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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday to our Boo!!!
  2. Boo's Birthday was Yesterday!!!
  3. Hey Joe....
  4. Hey Joe....
  5. Itchy, can someone shed some light?
  6. antlers
  7. Some people's ignorance astounds me!
  8. Do you let your dogs outside by themselves?
  9. 1 week old photos
  10. Off topic, but would love to hear re: pregnancy
  11. Is there a canine Tooth Fairy?
  12. Testing Testing Testing!!
  13. Happy 4th birthday, Bodie! (6 pics)
  14. Relaxing only like a guy knows how to
  15. Old dogs teaching new dog tricks!
  16. Saw this and thought of just labradors!
  17. New Server!
  18. Lost posts?
  19. Ernie and Kassa were six yesterday. lots pics.
  20. We've gone back in time - again?
  21. Happy Thanksgiving!
  22. Is this normal, Vet Fee
  23. To Our Secret Santa Person
  24. Thanksgiving Doggie Stories
  25. Rio update. . . went back to the vet
  26. No more car rides to the bank
  27. A Saturday - Pic Intense!
  28. Ooooohhh...Leaves!
  29. NLR - About Midnight
  30. The JL forum saga continues.
  31. The girls today. (2 pics)
  32. Silver lab flyer at pet store...
  33. the cushiest bed ever! SORRY - MISPOSTED
  35. Now they decide....
  36. When puppy raising philosophies collide
  37. How long does the bordetella vaccine last for?
  38. The Jakester and I had a come to Jesus meeting this morning
  39. No Rubber Duckie Today
  40. Another idiot.....
  41. A little jealous?
  42. Willow eats like a lady
  43. Oh goodie thanks a lot Abby
  44. liveelayne, your sig picture
  45. how's baby Guthrie?
  46. Marrow bones
  47. brush recommendation and tick control
  48. Tacky, I know, but.....
  49. Daycare drama
  50. Lotsa NEW Puppies!
  51. Happy Thanksgiving...we have more puppy announcements!!
  52. 1 lab + 1 cat
  53. JL gone haywire
  54. Safe from the vampires last night
  55. Claude, 1 week since surgery..........
  56. Non-Lab Question (attn anyone with Great Dane knowledge!)
  57. Rubber Duckie, you're the one ...
  58. Butt-Tuckin' Through the Agility Course
  59. Kennel cough question
  60. Behavior question
  61. HELP!! ..
  62. 2 Questions..
  63. Why? You should KNOW how big they get...
  64. Do your dogs burp?
  65. I never thought I'd see that again!
  66. I'm calling him, Reggie "Hot Buns", today
  67. Post your photos for photoshopping
  68. Secret Santa Question
  69. Funny Way to Start the Day
  70. From dusk till dawn ...
  71. Puppy due date
  72. Clifford the Big Red Dog
  73. Make the barking stop just make it stop please!!!
  74. What do you think this is?
  75. What age was your pup when you brought him home? 4 1/2 weeks, here.
  76. Dog Shows, Rescue Orgs, Other Outfits
  77. I love him but....
  79. Which Breeders in British Columbia, Canada did you get your lab through?
  80. Neutering
  81. he's pulling at my heart! Update at top
  82. The Dog Survey
  83. Conjunctivitis??? Crossposted
  84. Here's something to put on your Christmas list ;)
  85. What an arse!
  86. S-t-r-e-t-c-h
  87. Toshi's vet visit today ~ {Relief in sight...}
  88. A glimmer of hope (Baby update)
  89. No news... still waiting...
  90. The vet thought
  91. Colin.....
  92. Best Ears Contest
  93. Sunjin
  94. Hey PupFriends! I had a great day yesterday! (Pix)
  95. Labs will eat anything.
  96. The puppies are here!
  97. For Sale, Cheap, Black Lab (Likes to help with laundry)
  98. Tater says "Get this thing off of me"
  99. Coughing...
  100. Asher and Kylie (1 pic)
  101. Tal and His Chase
  102. A couple of Phoebe & Alanna pics!
  103. Bitey face, all day if I'd let them
  104. Does your dog try and use your pant leg for a napkin?
  105. The Pink Nose Cometh
  106. Canucks!! Pet Supply House in Guelph is having a HUGE sale!!
  107. Treats for the sensitive dogs...
  108. Wish I had the camera.
  109. WigWag Puppies???
  110. Tell me about your lab(s)!!
  111. Ender moves to South Carolina!!! UPDATED WITH PICS
  112. Rainbow bridge
  113. Colin
  114. Bear season
  115. The cat did it...
  116. I think she could hold it forever to avoid......
  117. Jakes new tasty little treats....
  118. THUD!
  119. Have YOU read and responded to the PLEASE READ post at top of page?
  120. How do you breeders do it??
  121. my mom and I can't decide how to go about this..
  122. Fear of Storms - due to aging?
  123. NLR - Dog videos from Dr Jon
  124. The inhumanity of humans (long/pictures)
  125. Ugh...I have to find new food!
  126. bathing my two is always an experience....
  127. "Moonlight" anyone?!
  128. Chicken and rice recipes?
  129. Boomerang tag owners.
  130. We found a trail behind our house (56k beware!!)
  131. Colin
  132. Nellie Says
  133. I love boys...
  134. Adding number two?
  135. Looking for a new pup for a companion
  136. brudders - pic intensive
  137. A few pics from today....
  138. Top 10 dog names
  139. Genetics question...
  140. Please read
  141. I see... oh Wig WAg....
  142. Just some random pic's from today ...
  143. Asked on the Today Show "Does anyone know what the turkey giblets are for?"...
  144. Another growth update on Toshi...{3 pics}
  145. Happy 3rd Birthday Abby!
  146. Colin: How is Jasper...
  147. A study in chocolate
  148. Nice When You Know What To Do
  149. What is Wrong With Folks??
  150. Dog Wanting to Play
  151. An Interesting Read
  152. Those of you that took your labs through pet obedience classes
  153. Lab Peeps...with Blogs
  154. who says dogs can't talk? NLR
  155. Teddy
  156. Yoo-Hoo, WigWag....
  157. Claude
  158. 2007 National Open Retriever Championship
  159. Introducing.......Drum roll please..........
  160. Sleepy yellow monkey bookends...
  161. Puppies at 4 weeks
  162. She's the dog park bully today
  163. My Boy Loves Jumping
  164. Its so hard knowing your going to have to say goodbye
  165. HK has fun with friends at the DP (11-17-07)
  166. At 3:20 PM November 17th
  167. If I ever collapse at home, I'm in big trouble..
  168. Into the forest ... (a few pic's)
  169. Happy 3rd Birthday Cinnamon
  170. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and good wishes
  171. Saturday morning cartoons (pic)
  172. New, new water bowl! (lol)
  173. Colin.. How is Samson.
  174. Just spoke to the vet
  175. Breeder Hunt
  176. Rio & Duke snoozin (2 pics)
  177. Bloat in Labs
  178. Everyone in the neighborhood heard me but Katie
  179. Dog in the Hatch of a Car?
  180. Winterizing Your Lab
  181. Jonah's first "playdate" (pics)
  182. Noz2Noz Crate - 36" VS 42"
  183. They just know...
  184. Does the "goofiness" ever go away??
  185. Boo hurt her daddy's feelings this morning
  186. Flynn solved a problem
  187. "Off" vs "Leave It"
  188. NLR...Skidboot the dog...
  189. On Rehoming Zoe
  190. Cushing's disease
  191. Hey Laura, Seamus-Jake comparison
  192. Turning a corner (finally!!)
  193. Yesterday was girl on girl, today was boy on boy (*Little graphic*)
  194. My new Christmas ornaments
  195. Jacksons shedding
  196. Bittersweet Day
  197. More puppy pictures....
  198. Taos is getting to be a big boy!
  199. TheBigRaloo -- An Ivy Update ?
  200. Never underestimate a man
  201. Wig Wag..
  202. Why I shouldn't have a freecycle account....
  203. Labby nose poking through my back fence
  204. Samson Phase III * UPDATE *
  205. One year ago Sam came to stay
  206. Sad that this gets noticed
  207. Thankful for...
  208. If eyes could talk
  209. Happy Birthday Marshal
  210. How do we stop the humping?
  211. Pillow fight anyone?
  212. Abby and Yeller wish it was pool closing day again
  213. This dog graduated top in his obedience class
  214. Remington the Humper (pics)
  215. All Better (w/pics)
  216. Squirrel Gazing
  217. Sticks!
  218. She finaly found it !!
  219. Phoebe says... (2nd update on Henery p2!)
  220. The furkids on a cool fall day
  221. Enjoy!
  222. Gee Whiz, Mom ...
  223. Oh no
  224. Waiting room for Henry
  225. Treat on the nose...
  226. Nighttime Mystery
  227. Adolesence
  228. Samson phase II
  229. Dog bed maintenance
  230. Dog Names?
  231. Lab Quarterly
  232. We adopted him!!!!
  233. Inspired by Henry!
  234. Hey Joey, any adoption updates?
  235. Tough Dog Beds
  236. Puppy breath anyone?
  237. Bitey face, when should I intervene?
  238. Seamus and Flynn discuss today's mighty winds
  239. Calling Hark67 - How are Guthrie's hives?
  240. Chatham's sunny spot
  241. Last day for Christmas card sign-up
  242. Paddy & Seamus: I love this picture
  243. Anyone else having a problem with the board going off line
  244. Clarence threw up--again
  245. Pet Stop pet containment fence
  246. Oh. Wow! Check this out (another house) Seriously, look...
  247. Not such good news for Bobbie
  248. Hey, all you Beagle and Labby fans.....
  249. Whachadoin?
  250. I guess that's she ....