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  1. Just for fun: Welcome sign :)
  2. Few good thoughts for Diesel's eye please
  3. My poor, sweet boy.
  4. I am having fun!!!!
  5. Heel question
  6. Question for Jim (CappyTx) and/or Rusty's Mom
  7. My latest foster - Xander
  8. My four puppies
  9. Vaccines/Medicines Etc.
  10. NLR - Great Danes hoarded in Mpls. home
  11. happy second
  12. To Monchichi
  13. Quick reference guide for Bloat and GDV
  14. Vocalizing ...
  15. Clicker training
  16. More bitey-face
  17. Tha day after Thanksgiving
  18. Happy Birthday Boo!!!!
  19. Is this dog a lab?
  20. New to this...Looking for reputable breeder in IN, IL, KY area.
  21. Tabasco on cat's poop
  22. my boys - abused
  23. I will be SOOOO glad when
  24. Happy 11th birthday Kass and Ernie Bernie.
  25. Wanting to rescue a Lab
  26. Look at this, you guys! (2 pics)
  27. Help settle something....
  28. First snow
  29. Baby bitey face
  30. is my lab fretting or sick
  31. Arden grange vs lily's kitchen.
  32. so proud of jayson.
  33. Kassabella / Samson
  34. Its official :)
  35. Zack's 3rd Birthday (Pic Heavy)
  36. Food - Water - GDV
  37. How to change sleep pattern
  39. To All My Friends
  40. Looking for a play date in WI
  41. Dog food recall: Priority Total Pet Care All Natural Bullstrips dog treats
  42. Ain't technology amazing? Exciting new litter in Europe! :)
  43. Teasing Tony
  44. Puppy Love
  45. Seamus: Camouflage Dog
  46. Risked life and limb !
  47. Nostalgia
  48. Clancey is 15 1/2
  49. Surgeon decided not to do surgery on Tess.
  50. Elk Antlers question
  51. Another Jack scare
  52. Flynn met a new friend, got in trouble *sigh*
  53. Pippa's first birthday soon !
  54. The boys new collars
  55. How long is it since Jasper's TPLO ?
  56. Tie Out Suggestions Please
  57. maddie luves huskey!
  58. air travel with dog
  60. Red Ryder (pictures thread)
  61. Board and Train?
  62. Rusty, I don't think you quite get the concept
  63. Dweck
  64. Cassie's 1st Birthday
  65. Please pass this on to anyone that may be able to help
  66. Happy Gotcha Day Bella, but scary health issue :(
  67. The bed
  68. Then and now
  69. 11 years and this boy still makes me laugh everyday
  70. Rush and her eye,
  71. Thought Erns would help teach Tessa to stay.
  72. rain
  73. I have a 105lb squirrel
  74. Just a few pictures.
  75. Tony pictures
  76. we have bitey face!
  77. I need a bigger house.
  78. Tank had an accident last night.
  79. A couple concerns:
  80. Judy, Bruno and Duke have a new baby brother...
  81. Von Hausman Kennel - OH
  82. In Memory of Marshal
  83. Saw Tessa's surgeon last night.
  84. Puppy is challenging EVERYthing
  85. So Dogs can detect earthquakes before they happen... right? NOPE
  86. Well What do You Know!
  87. Introducing Ryder to family dogs - Best way?
  88. Labs and grief
  89. Shhhh
  90. New addition to our family
  91. <33
  92. Aw,Tank.
  93. Awwww! Sharesies
  94. Kolby has white hairs popping up all over the place..
  95. Any suggestions for nighttime outdoor toys?
  96. Dozer is the most obedient dog in the world ...
  97. Behavioural issue with my lab :(
  98. middle of the night
  99. Jose Antonio from PansyLabs threw a dead dog in a dumpster after a dog show
  100. How did your Lab(s) get his/her names? Share your story!
  101. Breeder advertising on FB
  102. Autumn is sick again :(
  103. Flynn is in heavenly love! :)
  104. NLR Bessie's Surgery
  105. The First 10 Days of Our New Season
  106. Bringing home new puppy a little early..I know the issues with it but what about this
  107. FREAKING TICKS in November!
  108. Kong Wubba + The Shake = Projectile Weapon
  109. Bruno
  110. Question for Samson
  111. Nail discolouration/growth
  112. Dixie's first time in the pool!
  113. Dogs loved 'too much'...
  114. First time flying
  115. Vet vent. Disappointment sucks.
  116. Quick question. What size new bed!
  117. Hey there!!
  118. Whoa! Where did THAT come from???
  119. Baxter is a Nurse!
  120. Hello
  121. just a little funny from today.
  122. First Growl
  123. Protective Instincts on Night Walks
  124. new black lab
  125. Series of articles by a vet on ACL injuries in dogs
  126. Blood Blister
  127. Flynn made a new friend in heaven
  128. justine
  129. Glucosimine dosage
  130. older dog and surgery
  131. professional pic of maddie
  132. Sammy and his best friend August
  133. Lab Puppy vs. Doorstop Video
  134. A brief word about Sheamie
  135. Needed to Vent
  136. The attempted photo shoot.
  137. Hello World: Welcome Emma!
  138. I have a concern about Parker...
  139. She won't let me sit on her,
  140. dog coat / sweater ?
  141. Viral video of Della the yellow lab releasing 30 dogs
  142. Rush's eye surgery update
  143. Another race took place today: Bauer vs. The Deer
  144. Burrs
  145. Top 5 favourite things that make you love your lab more
  146. Still Around
  147. Rx for the blues... (pix)
  148. Reality check at the vets today.
  149. A gift from a special friend.
  150. Rush has her surgery tomorrow,
  151. Happy Birthday Seamus!
  152. CJ becoming much more vocal recently
  153. Chocolate labs... stupid?!
  154. Tracking Joey tomorrow
  155. Erns had his first acupuncture.
  156. Joey leaves tomorrow
  157. Today was Libby's birthday.
  158. My biggest hope will finally come true!
  159. It's That Time of Year Again
  160. One more video of Joey...he cracks me up
  161. Joey departure countdown: 2 days
  162. Hope everyone had a Happy Howloween!
  163. Advice needed. After pup gets spayed
  164. Justine--
  165. Big Bowser
  166. Some "Protein Crunch" dog treats being recalled
  167. More heavenly news from Flynn
  168. Local Labby lost almost 80lbs...
  169. Wesley -- It's been two whole years since your departure =(
  170. Update on Tess. (long)
  171. 2 first's today, off lead and beach
  172. Rush and her winky eye..
  173. Dixie and Jodie's first night at puppy playtime.
  174. cruciate ligament rupture surgery success rates?
  175. Dog Trainers in Georgia
  176. maddalynn
  177. need some advices
  178. No, Off, Down... damn...
  179. You have to love them when they are trying so hard !
  180. Grain-free "Milkbone"-sized Treats?
  181. Breed Compatibility... Vermont vs neighbor´s Collies
  182. A Chocolate Boy Needs a Home
  183. My son and His dog.
  184. Dog set up
  185. Hera just peed right in front of me?
  186. Leaving my new puppy at home while at work....
  187. Joey playing 10/31/12
  188. Puppy and moving
  189. While it is under sad circumstances,
  190. Wellness recalls a limited batch of dry dog food
  191. Reputable Ohio (or surrounding states) breeders! Advice?
  192. Bittersweet
  193. Joey 10/29/12
  194. Need help training my dog out of bad habits!! :(
  195. Help needed from fosters please.
  196. A question for those who adopt
  197. Tess saw the surgeon today.
  198. " Just A Dog "
  199. German Shepherd
  200. Possible future lab owner...Stories, experiences, advice?
  201. Misty -rescue lab doing well
  202. My new buddy-Logan
  203. Smokey at home...recovering quicker now that he is more comfortable (pictures)
  204. A message from Our Man Flynn
  205. 1 month of having our pup!
  206. Lepto Vaccine For Those In the Vancouver B.C. Area?
  207. Saturday humor ...
  208. Erns just had to have the cake.
  209. Labs & Pugs!!
  210. Helping an outdoor dog come inside?
  211. How much will my 6 month yellow lab puppy weigh full grown?
  212. Joey amuses himself......and me
  213. Problems wit 9 month old black lab
  214. Rush's squinty eye part 2
  215. Mia's puppies playing with Ally youtube for Gina and Kori
  216. Well that was £1 well spent
  217. Subaru commercial with chocolate lab - made my wife cry
  218. I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends
  219. Fall Photos
  220. What's Up With My Dog?
  221. Seamus Discusses: Himself
  222. Erns is to have acupunture next week.
  223. Stumbled across this today
  224. The little snots!!!!
  225. Canine Lymphoma and Lawn Chemicals article
  226. Solid Gold Seal Meal??
  227. Joey met some of his own kind today
  228. do worms make your puppy grumpy?
  229. Dixie five months next week
  230. dresses
  231. Lab not eating food
  232. Please pray for my puppy...he has parvo.
  233. This is going to take some getting used to :(
  234. Baby Aila is 3 Years Today!
  235. Doggy Day Care - Good idea?
  236. Taking BOTH the dogs to class next week!
  237. Question for rehab after TPLO or TTA
  238. It was 1 year ago today ............
  239. Having a hard time, just need a little support from others
  240. Halloween Shame...
  241. What would YOU do?
  242. There's an angel on my shoulder
  243. Cassie tried to hump me!
  244. Cassie torns and eats my bed sheets!!!
  245. Paddy's 16th Heavenly Birthday today (LONG STORY)
  246. Somebody stole
  247. Joey in the yard
  248. Joey and Raven 10/21/12
  249. Never mind
  250. Pup getting spayed