg pictures....
  106. Bruno
  107. My baby is getting so big! (with pics)
  108. Brush or comb tool for Labs??
  109. An update on Toshi... {pics too}
  110. Took Monty to Connecticut last week...(photo intense)
  111. dog poop disposal?
  112. Heres Jackson!!!!!!!!
  113. Not All Pit Bulls are mean
  114. With all the talk about how rotten some folks can be...
  115. wasnt there a sponsor on here that sold...
  116. We should have been videiong!
  117. I am going to be gone for 3 weeks, should I board both dogs, or only one?
  118. Ophthalmologist Visit for Remington
  119. Hyperinflammatory Reaction Secondary to Staph
  120. Baloo's post got me thinking.....
  121. Do your dogs give mixed signals!
  122. Riley meets her cousin
  123. Boy are they prompt to reply. Old Mother Hubbard/Wellness.
  124. JackieN !!
  125. Looking for a crate cover - any suggestions?
  126. The ultimate "beaten" look
  127. Tanya and her youngest nephew
  128. Thyroid panel
  129. Snap crackle pop
  130. I did email the company about Old Mother Hubbard treats.
  131. Slide show of Taters first camping trip very young
  132. A short Tatum video
  133. First visit to a dog park...
  134. Connie (angusfangus) - thought of you this weekend
  135. Dog cartoons
  136. Fur loss question
  137. Swim day and a dirty dog (lots of pics)
  138. Thank God the stitches are coming out today....
  139. Hey Michigan (and close-by) Peeps....
  140. Peanut butter pictures..
  141. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS!!!! Caution Pic Overload
  142. Dear Maddie, the time is drawing near
  143. Molly this morning...not as sad as I thought she would be. (3 pics)
  144. No matter how many toys they have,
  145. Grrr...2 dogs equal double trouble
  146. Fast Friends!
  147. New Siggy Pic
  148. Excited Dribbles
  149. This Is Scary
  150. Clarence injured himself "down there"
  151. Pet Adoption approval processes
  152. Stinky...
  153. Are Harneses better than Gentlel leaders?
  154. Teaser Ball
  155. I am no Betty Crocker but........
  156. OMG! He's touching him! (Pad and Flynn pic) !!
  157. "We have Guinness!"
  158. Boo's B-day pics!
  159. Jake and his rosette
  160. If your city has a Dog Day swim when they are closing the pools
  161. Pics of my guys today
  162. Puff recognized an old friend
  163. Jakers does it again!
  164. Who would do this (update)
  165. Dog swim day (lots of pics)
  166. He may not look all that happy
  167. Lumpy, bumpy Stoops - Part II
  168. Sam had me up all night
  169. Luvmydog2much/gentle leader
  170. Endal
  171. Spanador
  172. Dog Daze Greetings-4 Pics
  173. UPDATE on dry heaving
  174. MySpace Friends
  175. Harlee's sick
  176. There is really something not right in his head.
  177. OMG!!! Charlie's daughter Mtn Meadows Allie Cat just went BISS and finished her
  178. Ruger In Action (pic)
  179. Unscientific poopeater poll
  180. The Gryph-man
  181. Golden/Aussie Shepherd Mix (?)
  182. Simon! How did you do that!?!? (A picture story)
  183. Are Acorns Safe???
  184. Neutered vs Unneutered
  185. Flynn really does have a good side to him
  186. Dakota what are you doing??
  187. question about 'lipsticks'
  188. Well it was a good news...bad news Friday
  189. So how come you chose that...?
  190. What's the other harness? Not the easywalk...
  191. This Irritates Me a Little....
  192. Updated Again - Better!: Lumpy, Bumpy Baby! (hives and welts)
  193. I probaly lost a few friends.
  194. Lock the cupboards,
  195. jogging your is safe, right?
  196. No Zipper? No Twizzle? How about......
  197. Zipper, cowlick - so what's this squiggly
  198. Need some advice
  199. Rhys & Ruby's new digs
  200. A question for deer hunters
  201. Suggestions on keeping them from eating dangerous stuff
  202. A little food agression in my three dog home
  203. NLR - Dad to the Rescue
  204. Zoe Mae's picture taken by same photographer who took Zeb's picture
  205. Woudl it safe to get another dog?
  206. Tankie Stoping In For An Update
  207. A Major Remington Breakthrough
  208. Woohoo... good news on the scale for Lexi!!!
  209. Son took these pics of Ernie.
  210. How long did you have to wait?
  211. Travel crate??
  212. "don't worry I'm comfy" (3 pics)
  213. Anyone notice we have been #1 for awhile?
  214. Not going to the bathroom...when to worry?
  215. I do have enough beds for each dog.....Really!
  216. Back to the beach!
  217. Hershey Kisses passed accidental test
  218. hematoma after neuter?
  220. Great children's book for those with rescue dogs...
  221. NLR - Puppy pics for jzgrlduff
  222. RIP Molly Brown
  223. Boo is 1 today!!!
  224. If a zipper is a cowlick and has a name, then ...
  225. Question from my Mom!
  226. home from the Vet
  227. PUPPIES!
  228. Washing on the line
  229. Hercules is at the vet!!
  230. Awww, Poor Cappy
  231. Do your dog have a favorite routine?
  232. I think it's time for a TANKIE update....How's the big lovable boy?
  233. who has a twizzle?
  234. Anyone ever had a beagle?
  235. Can your dog count? I think Lucy can
  236. Is she for real??
  237. Confusion
  238. Overweight Lab
  239. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks...
  240. What's a zipper?
  241. Bravo Recall of raw poultry products for Dogs and Cats
  242. Yearly check up- shots question
  243. What was Granma thinking?
  244. what about long distance swimming with your lab?
  245. I love this guy brother's Lab puppy
  246. Growth sperts/weight gain in Labs
  247. Jogging w/ your lab
  248. 3dirtydawgz.......Tiller in her new collar ( pics )
  249. Happy Birthday baby is 5 today
  250. Neuter