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  1. Joe Maringo
  2. Can anyone help Moses
  3. Do dogs see differently at night?
  4. Naughty girl!
  5. How does your dog wake you up in the morning?
  6. Sunjin - the ring tossing trick
  7. Mambo is in a Costume contest
  8. Poor BJ is having a tough week ****UPDATE*****
  9. Naughty Black lab looking for new home.
  10. Hershy Kisses - question about dental issues?
  11. Wow! Fast improvement!
  12. question about bitches
  13. Mad! Proud! Mad again! And still Mad
  14. Urgent: Labs in Need
  15. Check out my new rare lab (pics)
  16. What would you do? (dogsitting question)
  17. Paw Pad Teddies
  18. Buying a puppy from a different state
  19. Fleas: 1. Angus: 0
  20. costume help
  21. $140.00 later and we are back from the vet.........
  22. how much abuse can a hotel bed take?
  23. So I spoke to the Vet it is a LUXATING PATELLA
  24. I think we need a new subforum for the shelter-surfing/self torturing addicts
  25. In need for a name for chocolate male lab
  26. Help -- Repercussions from Eating Large Quantities of Poop?
  27. Speaking of dog food, what do you think of these ingredients?
  28. Rocky must have one achy tummy!
  29. You Tube Video of a Boy and His Lab! Too cute!
  30. Dang you about rescuing...advice? *UPDATED AT TOP*
  31. OUCH! That hurt!!!
  32. Look at this cute guy :)
  33. Jake and his blankie
  34. Annual SPCA Petwalk this saturday
  36. Lunchtime update on boys
  37. Remember my sweet baby Romeo?
  38. Talking about idiots.....
  39. Raleigh has kennel cough ...
  40. Taste of the Wild by Diamond?
  41. Dog Park Updated with PIcs
  42. Is he too skinny?
  43. Trip to the bike trail
  44. Will be spending day number 2 in the vet clinic-UPDATE
  45. A lab? What's a lab? I'm a cat!!
  46. We got a new bed
  47. Hey Abby, can you get any closer??
  48. I'm so nervous! Both boys out of crates today
  49. Frontline / Heartgard Question
  50. Pic of Tater from this weekend
  51. Dad, there is something fishy here
  52. Dog survives fire - saves self (NLR)
  53. Bobbie's turn to be confused!
  54. The dummy blues ...
  55. Just because
  56. Biting
  57. the $118 boo-boo
  58. Question for owners of two dogs
  59. "He ain't heavy....."
  60. 1 year ago yesterday -warning: many pics!!!-
  61. Poop Poll!!!! (Can't say I didn't warn you!!!)
  62. Bad dogs crawls into puppy hiding place
  63. Oakley on the mend from KC
  64. For those that don't visit O&E
  65. Maggies going to the vet tomorrow...
  66. Bordetella question
  67. Pets at Home
  68. How often does your dog vomit?
  69. Baloo @ 7 Months (5 pics)
  70. Rude People
  71. Labs at our local Humane Society
  72. Just an other day!
  73. Remi's Prayer
  74. Dog Wash
  75. Sam vomited after seizure
  76. Gold N Paws Dog Food?
  77. Another reason why Labs are the best family dogs......
  78. Tal chased his first squirrel today!
  79. New Title, First Place and High In Trial (HIT)!!!
  80. The guy in the dog wash today really irritated me
  81. 2007 Secret Santa signup and rules! SMALL EDIT IN RULES ***CLOSED***
  82. Marlan's Starting Agility!!!
  83. Granddaughter over for a play date. (EOM)
  84. Wife Vs. Hubby
  85. Adoption
  86. Light reading
  87. Sammys vet visit got me concerned
  88. Ringworm?
  89. Good thoughts if you would....
  90. Diatomaceous earth...did you know this?
  91. hips and elbows
  92. Words That May Be Known Only to Your Dog
  94. Does any one know if...
  95. WE DID IT!!! OMG, WE DID IT!!! :D (3 pics!)
  96. Laying down on the lounge suite!
  97. Meet Mackenzie Grace
  98. Why could it be so hard to adopt Zoe ?!
  99. Raian & Zoesmom ... *pic intensive
  100. Animal shelter dogs
  101. zeus update
  102. Oh crap. Fleas. UPDATED WITH BATH PICS :P
  103. 2 Labs needed to be re-home - please help
  104. Pro Plan Selects
  105. Canon Mark II photo shooting ...
  106. So much for my pile of leaves! (warning 3 pictures)
  107. A Perfect Fall Day!!!
  108. ACA?
  109. I made these today
  110. As Henery would say "my big fun day at the beach!!!" by molly (pic intense)
  111. WOOHOO!!! Henery made his Novice A obedience ring debut today and...
  112. I hate UPS - My camera was supposed to be here on the 12th
  113. Waiting Patiently For Droppings
  114. Dog Day today! 5 PICS!
  115. For those who teach their dogs fancy tricks
  116. Seamus and Flynn: 2 pics
  117. You just can't stay mad for long...
  118. Christmas Card Exchange.
  119. Ordered two more crates. The saga continues!!
  120. Jake is mad
  121. Question about throwing up
  122. Barnum and Bailey (1 new pic)
  123. I wish I had the camera.
  124. Dudleys unite!!
  125. I'm worried. New puppy got a bit aggresive. Is this normal?
  126. HK headed for the vet or U in the morning
  127. Question - do you think she is pure?
  128. Remington Is Afraid....
  129. Water Bottle question.....
  130. What was I thinking??!!
  131. Stamina: What a diff between my 2 black boys!
  132. It's too hot, Remi!
  133. Distracted During Therapy Visits
  134. Behaviour quiz - be a virtual adoption counsellor
  135. Do you think they love each other? (2 pics)
  136. WOOHOO!!! We finished our PreNovice obedience title!!
  137. Just testing, isnt she a cute model !?
  138. Bark Collar Opinions
  139. Poor Jonah...
  140. Favorite Books on Dogs/Behavior/Training, Etc
  141. My Girl And The Cranky Old Guy
  142. Secret Santa 07 ***FINAL UPDATE***
  143. In memory of Brodie
  144. Why? When they know it is wrong.
  145. Angus is so confused!
  146. Finally passed
  147. Do you think
  148. Things like this make ya beam with pride
  149. Bo and Wyatt
  150. Do your dogs go nuts for carrots?
  151. Happy Birthday to my old gal!
  152. Do you ever say something about this..? And how....?
  153. New brother for Bailey
  154. I will learn to shut up at dog parks some day
  155. Through the eyes of a 8 year old
  156. A few more pics of Henery and Phoebe!
  157. Breeders with large number of dogs
  158. Tonights the night!
  159. Nick the Singing Labrador
  160. Baxter is not feeling good :(
  161. Had a good laugh
  162. Games to Play
  163. Puppy hic cups
  164. Do your dogs drool when
  165. NLR - I think I see the Chip
  166. Anyone near griffin Ga... help save these 2 labs..
  167. Pictures of my pup at the dog park from the weekend
  168. CoCo awaits her daddy & l'il brother's return... (pics)
  169. bed sleepers
  170. BJ's limping - part 2
  171. I have a stray in my backyard
  172. Clarence ate a chapstick
  173. some pictures of my Labbies in Libya
  174. Eukanuba Labrador Retriever formula
  175. Duke Loves his Nylabone but....
  176. Hershey Kisses has an attitude problem
  177. Oh No she Didn't
  178. my houseguest (pics)
  179. Photo of Duke's Rash, not gross.
  180. Adding another male
  181. Has anyone seen page 2
  182. Greetings, again!
  183. Paula
  184. Dog Food survey
  185. Forum Update
  186. 'Lo?
  187. Ellie had her pups!!!!
  188. signs of an obstruction
  189. Update
  190. New Search Engine
  191. I'm leaving and this may be my last post
  192. Photo Warning! Photo Warning!
  193. How to chose a name for AKC registration?
  194. Identity Crisis: OVER
  195. Dogs Soul
  196. New Owner
  197. Step Back and Move Away From the Puppies!
  198. Hilarity ensues!
  199. Champ goes in for TPO surgery tomorrow
  200. My brothers dog Dakota
  201. Sammi official scared the Beejeezus out of us! Sorry a little long!
  202. HK goes in for dental surgery tomorrow
  203. Judy! ! ! !
  204. Favorite Puppy Foto -- Post Yours
  205. Secret Santa O7
  206. At My Witts End (UPDATED*poor puppy ) UPDATED AGAIN 10.14.07
  207. Second Dog Wanted ...but not a Lab :(
  208. Are your labs lapdogs?
  209. Sammie and my two grandkids
  210. Silver Labs
  211. I'm so tired....
  212. Kinda pissed!
  213. My puppy has no neck......
  214. taking in a temporary visitor - Update at end
  215. Duke heading to Vet this afternoon
  216. Does anyone have a picture of.....
  217. A couple new Dakota pics
  218. Wanna see some really boring vaca pics?
  219. LOL for the dog that has everything (esp poop eaters)!
  220. Not the way to start the day - UPDATED
  221. Tough chew toys help please!!!
  222. Pic of Ruby and some of Aidan
  223. How could this possibly be.......
  224. Who also uses the: "Clicker training methode" ?
  225. New pics of my Chocolate Gang
  226. Cali is 7yr
  227. Neem Oil, Fleas and Itching
  228. Hockey Dog
  229. He must have got it from Ranger
  230. Day two of hydrogen peroxide induced puking
  231. Bad Day :(
  232. Jonah waits (pics)
  233. A quote from James Michener....
  234. chew heaven
  235. Mocha and Zeus try out their halloween costume
  236. Tater Sleeping
  237. The three games of Bitey Face
  238. Jake gets a "Bump"
  239. I am so proud...................
  240. Buck video on slide
  241. Labfest vids (warning lots of vids)
  242. Good think we didn't give him a beer name...
  243. Think Caleb missed his Elmo?
  244. CGC/TDI Testing in Colorado Springs
  245. Searching for a new puppy
  246. Tucker at the Dog Park
  247. City Boy Duke got tired at Camp Canine
  248. Landon's Story, by Request
  249. Ellie Pictures from this weekends transport
  250. Ranger is under the weather today.. UPDATE#2