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  1. Billie is looney
  2. The 8 dog lineup
  3. To the vet we go.....
  4. Remembre the new dogs next door??
  5. Did Someone Say Humpfest
  6. Crosspost - Happy Dog!
  7. What did you all learn in a Intermediate/CGC obedience class?
  8. Ivy and her back legs ... pretty much the same ... :o(
  9. The house is rockin' and rollin' now!!
  10. Poor miss Copper
  11. Guess What! SECRET REVEALED
  12. Send your costume pics to cnn...
  13. Happy Birthday Zeus!
  14. Vet's update
  15. My Little Pumpkin . . .
  16. Sam thinks he's a lapdog!
  17. Two Dogs
  18. According to Dr. Jon
  19. Uncomfortable day at the local dog park today
  20. Have you seen the new LL Bean catalogue ?
  21. Apple Gooooood! (Pics)
  22. Poor Rhumba Roo had a upset tummy last night..
  23. What's so great about Poodles?
  24. I love this picture of Teddie
  25. Jake the little stinker
  26. Ultimate Lab pile
  27. captured my babies together
  28. "Tis an ill wind that blows no good"
  29. Has Anyone Read 'Merle's Door"?
  30. Happy Early Gotcha Day Tater!!! (very long story)
  31. Dog Chews
  32. Any Artsy Creative people out there?
  33. The guard dog decided to show up
  34. I just love
  35. The first milestone's been met!- (lots of pics)
  36. did your breeder pick your pup?
  37. Newborn / Young Puppy "Collar Sites'
  38. Here's my Tootsie Roll!!
  39. This Comment Burned the shiznit out of me
  40. She is madly wagging her tail in her sleep...
  41. I have some news to share
  42. Angus had a good checkup today!
  43. He's gone - Thank you
  44. To all those affected by the fires
  45. Dog Fads (breeds and lab colors)
  46. Spaying question
  47. Could this be the one?
  48. Do squirrels drive your dogs crazy? (amazing video)
  49. Emergency Plans
  50. I'm so sad. . .
  51. Re-introducing dogs
  52. Now that Ivy is on quarantine (1 pic) ...
  53. Look at this girl!
  54. What do you do?
  55. Snow!
  56. Serious Problem
  57. What does kennel cough sound like? Updated at end
  58. Competition - What age/level is it best to retire?
  59. "losing their heads"
  60. Do I Or Don't I???
  61. We've did some hiking again with the Canon EOS Mark II ...
  62. A day in the life of a naughty puppy....Leave it, drop it, no, no, no!!!
  63. LABMED on E-bay
  64. daycare injury
  65. *Updated at end*- Our fire/evacuation report (photos included)...
  66. My strong and handsome man...
  67. Whats in your dogs name?
  68. The chicken fight
  69. Abbreviated retrieve sessions: Anyone else?
  70. Someone make me feel better?
  71. A tour of a small local dog park and the variety of dogs
  72. Phone Number for Animal Cruelty *Pic Added*
  73. fun little video
  74. Poor Teddie
  75. Need suggestions
  76. Prayers please one last time-Diesel
  77. Breeder question
  78. Still loving that stupid blankie
  79. The world is definitely going to end soon.....
  80. Is your dog have a thing for their...
  81. Flying with your a hot climate
  82. question due to 'Scary-Long' thread...
  83. News to share..........
  84. My pups must be growing up
  85. An Autumn stroll with my old boys...... (lots of pics)
  86. Scary - long
  87. Nothing Makes Me Happier
  88. Worms!!!
  89. Just got a call from the vet.......
  90. Cooper and Bailey enjoying the beach
  91. Christmas card exchange ... sign up **Closed**
  92. LabMommyKathryn how is Copper?
  93. He's all ears
  94. Bobbie's bandage
  95. Some pictures!!
  96. Report On The Tankie Boy - Monday - October 22nd
  97. Sometimes I worry about how much I care about all the labs here!
  98. He was only 8 months old the last did he remember?
  99. Ivy - trouble with back legs ... UPDATE ...
  100. A Little Scare
  101. Leather "choke" collar - ever heard of it?
  102. Lazy lab
  103. Two Jesters (pic)...
  104. The Midwest Crates are in & fit. (4 pics)
  105. How's our Tankie Boy?????
  106. Confirmed - Just a waiting game now!
  107. A beautiful day in the NW-a couple of updated pics of Sammi-lots of pics.
  108. JL Christmas Card Exchange
  109. Caleb went to do genealogy research with us...
  110. Researching pedigree
  111. A few pictures from this weekend
  112. Sam in the sunshine (1 pic)
  113. Lula's Day at the Park (pic heavy)
  114. How Many Rats Does Reba Have
  115. Paddy is 11 years old today: His story and pics follow
  116. Six pics of my beautiful boy at the river!
  117. Seamus to Libby "I have other girlfriends, but you'll always be my first love"
  118. Heard from Leader Dog about Seamus' first batch of puppies
  119. Not Sure Whether to be Concerned or Not
  120. ROCKY is at home now, LOT's of PICS!!! Vet Update
  121. Laika's new play mate ...
  122. I've made some portraits ...
  123. An expensive walk - GRRR!
  124. California People/Fires!!!
  125. Are you 'loving' your pet into an early grave?
  126. Mack Update
  127. What Do You Carry On Walks?
  128. Battle of wills part II
  129. Thoughts for Bobbie please - UPDATE
  130. Marlan & Riggs (New Pics)
  131. A funny thing our training director said...
  132. I am so pissed of at joe right now!!!!!!!
  133. Second Annual "Pooch Party" (lots of Pictures)
  134. stain & odor remover & cleaning up
  135. Abby won the singles championship. (3 pics) WARNING...DUCKS IN PIC.
  136. Fabric Crate VS Wire Crate (Travellers)
  137. Sunday night, and he's STILL limping. **UPDATED AFTER MON. VET VISIT**
  138. Snuggly Sunday & Amazing Grace (2 pix)
  139. The coolest gift (xposted from obedience) ~update at top~
  140. SEE ROCK CITY! (warning, lots of pics!)
  141. Jake in the box video
  142. He's not a Lab but he sure is cute!!!
  143. HK and Newman Pics (Photo Heavy warning!)
  144. Teaching to "wave goodbye"
  145. "Filling Out"
  146. An growth update on Toshi {lots of pics}
  147. Angus got ribbons and I got kisses
  148. Angus and Simon Rally Sunday Part 2 (long with pics!)
  149. Angus and Simon Rally Saturday Part 1 (long with pics!)
  150. From the Desk of Pitch
  151. Photo Posting Question?
  152. Too bad people aren't this way
  153. Keeping up with the Joneses.......
  154. Responsible breading of miniature labs (WARNING: photo intense)
  155. Coughing/Gagging
  156. A sunday morning walk ...
  157. Hello. My name is Kate, and I am an addict.
  158. Michigan peeps! Looking for Noz2Noz 36" N2 crates in Flint area...
  159. Little video of Mambo
  160. Finally Home
  161. Worms
  162. Zoe Here...I am Not Happy....
  163. Jake in the box
  164. Picture of Jake and Jazzy & Fall leaves
  165. DP Oct 20 (Hershey Kisses and Newman)
  166. Dog Park Ocvt 20 - A few strangers (Pic Heavy)
  167. Oct 20 Dog Park Pictures (Theme is scenary for this one) Pic Heavy
  168. buying my first crate soon....
  169. Buddy's Visit to the Health Spa
  170. I found Lula's horns...
  171. Paddy: My "Dappledor" (2 pics from today)
  172. We had the talk..
  173. Do your Labs jog your memory ?
  174. Michigan People-Kalamazoo KC Question
  175. Lab poll
  176. Lily's Portrait COMPLETE!
  177. Shes really tired.
  178. I've been baby shopping for baby Jed.....
  179. How many people do NOT have labs
  180. As requested a few pictures of Nessa
  181. How do I put pics on my sig?
  182. A battle of wills
  183. Laura - need Jake pics
  184. Pathway, Your sig pic is great!
  185. Oh, Ruby, where are you????? Calling WeHeartLabs!
  186. The Furkids Can really touch your heart
  187. Update--it really is Kennel Cough
  188. Do you think one of your dogs is smarter then the other? Shush..don't tell Abby
  189. Jonah goes to the beach
  190. Teddy
  191. enlarged whisker bump
  192. Which dog is the most hyper?
  193. I have soo much to do......
  194. coupon from
  195. Teddy Paw Horn Theory challenged
  196. I need your help
  197. New Camera, Dark day, Rain, HK and Newman, disappointed
  198. Monnie, horned pads
  199. Wesley has 'door-dings'
  200. Suggestions please...
  201. Why it takes me so long to get out the door in the morning.
  202. SEE ROCK CITY (with your pet!)
  203. The Yakmeister strikes again, and again and again--UPDATE
  204. Is my Lab fat
  205. How to ruin your evening meal....
  206. Update on Tucker! One big day!
  207. I'm well trained...
  208. Bruno is big enough to jump on furniture. 4 pics(Update)
  210. Frontline Question
  211. In 16 dyas is the death of my sweet Mutt Lady
  212. Wish us luck, please :)
  213. Tal Growled Tonight!
  214. Dog powered scooter
  215. Ginger is gone
  216. A rare conversation between Paddy and Seamus
  217. Baloo is limping, need some advice please **UPDATED AGAIN**
  218. If looks could kill
  219. Shelby Says "Wanna See My Most Favorite Toy?" (1 Pix)
  220. Run Free Di and Pearl
  221. Top 10 reasons to breed dogs....
  222. Does Your Dog Have a "Stalling Technique" ?
  223. Why Jake's teddy picture is blurry
  224. Neighbor just called about Ginger the Boxer
  225. Thank you, Auntie Becca and Phoebes!!
  226. My neighbor is having a tough time (NLR)
  227. For those who have lost a friend...
  228. Toby's and Chamois's Marble Mansion (warning LOTS (19) of pics)
  229. Fresh new Asphalt and Labradors dont mix ...
  230. Giardia
  231. Ooo, found a new store near me...
  232. Oh labra-pals!! My nose is FULL of good 'niffs!!!
  233. The camera does not make the photographer.
  234. Still Missing Him
  235. Reason #103 for me to not have children........
  236. Puppy Acne?
  237. 2 of Abby's relatives are in the Master National.
  238. Three Labbies need Rescue Quickly
  239. Yum, steak!
  240. Too much broccoli
  241. Bitey face
  242. Food Dilemma
  243. What's your dog's favorite treat?
  244. Growth Spurts?
  245. Dog class last night: This was fun...!
  246. Those with suv vehicle barriers
  247. What do you think?
  248. Traveling issues
  249. Zena wants Abzilla to see her new bed!
  250. Joe Maringo