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  1. Looks are deceiving. . .
  2. Finally...(3 pictures)
  3. Question re: CKC/AKC
  4. Party in my Jail Cell Tonight!
  5. A few more funny pics of Monkey1 and Monkey2!
  6. What do these symptoms sound like to you? ** UPDATE **
  7. Behwvior Playing Fetch
  8. Actions that scare our dogs
  9. Official JL waiting room open for Becca (PhoebeJeebies) and Tim over in O&E!
  10. Today Is Gus' Big Day!!! LONG POST!!! PIC HEAVY!!!
  11. Meeting people (just a little rant)
  12. Pi and His Apple Treat (56K beware)
  13. Not drinking water
  14. Midnight - NLR but this is cool
  15. Feleica (henrysmom) any update on Becca?
  16. Boo has a career change **graphic, not for the squeemish**
  17. Sabine! I see you up there!
  18. Is anyone else having problems with this site?
  19. Question and picture about hot spot
  20. raised hackles
  21. Bedding/blanket ?
  22. Why does he do this?
  23. good thoughts for Claude..Update 3
  24. A quick fix...
  25. Worried about Sam - sneezing followed by excessive drooling
  26. ginger pictures plus one of phoebe with ginger (3)
  27. The idiot and his blanket vids
  28. Oops, forgot Jake and the blankie picture
  29. Pics of Seamus, Teddie and Jake
  30. Serious training help needed (jk)
  31. Puppy guess game anyone?
  32. Dog Park pics
  33. Not sure what to think about this
  34. I am sick of it!
  35. Chichhi
  36. 5 years ago today, Shadow crossed the bridge.
  37. sasha and cleaning
  38. Could do with a few good thoughts for Samson UPDATED
  39. About to get a dog
  40. baileys cute butt
  41. Lazy dogs, is it the time of year, or what?
  42. Hey Black Lab Owners.....
  43. Me and the other woman
  44. Zoe, Family Cemetery, and a Cow
  45. Opinions please!! (4 pics) **Added one more, need your votes again!**
  46. My boys
  47. SS Question
  48. WOOHOO!!! My bestest friend Phoebes is here!! :D by Henery! (lotsa pics,like8!)
  49. Possible UTI? How do I tell?
  50. Picture day Tomorrow
  51. Top dog sites
  52. Allow me to introduce...(LOTS of coming home pictures)
  53. Harlee udpate (Pedialite question)
  54. Duke's Sixth Birthday
  55. The Mess Pot and The Wizard of Oz
  56. What's she doing there ?!
  57. Ellie Mae: Fetch! (ducks in mouth)
  58. Rest in Peace, Savannah.....
  59. This might be old news...
  60. Hello azusateach(Laura)
  61. Nov 10/11 DP photos
  62. Air Freshener... LOL!
  63. Won't be long now...
  64. Molly was throwing up yesterday. **UPDATE by Molly**
  65. Hey Kaytris!
  66. Rhys and his frisbee
  67. Paddy and his baby blankets: What do you think?
  68. Can your dogs can predict the weather?
  69. Adding a 2nd Lab to family
  70. New water bowl
  71. how do you test a dog for a uti
  72. Barney found a hole to ......
  73. Soccer!!! (five pictures)
  74. Rio got hurt hunting-- UPDATE FROM VET VISIT (in 1st post)
  75. blood in stool
  76. Interesting ways to get your dog's full attention...
  77. Rescue we gave a ride yesterday
  78. I have a confession to make....
  79. FAQ is it my fault ?
  80. Tal Helping His dad Clean up Leaves **Pics**
  81. Update about adoption
  82. Canine trivia
  83. Hey Jake and Jazzy
  84. That's My Buddy
  85. Pete had a good day...
  86. senior dog starting to pee in the house---help
  87. Found a great new place to hike!! (pictures)
  88. Smart labs stories....tell some of yours!
  89. Caption this pic.
  90. Bring on those herding labs.....
  91. I don't know why they do this. Do you?
  92. Just Labradors on Facebook
  93. Today Was Lady's Day ... apparently
  94. OMG I can't breath Brodie got caught in a trap! (Update on Brodie)
  95. 7 months today and what a present!
  96. The laughing lab
  97. Duke is not happy....I'm not happy
  98. Photographer's picture of Molly. (1 pic) **WARNING...dead duck in mouth.
  99. Sleepy byes...
  100. Happy Birthday Merlot :)
  101. WHY??
  102. Toshi and her 1st Leaf Pile!{17 Pics & 2 Videos}
  103. Secret Santa - Please Read!!
  104. Grand Dogs
  105. Poor pathetic Riley
  106. Ben Then & Now (10 Months old)
  107. I think she is some unique girl, but she is my girl
  108. My name is Ellie Mae, and I just got busted!
  109. What do you know about Orijen?
  110. An extra hook....
  111. Flynn! How rude! (pic)
  112. What We Do on Rainy Days (3 pics)
  113. Good deal on dog beds...
  114. Clarence got detention at doggie daycare
  115. Too cold for lab?
  116. Those who read Merle's Door (crosspost from O&E)
  117. Tater is lazy
  118. Help save Congo the German Shepard!!
  119. Pampered Chef Show for Labrador Life Line through 11/20
  120. a few baby pictures
  121. Question I have been forgetting to ask
  122. I had a horrible dream about Skippy - long
  123. Just ordered Keb's first harness
  124. Why things take so long.
  125. Oh! The torture!! (pics)
  126. Secret Santa - Last Call
  127. Once again the boys and I amuse the neighbours.
  128. I love him so much it aches.
  129. Water Once a Day
  130. Afternoon at the Park - A True Tail
  131. Bo and Wyatt update after a month
  132. Butt Tucking?
  133. Will he ever stop growing?
  134. Dani: Info regarding Rookie's OCD
  135. Guaradian Angel Orb?
  136. Almost Got Beat....
  137. christmas presents
  138. My turn - Opinions needed - please (UPDATED)
  139. How much longer will Judy put up with this?
  140. Does your dog like wearing a collar?...
  141. Anyone Heard How Guthrie Is Doing???
  142. Here are some pictures of Sydney(re:vet and weight)
  143. Update on the chicken tenders (from Lula - 5 Pics)
  144. I gotta stop reading the local on-line pet ads
  145. Any suggestions on socializing an adult Lab? (UPDATE on 11-14)
  146. Do stainless steel bowls normally crack?!?!
  147. Hail Call to Gulfcoast ... Today's Hunt
  148. Caleb got his tires deflated yesterday...
  149. Attention "HelpMe"
  150. Boo is depressed
  151. Iowa Man shot by dog
  152. Can someone help this senior?
  153. Some Tankie Pics - These were taken the morning Miss Chia left
  154. AHHH Sam I think you have it backwards!
  155. Dobie the Lab, somebody threw him off a roof - Happy ending, now a thearapy dog
  156. NLR - Midnight!
  157. Dog friendly building
  158. Riley's friend PEED on him!
  159. When your very best dog is NAUGHTY!
  160. Seriously? #3?
  161. I didn't know how much my dogs really loved me
  162. The boys day out
  163. Those with 2...2 sets of food/water bowls?
  164. Jake meets the Happy Legs (pic intensive)
  165. Dog Products
  166. Oh boy....longer worry post...
  167. Laura/Jake
  168. Weight for labs?want to compare what vet said- Updated with 1 picture @ bottom
  169. Jacey pictures--Part 2 -- SHE FETCHED SHE FETCHED!!!!
  170. Jacey Pictures--Part One- Dont leave me behind..
  171. Can someone crop a photo for me
  172. Routine or not
  173. What does Tater do all day you ask?
  174. AAAACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK blasted vet techs
  175. Aw, Flynnie! I got the message, bud!
  176. Freakin out
  177. The kids are enjoying the cooler weather.
  178. Obsession...
  179. I do not know how the people involved in rescue do it.
  180. Possibly a new member, but a question
  181. Next time you make chicken tenders...
  182. NLR - had a thought re Sophie last night...
  183. Dog Washing MACHINE!!!!!!
  184. How can you get mad...
  185. Marlan makes me laugh!
  186. How do you clean your dogs bowls?
  187. Info on Kobe Offspring....
  188. Tal Never Ceases to Amaze Me!
  189. A Great Show - NLR
  190. Poor baby Guthrie.first emergency visit. UPDATED ON Pg 11- Pred effects : (
  191. Busted...
  192. Stuff toys
  193. Secret Santa Reminder
  194. Mr Joe went home today..
  195. Photo Project Finished~Thanks to all for your opinion!!
  196. A couple of Sammi wearing her new collar!
  197. It is my honor to present to you....
  198. Tennis Ball Teeth
  199. Can you "set off" your dog(s)..??
  200. Nylabone Edibles??
  201. Cappy and Remi's best friend (4-legged one)
  202. But I dont like my new bed!!!
  203. Worlds Dumbest Dog
  204. Elm Creek County DP Tour
  205. NLR, Sophie goes in for an aspirate of her bizarro-lump on Friday
  206. We're changing his name...
  207. Transport Help Required in Lab Rescue (OH to NY)
  208. Whoever complained that I only show Jake sleeping or posed pics this is why....
  209. A sniffing Laika ...
  210. furniture Shopping
  211. Speaking of Halloween costumes.......
  212. Teddies anyone???
  213. Poll - Toy Destuffing
  214. How much does your lab nap?
  215. The Leaf Blower and the Flying Poo
  216. HKs vet visit
  217. Based on the lack of responses
  218. Who can compose the worst thread?
  219. Quality time with Wesley
  220. I did see a "help me" post this morning?
  221. Looking to adopt
  222. "Happy Birthday"
  223. my new chocolate
  224. HA! Caught ya Emilu!!!
  225. Do you have a Shy Lab or a center of attention Lab?
  226. Warning off-topic * think I've discovered why there is such a feral cat problem.
  227. Sorry, I'm still getting the hang of the picture thing.
  228. miniature labrdor?
  229. anybody use Bio Spot Spot on treatment for flea & tick
  230. Libby turned 6 years old yesterday!
  231. Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! (lots of pics)
  232. BROTHERS!
  233. My husband came home today and asked me about silver labs
  234. Anice dog park story, I think
  235. Oh Those Balls !!
  236. Would someone be so kind as to photoshop a pic for me ????
  237. Do you know how to release your dog from a trap?
  238. Happy 5th Birthday, Seamus
  239. An old friend
  241. He's still hungry
  242. Testing my ...
  243. Neighbors dog? Peeing on my stuff?
  244. We called her Baby
  245. Jake at 5 months of age
  246. Homeade treats?
  247. heloing dogs cope with moving to a new house
  248. Teddie enjoying the new Costco bed
  249. The report from Guelph re: Baloo's X-rays......
  250. Do I still have that puppy look